15+ Best Map Activities for Kindergarten Child to Explore the World

Maps are an excellent way to spark your child’s interest and serve as essential navigational aids. Children can benefit from them as they improve their spatial reasoning abilities and develop a sense of direction. 

I’ve put together a fun collection of interactive games and hands-on activities that I did with my son, ranging from backyard scavenger hunts to making primitive maps out of natural objects. 👇

Amazing Map Activities For Your Kindergarten Child 

Be sure to check out these map activities whether you’re looking for a way to keep your kids entertained or teach them about the world around them!

Read About Maps

You can buy books that explain the various types of maps. Children tend to remember pictures more than texts, so check that the book has a sufficient number of illustrations.

Make sure they comprehend the various components of a map using images.🤓

Follow Directions Grid Game

Lay out a grid of numbers on the ground. Have your kid get around the grid by giving him or her directions to follow. This is a fun way to learn about directions and practice following them.

They can be instructed to “Walk three steps in the North” or something similar.

Primitive Map Making

Here, children go on an outdoor scavenger hunt for natural objects like rocks, leaves, and sticks. When they are indoors, they arrange these objects to make imaginative maps, developing their creativity.🌱🍂🌿

My son would make numerous maps, and he enjoyed doing it.

Map Puzzle

A map can be turned into a puzzle. This is a fun way to develop problem-solving abilities while learning about various locations.

The map should be printed and then cut into puzzle pieces. Make sure your child can handle the size of the puzzle pieces.

Learn About Maps Through Imaginative Play

Kids use maps to create imaginary adventures in this way. They journey through made-up worlds while uncovering secrets and resolving puzzles. This exercise improves spatial cognition.💭🤔

My son used to draw maps of imagined locations with dinosaurs and lush vegetation.

Seek And Find Challenge

Give your child a map and some items to help them find them as you hide them all over the house. This is a fun way to learn about and practice following directions.

Even a timer can be added to make it more interesting.

Pro Tip😃

Provide a variety of items, including small toys, books, and household items. You can allow your child to use their imagination to come up with suggestions for what to hide and where to hide it. 

Review Different Types Of Maps

Young children look into different map types, including political, physical, topographical, and climate maps. They gain knowledge of the distinctive qualities of each while contrasting and comparing.

For my son’s understanding, I printed pictures of various maps, and I’ll do the same for my daughter.

Salt Dough Map

The activity was a favorite of my son’s. I would prepare the dough for him, which he would then roll out to the desired thickness.

The features of his map would then be cut out using cookie cutters or other shapes, and I would assist him in baking it.

Learn Map Symbols

A child can collect various maps and recognize the symbols that are used on them. This is a fun way to develop their aptitude for observation while learning about various map symbols.

You can assist them in learning quickly by creating a thorough list for them.

Use Videos To Reinforce Concepts

This innovative strategy will complement conventional teaching techniques.🎥

Videos about maps, geography, and navigation are available for children to watch. You can pause the video at various points to talk about the ideas and ask questions.

This visual learning experience keeps them interested while reinforcing understanding and improving retention. 

Study An Atlas

Children can study an atlas and recognize various nations, cities, and landmarks. This is an entertaining method for students to develop their map-reading skills while learning about various regions of the world.

My son would enjoy pointing out the places that he would like to visit in the future to make it more worthwhile.

Display An Anchor Chart

The children can make a sizable chart with information, symbols, and important ideas about maps. They jointly design and decorate it, turning it into a vibrant reference tool for upcoming mapping tasks. 

Encourage them to add illustrations for the terms, such as pictures or diagrams.

Scavenger Hunt In The Backyard

Kids can use a map to find objects or clues outdoors that are hidden. They have fun in their backyard and learn about navigation, teamwork, and observation.🥰

Make the hidden items tasty treats, like chocolates, to add to the excitement. 

Find The North Using A Compass

I had given my son a compass that consisted of his favorite cartoon. He used it to locate the north and then to find his way around the neighborhood.

This is a fun way to educate them about compasses and hone their navigational skills.⬆️

Make Maps Of Your Homes

The children can create blueprints of their homes, marking specific locations, furnishings, and rooms.

I would create a map, and my son would do the same. After that, we would compare the maps to see if we had both overlooked any components.


Choose the features you want to include on your map before you start drawing it. This could include any elements that are significant to your child, such as furniture, doorways, windows, and other spaces.

Build A 3D Map Of the Locality

Kids can begin by sketching a basic map of the neighborhood.

The different local landmarks and features can then be pointed out by labels. They can create the map’s 3D structure out of materials like cardboard, blocks, or clay.

