18 Interesting Kampala Facts That Will Leave You Amazed

Welcome to Kampala, the vibrant capital 😃of Uganda!

From its interesting wildlife and natural beauty to its rich cultural heritage, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover!

This article will offer some amazing facts about Kampala that will leave you amazed!

Let’s begin👏 this exciting journey!

Fascinating Kampala facts

Kampala City: It is the City of Hills

Kampala City Of Hills

I am quite amazed by this fascinating secret about beautiful Kampala City🏔️! According to history, the city is famous for its rolling hills, which reach an altitude of almost 4000 feet at their highest point. 

The original number of hills was 7; however, it has since grown into many more. 

These include Tank Hill, Kampala Hill, Nakasero Hill, and Mulago Hill. 

There is also the Hill of Impalas, which got its name from the area’s multitude of impalas. Hence, Kampala City itself was named for its impalas.

The Kampala region was even a designated area for hunting impalas.

Kampala: This city is located almost on the Equator

Little fact enthusiasts, 😎 let your knowledge be expanded by this interesting fact about Kampala City! Interested??

A search of the map for Kampala will display its location to be really close to the equator, 🌎 just 72 kilometers.

Also, the altitude of the city of Kampala is around 1.2 kilometers above sea level. 

The altitude of the city is about 0.74 miles in altitude, and hence, the city has a pleasant and mild climate.  

The climate in Kampala: Explore the climate of the city

I really love the comfortable climate of the capital city of Uganda, Kampala! 

The climate in Kampala has been described as a tropical rainforest climate.

The city receives a lot of rain 🌧️, with two long rainy seasons each year from August to December and also February to June, with the latter experiencing the heaviest periods of rain.

The city experiences a high rate of lightning strikes. In the month of April, the city sees the heaviest amount of precipitation at an average of almost 6.7 inches or 169 millimeters of rain.

Kampala City: It is home to impressive wildlife

Wildlife of Kampala

Love animals!? Then just enjoy this secret about Kampala!

Uganda is home to an amazing variety of wildlife, which is displayed in their national parks. 

Similarly, Kampala is also home to the UWA or Uganda Wildlife Authority Kampala, the specific organization that manages ten notable national parks of Uganda.

These parks are home to an interesting variety of animal life and plant, including chimpanzees, gorillas, lions 🦁, elephants 🐘, impalas, and more than 1000 species of birds.

You can select from boat tours, traditional safaris, mountain climbing, or hikes to experience the unique wildlife of Africa.

The economy of the city is based on natural resources

The wonderful city of Kampala is the hub of Uganda’s administration, economy, communications, and transportation👏. 

Various types of products are produced and exported here; some of those are coffee, tea, 🍵 cotton, and sugar.

Several manufacturing companies make processed drinks and foods, machinery, and furniture. 

Kampala is connected to several neighboring nations like Tanzania and Kenya, by steamers and railroads.

Buganda Kingdom: Explore this historical secret about Kampala City

If you are a history buff like me, then you will surely love this amazing secret about Kampala City!

The remnants of a long time ago from the history of Kampala City as a vital part of the Buganda Kingdom 👑can still be found today. 

These include the Lubiri Palace, the Kasubi Tombs, the Buganda Court of Justice, and the Buganda Parliament.

The British occupied and even took control of the Buganda Kingdom and also several other important regions during the late 19th century. 

In 1962, Uganda gained its independence, at which Kampala became the capital.

It is Uganda’s primary city according to economy and education

Kampala's Education

The beautiful capital city of Uganda, Kampala, is the center and also the location of several important operations of the economy of Uganda.

 It is also the educational and religious institution of the country.

This interesting city is home to the most prestigious and oldest university in the country, Makerere, and also the East African Development Bank.

The Makerere University is the second-oldest and the largest higher institution of learning in Uganda. Established in 1922, this famous university is a major center of learning and culture in Kampala.

Idi Amin: He took control of Uganda and damaged several buildings in Kampala

I am quite amazed about knowing about the infamous ruler of Kampala! 

The infamous Idi Amin took control of the country of Uganda in the year by way of a military coup. 

During his reign, Kampala’s many buildings were seriously damaged throughout the course of the war between Tanzania and Uganda.

Those buildings have since been rebuilt, along with the construction of shopping centers 🛍️, new hotels, and several other buildings used for medical and educational 📚purposes.

The city of Kampala has been relatively stable since 1986 when the government changed and Idi Amin was forced into exile.

Kampala City: It is the commercial and political capital of Uganda

Kampala: Capital Of Uganda

Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is also the largest city in the country! Quite impressive, right?

The city of Kampala is a culturally diverse region with panoramic views, 👏 historical buildings, etc.

