123+ Minecraft Trivia Questions that You Might Know

Minecraft is a sandbox construction game. In this game, the players can walk around and also build different things in their free and leisure time. It is known for the very basic elements of graphics. Also, it suggests that the game is not dependent on the various system requirements. 

Since 2009, when it was released, it has become the most influential and biggest-selling PC game. Interestingly, this game also consists of the survival aspect of playing with the mobs, which is harmful.

These Minecraft trivia questions describe how it is played and the fun facts to consider about this game.

Minecraft Trivia Questions for Kids

Q: Who created Minecraft?
A: Markus Persson (Notch).

Q: Primary objective in Minecraft’s survival mode?
A: Survive and thrive.

Q: Name of Minecraft’s primary world?
A: The Overworld.

Informative Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What does “mob” mean in Minecraft?
A: Mobile entities.

Q: Material for crafting torches?
A: Sticks and coal/charcoal.

Q: Result of killing an Enderman?
A: Ender pearls.

Q: Dimension entered using Ender pearls and blaze powder?
A: The End.

Q: Main building material for tools and armor?
A: Wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond.

Q: Items needed to create a map?
A: Paper and a compass.

Educational Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Dangerous underwater creature in “Update Aquatic”?
A: The Drowned.

Q: What generates experience orbs when mined?
A: Ore blocks.

Q: Rail system for minecart transportation?
A: Powered Rail.

Q: Drop from defeating a Blaze in the Nether?
A: Blaze rod.

Q: Mobs in snowy biomes?
A: Strays.

Q: Water + lava source block result?
A: Cobblestone or obsidian.

Wise Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Tree with dark wood?
A: Dark Oak tree.

Q: Hostile mob that burns in sunlight?
A: Skeleton.

Q: Dimension entered via obsidian portal and flint and steel?
A: The Nether.

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Q: Item for enchanting tools and armor?
A: Experience points, enchantment table.

Q: Primary resource for crafting and building?
A: Blocks and items.

Q: Item to breathe underwater?
A: Water breathing potion.

Savvy Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Hostile mob that explodes, resembling a green creature?
A: Creeper.

Q: What does TNT stand for?
A: Trinitrotoluene.

Q: Tallest plant used for scaffolding?
A: Bamboo.

Q: Dimension entered with End Portal and Eye of Enders?
A: The End.

Q: Rare ore that produces powerful tools and armor when smelted?
A: Diamond ore.

Amazing Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Currency used to trade with villagers?
A: Emeralds.

Q: Block for creating books, bookshelves, and enchantment tables?
A: Bookshelves and leather.

Q: Type of creature in The End dimension?
A: The Ender Dragon.

Q: First craft to survive the first night?
A: Wooden pickaxe or crafting table.

Q: Dimension where Endermen spawn and Ender Pearls are collected?
A: The End.

Q: Block that yields gunpowder when mined?
A: Creeper.

Best Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Benefits of wearing armor?
A: Protection, longer survival.

Q: Biome with tall red and brown mushrooms?
A: Mushroom Island.

Q: Rare ore for powered rails and daylight detectors?
A: Redstone ore.

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Q: Magma cream drop from which mob in the Nether?
A: Magma cube.

Q: Block used to brew potions?
A: Brewing Stand.

Q: Hostile mob found in the Nether?
A: Ghast.

Interesting Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Block used for crafting enchantment tables?
A: Obsidian.

Q: Food source from cows?
A: Beef and leather.

Q: Monster resembling a black, shadowy creature?
A: Enderman.

Q: Tool used to mine diamonds?
A: Iron or better.

Q: Material for making paper in Minecraft?
A: Sugar cane.

Q: Material for Nether portals?
A: Obsidian.

Fascinating Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: What spawns when water and lightning intersect in Minecraft?
A: Charged Creeper.

Q: What is the primary tool for breaking blocks in Minecraft?
A: Pickaxe.

Q: What item allows players to sleep through the night?
A: Bed.

Q: Block that explodes when touched or moved?

Q: Potion brewed using Nether Warts?
A: Awkward Potion.

Awesome Minecraft Trivia Questions For Kids

Q: Structures in Minecraft’s caves and ravines?
A: Ores (iron, gold).

Q: Biome with pink trees and mycelium?
A: Mushroom Island.

Q: Primary function of an anvil?
A: Combining and repairing items.

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Q: Creature dropping phantom membranes?
A: Phantom.

Q: Primary resource for crafting armor and tools?
A: Diamonds.

Q: Maximum XP level in Minecraft?
A: Level 30.

Q: Item for teleporting back to a specific location?
A: Ender Pearl.

Q: Biome with ice and snow landscapes?
A: Ice Spikes.

Q: Boss mob summoned and defeated in the Nether?
A: Wither.

Q: Fish caught when fishing in Minecraft?
A: Fish.

Q: Food item obtained by milking cows?
A: Bucket of Milk.

Q: Dimension known as the “Netherworld”?
A: The Nether.

Q: Event associated with “The floor is lava” in Minecraft?
A: The arrival of the Ender Dragon.

As we conclude, let’s carry the spirit of exploration, building, and pixelated wonder into our own lives. Whether you’re constructing virtual worlds or real-world dreams, the sky’s the limit.

Keep crafting, keep exploring, and may your adventures be as epic as the blocky landscapes of Minecraft! 🧱

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