30+ Untold Kim Kardashian Facts that No One Knows

Little fact lovers, let me tell you about Kimberly Noel Kardashian or Kim Kardashian.

She is an American socialite, media personality, model, businesswoman, and actress. She first received media attention as a stylist and friend of Paris Hilton😲!

Later, she became popular after the Sex Tape Kim Kardashian, Superstar, was filmed in 2003!

Today, she has developed a significant presence online and also across several social media platforms.

So, let us discuss some interesting facts about this famous personality.

Mysterious Kim Kardashian Facts

Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California

Kardashian Was Born In California

Hey there, little friends, have you heard that Kim Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California?

She was born on October 21, 1980.

Her dad 👨 is Robert, and her mom is Kris Kardashian.

Kim has an older sister, Kourtney, and a younger sister and a younger brother, who are Khloe and Rob, respectively.

However, in the year 1991, her parents divorced!

Kim’s mother remarried

After the divorce, Kim’s mother, Kris, married Bruce Jenner, who was the winner of the 1976 Summer Olympics decathlon.

Thus, Kim acquired step-brothers Burton, Brandon, and Brody, and also a step-sister Casey.

She also has two half-sisters, Kendal, and Kylie Jenner!

Before Kim found fame on her own, she used her connection to stepbrother Brody to get on to The Hills.

The Hills is one of the most-watched shows on TV 📺 at the time.

Kim has six piercings

We all know that Kim isn’t afraid to go under the knife, right?

She even is quite brave when it comes to piercings!

Did you know that Kim has piercings on her belly button, four on her left ear and one on her right?

Though lately, she hasn’t been spotted with her belly ring!

Kim used to look for Paparazzi

Kim Looks For Paparazzi

When Kim first hopped onto the scene, she was photographed a lot.

She was featured in all magazines📰, and paparazzi would get exhausted to get a photo 🖼️of her!

However, she has been accused of calling the paparazzi on herself, though she recently denied this fact. She even admitted that she did head to some specific spots where she knew the photographers would be!

She even said on the Keeping Up with the Kardashian Reunion, “I would stop off at Robertson’s, I would stop off at the Ivy to pick up something to go, even if it was some bread to go.”

Kim was a celebrity stylist before fame

Did you know this interesting secret about Kardashian?

Prior to her controversial tape, the Kardashians’ rise to fame was actually due to Kim’s friend Paris Hilton!

However, not many people know that, in reality, she was Paris’ wardrobe helper.

Along with Paris, Kim also had some other famous clients, such as actress Lindsay Lohan and singer🎤 Brandy.

Kim has some strange phobias

Other than talking about her fear of getting stretchmarks, Kim has said that she even hates the sleeve on Starbucks cups!

Also, she has to leave the room for someone to take it off for her, as she cringes 😵 from its sound!

She even wrote on her website, “I hate the sleeve on a Starbucks cup.”

She further added, “I leave the room for someone to take it off from me because I cringe from the sound. It’s like nails and chalkboard for me. I hate cardboard.”

She has a passion for bees

Kim Kardashian's Passion For Bees

Unlike common folks, this widely-popular celeb doesn’t fear bees. She would even hold and play with them when she was much younger!

Moreover, she’s never been stung!

So, if she didn’t make it as a reality star, we can imagine her as a beekeeper🐝!

Kim has a freckle on her eyeball

Little friends, did you know this unique secret about Kim? No? Let me tell you.

There are many doppelgangers of Kim who try to copy her fashion, style, hairdos, and makeup💄.

However, even after trying really hard, they can’t mimic one thing, which is the freckle on Kim’s right eyeball!!

I think you have never noticed that, right??

Kim regrets her adult Tape

Kim is quite regretful when it comes to her controversial adult tape with Ray J.

She even admitted to Andy Cohen on the KUWTK Reunion. She said, “That is something that is being held over my head. I try not to live with any regrets, but it’s probably the one thing I wish didn’t exist.”

Kim has been married three times

Kim Has Been Married Three Times

I am quite confident that, like me, you will be amazed to explore this fact about Kim Kardashian!

Kim has actually been married three times!! Amazed, right??

Kim’s first husband was a music producer, Damon Thomas. Kim married Thomas in 2000 when she was just 19. They actually eloped to Las Vegas to marry secretly.

This incident devastated Kim’s family, and even her father refused to speak to Kim for several weeks😲!

Eventually, the family made up!!

However, they divorced three years later due to physical and emotional abuse, and Thomas was ordered to pay Kim $56,000!!

Kim Kardashian is a Billionaire

Officially, Kim is a billionaire? Impressive, right?

According to Forbes, the net worth of the star soared from $780 million to $1 billion 💰in only six months in the year 2021!

It is all thanks to her two businesses; the cosmetic company KKW Beauty and the shapewear brand Skins. 

So, we actually cannot imagine how much the entire Kardashian clan is worth!!

Kim almost didn’t marry Kris Humphries

Have you heard this interesting secret about Kardashian? 

Other than her adult tape, we can tell that marrying Kris Humphries is another biggest regret in Kim’s life! 

Believe it or not, she almost escaped the 72-day on her wedding day!

Also, Kim’s mom revealed during the KUWTK Reunion that she tried to talk her daughter out of marrying Humphries.

Kim goes to the beach at particular times

Kim Kardashian Goes To The Beach

Like me, if you are a true fan of Kim Kardashian, then you will surely love this fact about Kim!!

She loves to go on vacation where she can flaunt in her bikini and relax for some time on the beach!

However, another interesting thing about this widely-popular star is that she only loves to go to the beach 🏖️ when the lighting is the most flattering!

