35+ Fascinating March Activities That Are Ideal for Kids

March comes along with the beautiful traces of vibrant flowers 🌼 everywhere, the feeling of warm sunlight, and the cheerful vibes of Spring. As a mother, I love enjoying πŸ₯° activities involving nature during this time.

Starting from taking a stroll down the lane while admiring the flowers to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day – there is always so much to do during this vibrant month.

Won’t it be easier if we had an organized list of activities πŸ“ for our kids? Here, I am sharing the list of activities I enjoy with my son and daughter.

Interesting March Activities for Kids

March welcomes a transition from chilly days to sunny 🌞 days. The length of the day increases, which means that summer will be knocking at our door soon.

There are several occasions to celebrate this month and countless indoor activities to enjoy. Read on to discover some of the best activities πŸ˜‰ I love enjoying with my little ones.

March Sensory Pouch

This is a popular activity for little ones. Ask them to collect twigs 🌱 , small branches, flowers πŸͺ· , seeds, and anything they like from the lawn.

Put them inside a zip-lock transparent bag and squish a little bit of paint inside. Ask your kids to spread the paint inside while feeling everything inside the bag with your fingers. 

I consider it an amazing sensory activity for little ones.

Shamrock Marbled Painting

Shamrock Marble Painting In March

With St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ around the corner, I regard this activity as a fantastic idea for my little ones. Just take a certain amount of shaving cream and mix it with various shades of green color.

Ask your little one to take a Shamrock-shaped paper cut-out and press it down on the mixture of shaving cream and paint, resulting in a beautiful impression 😍 on the paper.

Leprechaun Handprint Painting

Children love using their hands to paint. They will definitely love this St. Patrick’s Day activity.

Ask them to dip their hands in orange, green, and other colors 🎨 and press them against paper to make an impression of a Leprechaun.

It will make a beautiful wall hanging, for sure.

Explore the Gift of Spring

Explore The Gift Of Spring In March

The parks, ambiance, and colorful environment during the month of March are totally mesmerizing.

In addition to the rainbows 🌈 , I make sure my kids curiously engage in chasing and learning about different flowers, butterflies πŸ¦‹ , insects, honey bees, evergreen trees, birds, and many other things.

I keep it in mind to teach them about everything around them while enjoying the beautiful ambiance around them in parks and gardens.

Pro Tip

You can give your adorable one a basket and ask them to collect all the green things βœ…οΈ they can locate in a park.

Rainbow Spaghetti

I love making a sensory rainbow spaghetti 🌈 for your kid. You can also make one by mixing up different colors of threads or streamers in a bucket. 

Add items related to Spring or St. Patrick’s Day inside it. Ask your little one to locate the toys using their hands.

My daughter loves πŸ₯° this activity even though she ends up with a net of tangled threads on herself.

Shamrock Fizz

This is a cool scientific experiment that will leave your little ones awestruck 😲 and fascinated.

I make a mixture of green colors and baking soda and ask my little ones to paint the Shamrock-shaped cut-outs with this mixture.

When they are done, I squirt vinegar on it. Baking soda quickly reacts with vinegar to produce a fascinating 😌 fizz. My son is a big fan of this experiment.

Important Note:

Please keep your little one under your strict supervision ☠️ during this activity to prevent any kind of mishaps.

Colorful Foam Mix

Colorful Foam Mix In March

Is there any kid who is not fascinated by foam?

My daughter loves playing with it. I take foam in a bowl and add different colors. 

I ask my kids to mix them. Trust me, your little ones are going to love ❀️ playing with this foamy bunch of colors.

Stamp the Marshmallow

Take a big marshmallow and ask your little one to dip it in any shade of green.

Now, ask them to stamp it on a piece of paper to form the shape of a shamrock πŸ€ . Ask them to keep repeating till a whole stamp painting is ready.

I try to use edible paints for this activity because my daughter ends up eating the marshmallow every time.

