121+ King Trivia Questions for Noble Knowledge!

Prepare to enter the royal realm of knowledge and test your regal wisdom with King Trivia Questions! 👑

Kings and monarchs, with their majestic tales and fascinating histories, have always captured our imaginations. From the grandeur of their courts to the intrigues of their reigns, the stories of these rulers are a treasure trove of fascinating facts and captivating anecdotes.

Get ready to don your imaginary crown, summon your inner historian, and face questions that will separate the commoners from the royals. So, without further ado, let’s embark on a quest to discover the secrets of the monarchy! 🏰

King Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: Who’s the king of the jungle?
A: Lion

Q: The “King of Pop” is a title held by which legendary musician?
A: Michael Jackson

Informative King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who was the first King of England?
A: Æthelstan

Q: The famous king with six wives who founded the Church of England is who?
A: Henry VIII

Q: The ruler known as the “Sun King” and associated with Versailles is whom?
A: Louis XIV

Q: Name the three kings who visited baby Jesus in the Bible.
A: The Three Wise Men: Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar

Q: Who is the “King of Rock and Roll”?
A: Elvis Presley

Educational King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: The king associated with the Battle of Jericho in the Bible is who?
A: Joshua

Q: Who is the current king of Saudi Arabia (as of September 2021)?
A: Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Q: The famous king in Arthurian legend who pulled the sword from the stone is who?
A: King Arthur

Q: The last king of France before the French Revolution is whom?
A: Louis XVI

Q: The famous king from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” is who?
A: Macbeth

Q: The famous king who led the Greek forces in the Trojan War, according to Homer’s “Iliad,” is whom?
A: Agamemnon

Wise King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who is the king in Disney’s “The Lion King”?
A: Simba

Q: The biblical king associated with wisdom and wealth, known for the story of the judgment of Solomon, is who?
A: King Solomon

Q: The King of England during the American Revolutionary War is who?
A: King George III

Q: The king from Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” is who?
A: King Claudius

Q: The king associated with the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend is whom?
A: King Arthur

Savvy King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who is the fictional King of the Seven Kingdoms in “Game of Thrones”?
A: King Robert Baratheon

Q: The first African-American king inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame is who?
A: B.B. King

Q: The Biblical king associated with defeating the giant Goliath with a slingshot is who?
A: King David

Q: Who is the famous king associated with the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza?
A: King Khufu

Q: The legendary king from Arthurian legend who possesses the Holy Grail is who?
A: King Arthur

Amazing King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: The king of ancient Babylon known for his code of laws is whom?
A: King Hammurabi

Q: Who was the English king who signed the Magna Carta in 1215?
A: King John

Q: Which African king was associated with the wealth of the Mali Empire?
A: Mansa Musa

Q: Who’s the Egyptian king famous for his tomb filled with treasures and a distinctive death mask?
A: King Tutankhamun (Tutankhamun)

Q: Who’s known as the “Sun King” associated with the opulent Palace of Versailles in France?
A: Louis XIV

Best King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: The Shakespearean king famous for his controversial reign is whom?
A: King Richard III

Q: Who’s the first King of England, considered a founding figure in English history?
A: Æthelstan

Q: The title “King of Rock and Roll” belongs to which musician known for his swaying hips?
A: Elvis Presley

Q: Who’s the king associated with the biblical Battle of Jericho?
A: Joshua

Q: Which king is famous for his military conquests and empire in Macedonia?
A: Alexander the Great

Interesting King Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Who’s the king known for uniting Poland and Lithuania?
A: King Władysław II Jagiełło

Q: The final king of France before the French Revolution is who?
A: Louis XVI

Q: Who’s associated with the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend?
A: King Arthur

Q: The first African-American king in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is whom?
A: B.B. King

As we draw the curtains on our royal quiz adventure, remember that knowledge truly reigns supreme!

Every question has been a key to unlocking the secrets of history’s noblest figures. Keep exploring and expanding your regal wisdom, for the quest for knowledge is a royal one, and you, dear quizmaster, are crowned with curiosity and intelligence! 🏰

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