40+ Music and Movement Activities to Synchronize Sound and Steps!

Activities, including music and movement, should be a regular part of a preschooler’s routine. They support 😊 a variety of developmental skills, such as language, listening, social, and motor development! 

These kinds of activities give an enjoyable excuse to incorporate some vigorous exercise into your daily classroom routine while also helping to wake up the cognitive system by getting the blood circulating. 

If those benefits aren’t enough to persuade you to include music and movement tasks into your daily routine, you may relax knowing that they support whatever academic abilities you are also trying to teach. 

Music and Movement Activities for Kids

Movement in Transitions

Movement In Transitions

Use some adorable Arctic animal activity cards (these are easily available on Google) to aid in activity changes. Draw a card, then inform the children of the arctic animal they must act out to go on to the next activity.

Winter-Themed Brain Breaks

Take advantage of these Winter-themed activities to get your preschoolers moving after they have been attentively learning.

After a meal or a nap, get the kids moving like flippers or scoop as snow spades to get them pumped up and prepared to study.

Singing Skills

Utilize these enjoyable and simple handouts that encourage literacy and direction-following to teach young children what fast/slow, loud/soft, and stop/go are while singing to build early music abilities. 

Sensory Music and Movement

Sensory Music And Movement

To get youngsters moving and letting off some energy, pair a fun song with a sensory stretchy band.

As they hold, rebound, and exchange positions throughout the song, students will delight in touching as well as feeling a wide range of materials on the band.

Shake Out the Sillies

Every preschool instructor will love this timeless, upbeat music for the small ones because it not only improves their ability to listen but also helps overstimulated kids shake out their moves and recover attention for the activities at hand.

Freeze Dance

Preschoolers must practice their motor abilities by performing the standard freeze dance 🕺 to this action tune, which is one of their favorites!

Kids will be entertained as they grin and dance 💃 while responding to sudden stopping and starting, which will aid in proper brain 🧠 development.

Music and Counting Activity

Music And Counting Activity

To help them practice number recognition and fundamental math concepts, children are required to utilize their fingers, counting abilities, and a fun sing-along in this movement song 🎵. 

Going on a Bear Hunt

With the aid of a song, this well-known read-aloud is simply converted into a movement activity.

For preschoolers to appreciate, it mixes motions, repetition, as well as a little inventiveness.

Ribbon Rings

Preschoolers may have a lot of fun getting active with ribbon 💍 rings. Play some classical music while you watch them “ballet” around the space.

Help them out by demonstrating the various movements they can do with their ribbon rings to generate exciting flow.

Walking Lines

Walking Lines

Go outside and exercise on the basketball arena or sidewalk! Students should walk the lines that they have drawn with pavement chalk in a variety of patterns and forms.

This is a fun movement and balance exercise that improves gross motor abilities.


Who doesn’t enjoy being in limbo? Every summer party must have it, but you may also incorporate it into your movement and musical repertoire!

Children 😉 enjoy the task, and the cheery music motivates them to try hard and see how far they can sink.

Mindfulness Music Yoga

One variation of this game that calls for body control and attentiveness is Sleeping Bunnies.

It offers sporadic movement that stimulates the brain 🧠 and gets the blood flowing. It will make your body active and fresh throughout the day.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato

The ideal musical play for kids is this quick-paced game! Any ball 🥎 that you have lying around can do, including a bean carry, a ball of paper, and more.

Or you could spend more money on this lovely bean bag that has music pre-programmed and is shaped like a potato.

Balloon Keep Up

This specific game is designed for students with limitations, but if it’s good for diversity, it’s good for everyone, as the adage goes!

Children must cooperate with their peers to keep inflated balloons 🎈in the air and prevent them from touching the ground.

Preschool Drumming Echo

Utilize this enjoyable beat-focused activity to help young toddlers develop a sense of rhythm. You merely need to make a beat for the game, which the youngsters can then repeat back.

To play the drums, you can utilize triangles, buckets 🪣, as well as drumsticks that you’ve bought.

Loud and Soft Challenge

Kids will have to learn dynamics and discipline as they wait until the conclusion of the refrain to truly SHOUT and get loud with the tune, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. 

Musical Painting

Musical Painting

This exercise mixes music and art to promote emotional growth. While listening to the selected music, ask students to paint or draw how they perceive to be hearing. This is a beautiful, calming exercise to do before taking a nap.

Glow Stick Drumming

Use glow sticks to make your preschooler’s drumming more intense! This tactic enhances an already wonderful experience by adding a visual component.

Scarf Dance

There are many different methods to host a scarf dance🕺, but this video adds directionality and listening abilities to the concept. The kids are going to have a blast with just a few scarves added! 

To help readers improve their ability to read, the directing words even appear on the screen. 

Music Instrument Matching Games

Preschoolers can use this movie to learn about and associate different instruments with their corresponding sounds.

The characters and interesting presentation of this video will win them over. This movie can be stopped and started numerous times to aid in guiding your students.

We are the Dinosaurs

We Are The Dinosaurs

Who among children wouldn’t want to stomp about the room? Singing, rhythmic marching, and numerous hand gestures are all included in the entertaining activity known as “We Are the 🦕 Dinosaurs.”

Ring Around the Rosie with a Twist

The leader sings, “The cows are roaming the meadow, munching buttercups; a-tishoo, a-tishoo! “following the children’s singing of the popular “Ring Around the Rosie” song while whirling in a circle and “falling down.” Each of us stands. 

Musical Instruments

Teach kids how to play drums, shakers, and other musical devices in time to music. 

This can also be done in the style of a parade, with the kids moving and playing to the music. 

You can change the lyrics of “The Ants Go Marching” to make other sounds, such as “the bells go ringing,” “the sticks go tapping,” and so on. 

Body Part Dancing

Body Part Dancing

Children must “dance” exclusively with the body areas you specify, according to the music that is playing. They might move their left arms, right legs, or even their fingers. 

The Farmer in the Dell

This activity, which involves clasping hands and singing a familiar song while circling the “farmer,” is an old favorite. The people who are selected to play different characters also get to choose others.

Animal Dancing

The group’s leader announces the name of a creature while turning on some upbeat music. Then, the kids are required to dance or move while impersonating that kind of animal. 

To further the pleasure, they may also emit sounds like animals. A new creature is named after a short while.

Tissue dance

Do you dislike afternoon math worksheets? With the tissue dance, shift the attention to another subject.

Turn on the music she likes while having your child cover her head with a tissue. The guidelines are straightforward: she may move however she pleases, provided that the tissue remains in place.

Dance party

Dance Party

A dancing party can be had whenever you want to. Turn on the music during a time of day when your youngster needs an energy boost.

The duration of the “party” is up to you. I decided on 5–10 minutes. There are no rules; just dance!

Musical Chairs

A traditional dance and music activity is the musical chair.

Start the music after positioning all of your seats in a straight path, with each chair pointing in the opposite direction.

Everyone settles into a seat when the music ends. Typically, one chair is used for every player, and one chair is taken out each round.

Keyword dancing

With keyword dancing, you can give your little choreographer a chance to display his distinctive dance movements. When a certain word or phrase appears in a song, have your kid plan a specific action or series of actions.

 My children enjoy performing the same motion of dancing anytime they hear the words “Shake it off.” They flap and hop in the action, giving the impression that they are attempting to “fly it off.”


These mentioned activities are always helpful to grow cognitive as well as motor skills in your 👦child.

These are very easy to💥 perform, and this will also improve your child’s creative skills. I hope you will like all these activities and show your love to them. Thank You ❤️.

Music And Movement Activities
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