Pro Tip

You can also use a potato πŸ₯”, Ireland’s most popular vegetable.

Tissue Rainbow

Tissue Rainbow Making In March

For this activity, I usually grab some colorful tissue paper 🧻 and arrange them in the shape of a rainbow 🌈 on a piece of white paper. You can also use any other kind of paper according to your preference.

I encourage my little one to paint on these tissue papers with water.

After they have finished painting, I remove the tissue papers once the water has dried up.

The color from the tissue paper forms an impression of a rainbow on the piece of white paper when the water dries up. 

You will be delighted to notice your little one burst into giggles ☺️ when they notice the rainbow.

Cut the Leprechaun’s Beard

If your little one is a preschooler or kindergartner, this is a suitable fine motor activity πŸ’ͺ for them.

Make a Leprechaun using colorful chart paper cut-outs. Stick together a circular cut-out and a hat-shaped 🎩 cut-out for the face.

Now, take a rectangular piece of paper and draw dotted lines on it from one end to another at a distance of 3 cm each with a marker.

Stick it on the chin of the Leprechaun’s face as the beard. Now, ask your little one to cut along the dotted lines with a pair of scissors to give the Leprechaun a new beard.

I love guiding my son throughout this activity.

Important Note:

Please keep your little ones under your strict supervision ☠️ while teaching them how to handle scissors.

Crush Art

Crush Art Activity In March

I take tissue paper in different shades of green and ask my little ones to crush all of them with their hands.

I draw the outline of a Shamrock ☘️ on a piece of paper and coat the inner area of the outline with glue. 

My kids love to place the tissue paper within the outline to make shamrock art out of crushed tissue paper.

My daughter loves ❀️ this motor activity.

Pro Tip

You can also draw the outline of several flowers πŸ’ and ask your little one to stick colorful tissue paper to make a piece of vibrant flower art.

Spring Photography

Spring Photography In March

I love to teach my little one how to use a camera πŸ“· and let them turn into a photographer for a day. Amongst all the pretty flowers, trees, shrubs, birds, and insects, they always end up clicking pretty pictures.

You can take a flower or rainbow-shaped ❀️ cut-out and stick the picture clicked by them in the center. Decorate it using paint or embellishments.

Seuss’s Sensory Tub

I celebrate Dr. Seuss’s Birthday by making a sensory tub for my little ones after reading The Cat in the Hat to them.

Take a tub and fill up half of it with sand. Add on your favorite Dr. Seuss items to make a fantastic sensory tub πŸ˜‰ for your little one.

Bubble Wrap Painting

I have loved playing with bubble wrap since my childhood. Ask your little one to dip a bubble wrap in different shades of green and press it on a Shamrock-shaped cut-out. 

After they have finished making their adorable painting, help them stick buttons or embellishments of their choice on it to create a wonderful piece of art.

Torn Paper Activity

Tear out papers of various shades of green into tiny bits and pieces. Make an outline of a Shamrock ☘️ on a piece of paper and coat the inner area of the outline with glue.

I love helping my little one to stick those bits of paper on the glue to make beautiful Shamrock art.

Pro Tip

You can make vibrant flowers πŸͺ» , too, using the same process.

Pot of Gold

Do you remember the chocolate in golden wrappers resembling coins πŸͺ™ we used to love in our childhood?

My kids love relishing those, too. Take a pot and ask your little one to try to throw these chocolate coins into it from a distance of one meter.

After three rounds, your little one will get all the coins they were able to throw into the pot.

Sort the Colors

I take colorful foam sheets, cut them out into tiny pieces, and mix up all of them in a bowl.

I prepare a big outline of a rainbow 🌈 and coat the inner area with glue.

It makes me feel so lucky to teach my little ones about the colors of a rainbow and encourage them to search for a suitable piece of the correct color to stick on all the lanes of the rainbow.

Pro tip

You can conduct the same activity with rainbow-colored cereals.

