50+ Island Activities for Kids Whether on Land or Sea!

As a mother, I understand the need for some exciting 😆 and entertaining activities for kids on the islands. Kids get bored🥱 after some time on the islands as there are not many recreational activities.

Therefore, you must plan and arrange some fun and exciting island activities for kids. The main focus of these activities must be the joy and happiness☺️ of children.

These activities will add freshness and excitement😝 to kids’ lives. It will also help them do something productive as well as exciting. These activities are suitable for kids of all ages. Making your kids do some interesting and fun activities will add more enjoyment to their island🏞️ trip.

Fascinating fun Island activities for your kids

If you’re looking for some fun and interesting island🏝️ activities for your kids, you’ve come to the right place!

I would suggest interesting and enjoyable island-related activities that will improve their abilities across the board, be both educational and enjoyable📚, and make them feel good while they’re doing it. It will help them turn their boring island trip into an interesting one.

These activities will turn their boring 🥱 day into an exciting one.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of enjoyable😆 and practical island activities for you and your kids. Without a doubt, this blog will help you find some new, kid-friendly activities.

Family Picnic

You can take your kids on a family picnic🧺 on the island. This activity will help your kids spend some quality time with their family👨‍👩‍👧 and have fun chatting with them. 

It will enable your kids to develop a close bond with family. You can gather some snacks, drinks🥤, and fun games for a successful picnic.

This interactive activity is a complete package of fun and happiness☺️. It will also help all your family to have a much-needed getaway from their regular busy life.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this activity with my kids and family when we went to an island🏝️. Overall, it was a fulfilling experience. Everyone had fun chatting and playing interesting games together.

Reading Island books

You can also make your kids read different and interesting island books📚 when they are on a trip to the island. This will help them learn more unknown facts about an island and will help them make their trip more interesting😍. 

Different island books that your kids can read are The Little Island by Margaret Wise Brown, The Island of the Skog by Steven Kellog, and My Little Island by Franne Lessac.

According to me, this activity will help your kids not to get bored🥱 on the island. My kids enjoyed reading these island books. They were intrigued and excited to explore the islands.

Paint seashells

Kids get easily attracted to seashells🐚 on islands. They love to collect them and hear their voices. But it will get more interesting to experiment with seashells. You can make your kids paint🎨 and design seashells. 

Provide them with paint colors, paint brushes🖌️, and different types of shells. Now, let them paint them.

Kids can take these shells🐚 to their homes🏠 and decorate them in their rooms. This activity is fun-filled and productive. It will help your kids improve their creativity and painting skills.

Pro Tip:

My kids also did this activity on the island 🏝️. They were extremely happy and excited while doing it. It made their simple trip more entertaining.

Sandcastle building

Kids love to play with the sand⛱️ on the island. You can let them make sandcastles and towers out of sand. This will be a delightful and pleasant experience. Make sure that your kids have their buckets🪣, shovels, and molds.

You can also keep some regard for them to add more excitement😆 and competitiveness to this activity. This will help them build their observation🤓 and creative skills.

I also made my kids build sandcastles on their trip to the island. At first, they found it difficult, but drastically, they were able to build beautiful castles🏰.

Treasure Hunt

You can conduct a treasure hunt with your kids on an island🏞️. Provide them with a map with all things marked like rocks🪨, shells, or plants. Your kids have to collect these things quickly. Whoever does it first and brings them to you will be the winner.

This activity will add more fun and excitement to your kids’ trip. My kids had a very enjoyable time while performing this activity. It was a new experience for them.

Pro Tip:

You should cheer your kids while they perform any activity. This will encourage them and will make them confident😌 to do their best in every task.

Rock painting

Painting is the one activity that kids enjoy😆 all the time. You can make your kids do the rock painting🎨. Provide your kids with rocks of different shapes, paint colors, and paint brushes🖌️.

This activity will make your kids’ island trip more interesting and exciting. Kids can take these stones to their homes🏠 and place them in their gardens or rooms.

My kids also did rock painting on the island. It was a messy activity, but their happiness☺️ and joy made it worthwhile.

They got to explore their creative side more, which will help them in their future development.


If there are fish on the island, you can take your kids to do fishing🎣. Provide them with fishing rods and make them learn all the basics of fishing. Guide them if they face any difficulty while doing this activity.

This will provide them with enjoyment and an educational experience. This activity might be a little difficult for them, but I am sure that they will have a lot of fun😆.

Pro Tip:

According to me, this activity will help your kids gain knowledge about fish🐟 and their nature. Overall, this will be a great experience for them.

Seashell Jewelry Making

Seashells🐚 are an ornament that can be used for several purposes. You can let your kids make beautiful jewelry📿 like bracelets, earrings, anklets, and pendants with the help of seashells.

Materials required for this activity are beads, strings, pearls, seashells🐚, and other decorative materials. This activity will help them bring out their creative and innovative side to make beautiful jewelry.

My kids did this activity on the island🏝️. They were very happy and excited to make jewelry. After completion, they gifted this jewelry to their grandparents, me, and their father. It was a very sweet and enjoyable experience for kids.

