How to Draw a Crane In Easy 9 Steps!

Today, we’ll learn how to draw a crane!

Cranes are beautiful birds with long necks, elegant legs, and graceful movements. They are symbols of grace and beauty.

To start, focus on their key features: the long neck, slender legs, and wide wings. Pay attention to the shape of their body and the details of their feathers. These details will make your crane drawing look realistic and elegant.

Ready? Let’s draw a crane together!

How to Draw a Crane

Step: 1

How to Draw a Crane Step 1

Start with the beak. Draw a long, pointed shape near the top left corner of your paper.

Step: 2

How to Draw a Crane Step 2

Add the head and eye. Draw a small circle for the eye and a curved line around it to form the head.

Step: 3

How to Draw a Crane Step 3

Draw the neck. Extend a long, curved line downward from the head to form the slender neck.

Step: 4

How to Draw a Crane Step 4

Outline the body by drawing a rounded shape extending from the neck. Add a slight bump for the chest.

Step: 5

How to Draw a Crane Step 5

Add the wings. Draw a large curved line on each side of the body to represent the wings.

Step: 6

How to Draw a Crane Step 6

Draw the feathers. Add small, curved lines inside the wings to create a feathered look.

Step: 7

How to Draw a Crane Step 7

Add the legs. Draw two long, thin lines extending from the bottom of the body for the legs.

Step: 8

How to Draw a Crane Step 8

Complete the feet by drawing small, curved lines at the end of the legs to represent the toes.

Step: 9

How to Draw a Crane Step 9

Finish by adding details and coloring. Add any additional feathers or patterns on the body, and color your crane with shades of white, grey, and black.


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How to Draw a Crane
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