Place The Cardinal Directions

This fun activity makes it simple for kids to understand the cardinal directions.🧭

To determine North, South, East, and West, they can use a compass or perform easy orientation exercises.

They mark these directions on maps, which improves their ability to navigate and their knowledge of fundamental geography.

Solve Printable Map Worksheets

You can create custom worksheets for your child to complete. There are numerous such worksheets available online that you can download and print.  

These activities are fun and practical ways to reinforce learning. I created a few map puzzles for my son to figure out.

Map The Locations From A Flashcard

Place flashcards with place names on a table. Let the children find the location on a map.🗺️

Start by continents and work your way slowly up to countries to make it easier. This was a task that my son did at school.

Locate The Home Of Your Favorite Character

Kids may form a new bond with their favorite characters through this creative and entertaining activity.

Maps can be used to locate the residences of fictional characters from books or movies. They look into various locations, sharpening their map-reading abilities and inspiring creativity. 

Pirate Adventure

Assign the children the task of making a pirate treasure map and setting out on an adventure to find the treasure. They can use their imagination while having fun and learning about maps by doing this.  

They can even dress up like pirates.

Pro Tip😃

Make it a point to help the kids decide on a theme for their map. From a tropical island to a sunken ship, this could be anything.

Furthermore, they can give their map a name.

Go On A Treasure Hunt

Give the kids a map and let them use it to go on a treasure hunt. This is an exciting and engaging way for kids to learn about maps and develop their problem-solving abilities.

By placing clues on the map, you can increase the difficulty of the treasure hunt.

Learn Map Grid

Kids can find specific coordinates by navigating a grid-based map. They pick up how to read columns and rows. 🌏

On the grid of the map, my son would practice locating different places. You can start encouraging your child to locate more challenging spots as they get better.

Map Out A Fairy Tale

Pick a fairy tale that both the children and you are familiar with. Identify the various locations in the story with the children.

The locations in the story can be drawn on a map.

The town and the palace were marked on the Beauty and the Beast map that my son had created.

Practice Direction Pointing With Treasure Hunt

With a series of clues, create a treasure hunt. You should include directions in the hints, like “go north” or “turn left.”

At the end of the treasure hunt, hide the treasure. Let your kid find the treasure by following the hints.

Mark Land And Water On The Map Using Playdough

Roll out the playdough and add color to depict various map features, such as mountains, seas, etc.

To create a vibrant and instructive map of the area, place the playdough shapes there. My son enjoyed this, and it served as a good sensory play.

Use Google Maps

Google Maps can be used to teach your child about maps. Show them a map of your home and neighborhood. It’s an engaging and easy way to make learning about maps fun and helpful for kids.📱

Hang A Global Map On The Wall

A world map can be hung in a child’s room. In addition to learning about various locations and cultures, they mark nations, oceans, and continents. They will quickly grasp the map because they have regular access to it.🌏

Through this, I was able to teach my son about different countries around the world.

Make Maps Of Your Backyard

The children can label features like trees, play areas, and fences on maps they create of their outdoor area.

Through a practical exercise, kids learn about maps, geographic awareness, and creativity while also becoming more aware of their surroundings.

My son used to make the map with a laser-like concentration.

Make A Compass

With the help of a magnetized needle and a bowl of water, assist the kids in making a basic compass.

They identify the cardinal directions by observing how the needle aligns with the magnetic field of the Earth. 

Then they can also point in the other directions.🧭

Draw A Compass With Sidewalk Chalk

Ask the children to mark the directions of North, South, East, and West on the ground with a large compass.

In a fun outdoor environment, they use it to explore their surroundings and develop their map-reading and navigational skills.

This is what my son would draw in our backyard.

Map Out A Travel Route

Pick a place your child is familiar with, like their school or a park.

Map out the path to the desired location.

List each landmark along the route with its name. Join your child as they travel the route shown on the map.

Pointing Your Home State On A Globe

Let your child first identify the continent on which you live. You can gradually begin to become more precise by adding details like the nation and then the state.

When we first pointed out where we lived on the map, my son was completely mesmerized.🌍

Explore Historical Maps

Find a historical map of a location that interests your child. Then compare it to a contemporary map of the same location. 

My son would enjoy observing the changes, and we would even look up pictures online.


Here are a few suggestions for locating an old map:

  • Find historical maps online. Historical maps are available for free on a lot of websites.
  • Visit the historical society or library in your community. They might have old atlases that you can look at or borrow.


Children can learn a lot about the world around them by using maps. With your kids, you can engage in a wide range of map activities, from simple ones like having them draw maps of their backyard to more intricate ones like using Google Maps. 

Let me know which activity you enjoyed the most in the comments section.🥰

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