20+ Best Music Activities for Preschoolers that Will Make You Suprise

To give our kids the best possible upbringing, we must encourage their creative and intellectual growth. With its mystical power, music provides a fun and beneficial way to engage young minds.

I’ve put together some entertaining and simple musical activities in this blog that you can do at home with your child. They will be an instant favorite with your child, I can promise you because I tried them with my son. πŸ‘‡

Best Music Activities for Preschoolers

You will feel a great sense of delight as you watch their faces light up as they dance to the music, laugh as they sing their hearts out, and simply get excited about making up their melodies.

Freeze Dance

Dancing Activity for Kids

A fun and lively musical activity for kids is freeze-dancing. Play upbeat music and let the kids dance around without restriction.

The music will then intermittently stop, requiring them to remain motionless in their positions. Change up the music to keep things exciting.

Dance With Props

Funny Dancing Activity for Kids

A fun musical activity for kids is this. Offer ribbons and scarves as props. 

Hula hoops were something my son loved.

Let them dance, twirl, and use the props to move creatively while listening to lively tunes. It’s an excellent way to promote creative play and musical coordination.

Pro Tip πŸ˜€

The props shouldn’t be too large or heavy for the kids to handle, and they shouldn’t have any small pieces or sharp edges that might get caught on their clothing or cause them to choke. 

Name That Tune

This musical activity for children makes learning tunes enjoyable and dynamic. Play brief snippets of well-known songs and ask them to identify the songs’ names.

Give points for the right answers to promote cooperation and musical understanding. 

Ring Around The Rosie

Ring Around the Rosie is a fantastic way to move around, have fun, and discover traditional songs.

Kids can form a circle and sing the song while holding hands. They can move around the circle while singing, and after the song is finished, they may fall into a heap. 😝

Cardboard Guitar

Cardboard Activity for Kids

Kids can create their musical instruments in a simple and enjoyable way with a cardboard guitar. 🎸

Three simple supplies are all you need: string, markers, and a piece of cardboard.

My son had made one for herself. She decorated her guitars and used them to play her favorite songs.

Poison Rhythm

I will surely do this activity with my daughter.

Kids will have to dance when a song is played, and they freeze when the music is abruptly stopped. After the “poison” call has been made, anyone moving is out. 

Create excitement and rhythm awareness by continuing until only one dancer is left! πŸ€—

Shake My Sillies Out

I loved doing this with my son.

I played the song “Shake My Sillies Out” and encouraged them to move and shake as a way of letting off their moves. It’s the ideal way to make them smile, get them moving, and have fun! 😁

Draw What Your Hear

Drawing Activity for Kids

I feel that this is very therapeutic for the kids. πŸŽ¨βœοΈπŸ–ŒοΈπŸ–οΈ

Have them draw what the music makes them feel as you play different songs. Self-expression is encouraged, and it promotes a stronger bond between music and art.


Whatever the outcome, support their efforts. Stay away from critiquing or comparing their work. Encourage them that each creation is unique and noteworthy. 

In your home, display their creations. They will feel more confident and motivated to draw more if their works are on display.

Little Bunny Foo Foo

The activity was a favorite of my son’s. 

Children can perform the song by gently tapping their friends who have been transformed into ‘field mice’ on the head while hopping around like bunnies. Children can be engaged while developing their creativity and motor skills. 🐰

Bear Hunt

The activity was a blast for my son and his friends.

They would act out the journey while singing the song, bravely overcoming makeshift challenges like tall grass, icy rivers, and pitch-black caverns. It promotes imaginative play and active play in an exhilarating outdoor adventure.

Musical Masterpiece

Give kids some paper and turn on some music.

Begin by asking the children to draw anything they like. Once the music has stopped, instruct the children to pass their papers to the next person. Resuming the music, ask the children to add to the drawing they just got.

Farmer In The Dell

For kids, “Farmer in the Dell” is a great musical activity. In a circle, they may perform the song while taking turns playing the roles of the farmer, wife, child, and cheese, respectively. It encourages teamwork, social interaction, and lots of laughter.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

I’m excited to include this game in my daughter’s track of activities. πŸ˜…

Children pretend to launch into space while singing. It encourages teamwork, releases their imaginations, and gives them a fun way to learn about the wonders of the universe.

If You’re Happy

Sing “If You’re Happy and You Know It” with the children.

Do the actions that correspond to the song as you sing it.

With my daughter, I have already begun to do this. She seems to enjoy performing this song. 😊

Compose A Commercial

My son created a jingle for his favorite chocolate company. 

Then he added his music, which he enjoyed playing. This was a great way for him to express his creative side while also exploring his musical side.

Pro TipπŸ˜€

Encourage children to use simple, memorable melodies and lyrics. To give the jingle a fun and rhythmic feel, suggest the use of rhymes.

