How to Draw a Coffee Pot: Step-by-Step Guide

Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a coffee pot!

Drawing a coffee pot is fun and useful. They have sleek designs and interesting shapes, making them great practice subjects.

Coffee pots are common in many homes, but drawing one helps us appreciate their design and function.

Let’s start by focusing on the overall shape, the spout, the handle, and details like the lid and contours. These elements will make your drawing look realistic and polished.

Ready to begin? Let’s draw a coffee pot together!

How To Draw A Coffee Pot

Step: 1

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 1

Draw a small trapezoid near the top of your paper. This will be the lid of the coffee pot.

Step: 2

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 2

Draw a larger trapezoid below the small one, connecting them with short lines on both sides. This creates the base of the lid, making it look conical.

Step: 3

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 3

Draw straight lines down from the edges of the lid base to form the sides of the coffee pot. Then, connect these lines at the bottom with a curved line to complete the base of the pot.

Step: 4

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 4

Draw a triangle extending from the right side of the coffee pot to create the spout. Start the base of the triangle at the top and taper it downwards.

Step: 5

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 5

Draw a handle on the left side of the pot. Make it a curved, rectangular shape that sticks out and then curves back toward the pot. Ensure it’s proportionate to the coffee pot’s body.

Step: 6

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 6

Draw a small curved rectangle at the bottom of the pot to form the base. This adds stability and completes the coffee pot’s shape.

Step: 7

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 7

Enhance the drawing by adding small details. Draw lines along the sides of the pot to show the segments. Add small marks on the spout and handle to give them more dimension.

Step: 8

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 8

Refine the details by adding more lines and small strokes to the segments, handle, and spout. Ensure all parts of the coffee pot are well-defined and realistic.

Step: 9

How To Draw A Coffee Pot Step 9

Finally, color your drawing. Coffee pots are usually silver or metallic with a black handle. Use gray shades for the body and handle to give it a realistic look. These colors will make your drawing look like a real coffee pot.


We’ve looked at drawing a coffee pot, focusing on its smooth lines and useful design. Did you find the guide useful for capturing its curves and details? Your feedback matters a lot. Tell us how the tutorial went for you and if there’s anything we can do better. Your input helps us make our drawing guides better, just like the coffee pots they depict. Share your thoughts with us!

How To Draw A Coffee Pot
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