How to Draw a Python: The Ultimate Guide

Hey, budding artists! 🎨 Ready for a wild drawing adventure? Today, we will learn how to draw a Python step by step! 🐍 Grab your pencils, and let’s get creative.

Pythons are super cool snakes with awesome patterns. This guide will show you how to draw your own Python masterpiece. Excited? Let’s dive in and have some drawing fun! 🚀🌈

Step by step python drawing

Step 1:
Begin with the python’s head by drawing a curved shape similar to a bean, which will form the top and side of the head.

How to Draw a Python Step 1

Step 2:
Draw two circles for the eyes.

How to Draw a Python Step 2

Step 3:
For the python’s tongue, add a forked line coming out from the lower part of the head. This represents the snake’s flicking tongue. Add several small dots near the top of the head for texture.

How to Draw a Python Step 3

Step 4:
Add details to the face. Draw two circles for forming the neck of the python.

How to Draw a Python Step 4

Step 5:
Begin drawing the python’s body by extending three long, parallel, and slightly curved lines down from the bottom of the head.

How to Draw a Python Step 5

Step 6:
To create the coiled look, draw these lines so that they loop around in a spiral.

How to Draw a Python Step 6

Step 7:
Draw curved lines it should create a large, flat “S” shape.

How to Draw a Python Step 7

Step 8:
At the end of the “S” shape, draw the python’s tail, making sure it tapers to a point.

How to Draw a Python Step 8

Step 9:
Draw oval or circular patterns along the python’s back for the distinctive python markings.

How to Draw a Python Step 9

Step 10:
Finalize your drawing by adding any additional details such as shading or texture to give the python a more three-dimensional appearance.

How to Draw a Python Step 10

Step 11:
Your cheerful cartoon python is finished! Give it vibrant colors like shades of green, a touch of red, dark green, and a skin tone.

How to Draw a Python Step 11


Drawing Python is an exciting and simple task. Begin with a serpentine body shape, add a distinctive head, and sketch in scales.

Feel free to personalize it! Once your Python drawing is done, share your fantastic artwork with us. Happy drawing!

How to Draw a Python
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