Remind them that creating jingles is a creative and enjoyable process. Ask them to enjoy the experience and let perfectionism go.

Replace Notes With Yes/No

The ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ responses here are used in place of the musical notes by the children. Ask them, “Did you eat breakfast? “Each response stands for a different note. 🫑

After organizing the answers, compose a tune from them. This is a fantastic way to make each other laugh while making original music. 

Describe What You Hear

Describing Activity for Kids

Play a song for the kids to hear.

Kids should be asked to explain what they hear in the song.πŸ™‰

They might say, “I hear a fast beat,” or “I hear a high-pitched sound,” for instance.

This is an innovative approach to get kids to feel the various components of music.

Feather Dancing

This casual competition was frequently taken part in by my son and his friends.

Each kid should get a feather.

Kids can dance with their feathers while listening to music. The goal is to keep the feather in the air by blowing on it.

Mystery Song Puzzle

Give the children puzzles to solve.

To find their favorite songs, they will need to solve puzzles. Each right answer reveals a different section of the song. ⁉️

You can divide the children into teams to make it a little more interesting.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes

My daughter enjoys herself immensely while doing this. When I play the song on my phone, she starts dancing right away.

This improves verbal and motor coordination. It’s a fun way to stay active and develop body awareness.

Learning Earth Day Song

To celebrate Earth Day with the kids, find a simple song. Kids should sing along as you play the song. Point to various objects around you as you sing.

This is a fun way to teach children about Earth Day and get them to appreciate music at the same time.

Family Band

You can form a family band to make it easier for the children to express their musical cognition. In addition to fostering family unity, this encourages kids to take part in musical activities. πŸ₯°

The youngsters can sing or play an instrument.

Musical Statue

Children will dance to music and then stop when it stops. The last person to move is out. While grooving to their favorite songs, it is an exciting and lighthearted activity that encourages creativity and listening skills. 

Fancy Shaker Eggs

Shaking these vibrant, textured eggs will delight children as they produce delightful rhythms and sounds. It’s a fantastic way to open their ears to the world of music and enjoy some music as a family.πŸ₯š

My son had just purchased the eggs from the market and had personally filled them with various items.

Move Like The Animals

My son would adore participating in this. The lion was his favorite animal to imitate. Children will move to upbeat music while dancing and mimicking various animal movements.

It’s a fun and engaging way to get them moving, promote creativity, and teach them about various animals. 

Alphabet Sounds and Actions

With children, sing the alphabet song.

Perform actions that correspond to the letter sounds as you sing.🀩

Kids can imitate bees by making “bee” noises and flapping their arms when you sing the letter “B,” for example.

Clean Up Song

Kids will have fun organizing their rooms while humming and dancing to this cheerful song. It turns chores like cleaning into relaxing tasks that teach responsibility and teamwork in a happy, musical way. 

Copy Me Game

One child leads the dance or sound, and the others imitate it. It’s a fun musical activity for kids and encourages creativity, coordination, and laughter. 😏

My son and his peers would alternately take on the role of the leader, whom the other kids would imitate.

Homemade Drums

Collect some supplies, such as a cardboard box, a balloon, and some paint.

Encourage kids to customize their drums however they like. Kids are free to use whatever they like, including paint, markers, glitter, and other materials.πŸ₯

Kids can play the drum and create music after it has dried.

Pro TipπŸ˜ƒ

Use pencils, chopsticks, or wooden dowels to make drumsticks. Children can also customize the drumsticks. Use glue to attach objects like buttons, beads, or bottle caps to give the drumhead texture. The result will be a distinctive sensory drum experience.

Music Note Matching Game

Kids can have fun while learning musical literacy by matching musical notes to their corresponding symbols. It builds a deeper comprehension and appreciation of music and is a brain-boosting and learning experience.

I made the symbols into flashcards so that my son got along with them more quicker.🎡🎢

Create A “STOMP” Musical Routine

Children will experiment with common objects as percussion instruments while clapping, stomping, and creating rhythms with one another. It’s a fun activity that promotes musical appreciation and creativity. 

Although she’s too young for this, my daughter enjoys hitting on the table to make noise.

Musical Cake Walk

With music playing, children circle a set of numbers. The child standing on it wins a treat when it comes to a stop after a number is drawn. 

Everyone who plays enjoys this delightful and suspenseful musical game.🀩

Ribbon Dancing

With this, you could even inspire your children to put on a show.

Kids recognize rhythm and balance as they gracefully spin and move while holding colorful ribbons. πŸ’

Every performance becomes a wonderful spectacle as a result of this magical and expressive way of encouraging their artistic talent and enjoyment of dance.

Rhythm Shakers

Put different items in small containers, like rice, beans, or beads.

