How to Draw a Cavapoo: Step-To-Step Guide!

Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a Cavapoo!

Cavapoos are a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles, known for their cute, fluffy appearance.

They are friendly and playful, making them fun to draw. Focus on their curly fur, round eyes, and small nose. Pay attention to their ears and coat texture for a realistic look.

Ready to start? Let’s draw a Cavapoo together!

How to Draw a Cavapoo

Step: 1

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 1

Start by drawing the fluffy top of the Cavapoo’s head. Use curved lines to create a soft, fluffy texture that resembles tufts of fur.

Step: 2

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 2

Next, draw the sides of the head. Extend the fluffy lines downward to form the ears, which should also have a fluffy texture to match the top of the head.

Step: 3

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 3

Now, add the facial features. Draw two small, round eyes in the middle of the face. Place a small oval for the nose below the eyes, making sure it’s centered.

Step: 4

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 4

Outline the muzzle by drawing a series of curved lines around the nose. The lines should extend outward to create the fluffy cheeks and chin.

Step: 5

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 5

Next, draw the front legs. Make them short and fluffy, starting from the base of the head and extending downward. Use curved lines to give them a soft, fluffy look.

Step: 6

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 6

Next, draw the main body. Continue the fluffy lines downward from the head and legs, ensuring the body looks rounded and soft.

Step: 7

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 7

Next, draw the hind legs. They should look similar to the front legs, starting from the sides of the body and extending downward.

Step: 8

How to Draw a Cavapoo Step 8

For the final step, color your Cavapoo. Use light brown or beige for the fur, darker brown for the eyes, and black for the nose. Keep the coloring soft to maintain its fluffy look.


In “How to Draw a Cavapoo,” we covered the cute features and playful nature of this popular breed. Did the guide help you capture the fluffy fur and sweet expression of a Cavapoo?

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How to Draw a Cavapoo
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