Ice Cream Stick Rainbow

Ice Cream Stick Rainbow Making In March

I paint a bunch of ice cream sticks in the form of a rainbow and mix them up in a box.

I encourage my little one to arrange the sticks in a semi-circular shape to resemble a rainbow. 

You should make sure to guide πŸ₯° them in regard to using the right colors.

Pro Tip

With Spring knocking at your door, you can replace the rainbow with flowers πŸ’ of different colors and ask your little one to arrange the ice cream sticks around a central point to form a flower.

Paper Fish Brush Painting

Does your kid love the Dr. Seuss book?

If yes, then grab a paper plate and cut out a V-shape from anywhere along the edge. It will form the mouth of the 🐟 fish. 

Take a toothbrush and dip it into the favorite color of your little one. Teach them to move their fingers against the bristles of the brush while holding it close to the paper plate. The droplets of paint will form a beautiful impression on the paper.

Add an eye or fins to enhance the detailing of the fish.

Pro Tip

You can attach magnets to the fish and ask your little ones to pick them up 🎣 using a magnet tied to a thread.

Paper Plate Butterflies

Making Paper Plate Butterflies In March

I love butterflies, and March is incomplete without them. You can make butterflies at home with your kids. 

Take two paper plates and cut them into halves. Paint them like the wings of a butterfly. Take an ice cream stick and paint it to make the butterfly’s body.

Attach the paper plates to the stick by means of glue or thread. Your little one’s favorite butterfly πŸ¦‹ is ready to fly.

Rainbow Cloud

We all know that clouds and rainbows are inseparable. For this activity, I take colorful chart papers and cut out strips corresponding to the colors of a rainbow.

I take a cut-out of a cloud and ask my little one to attach these strips toward the lower end of the cloud. I love helping my little one to stick cotton balls within the outline of the cloud by means of glue.

Your kid is going to love this cloud with a 🌈 rainbow.

Leprechaun Telescope

My daughter loves these πŸ”­ telescopes. Take a cardboard roll and cover it with green chart paper. Ask your little one to decorate it with buttons, pompoms, or embellishments.

Your telescope is ready for your kid to locate birds or flowers in the garden.

Visit a Zoo

Visit A Zoo In March

March is an amazing time to visit a zoo or national park and observe animals 🐯 in their natural habitat.

Many zoological gardens have various programs revolving around entomology for children to engage and learn about insects.

I love taking my kids to visit a Butterfly House or a Children’s Farm πŸ„ during March.

Leprechaun Puppet

Puppets make the interaction with my kids a hundred times more enjoyable.

I prepare the cut-out of a hat 🎩 , eyes, and ears of a Leprechaun. I encourage my little ones to stick them on a paper plate to make a complete face.

You can attach the paper plate to an ice cream stick to serve as a holder. I love interacting with my little ones using this puppet to have a burst of giggles 😁 and smiles.

The Skittle Rainbow

My kids love Skittles and are very fascinated by the different colors.

My daughter was so happy 🀩 to see the different colors emerging from the Skittles, placed at the edge of a plate, merge into the center when I added warm water.

Try it at home, and your little ones will definitely love it.

Slime Time

I love to read Dr. Seuss’ Book Bartholomew and Oobleck to my little ones. My kids totally love ❀️ this amazing book. 

You can follow it with a green slime-making activity involving the items related to this book.

Caterpillars and Tissues

I take colorful tissues and fold them in a zig-zag pattern. I put them on a paper plate and pour water into the center of the folded tissue.

The tissue will immediately expand, resembling a caterpillar πŸ› stretching its body.

You can also make a caterpillar by cutting a paper plate in a semi-circular shape and decorating it.

Spring Jar

Spring Jar Activity In March

Take a transparent bottle and fill it with a mixture of soap and water. Add glitters, small flowers ⚘️, leaves, and rainbow-colored hearts into it.

Shake the bottle a bit and ask your little one to rotate the bottle while observing the contents floating from one end to another.