Each child should move their shaker for a sound.🌞

Children should sway shakers to the beat of some music. It’s enjoyable for kids to learn about rhythm and practice their fine motor skills in this way.

Song Charades

Select a well-known song for children.

Act out the song with one child without having them sing any of the lyrics.

What song is being acted out must be deduced by the other children. We used to integrate points, which my son and his friends used to love.


Encourage children to express their emotions for the song without speaking by using body language, facial expressions, and gestures. To make the song more interactive, add some simple dance moves that go with it.

One Potato, Two Potatoes

Sing “One Potato, Two Potatoes” to children. Perform the actions that go with the song as you sing.πŸ₯”

Have children raise one finger when you sing “One Potato,” for example. You can also be creative in how you act out.

Musical Hide And Seek

One child should be blindfolded, and a musical instrument should be hidden.

Turn on some music.

By listening to the sound the musical instrument makes, the blindfolded child must locate it. I suggest having the kids search for the musical instrument in groups.

We Are The Dinosaurs

Play “We Are The Dinosaurs” in the background.πŸ¦•πŸ¦–

While listening to the song, get the kids to move like dinosaurs. The children can mimic the song’s movements or come up with their dinosaur dance moves. 

Hear It! Clap It! Write It!

Children clap out rhythms while listening to them, and then they write the patterns. It’s a fantastic musical activity that develops their writing, listening, and rhythmic awareness skills in a fun and interesting way. πŸ‘

Clapping to the music would be particularly enjoyable for my son.

Marching Band Movement

Play some marching band music. Select a slow tempo for the marching band music.

Have kids march around the room, making marching band movements. The children have a choice of creating their marching band moves or mimicking the musical motions. 

Compose A Rap

It’s a great activity for enhancing self-confidence, language proficiency, and creative thinking. Ask them to write a rap about something they find interesting, like their preferred food, activity, or animal. 

Kids can write their rhymes, make their beats, and perform them. 

The Passing Game

As the music plays, children form a circle and pass an object around. The holder does something entertaining when it stops.

I used to switch the song after each turn to keep the game entertaining when my son played it with his friends.🌞

Balloon Bounce

Silly Balloon Game for Kids

Children bounce balloons in time to the music, creating a symphony. It’s an excellent way to improve rhythm awareness and hand-eye coordination.

I’m excited to do this activity with my daughter because she loves balloons.

Tissue Dance

Give a tissue to each child. Turn on a bit of music.

Make children dance while sporting tissues on their heads. The goal is to keep the tissue on your head as you dance.

With his friends, my son would have had an amazing time doing this.

Compose Your Song

Singing Activity for Kids

Together with his friends, my son would write and perform original songs. They would enjoy performing the song for us. 

We made sure to always applaud and give them positive feedback so they would be inspired to write more songs.

Musical Chair Reading

One chair fewer than the number of children should be placed in a circle. Give a book to each kid.πŸͺ‘πŸ“š

Turn on some music. Children should circulate the circle while reading their books.

They are required to sit in a chair when the music stops.

The child who is still without a chair is excluded.

Family Sing-A-Long

Loved songs generate heartfelt singing from both children and adults. It’s a warm-hearted musical activity that deepens relationships within families, boosts self-esteem, and fills the air with melodies. 

Events like this used to be hosted by us during the summer break. A few cool drinks would make the event more enjoyable.

Musical Clothes

Children transform into different characters while dancing to music and wearing various costumes. It’s a creative and entertaining musical activity that promotes self-expression and enhances the enjoyment of dancing. 

In their costumes, the kids can even perform a play.

Build An Instrument Craft

Children can create their musical instruments out of inexpensive materials, encouraging creativity and practical learning.

It’s a great way to encourage their love of music while also having some fun. Encourage children to construct an instrument together.

Pass Fast

Children circle the group while lively music plays. They quickly challenge each other after it stops. They remain intrigued by it because of how exciting and upbeat the music is.😊

We would play some of my son’s favorite songs, and he would enjoy this game.

Home Music Station

You would require a variety of music for this, including CDs, MP3s, and streaming services. Depending on your children’s preferences, make a playlist or play a random selection of songs.

They can dance and sing along as the music plays.

Musical Limbo

While music is playing, children dance beneath a limbo stick. After each round, the stick gets smaller. Everyone keeps moving to the music in this enjoyable yet challenging musical game.

This was one of my son’s favorite leisure activities.

Pro TipπŸ˜ƒ

Start by adjusting the Limbo bar so that all children can easily pass underneath it. As the game goes on, gradually lower the bar. Put children in groups so they can support and cheer each other on. To include everyone, rotate the Limbo bar holder.

Train Tapping

This game is incredibly intriguing. The children form a queue and whisper a chosen tune into each other’s ears. The song keeps moving until it reaches the front of the queue.πŸ‘‚

The tune is sung by the child in front.

