How to Draw a Cricket With this Easy Guide!

Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a cricket!

Crickets are small insects with long antennae and strong hind legs, making them fun to draw.

By drawing a cricket, we can appreciate their unique features like their chirping sound and detailed body parts.

Focus on their long antennae, segmented body, and powerful hind legs. Pay attention to their wings and head shape to make your drawing realistic.

Ready? Let’s draw a cricket together!

How To Draw A Cricket

Step: 1

How To Draw A Cricket Step 1

Begin with the head by drawing a small, oval shape. Add a curve for the mouth and a small dot for the eye.

Step: 2

How To Draw A Cricket Step 2

Draw the cricket’s body by extending a long, segmented shape from the head.

Step: 3

How To Draw A Cricket Step 3

Add the legs by sketching long, thin lines extending from the body. and also Draw the antennae by adding long, curved lines extending from the head.

Step: 4

How To Draw A Cricket Step 4

Start drawing hind legs, ensure its size must be bigger than front legs.

Step: 5

How To Draw A Cricket Step 5

Draw another hind leg by mirroring the existing one.

Step: 6

How To Draw A Cricket Step 6

Draw the back legs by adding long, segmented shapes extending from the hind end of the body.

Step: 7

How To Draw A Cricket Step 7

Sketch the wings by drawing two large, oval shapes extending from the body.

Step: 8

How To Draw A Cricket Step 8

Add details to the legs and wings, such as lines to represent joints and segments.

Step: 9

How To Draw A Cricket Step 9

Finally, color your cricket drawing. Use green for the body and add shades of brown and black for the legs and wings.


In “How to Draw a Cricket,” we explored the details and unique shape of this interesting insect. Did you find the guide useful for capturing a cricket’s features and structure?

Your feedback is important to us. Let us know how the tutorial worked for you and if there are any areas we can improve. Your insights help us make our drawing guides better. Please share your thoughts with us!

How To Draw A Cricket
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