25 Untold Mel Gibson Facts that No One Knows

Little friends, let me tell you about Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson or Mel Gibson.

He is an American producer, actor, and film director 😲!

He is best known for his action-hero roles and also action-comedy film series Lethal Weapon.

So, in this article, let us discuss some fascinating facts about this really talented person.

25 Fascinating Mel Gibson Facts

Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York

Mel Gibson Was Born In New York

Hey there little friends, have you heard that Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York?

He was born on January 3, 1956.

His mom was Anne Patricia, an Irish-born, and his dad, Hutton Gibson, was a writer 🖋️!

Gibson’s parental grandmother, Eva Mylott, was opera contralto. She was born in Australia to Irish parents.

In contrast, John Hutton Gibson, Mel’s parental grandfather, was a millionaire tobacco businessman from the American South.

Due to his mother, Mel Gibson retains dual American and Irish citizenship.

Gibson’s father got a work-related-injury lawsuit

On February 14, 1968, Gibson’s father was awarded $145,000 in a work-related injury lawsuit. It was against the New York Central Railroad!

Soon after that, the family was relocated to West Pymble, Sydney, Australia.

At that time, Mel was just 12 years old. 

During his high school 🏫 years, Mel was educated by members of the Congregation of Christian Brothers at St Leo’s Catholic College! It was in Wahroonga, New South Wales.

Gibson studied acting

Gibson studies acting at the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art. 

He even founded Icon Entertainment during the 1980s. 

It is a production company that film director Atom Egoyan has mentioned as “an alternative to the studio system.” 

Later, director Peter Weir cast Mel in the critically acclaimed drama on World War I named Gallipoli (1981).

The drama earned Mel the Best Actor Award from the Australian Film Institute.

For Gallipoli, Mel also earned the reputation of a versatile, serious actor 🎥.

Mel Gibson and Geoffrey Rush are very good friends

Mel Gibson's Friend

I am really surprised to learn this secret about Gibson!

After completing graduation from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, Gibson, and Geoffrey Rush became roommates and became lifelong friends.

After some time, these two actors became quite famous in Hollywood. However, even after becoming quite successful, the two remain close friends still today!

Gibson started working after graduation

In the year 1977, Gibson completed his graduation and started working on the small screen!

At that time, he appeared on the small screen with the roles in television 📺 series like Cop Shop, The Sullivans, and Punishment.

Later, he joined the South Australia Theater Company and toured with Waiting for Godot!

Gibson and his epic historical drama Braveheart 

In 1995, Gibson directed, produced, and also starred in the epic historical drama movie Braveheart.

For his amazing work in this film, he won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Director, along with the Academy Award for Best Picture 🏆!

Gibson and The Passion of the Christ

Gibson's Passion Of The Christ

Later in 2004, he produced and directed the controversial yet financially successful movie The Passion of the Christ.

This movie chronicled the passion and death of Jesus. This remarkable movie 🎞️ was shot exclusively in Latin, Aramaic, and Hebrew!!

Although Gibson originally wanted to release the movie without subtitles, eventually, he relented for theatrical exhibition. 

Soon after, the movie sparked divergent reviews, including both high praise and criticism of the violence!

Gibson as an action hero

Little friends, did you know this wonderful fact about Gibson? No? Let me tell you.

Mel Gibson is quite famous as an action hero for his roles, like Martin Riggs in the movie series Lethal Weapon and Max Rockatansky in the first three movies of the Mad Max post-apocalyptic action series!!

Gibson and his film Apocalypto

Gibson received further praise 🙌 and critical notice for his amazing direction in the 2006 action-adventure movie named Apocalypto.

This movie is set in Mesoamerica during the early 16th century!

Gibson got his name from an Irish saint

Gibson's Name

I am really amazed to learn this fact about Gibson! What about you, my friends?

The first name of Gibson is derived from a fifth-century Irish Saint and also the founder of Gibson’s mom’s native diocese, Ardagh, Saint Mel!

On the other hand, Gibson’s second name, Colm-Cille, is shared by an Irish saint! It is also the name of the parish in County Longford, where Gibson’s mom was both born and raised.

Gibson expanded into a variety of acting projects

Mel Gibson expanded into a lot of amazing acting projects, including some remarkable human dramas like Hamlet!

He also has shown his acting skills in some notable comedic roles, like in the movies What Women Want and Maverick! 

Really impressive, isn’t it?

Gibson was a good actor even when he was a student

Like me, if you are a fan of Gibson, then you will surely love this amazing fact about him!

As students, actress Judy Davis and Gibson played the lead roles in the famous drama Romeo and Juliet.

Also, in an experimental production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Gibson played the role of Queen Titania 👑!

Mel married Robyn Denise in 1980

Mel Gibson Married Robyn Denise

In the late 1970s, Gibson met Robyn Denise soon after filming Mad Max in Adelaide!

At that time, Mel was an unknown actor working for the South Australian Theatre Company, and Robyn was a dental nurse.

Later, on June 7, 1980, these two got married in a Roman Catholic church ⛪ in Forestville, New South Wales.

They have one daughter, Hannah (b. 1980), and six sons. His sons are Edward, Christian, William, Louis, Milo, Thomas.

In addition, as of 2011, Mel and Robyn have three grandchildren!

Gibson and Mel’s divorce in 2006

After 26 years of marriage, Mel and Robyn separated on July 29, 2006.

In an interview, Gibson said that the separation started the day following his arrest. He was arrested for drunk driving in Malibu.

Later, on April 13, 2009, Robyn filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. 