Island themed crafts

You can also make your kids create and design paintings and crafts related to the island🏞️. They can make things like paper plate tropical birds🐦, palm tree collages, and fish mobiles🦈.

Your kids will benefit from this activity by being able to do something useful and have fun. Provide your kids with craft sheets, glue, scissors✂️, paint colors, and paintbrushes🖌️. Make sure kids are using scissors under your supervision in case they hurt themselves.

Pro Tip:

My kids also did this activity on the island🏝️. They were jolly and excited. Their increased creativity as a result of this activity will benefit them going forward.

Outdoor Yoga

The trip to the island helps your kids and family👨‍👩‍👧 to relax their minds and bodies from their busy lives. You can take this opportunity to conduct an easy yoga🧘‍♀️ session with your kids and family.

You can teach them simple poses and techniques that will help them in relaxation. Yoga will help their body become more healthy and flexible. They will enjoy doing yoga on a beautiful island🏝️.

I also made my family and kids do outdoor yoga. They felt so calm😌 and content through this activity. You should also make your kids do this whenever you go to the island.

Sand Art

You can make your kids draw beautiful designs and patterns on the sand⛱️. Provide them with bottles filled with colored sand. This experiment will be a lot of fun for them to conduct.

This activity will help them hone their innovative skills and build their concentration. This activity will be a new experience for them. Colors🖍️ always make kids happy.

My kids also did this activity on their trip to the island. They were extremely happy😆 and joyous. At first, they were unable to hold the grip of colors, but gradually, they were able to make beautiful designs.

Island cooking

You can conduct a cooking🍳 activity with your kids on the island. They can prepare their snacks with the help of sweets, fruits🥥, and cheese. Provide them with all the required materials.

This will be a different activity for them where they can make their snacks according to their taste😋 and choice. You can help them if they face any difficulties. Make your kids serve these snacks to their families👨‍👩‍👧 as well.

Pro Tip:

I also conducted this activity on the island. My kids were so enthusiastic and energetic⚡ throughout the whole activity. For them, it was a new experience to experiment with food and make delicious snacks.

Storytelling circle

You can plan a trip to the island with your kids and their friends. Make them sit in a circle and tell a story related to their life. This will be an interesting😆 and productive activity.

Every story will help you understand the thoughts and opinions of kids. It will help you know how kids feel about☺️ different situations. This activity will also help them improve their analytical and speaking skills.

I also conducted this activity on the island🏝️. It helped me understand my kids and their thoughts more clearly. This was a very productive activity that also helped the kids gain the confidence to speak boldly in public places.

Island exploration

You can take your kids on an island🏝️ trip to gain more knowledge about nature. You can make them explore the island and observe birds, insects, plants, fruits🍎, and sand. 

This outdoor activity will help them get close to nature by knowing and understanding them better.

Kids will enjoy this activity and will learn more about islands and their vegetation🌿. Make sure that your kids don’t touch or eat anything poisonous or harmful while exploring.

Pro Tip:

In my opinion, you must conduct this activity with your kids. It will help them gain more knowledge🤓 and learn more about their surroundings.

Coconut Bowling

Kids love to go bowling🎳. If there are coconuts🥥 available on the island, you can conduct coconut bowling. Use coconuts as bowling balls and set up a coconut bowling alley on the island.

You can divide your kids and family into two teams. Whichever team scores more points will become the winner and receive a reward🎁. 

This will be a fun and exciting experience for the kids. Keeping rewards will increase the energy and enthusiasm😆 of the team members.

I also made my kids and family👨‍👩‍👧 do this activity. It was a very refreshing and exciting activity for them. They all got to spend sweet time together and relax a bit.

Nature Bracelets

You can let your kids create beautiful bracelets with the help of plants, shells, leaves🍀, flowers, and seeds. Provide your kids with strings, glue, masking tape, beads🧮, and these decorative materials.

They can give these bracelets📿 to their elders and their friends. These bracelets will serve as a beautiful memory of their trip to the island. This activity will let them bring out their creative side.

Pro Tip:

This is a very interesting and innovative activity. It will add some freshness to your kids’ lives as they get bored🥱 playing the same games every day. Encourage your kids to perform this activity on the island.

Island Carnival

You can build a mini carnival🎪 on the island, including different and interesting games. This carnival can include games like ring toss, bean bag toss, and coconut shy. 

You can keep small rewards🎁 for them when they complete the games. It will add to the excitement and competitiveness of kids. Make sure that your kids don’t hurt themselves while doing these physical activities.

I also conducted this mini carnival on the island. The happiness☺️ and joy were visible on my kids’ faces. They had a very fun and tiring day on the island.


These entertaining island-related🏞️ activities are sure to add even more joy to your kids’ day 😆. Your children will learn new things and acquire new skills from these activities. 

Without a doubt, your kids will have a great time and learn a lot from these activities. I hope you enjoyed reading about the activities your kids can do on their trip to the island🏝️.

Your children will benefit from their enhanced capacity for creativity and observation 🤏. Children are always eager to try new things because they love the novelty of them.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions you would like me to address or if you have suggestions for additional items to put on this list. It would please me to talk to you! ❤️

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