I love the spring jar my son makes for me.

Pro Tip

You can also fill up an empty jar with embellishments resembling rainbows and ask your little one to shake it, making different 🎡 sounds.

Let’s Play with Clay

Children love playing with clay. I feel so happy to help my kids make caterpillars πŸ› , flowers 🌼 , and rainbows while creating a bundle of memories.

You can also make a green dough and add items related to St. Patrick’s Day.

Make a Bird Feeder

Make A Bird Feeder In March

I take a cardboard roll and coat it with peanut butter.

I ask your little ones to cover it with seeds, nuts, and edible items for the birds. We hang it on the tree and watch my little ones burst into giggles when a bird 🐦 relishes nuts from it.

Spring Detective

  • Cut out a bunch of rainbows 🌈 from printed sheets or use stickers.
  • Hide these pieces in different locations in the garden.
  • Give your little one a clue about the location of each piece. For example, if you have hidden a rainbow under a rock, make a diagram of a rock on a sheet.
  • The little ones will enthusiastically use their brains 🧠 to crack down the clue, thereby refining their thinking abilities.
  • Make them count the number of rainbows they found to brush up their counting abilities.

The greater the number of rainbows they are able to locate, the better the prize. I take my kids to the park whenever they are able to find all the rainbows.

Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds In March

We plant seeds 🌱 of several flowering plants on our lawn every year during this month. These seeds have sprouted to make a mesmerizing garden of 🌼 attracting lots of butterflies.

You can also visit a botanical garden or a horticultural garden to enjoy the flower shows held during Spring.

I love ornamental plants. Therefore, this is one of my favorite activities.

Hear it All

Children are very fascinated by the different sounds 🎡 made by various insects and birds.

I consider March a good time to teach them about the kinds of sounds they hear while playing at the park.

Learn Irish Dance

Learning Irish Dance In March

You can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by watching Irish Dance Performances with your little ones. Also, you should encourage your little one to join you for an energetic dance πŸ‘―β€ battle.

Shamrock Math Problems

For this activity, I write numbers on shamrock-shaped cut-outs ☘️ and mix them up in a box. I ask my little ones to pick up a random number and arrange them in ascending or descending order.

If your little one is a kindergartner, you can also ask them to segregate the odd numbers from the even numbers.

My kids love making a number tree at home.

Puddle Jumping

If it’s a rainy day, then this activity is the perfect one πŸ˜‰ for your little ones.

  • Take a piece of blue chart paper.
  • Prepare cut-outs in the shape of puddles and write a random word on them. For example, ‘to,’ ‘go,’ ‘with,’ and other similar words.
  • Arrange these puddles randomly on the ground. Say a random word and ask your toddler to reach the puddle with that particular word by means of jumping from one puddle to another.

My kids enjoy this activity a lot πŸ’― while learning different words.

Green Food

Making Green Food In March

I add green food coloring to the flour and make green-colored cookies πŸͺ or biscuits for St. Patrick’s Day. You can also buy green-colored candies or cereals from the market.

If you are planning for something healthy, feed your little one a plate full of green πŸ₯¦ vegetables.

If your kid is a fussy eater who hates vegetables(just like my son), then here is a hack for you. Cut out the vegetables into different shapes and sizes. Prepare a smiley face 😊on the plate using these vegetables.

My son loves it when I serve the vegetables this way.

Rainbow Rice

I take seven bowls of rice grains and add food coloring 🎨 to each of them, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow.

I mix them well and let them dry. After the grains have dried, I either mix them to make rainbow rice for my little ones or stick the rice grains on a sheet of rainbow 🌈 cut-out to make rainbow art.

You don’t need to worry even if they put a few grains into their mouth.


There is a lot related to Spring πŸ’ and the different shades of green πŸ’š during the month of March.

Which activity did you like the most from this list?

Let me know πŸ₯° in the comments.

March Activities

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