25+ Interesting Italian Activities for Artistic Adventures!

As a mother, I understand the need for kids to be engaged in some productive and interesting✨ activities. These activities help our kids to learn new skills and gain more knowledge that will help them in their future development.

Kids get bored🥱 when they play the same games all day long. They are always searching for something fun and interesting. Italian activities will help them make their boring day interesting and also hone their skills. 

They will get to learn more about Italians. They will get to know more about the customs and traditions of Italians. Kids can play these activities with their friends. It will help them build teamwork and have fun together.

Amazing Italian activities for your kids

If you’re looking for some fun and interesting Italian activities🇮🇹 for your kids, you’ve come to the right place!

I would suggest interesting and enjoyable Italian-related activities that will improve their abilities across the board, be both educational and enjoyable📚, and make them feel productive while they’re doing them. 

These activities will help them pass their time by doing something productive and fruitful.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of enjoyable and practical Italian activities for you and your kids. Without a doubt, this blog will help you find some new, kid-friendly activities.

Word Bingo

You can make your kids play bingo. Give them cards🃏 with Italian objects drawn on them. They have to call out these cards and mark bingo. Whoever completes their bingo first will win. You can also keep some rewards🎁 for the winner; it will increase their enthusiasm for the game.

 This will be a fun and exhilarating game. Your kids will get to learn more about things Italians use in their daily lives.

Pro Tip:

My kids got to learn more about Italians through this game. This new activity made their boring🥱 day more productive. To make your kids learn about Italian culture, you should try this game with them.

Cooking Class

You can make your kids learn how to make simple and delicious😋 Italian dishes like pizza🍕, pasta, or gelato. They will enjoy and get to taste homemade dishes. This would be a flavorsome and exciting activity.

My kids were enthusiastic☺️ and excited throughout this whole activity. Their clothes and faces got messy, but their happiness was worth the mess.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your kids make these dishes under your supervision in case they hurt themselves. Cutting vegetables🥦 must be done by you only. Keep them away from the stove. You should also guide your kids in following the recipe.


You can read Italian books📚 and stories to your children. They will have a sweet time learning more about Italians. You can also read them bedtime stories🛌. Some Italian books are Ciao, Sandro!, Mi piace aiutare, Papà Gatto, and many more

Choose colorful and beautiful books for your kids to read. Then, you can ask them to explain the story and its morals. This would be a nice interactive and educational activity.

You should make your kids do this activity. It will improve their reading📚 and communication skills. It will help them in their overall development.

Crafts and art

You can make your children design and create Italian-themed crafts like Italian flags🇮🇹, Italian landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, their buildings🏢, and major historical figures. This would be a fun learning and educational activity that will make your kids learn more about the history and traditions of Italy.

Provide your kids with scissors✂️, craft sheets, pens, colored markers, and glue. This activity will help your kids improve their imagination💭 and creativity. They will learn how to invent beautiful crafts out of plain sheets.

Pro Tip:

I made my kids create some Italian crafts and placed them in their rooms. It was very fun😆 to do, and they learned something new and fresh.

Flag Coloring

You can make your kids draw and color the flag of Italy🇮🇹. Then, they can discuss its history and significance. This activity will be educational🤓 and creative.

Provide your kids with chart paper, colored markers, and wax crayons🖍️. Draw them an outline of the Italian flag, and then they can fill it with colors.

In my opinion, kids will enjoy coloring the flag🇮🇹 and learning about it. I made my kids perform this activity at home, and they were happy and curious to learn more. It increased their general knowledge and observation skills.

Puppet Theater

Encourage your kids to create small puppets and perform a puppet show based on an Italian story. This would be a fun and exciting activity.

Kids will learn how to make puppets and how to use them in a puppet show. Things required for the puppet show are a nice Italian story, strings, googly eyes, cloth👕, and glue.

Pro Tip:

Help your kids make the puppets, as it’s their first time, and they may face obstacles in making them. Tell them how to use puppets to represent an Italian story beautifully☺️. I am sure that this would be a very enthusiastic game for your kids.

Cultural Dress-up

You can dress up your kids as Italians👚. They can wear traditional clothes or trendy Italian clothes. This activity will help your kids to learn more about the culture and traditions of Italy.

Buy them some traditional Italian clothes🇮🇹 and tell them the history and significance behind them. They can also perform a skit based on the historical events of Italy.

I performed this activity at home🏠 with my kids and their friends. They were overjoyed and had a fun time together. They loved to explore different cultures and learn about their history. You should also try this activity with your kids.

Italian flag hunt

You can assemble your kids and their friends and can make them play an Italian flag hunt🇮🇹. Divide all the kids into two teams. Hide small Italian flags in different areas of the house🏠 and let both teams find it. The team with most of the flags will win this game.

You can keep some prizes🏆 for the winning team to increase their excitement and energy for the game. You can also keep some hints to make this game easier for kids.

Pro Tip: 

This type of physical activity will help your kids spend their time doing something fun😆 and exciting instead of being in their room and spending their time on their phones📱.

Scavenger hunt

You can make your kids play an Italian scavenger hunt. In this game, you will say an Italian word like ‘Scarpe,’ which means shoes👞. The kids then have to find a pair of shoes. Whoever finds the shoe earlier will be the winner of the game.