Kampala shares its border with the northern side of Africa’s largest lake 🌊, Lake Victoria. This interesting city is located in Uganda’s southeastern part.

The airport in Kampala: Know about the Entebbe International Airport

The city of Kampala takes pride in its variety of wildlife and is even located near the famous and largest airport✈️ in the country, Uganda!! 

Want to know more?? Let me explain.

The largest airport in Uganda, known as the Entebbe International Airport, is only 25 miles southwest of Kampala City.

the most livable city in East Africa

Kampala is famous as a city that occupies a place among the fastest-growing cities in Africa. 

It has a yearly growth rate of 4.03 percent, by City Mayors. 

A New York-based consulting firm called Mercer has regularly ranked the city as East Africa’s best city to live in, placed ahead of Nairobi and Kigali. 

Population of Kampala:  Know about the people of the city of Kampala

The amazing city of Kampala has a diverse ethnic population 👨drawn from different parts of the nation and even from neighboring countries. 

Such as Rwanda, Eritrea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Somalia, South Sudan, and even nations as far away as China and India.

Moreover, this interesting city has a rapidly growing population people that is estimated by the Uganda Bureau of Statistics as 6709,900 people in 2019, in an area of 3263.3 square miles or 8451.9 km square.

Kampala City: Explore the highest point of the city

Lowest point of Kampala

I am quite amazed to know about the highest point in Kampala City 😵! 

Kampala is full of valleys filled with swamps or sluggish rivers. 

The highest point in the city is famous as the summit of Kololo hill at 4301 feet, situated in the center region of the city. 

Also, the lowest point at the shores of Lake Victoria, which is south of Kampala’s center at altitude 3724 feet.

Kampala’s natural beauty: Take a look at the notable swamps of the city

Kampala’s Natural Beauty

Due to Kampala’s tropical climate, the slow rivers or swamps of the valleys tend to flow southwards, which is towards Lake Victoria or even northwards. 

These permanent or even seasonal swamps of the city generally cover around 15% of the city’s entire land area. 

Some of those notable swamps include Nakivubo swamp river, which covers around 2.04 square miles and flows towards Lake Victoria. 

Another one is the Kinawataka swamp river, which covers an area of 0.58 square miles and flows towards Lake Victoria. 

Also, Lubigi swamp, that covers 1.10 square miles and flows into the Mayanja River.

Kampala City: Explore the geology and vegetation of the city

I am really impressed to learn this wonderful fact about Kampala City! 

This beautiful African city is located on the East African Plateau between the East African Rift’s two arms and on the northern limits of Tanzania Craton.

Due to the biodiversity of habitats in the city that include hills and wetlands, here we can see some interesting vegetation, like Cyperus papyrus, elephant grass, African water lily, etc.

In the evergreen forests and swamps, we can see trees like the Natal fig or mutuba, African olive, etc.

Kampala City: It has a high crime rate

High Crime Rate of Kampala

The capital city of Uganda, known as Kampala is, unfortunately famous for its high crime rate!! Quite disappointing🙄, right?

 Some common crimes here include vehicle vandalism, ‘snatch and grab’ thefts, and pickpocketing. 

Pickpocketing is mainly a crime in which a thief steals a thing from a person’s bag 🛍️of pocket without them noticing. 

Vehicle vandalism is the act of destroying or damaging a vehicle, like slashing tires and breaking windows. 

While ‘snatch and grab’ thefts include a thief quickly snatching an item from a person’s body or hand and running away.

Kampala’s Mother Temple: A symbol of Unity and Peace

Kampala’s Mother Temple

The city of Kampala is home to one of the most famous temples in Africa 👏. Interested??

It is the one among the seven Baha’i Temples around the globe.

This majestic temple is a symbol of peace and unit, and stands as a light 💡of hope for the African continent. 

It is a place of worship for the Baha’i people, but is open to people of all beliefs and backgrounds.

It is an amazing sight to behold, with its golden dome and white marble walls.

Kampala City: A place where inter-tribal marriages are becoming more common

In this beautiful capital city of Uganda, inter-tribal marriages are becoming more and more common, though they are not still accepted in many parts of the country.

However, as the city continues to evolve and grow, it is likely that these marriages will become more accepted in the future. So, let’s hope for the best 👏! Right??

Summing up

So, little knowledge lovers, now you know that Kampala is a city that takes pride in its natural beauty, rich history, and modern advancements.

From its diverse wildlife and amazing forests 🌲to its famous temples and universities 🏛️, what in Kampala attracts you more?

As we are already amazed with the wonderful city of Kampala! We would love to know your feedback.

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