103+ Irish Trivia Questions that You Should Know!

Do you know cream lies on top of Irish coffee? Ha’penny Bridge is the other name by which the Liffey Bridge in Dublin is known. Also, Galway is the Irish city, which is also called the city of the tribes. 

What’s more? The Irish playwright, Brian Friel wrote Dancing at Lughnasa. Saint Brendan is the Irish saint who is said to be the one who discovered America many thousand years before Columbus did.

Excited to know more about Irish culture? These Irish trivia questions will take you through various unknown Irish facts.

Irish trivia questions for kids

Q: Capital of Ireland?
A: Dublin.

Q: National emblem of Ireland symbolizing good luck?
A: Shamrock.

Q: Mischievous fairy creature known for cobbling?
A: Leprechaun.

Informative Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Longest river in Ireland?
A: Shannon.

Q: Highest mountain in Ireland and Northern Ireland?
A: Carrauntoohil.

Q: Patron saint of Ireland celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day?
A: St. Patrick.

Q: Traditional Irish stew ingredients?
A: Lamb or beef, potatoes, onions, carrots.

Q: Oldest operational lighthouse in the world located in Ireland?
A: Hook Lighthouse.

Educational Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Rock formation in Northern Ireland with hexagonal basalt columns?
A: Giant’s Causeway.

Q: Irish word for “a hundred thousand welcomes”?
A: Céad Míle Fáilte.

Q: Political divide between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland?
A: Irish Border.

Q: National symbol of Ireland, often associated with the harp?
A: Celtic harp.

Q: Traditional Irish dish with mashed potatoes and greens?
A: Colcannon.

Wise Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Author of “Dracula” born in Dublin?
A: Bram Stoker.

Q: Medieval illuminated manuscript kept in Trinity College, Dublin?
A: Book of Kells.

Q: Name of the Irish flag with green, white, and orange stripes?
A: Tricolor.

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Q: Irish word for “lake” or “loch”?
A: Lough.

Q: National sport of Ireland combining football and rugby elements?
A: Hurling.

Q: Famous rock ledge in County Kerry with stunning views of the Atlantic?
A: Cliffs of Moher.

Savvy Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Irish name for Halloween with origins in Celtic traditions?
A: Samhain.

Q: Popular traditional Irish dance style with intricate footwork?
A: Irish step dancing.

Q: Author of “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?
A: Oscar Wilde.

Q: Ancient site in Ireland with prehistoric tombs and monuments?
A: Brú na Bóinne (Boyne Valley).

Q: Irish word for a pub or bar?
A: Pub.

Amazing Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Traditional Irish music instrument similar to a flute?
A: Tin whistle.

Q: Island off the west coast of Ireland with a monastic settlement?
A: Inishmore (Aran Islands).

Q: Irish word for a castle or fortress?
A: Caisleán.

Q: National dish of Ireland with mashed potatoes and cabbage or kale?
A: Colcannon.

Q: Medieval Irish harp, symbolizing Ireland’s cultural heritage?
A: Cláirseach.

Best Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Name of the lake in County Leitrim associated with the Children of Lir?
A: Lough Gill.

Q: Traditional Irish music session held in a pub or gathering place?
A: Seisiún.

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Q: Term for a traditional Irish boat used for fishing or goods transport?
A: Currach.

Q: Island in County Kerry known for early monastic history and cliffs?
A: Skellig Michael.

Q: Irish term for a festival or celebration?
A: Féile.

Interesting Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Irish word for “song” often in traditional folk music?
A: Amhrán.

Q: Northernmost county in Ireland with rugged landscapes?
A: County Donegal.

Q: Traditional Irish wedding band with intricate designs?
A: Claddagh ring.

Q: Traditional Irish dish with minced meat, onions, and mashed potato topping?
A: Shepherd’s pie.

Q: Famous Irish beer featuring a harp logo?
A: Guinness.

Fascinating Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Irish name for a folk song telling a story or conveying a message?
A: Sean-nós.

Q: Ancient Irish festival marking the end of harvest and beginning of winter?
A: Samhain.

Q: Famous river in Dublin with significance in Irish literature and culture?
A: River Liffey.

Q: Term for a traditional Irish storytelling or singing session, often in a pub?
A: Scéalaíocht.

Q: Irish name for a cave, often found in limestone regions?
A: Poll.

Q: Traditional Irish game resembling horseshoes and played with iron rings?
A: Horseshoes.

Awesome Irish Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Irish name for a mountain or hill?
A: Sliabh.

Q: Term for an ancient stone circle or monument, often associated with rituals and astronomy?
A: Stone circle.

Q: Irish word for “coast” or “shore” used in geographical names?
A: Cladach.

Q: Traditional Irish stew with lamb or beef, potatoes, onions, and carrots?
A: Irish stew.

Our journey through the enchanting world of Irish trivia questions has been a Celtic celebration of culture and knowledge! Whether you’re Irish by heritage or spirit, these questions have taken us on a clover-strewn path of discovery.

As we wrap up, may your days be as colorful as a rainbow and your curiosity as deep as the Blarney Stone’s well of tales. Sláinte to the wonders of Ireland! 📚🌈

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