17 Fun Bird Activities for Preschoolers to Spark Their Curiosity!

Bird activities might be the perfect answer if you’re looking for an exciting activity to keep your preschooler busy! From teaching them about different bird species to teaching them how to make their bird feeder, there are numerous ways to get your kid interested in birds.

Not only are these activities fun, but they also help your child to learn about the world around them and how birds interact with their environment.

With 22 fun activities listed below, your preschooler will find something that interests them and encourages them to explore the wildlife around them.

What are the Benefits of Bird Activities for Preschoolers?

Birds are fascinating creatures that play an essential role in our ecosystem. Not only are they beautiful creatures, but they also offer important lessons to children.

Birding can help your child learn a few essential tasks, such as respecting nature, understanding their environment, and respecting other creatures.

If your child loves birds, they can even learn a few critical birding skills, such Birds are fascinating creatures that play an essential role in our ecosystem. Not only are they beautiful creatures, they also offer important lessons to children.

If your child loves birds, they can even learn a few essential birding skills, such as bird identification, bird watching, and bird feed making.

Amazing Bird Activities for Preschoolers


bird watching activities

Birdwatching is the art of looking at birds. As with all observation skills, becoming an expert birdwatcher takes time and practice. Many aspects of birdwatching include identifying birds, their behavior, and finding nesting pairs and eggs.

In addition, birdwatchers can record data about birds to understand them and their habitat better. 

Many aspects of birdwatching include identifying birds, their behavior, and finding nesting pairs and eggs.

In addition to observing birds, birdwatchers can learn many other important skills, such as understanding how birds interact with their environment, learning what foods they eat, and how to make bird feed.

There are many ways to incorporate birdwatching into your child’s day. You can get your child interested in birdwatching by reading books about birds or watching videos of birds in their natural habitat. 

Making a Bird Feeder

making bird feeder activity

Many birds aren’t happy sitting in a tree waiting for seeds and often visit feeders to snack on the contents. But, to do this, they need to eat a specific diet, and it can be difficult to find appropriate seeds.

Fortunately, you can save the birds and yourself some trouble and make your bird feeder. This will not only keep the birds happy, but it will also allow you to choose the best seeds for your bird’s diet. 

You can make your bird feeder using a large paint can and some wire or a fishing pole. You will also need a few suet cakes, peanut butter, and birdseed to feed your birds. You will create a lovely home for your bird feeder by hanging the feeder from a tree branch.

Many bird feeders have a reservoir where the seed can collect after being scattered around the feeder. This makes it easy for the birds to drink from the feeder and keeps the seed from blowing away.

Exploring Bird Nests

bird nest activities for kids

Bird nests come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from a tiny clutch of eggs to a large tree-lined platform. Amazingly, all of these structures are built by a single bird species!

While studying bird nests can be fascinating, it can also help your child to understand and respect the natural world around them.

To begin with, bird nests can be used to teach your child about the different species that build different types of nests.

This can be an exciting way to introduce them to new animals or help them to understand how other animals live. 

Furthermore, nests can also be used as a way to teach your child about the natural environment.

For example, you can use nests to interest your child in how forests grow. Your child can learn much about their surroundings by studying the different types of trees and how they are grown together.

Bird Art Projects

bird art activities

Birds are beautiful creatures, both in appearance and in behavior. It’s easy to see why artists have been inspired by birds for centuries, creating some of the most incredible work in the world. 

Create a bird art project to get your child interested in birds and their art. Choose a bird you have seen in the wild or a bird from a book, and then get your child to create an original piece of art based on this bird.

This can be a painting, a sculpture, a mosaic, or even a song or poem. Choose the type of art that your child is most interested in, and encourage them to try new techniques to give their work a professional look.

You can also get your child involved in bird conservation by volunteering at a local wildlife shelter or bird conservation organization.

Bird-Themed Games

bird themed game activity

Birds are fantastic creatures that fly above us, but they are also some of the most intelligent animals on earth. To get your child interested in birds and how they think, try playing games that focus on bird behavior.

These games can help your child learn basic birding skills and understand how birds live in a forest ecosystem.

Try playing a game such as “Chase the Sparrow”. This game can be played by two people, one holding a bag with a few seeds and the other holding a sparrow and a piece of paper.

The person holding the paper tries to hide the bird in their house, as the other person tries to find it in the forest.

Bird Songs and Sounds

bird song and sound activity

Birds are some of the most exciting creatures in the world, not only for their appearance and unique behaviors but also for the sounds that they make. While some birds are quiet and hard to hear, others are pretty noisy and can be heard from miles away! 

