How to Draw a Canyon In Easy 7 Steps!

Today, let’s explore how to Draw a Canyon. Canyons are perfect for studying light and shadow due to their deep gorges and steep cliffs.

These natural wonders have been shaped over thousands of years by water and wind, offering a chance to depict their intricate rock layers, diverse textures, and vast depth.

Grab your sketching tools as we aim to capture the rugged landscape. We’ll focus on the sharp edges of the cliffs and the way light softly plays across them.

As you draw, pay attention to perspective to truly convey the majesty of a canyon. Ready to sketch the stunning scenery? Let’s begin!

How to Draw a Canyon

Step: 1

Begin by sketching the left side of the canyon. Use uneven lines to mimic the rough surface of the rocks.

Step: 2

Next, sketch the right side of the canyon using jagged lines to create a realistic rocky texture.

Step: 3

Draw jagged lines connecting both sides at the bottom to form the canyon’s base.

Step: 4

Add more rocks in the middle to make your canyon look deeper and more detailed.

Step: 5

Enhance the appearance of the rock formations by adding vertical lines to show the textures and layers.

Step: 6

Keep adding details to the rock formations on each side of the canyon to make your drawing look more realistic.

Step: 7

Color your canyon sketch using different shades of brown. Use darker browns for the rocks in the front and lighter browns for the rocks in the back to give a sense of depth.


We explored drawing canyons step by step, delving into their rugged beauty and geological marvels. Did you find the guide useful in capturing the depth and grandeur of a canyon? Your feedback is valuable for us to improve. Let us know how the tutorial worked for you and any areas we can enhance. Your insights help us refine our drawing guides to match the awe-inspiring majesty of canyons. Please share your thoughts with us!

How to Draw a Canyon
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