In the joint statement, they declared, “Throughout our marriage and separation, we have always strived to maintain the privacy and integrity of our family and will continue to do so.”

On December 23, 2011, the divorce was finalized! Also, it was said that the settlement is the highest in Hollywood’s history, $400 million!!!

Gibson and his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva

After the filing of the divorce, some photographs of Mel with Russian songwriter and pianist Oksana Grigorieva appeared.

Later in an interview in 2010, Grigorieva stated that when the actor started wooing her, Mel and his wife had already been separated for over 18 months.

She further added, “He wrote me a lot of poetry. It was very beautiful, impressionistic, like an edgy, modern iambic pentameter.”

Later on October 30, 2009, Grigorieva gave birth to Mel’s daughter, Lucia!

Also, previously, she had a son with actor Timothy Dalton.

Gibson and Grigorieva had spilt in 2010

Gibson And Grigorieva's Split

By April 2010, Grigorieva and Gibson had split. Grigorieva even filed a restraining order against Mel to keep him away from their child on June 21, 2010.

However, the next day, the restraining order was modified regarding Mel’s contact with his daughter.

On June 25, 2010, Mel got a restraining order against Grigorieva!

After some time, Mel settled with Grigorieva by offered her $750,000, a house in Sherman Oaks, and joint custody until Lucia turned 18.

Gibson’s former wife, Robyn, helped him in court

When Gibson was being accused of showing sexism, racism, and Semitism, his ex-wife helped him in court!

Robyn, Mel’s estranged wife, filed a court statement declaring that she didn’t experience any kind of abuse from Gibson!

However, forensic experts have questioned the validity of several tapes!!

Gibson and his relationship with Rosalind Ross

Little fact-explorers, did you know this interesting fact about Gibson? Want to know? Let me tell you.

As of 2014, Mel is in a relationship with writer and former champion equestrian vaulter Rosalind Ross.

Later, Mel even announced that he was expecting his ninth child. It is the first child of Rosalind and Mel.

On January 20, 2017, Ross gave birth to their son, Lars Gerard, in Los Angeles.

Gibson and his philanthropic activities

Mel Gibson's Philanthropy

Mel and his ex-wife have contributed a good amount of money to multiple charities. One of them is Healing the Children. 

According to one of the founders, Cris Embleton, the Gibsons provided million to offer lifesaving medical treatment to needy children around the world!

Moreover, they supported the restoration of Renaissance artwork and provided millions of dollars to NIDA.

Also, to protect the last tract of virgin rainforest in Central America, Gibson donated $500,000 💰 to the El Mirador Basin Project.

This project is also used to fund archaeological excavations in the ‘cradle of Mayan civilization.’

Really impressive, right?

Gibson and his love for drinking

According to Gibson himself, he started drinking at the age of 13. In an interview in 2002, he even said that “I had really good highs but some very low lows.”

In 1984, Mel was even banned from driving in Ontario, Canada, for around three months. It happened after he rear-ended a car in Toronto while under the influence of alcohol.

Hence, for more than a year, Mel had to retreat to his farm 👨‍🌾 in Australia; however, he still continued to struggle with drinking!

In 1991, he took time off acting and sought professional help.

Gibson was arrested by Sheriff’s Deputy James Mee

I am really shocked to explore this not-so-interesting fact about Gibson!

On July 28, 2006, actor Mel Gibson was arrested 🚓 by James Mee, Sheriff’s Deputy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Gibson was arrested for driving under the influence or DUI while speeding in his vehicle, along with an open container of alcohol.

In 2011, according to an article in Vanity Fair, Mel first told the arresting officer, “My life is over.”

Honors received by Mel Gibson

Honors Received By Mel Gibson

Throughout his life, Mel Gibson has received many honorary tiles, along with awards.

In the year 1985, he was named by People the “Sexiest Man Alive,” also he was the first person to receive this name!! Amazing, right?

On July 1997, he was named an honorary officer of the Order of Australia (AO) for his “service to the Australian film industry.”

This award was, in fact, honorary, as substantive awards are made only to the citizens of Australia!

Gibson was blacklisted from Hollywood

For Gibson’s controversial settlements with Grigorieva, he has been blacklisted in Hollywood for about a decade!

Journalist 📰 Allison Hope Weiner and actor Robert Downey Jr. advocated for forgiveness for Mel in 2014.

Later in 2016, Mel’s movie Hacksaw Ridge received six Academy Award nominations!!

GLAAD accused Gibson

The GLADD, or Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation accused Mel Gibson of homophobia.

 It happened after an interview in December 1991 in the Spanish newspaper El Paris, Gibson made derogatory comments about homosexuals.

Later, Gibson defended his comments and even rejected calls to apologize, even though he faced accusations of homophobia!  

It happened in the wake of his movie Braveheart.

However, in January 12997, on the set of the film Conspiracy Theory, Gibson joined GLADD in hosting 10 gay and lesbian filmmakers for an on-location seminar.

Mel Gibson is a big fan of “The Three Stooges”

Mel Gibson Is A Fan Of The Three Stooges

Though Mel Gibson is quite famous for his action-packed movies, still his favorite television show is the comedy 🤣 series, “The Three Stooges.”

Gibson has often stated that the show has influenced his comedic timing and style a lot. 

Summing up

So little fact explorers, how are you feeling about exploring so many interesting and new facts about Mel Gibson?

We have tried to collect as much information about him as possible… 😲

and we are sure you are satisfied.

Looking forward to know your views!

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