It will help her to avoid casting unappealing light on her cellulite! Really interesting, isn’t it?

Kim idolizes Jennifer Lopez

Kim’s been very vocal about her admiration for pop icon Cher, but there’s another famous person on her watch list. 

Kim’s number-one idol is none other than Jennifer Lopez! 

With more than 20 years in showbiz, it is quite understandable why Kim loves the Puerto Rican star.

Kim Kardashian is the biggest fan of Elizabeth Taylor

After the death of Elizabeth Taylor, Kim spent around $65,000 on jewelry at the estate sale of Taylor! She even nearly bought Taylor’s house as well!

Kris Jenner even has a really big portrait of the icon in her kitchen!

Also, Kim herself channeled the late movie icon in a beautiful photoshoot.

Kim hates some foods that you may love

Kim Kardashian Hates Some Foods

Let me tell you a fun fact about Kardashian.

If anyone among you plans to cook a meal for Kim, don’t forget to avoid mustard, cilantro, blue cheese, red velvet, and peppers.

Though most of us love red velvet, Kim really hates it.

According to Kim, “The Worst Thing on the Planet”

Actually, Kim Kardashian believes that the planet’s 🌎 worst thing is when women’s foundation is ‘too light.’

Kim once released a song

Little friends, did you know this amazing fact about Kim?

She even released a song 👩‍🎤in 2001 named Jam (Turn It Up)

Though the song was really bad, still, thankfully, the 2011 track wasn’t a complete waste!

She even donated half the profit of the song to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital🏥.

Kim Kardashian’s taste is quite expensive

Kim Kardashian’s Taste Is Expensive

Most girls like us dream about their wedding day, right?

However, most of us don’t think it to be an event of $30 million!!

However, Kim experienced it and even had the name of all 150 attendees engraved into the marble tables! It happened at her wedding💒 with Kanye!!

Simpson’s trial divided Kim’s family

The connection between the Kardashians and O.J. Simpson is actually known to all.

However, the murder trial of Simpson completely divided the family when Robert Kardashian joined his defense team.

Kim and Kourtney took Robert’s side, as they believed their dad was the “smartest guy in the world.”

In contrast, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner believed that Simpson was guilty!

Kim’s first boyfriend was Michael Jackson’s nephew

Let me tell you an interesting fact about Kim Kardashian!

Her first boyfriend was T. J. Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson!!

During the time when the pair got together, Kim was just 12 years old!

Also, the relationship lasted for just three years! 

Later, on the latest season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim revealed that she has many mementos from her time with T.J. Those are in an ‘ex box.’

She celebrated her birthday at MJ’s ranch

Kim Kardashian Celebrated Her Birthday At MJ’s Ranch

There is another connection between MJ and Kim!

Thanks to her boyfriend T.J., Kim’s 14th birthday party was celebrated at Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch!! 

She revealed in an interview with PEOPLE that it was actually “the most magical place on earth.” 

She also said that she will never forget the memories she made there!

Kim’s beauty regime is quite pricy

Common people like us have to think twice before copying Kim’s makeup routine!! Why? The answer r is you might need to save up first!

Actually, the makeup routine of Kim Kardashian costs a whopping 770 dollars worth of products💅! 

In addition, her skincare routine reaches the amount of about 4500 dollars!!

No wonder her looks are so flawless!!

Kim was banned from the Met Gala

Despite being ‘Kim Kardashian’, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, banned the controversial star from the Met Gala in 2012!

The reason was that she ‘didn’t like’ her!!!

We can tell that no amount of money can stop Wintour’s wrath! Right??

Nevertheless, Anna let Kim and Kanye (Kim’s ex-husband) grace the cover of Vogue in 2014!

Kim got an award for her acting

Kim Kardashian Won Award For Her Acting

A little-known but unique fact about Kim is that she has an award for acting!

She received the 2014 Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress in the 2013 movie Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor!

So, we can say, at least she won something! Right?

Kim’s model inspirations are Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford

Kim has experienced many beautiful things as a model and has even graced the cover of many popular magazines!

When giving poses in front of the camera, Kim channels her favorite supermodels! Those are actually Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford!

Kim denies undergoing plastic surgery

Multiple members of the Kardashian family have been believed to go under the knife🔪. 

However, it seems that Kim has been under public scrutiny for some more years than others!

Through it all, Kim has been accused of undergoing plastic surgery on multiple parts of her body!

While facing those accusers, she has replied that apart from Botox in the past, she hasn’t had any procedures!

Kim Kardashian is afraid of heights

When she was just 20 years old, Kim jumped out of a plane sky diving! However, now, she is quite afraid of heights!

I think the highest you will see her now is when she wears stilettos👠 in her penthouse in New York City!! 

In 2016, Kim was robbed

Kim Kardashian Was Robbed

I am totally surprised to learn this frightening fact about Kim!! 

In October 2016, during her visit to Paris for Fashion Week, Kim was robbed of around $10 million worth of jewelry!

Actually, Kim was held at gunpoint in her own apartment by five people dressed as police officers! 

The robbers tied her wrists and legs, gagged her with duct tape, and placed her in the bathtub! Then, they stole her expensive belongings, including her engagement ring💍 of $4 million!!

After this incident, Kim admitted that she wears fake jewelry when she goes out! Quite natural, right?

Kim was her father’s favorite child

Kris Jenner once said that Robert Kardashian used to say, “I’m thankful for all my girls, but especially Kimberly.”

Also, Kim was very close to her father, who died when she was only 21👩.

Summing up

Happy with what you came to know about Kim Kardashian?

Aren’t the facts about her really fascinating😲!??

Please let us know…we are eager to get your feedback!!!

See you soon with another topic!!

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