To get your child interested in birds and their sounds, try to find a bird that is both quiet and hard to hear. You can find these birds by using a field guide or looking online by using an online field guide or bird guide.

Note that some species are quieter than others, so try different species until you find an appropriate one.

Once you have found a quiet bird, try to find a way to hear it, such as using a bird call or building a soundproofing box. Try listening to the bird’s calls or sounds to learn more about them.

Bird Matching 

bird matching activity

Cut out bird images, place them facedown on a surface, and have the child pick two birds at a time to try and match them based on appearance.

If a match is made, the child keeps the pair and takes another turn, otherwise, the cards are turned back over for the next player’s turn.

The player with the most pairs wins the game and helps kids learn about different bird species while improving observation and memory skills.

Zoo Visit

zoo visit activities

During the winter season, birds flock in from various countries as they migrate due to harsh weather conditions from one place to another. Take your kid to the zoo at this time as they will be fascinated to see so wide varieties of birds altogether. 

Ask them to note the names of different migratory birds they saw during the visit and collect pictures of them later.

They can collect pictures and paste them along with the names on white cardboard! They’ll definitely enjoy this activity.

Watch information TV channels 

watching bird in tv activities

Kids are often fascinated when they watch TV. They will instantly like it if you can make them watch informative channels such as Discovery or National Geographic. Sit with them and watch shows which speak about birds.

This will enhance their interest in birds as they can visually witness rare birds in our vicinity usually. 

Note- Make sure you monitor the TV watching time for your kid as too much of it can form a bad habit in the kid.

Bird Feather activity

bird feather activity

Here is a bird feather activity for kids: Collect bird feathers or purchase a feather set and have the child observe them closely using a magnifying glass.

Have the child draw or describe the feathers’ color, shape, and patterns, then compare and contrast the different feathers, noting similarities and differences. 

For older children, use the activity to discuss the function of feathers, such as insulation, attracting mates, and aiding in flight.

This activity helps kids develop observation skills, improve descriptive writing, and learn about the diversity of feathers and the birds they come from.

The great backyard bird count

Here is an activity for kids to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC):

Learn about the GBBC:

The GBBC is an annual four-day event where people worldwide count birds in their backyards, local park, or other natural areas.

Choose a counting location:

Decide where to count birds, such as your backyard or a nearby park.

Prepare for bird watching:

Get a pair of binoculars, a bird identification guide, and a notebook and pencil.

Count birds:

Spend 15 minutes or more observing and counting birds during the GBBC. Record the highest number of each species seen at one time.

Report your observations:

Submit your bird count data through the GBBC website or app.

This activity is a fun and educational way for kids to participate in bird watching and citizen science.

They can learn about different bird species, improve their observation skills, and contribute to a global effort to understand bird populations and behavior.

Sounding like birds

bird sound activity

Listen as a group to audio recordings of different bird noises and songs.

Play background music with water sounds and have the kids add bird sounds like chatter, chirp, cluck, cock-a-doodle-doo, cry, cuckoo, hoot, quack, shriek, trill, Twitter, and whistle.

Finally, discuss the various sounds to expand their vocabulary.

Bird Yoga

bird yoga nature activity

Birdwatching and bird feeding can be fun and exciting but also very tiring. Try bird yoga if your child wants to keep exploring the world around them but is also tired. This type of yoga incorporates dance, and bird sounds to create a calm and meditative environment. 

To get your child started with bird yoga, you can create a bird bath in your backyard to create a lovely oasis for your bird feeder.

You can also try creating a bird walkway or birdhouse to create an ideal path for your birds to walk and a place to rest and relax. You can also try making a bird yoga playlist or bird sound therapy to calm your child and help them to relax.

Bird Puzzles

bird puzzle activities

Birding is a great hobby, but it can be challenging to identify birds in the wild, especially if your child doesn’t have a bird guide.

Try doing bird puzzles to help your child learn about birds and practice bird identification skills. These wooden puzzles have several bird images, such as a painted bird, a bird silhouette, or a bird silhouette cutout.

Your child can try to figure out which bird each puzzle represents based on the bird’s image and identity.

To make these puzzles more challenging, try mixing up the bird images and try to identify the correct image.

At Last:

Birds are fascinating creatures that can be found in many different habitats and are often quite vocal. Unfortunately, many birds are in danger of extinction and are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

If your child loves nature, they will love learning about these interesting animals and caring for these beautiful creatures.

bird activities for kids
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