How to Draw a Brown Bear in Minutes!

Hello Artists! Today, we’re heading into the forest to learn how to draw a brown bear!

Drawing a bear might seem challenging, but don’t worry! With some simple techniques, you can beautifully depict these magnificent animals. Brown bears are perfect for practicing texture and movement in your artwork due to their size and dynamic presence.

Each bear’s fur and stance reveal its life story, adding depth and realism to your drawing. This will not only improve your skills in drawing animals but also increase your appreciation for these powerful creatures.

ab your pencils! Let’s draw a bear together. Ready? Let’s start creating!

How to Draw a Brown Bear

Step: 1

Start with a simple outline of the bear’s head. Draw a rounded shape with slight indents where the ears will eventually be.

Step: 2

  • Add two rounded ears on top of the head.
  • Sketch the beginnings of facial features: two small eyes.

Step: 3

  • Refine the eyes, making them more expressive.
  • Define the nose more clearly and add details to the mouth.

Step: 4

  • Enhance the facial details, adding fur lines around the face.
  • Define the inner ears and add subtle lines to give the face more texture and depth.

Step: 5

  • Draw a large, rounded body shape starting from the head.
  • Indicate the forearms with broad, curved lines.

Step: 6

  • Define the arms more clearly and begin sketching the bear’s legs.
  • Add some initial details to the paws.

Step: 7

  • Finish drawing the legs, ensuring they’re proportionate to the body.
  • Refine the paws, adding toes.

Step: 8

  • Refine the bear’s body shape. Smooth the lines between the head, body, and legs to make sure the bear looks proportionate and the legs are positioned for a natural stance.

Step: 9

  • Now, add the final touches to your drawing. Focus on the bear’s face to bring out its expressions and character.
  • Draw the fur by adding short lines across the body to make it look more realistic

Step: 10

  • Use different shades of brown for the bear’s fur. Use darker browns for shadows and lighter ones for highlights to make it look more three-dimensional.


We’ve just completed our guide on “How to Draw a Brown Bear,” designed to capture the power and grace of these amazing animals. Did the step-by-step instructions help you bring your bear to life? Did you pick up any new drawing skills?

We’d love to know what you think. Your feedback helps us keep our guide useful for artists at any level. Tell us how we can make it better! 🐻

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