How to Draw a Burj Khalifa From Dubai to Your Drawing Board!

Today, we’re starting a journey into architectural drawing, focusing on How to Draw a Burj Khalifa. Why draw this skyscraper?

It’s not just about its immense height, but also its complex and elegant modern design, making it a great subject for any cityscape or study of contemporary buildings.

The Burj Khalifa is a symbol of human creativity and architectural ambition. Its slim, tapering shape and numerous shiny windows present a great opportunity to explore perspective, proportion, and the effects of light and shadow.

As we break down each part, you’ll enjoy the process of bringing such a monumental building to life on paper. Ready to tackle this architectural challenge through your drawings? Let’s start!

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa

Step: 1

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 1

Start by drawing a simple vertical rectangle to represent the lower part of the Burj Khalifa. Use straight lines for this.

Step: 2

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 2

Add more sections to the outline, adjusting them to create a stepped look similar to the tiered design of the Burj Khalifa.

Step: 3

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 3

Step: 4

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 4

Begin to shape the outline, adding gentle curves and small details that resemble the building’s design features.

Step: 5

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 5

Start drawing even, horizontal lines around each section of the tower to represent the floors. Make sure these lines go all the way around the structure.

Step: 6

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 6

Enhance the floor details to increase the realism, showing depth and the unique texture of the building’s facade.

Step: 7

Pay close attention to improving the details of the building’s levels and ensuring the top of the spire is correctly aligned.

Step: 8

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 8

Finish detailing the floors and the facade to make sure everything in the building looks correct and well-proportioned.

Step: 9

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa Step 9

Finish the drawing by adding shading or color, paying special attention to the glassy look of the facade that makes the Burj Khalifa shine. This part requires careful detail to show the glossy and smooth surface of the building.


We’ve created a guide on drawing the Burj Khalifa, aiming to capture its beauty and height. Did you find it helpful? We value your feedback to improve our tutorials and make them as impressive as the building itself. Share your thoughts and suggestions with us!

How to Draw a Burj Khalifa
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