20+ Lego Team Building Activities that No One Knows!

As a mother, it is important to ensure that your kids are engaged and having fun! There are a bunch of ideas that can keep your toddler busy while allowing them to have some colorful fun and build their brain power. 🧠

You must have seen that your toddler starts to get highly curious and explores different games and patterns as they reach the median age of about 5 or 6. Lego Building Blocks are thus a great cognitive tool that helps your kids!

Best Lego Team Building Activities For Your Kids

“When kids are building with blocks and Legos, they’re using spatial reasoning skills,” says Amy Shelton, a cognitive psychologist and director of research at the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. “These skills not only relate to academics but to the fields you might gravitate to and where you’re going to excel.”

Now, building activities can supplement this kind of brain function. You’ve come to learn them at the right place! ✔️

Below are a few outlined tasks your kids can perform with Lego Building Blocks that will help them grow their awareness. 

Sort and Organize 

Kids often start their intellectual journeys by learning to recognize and organize different colors, numbers, and shapes. Visual classification is one of the starter steps, and Lego Blocks can help them do that! 

You can place the building blocks in a certain order and ask your child to pick up a specific block and read out the color it is in. You can also ask your kid to sort or keep in order the blocks in the order you ask them to! This will help them retain the names in memory. 

Pro Tip:

I had my daughter place the blocks in ascending order from 1 to 10 and in the colors VIBGYOR. It helped her out quickly! 🌈

Story Narration 

Lego Blocks often come in different characters, shapes, and sizes. They also tend to replicate a lot of real-life elements that are in our environment. Storytelling is a great factor you can loop in regarding these blocks! 

Place a few Lego blocks and ask your child to spin the yarn! This could increase their communication skills as well as critical thinking skills. ☁️

Simple Arithmetics 

Number blocks have a great 3D presence and can encourage your children’s mathematical abilities! 

The personal touch of picking up a Lego block and recognizing its numerical value is essential to children. It brings in a sensory aspect and can help them solve and understand math puzzles while increasing their numerical abilities. 🔢

Stack it up!

Another fun activity to support your children’s motor and visual skills would be to play a game of Stack It Up.

In this game, you can ask your kid to reference a building or a tall object and aim to redesign the Lego Blocks similarly. This can also show you their attention to detail! 

Pro Tip:

Find inspiration in famous architectural pieces, like the Seven Wonders! This can help them recognize the heritage sites as well! 

Sculpt and Create

Lego blocks come in different object types, and kids are expected to stack them up to create trees, trucks, or other objects of daily life. 

Asking your kids to assemble and sculpt to create these objects can increase their spatial understanding, improve their curiosity, and enhance their capability to build or engineer things with their own hands. 

Find Your Way Out The Maze

This is an extremely engaging activity that has the potential to impact your child’s problem-solving skills at a high rate. 

Create a maze with the Lego Blocks on a baseplate and ask your kid to find their way out! 

Spatial awareness is increased, and the child is encouraged to solve problems. The maze is similar to an obstacle course that they are encouraged to navigate. This can be a fun activity for your child! ⭕

Word Building

Just like you engaged your kid with simple mathematics, you can also ask them to make simple words from the Lego Alphabet Blocks!

Create a game where you encourage your child with a reward for 3-letter words and 4-letter words; you can also join them and play it like a game of Scrabble! 

This is a great activity as it allows you to spend some quality time with your child as well. 

Home Ecosystems 

Legos come in environmental types. This means the blocks are to build trees and forest ecosystems. You and your toddler can build these forest ecosystems together, which will not only keep them engaged but also encourage conversation about nature!

This can be very helpful to their awareness; you can also teach them about trees and climate in a watered-down manner and have your kids appreciate nature. 

Pro Tip:

I used Lego Blocks with my toddler to teach her the meaning of a waterfall! She didn’t know what it meant before but loved learning about it. She could recognize it in paintings the following day! 🎨

Copy Me!

This is a game that will largely impact your kid’s building, strength, and cognitive awareness skills. Copy Me is a game where you create a few simple Lego block designs and ask your kid to copy them!

This ensures some quality time between you both and also impacts your child’s curiosity and ability to understand design. 

Pro Tip:

I asked my kid to name the designs something depending on the color or the number of blocks. It was an amazing experience! She was super creative with it!

Make Bouquets

Your kid can put together flower Legos or colored Legos in the most creative ways to make colorful mosaics. 💐

Give a limited number of colored blocks to your little one and ask them to make a flower arrangement with it! 

You are sure to be blown away by their creativity and color sense, and their pattern-building sense is also heightened. 

Pro Tip:

You can ask your kid to take inspiration from your garden and teach them colors and flowers this way as well. 

Shape Creation

You can teach your child shapes using Lego blocks. It is a great tool to help do this. Name a shape out loud and ask your toddler to arrange the blocks in that specific shape.  

You can also arrange the blocks and ask your toddler to name the shape out loud. This will help them recognize and retain shapes!

Animal Creation

Lego Blocks often come in parts of animals like butterflies. These beautiful blocks can be arranged together to make animals and can be informational to your kid as well!

You can ask your kid to build these simple but beautiful animals like butterflies or dogs to teach them the different animals and boost their creative and imaginative spark! 🐶

Lego Card Holder

Convert the colorful Lego blocks into a great card holder! You can help your child stack up some blocks and create a Hold ’em row. 

This could also help you teach the different shapes and colors on the cards to your kids so they can recognize them. 📇

Lego Dock

A cool harbor can be constructed using Lego Blocks as well. Explain what a ship, dock, and harbor are to your kid and help them create an ocean and a tower-like dock structure. 

Your kid can also spin the yarn and create a story revolving around the ship and harbor to boost their creative and storytelling abilities. 

Car Obstacle Course 

A lot like creating a maze, you can also create an obstacle course maze for a car and help your child navigate this maze using a car.

This helps the logical reasoning and cognitive strength of the child to navigate through the obstacles and solve problems. 🧩

Pencil Holder

You can also build a pencil or pen holder using Lego Blocks. Motivate your child to create a cube-shaped box by placing different blocks in a mosaic color sequence or size sequence. This can be a great bonding activity. 

Pro Tip: creating something with your kid using Lego Blocks that have utility is an opportunity to display your work around the house while spending some quality time! 


Pyramids are no doubt a part of ancient history and are easy-to-replicate structures that children can easily see and understand as well as rebuild. 📐

This could be a great opportunity for you to educate your kid about the history and beauty of pyramids in an active manner as well. 

Target Games

Help your child create long-standing towers using Lego blocks and make a circular twine to play a game of target toss with your kid!

This will help them create spatial realness and also improve their ability to count accurately. 

Match the colors!

A great memory game would be to print out or use crayons to color in a few patterns of different types and help your kid replicate them using the Lego Blocks. 

This has a large impact on your kid’s memory, association, and concentration levels. 🖍️

Lego Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a great game that builds logical reasoning and aptitude; even a little kid can learn and understand the rules of this game. 

Lego blocks can help you play this game and bond with your kid. In a game ♟️ of only a few seconds, kids usually demand multiple matches, one after the other. This is a great bonding activity and is a match for kids of all ages! 


All of these activities have kept my kid engaged and happy for the past few months, and I hope that they will engage you and your toddler as well! 

I hope you enjoyed reading them, and let me know if you try any!

Leave a comment below if you have any more activity ideas to add to the ones above or if you have any questions for me to answer – I would love to hear your feedback! ❤️

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