The teacher can tap the original rhythm if it has changed to help the kids hear the difference.

Follow The Musical Leader

Amusing Musical Game for Kids

Choose a child to serve as the leader.

The song is first sung by the leader, who then performs some basic movements. The other kids sing along with the leader and imitate their movements.

They must follow any changes made by the leader in terms of movements.

Mood Music

You can do this by playing a variety of music and asking the kids to dance or draw to express their feelings. Positive, calming, and playful melodies can help them voice their creativity and understand their emotions.πŸ˜…

On certain days, you could even ask the kids to enact how the music makes them feel.

Hokey Pokey

Children will enjoy singing the Hokey Pokey song and performing the actions.

They start with each body part inside, remove it, put it, and shake it around.

They can turn around to end the song.

Musical Trivia

Musical Game for Kids

You can quiz kids on facts related to well-known songs, musical instruments, or musical history. Encourage learning and cooperation as a team as they take guesses. πŸ€”

It would be a good idea to have some flashcards on hand to give them any necessary hints. 

Pro TipπŸ˜ƒ

Make the trivia questions relevant to the kids’ age and musical knowledge. Avoid questions that are too difficult or too simple. Give points for accurate responses. Provide the kids additional brownie points if they provide more details about their answers.

Family Song Rondo

As a family, we enjoy doing this. Every time we do this, my daughter has fun.

Together, you can perform your favorite songs in a musical rondo by taking turns. Through shared melodies and harmonies, this raises happiness.

Pass The Parcel

Kids love games like this, where there is a surprise element at the end.🎁

Play music, and pass around a small gift that has been wrapped in several layers of paper. The holder removes one layer after the music stops. Continue until the gift is made clear. 

What Is That Sound

You can use different sounds, such as clapping, tapping, or musical instruments. Kids guess the origin of each sound, developing auditory awareness and excitement in an activity full of surprises.🀨

You could try blindfolding the children. The game is made more enjoyable in this way.

Musical Instruments Bingo

Distribute bingo cards featuring images of instruments. Kids mark the images that correspond to the various instrument sounds that are played. 

They would play this whenever my son invited his friends over to our house.

Party Island

Party Game for Kids

Make up a musical fantasy journey for children. Decorate the room to resemble an island, play upbeat music, and encourage singing and dancing. This activity is excellent for getting kids up and moving.

Ask the kids to help you decorate the room.

Spin The Mic

A child who is pointed at by a spinning object or mic sings a small song excerpt. Till everybody has had a chance to sing, keep spinning and singing. 🎀

This was a favorite activity of my son and his friends, and they liked it.

Rhythm Sticks

Set up some sticks and start some rhythmic patterns. Kids imitate you as you tap sticks together or on things to make music.

Songs can also be used to teach children rhythmic patterns. For instance, you could sing a song with an easy beat and ask the children to tap their sticks in time.

Favorite Song Presentation

Ask for a performance of the kids’ favorite song. When singing, they can dance along. The kids can even dress up to make it more entertaining. 

The song “Wheels on the Bus” was one of my son’s favorites, and he even wore a yellow dress to resemble a bus.


You can start by singing the first line of a song. The song that the following performer must sing must begin with the last song’s final letter.

Continue until a mistake, or someone runs out of songs.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chair Game for Kids

Set up a circle of chairs, turn on some music, and have kids walk around. They locate a seat when the music stops. Every round, take one chair out. The person who is seated the longest wins.

The game was extremely popular with my son and his friends. Additionally, we played this when we went camping.


Karaoke Activity for Kids

Create a stage, offer microphones, and play music with lyrics projected. Pick a song that you and the kids both know.🎀πŸͺ©

In this musical activity, kids take turns performing and enjoying the spotlight on stage.

This activity is excellent for getting kids up and moving.


To boost self-confidence and promote a supportive environment, encourage group singing. Children who prefer it can sing in pairs or small groups. Allow the kids to make song requests. This makes the experience more unique and keeps them interested.

Al Citron

This is a fun musical game for children.

Children sing, “Al Citron, Al Citron, qui a le citron?” (Who has the lemon?) as they stand in a circle and pass an imaginary Al Citron (lemon). πŸ‹

The kid who has the “lemon” wins and takes the lead in the following round when the song ends.

Make Your Xylophone

To create various tones, fill glasses or bottles with water at different depths. Children enjoy exploring sounds, experimenting, and creating their own distinctive xylophone melodies.

This activity is a fantastic way to get kids interested in sound and music.


The power of music can help kids in a variety of ways. It promotes their cognitive growth and increases their creative potential. I participated in a variety of musical activities with my son.😁

You can help your child discover the delight of music by using a little creativity. Please let me know if you found this activity useful in the comments.

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