How to Draw a Coyote In Few Easy Steps!

Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a coyote!

Coyotes have sleek bodies and distinctive features that make them fun to draw. Their alert expressions and bushy tails give them a lot of character. By drawing a coyote, we can capture their wild and cunning nature.

Let’s start by focusing on their key features like pointed ears, sharp eyes, and bushy tails. Pay attention to their slender bodies and the texture of their fur to make your drawing look realistic.

Ready? Let’s draw a coyote together!

How To Draw A Coyote

Step: 1

How To Draw A Coyote Step 1

Start with the coyote’s nose. Draw a small, rounded triangle shape in the middle of your paper.

Step: 2

How To Draw A Coyote Step 2

Add the coyote’s eyes. Draw two almond shapes above the nose for the eyes, with small circles inside for the pupils.

Step: 3

How To Draw A Coyote Step 3

Draw the outline of the head. Add lines around the eyes and nose to form the shape of the coyote’s head, including the snout and mouth.

Step: 4

How To Draw A Coyote Step 4

Add the ears. Draw two large, pointed ear shapes on top of the head.

Step: 5

How To Draw A Coyote Step 5

Draw the neck and start of the body.

Step: 6

How To Draw A Coyote Step 6

Extend lines downward from the head to form the neck and the beginning of the back and chest.

Step: 7

How To Draw A Coyote Step 7

Add the front leg. Draw a straight line extending downward for the front leg, with a small paw at the end.

Step: 8

How To Draw A Coyote Step 8

Complete the front legs and chest. Add another front leg next to the first one, and draw a curved line for the chest and belly.

Step: 9

How To Draw A Coyote Step 9

Add the tail. Draw a long, bushy tail extending from the back of the body.

Step: 10

How To Draw A Coyote Step 10

Color the coyote to complete your drawing. Use shades of brown, gray, and white to give the coyote a realistic look.


We explored drawing a coyote, aiming to capture its clever and tough nature. Did the guide help you depict its sleek shape and defining traits? Your feedback is important for improving our tutorials. Share your thoughts to help us make our drawing guides as accurate and engaging as the real coyotes in the wild.

How To Draw A Coyote
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