This would be a fun-filled and exciting game and will add freshness to your kids’ lives. Do thorough research on different Italian words and compile an interesting game for your kids.

When I conducted this game at home🏠 with my kids, they were extremely delighted and nervous to play the game. Overall, it was a new experience for them.

Model Making

You can make your kids draw models🏘️ based on Roman architecture like the Colosseum or the Roman Forum. Tell them more about their history, significance, and how they were made. 

This activity will help your kids expand their knowledge and learn something impactful. Things required for this activity are thermocol sheets, chart paper, colored markers, scissors✂️, and glue.

Pro Tip:

Enjoy our kids doing this activity as it will benefit them in different aspects. You can help them in making models as they might face difficulties in drawing such complex figures. This activity will also find their creativity🎨 skills.

Roman Numeral Challenge 

You can introduce children to Roman numerals through an interesting game. Make them learn the basics of Roman🧮 numerals by drawing them on a sheet of paper.

Tell them how every digit till twenty is drawn. You can give them simple math problems using Roman numerals; this will make math for them more interesting.

I also gave my kids math problems with Roman numerals. At first, they found it difficult to recognize, but by learning step by step, they got confident😌 and solved all the problems easily. To make math more fun and interesting for kids, you should try this activity with them.

Italian themed collage

You can encourage kids to make a college comprising different elements of Italy, like their monuments, clothes👚, traditions, festivals, and food🥣. They can print their pictures or draw illustrations and paste them on the collage.

This activity will help your kids learn more about the history, architecture, culture, and traditions of Italy🇮🇹. It will help them gain general knowledge and increase their observation skills.

Pro Tip:

Doing these types of activities with your kids makes their brains🧠 sharp and fast. Their analytical skills and confidence increased. This will help them in their future development in different areas. You should conduct more of these activities with your kids.

Dance Party

You can introduce your kids to different types of Italian dances💃 like Tarantella, Ballu, Tundu, and many others. You can teach them the simple and basic steps of these dances and perform them.

They will have a lot of fun learning something new, and their boring day will get even more interesting. You can also let them wear the desired costume for these dances🕺. It will increase the energy and enthusiasm of kids.

I conducted an Italian dance party at my house🏠 inviting my kids and their friends. They all performed Italian dances and had a lot of fun. The food🥣 and songs were also Italian. They got to know about a different culture.

Italian family tree

You can let your kids make a family tree🌳 with names written in Italian. This would be a different and exciting game. Kids can use names like Nonno, Nonna, mamma, and papà.

Things required for this game are chart paper, scissors✂️, colored pens, and wax crayons. This activity will help your kids improve their Italian vocabulary and spelling. This game will provide your kids with freshness in their life.

Pro Tip:

If you want your kids to learn Italian from the basics, then you can conduct this activity at home. It will help them learn to call their family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 names in Italian. Overall, it would be a knowledgeable and fun activity.

Italian flag bracelets

You can let your kids make bracelets with the colors of the Italian flag🇮🇹. This activity will help your kids express their creativity and make beautiful accessories📿 for them. They will also learn about the Italian flag’s design.

Things required for making a bracelet are beads, strings, scissors✂️, and glue. Provide your kids with help and guidance in case they face any hardships in making the bracelets.

You should try this activity with your kids at home. It will help them learn more about the Italian flag and its significance. This activity will also improve their concentration🤓 and innovation skills.

Pasta art

You can make your kids draw🎨 beautiful art designs with the help of different Italian pastas. They can paste the pasta on a sheet in the form of a beautiful design. Kids usually eat pasta🍝 but doing experiments with them in creating artwork would be a fun activity.

Things required for doing this activity are pasta, a sheet of paper, scissors✂️, glue, and a marker. Tell your kids about the diversity of pasta🍝 in Italian cuisine and how it differs from region to region.

Pro Tip:

Eating is always nice, but to have fun with these foods would be more fun😆 and interesting. This activity will let your kids have some fun and also improve their creativity. You should try this activity with your kids at home.

Italy geography Puzzle

You can make your kids some puzzles related to the maps of Italy🇮🇹 and its important landmarks. This activity will help them learn more about the geography of Italy, its topography, and the important monuments🏨 and architecture in it.

Firstly, make them learn about Italy’s geography and topography, and then let them solve these puzzles🧩. In this way, it will be easy for them to solve the puzzles.

I also conducted this activity with my kids at home🏠. They had a lot of fun solving these Italy-themed puzzles. It also increased their knowledge about Italy. To improve your kids’ problem-solving and analytical skills you should conduct this activity with your kids.


These entertaining Italy-related activities🇮🇹 are sure to add even more joy to your kids’ day 😆. Your children will learn new things and acquire new skills from these activities. 

Your kids will gain a lot of valuable life lessons and experiences from these activities. I hope you enjoyed reading about these activities. Your kids will have fun conducting these activities at home.

Your children will benefit from their enhanced capacity for creativity and observation. Children are always eager to try new things because they love the novelty of them.

Please leave a comment below in the comment section if you have any queries you would like me to address or if you have suggestions for additional items to put on this list. It would please me to talk to you! ❤️

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