30+ Rainbow Activities to Brighten up Your Day!

Did you know that April 3 is National Find a Rainbow Day? Rainbows are something that kids love to experience in their daily lives. Rainbow-themed crafts and activities have a truly magical quality! 

Rainbows 🌈 are loved by children of all ages, and they simply have a way of uniting people. These rainbow art ideas for kids will inspire you whether you’re getting ready for National Catch a Rainbow 🌈 Day or are just trying to liven up your home or classroom for spring!

Rainbow Activities for Toddlers

I try to think of ways that toddlers may have fun in our classroom without following strict rules while I’m organizing activities for them. Basically, what I like to do is place the project on a low surface, push back the chairs, and then stroll over and get to work. 

They may simply want to stay a minute or two before leaving because they have shorter attention spans.

Rainbows on Bubble wrap

I made rainbow prints with bubble wrap while we were investigating the hues of the rainbow. Paper is placed on top of the paint after it has been rolled straight onto the bubble wrap.

Toddlers πŸ§’ are eager to continue once they see the paper’s final appearance after it has been pressed into it! 

Hanging Rainbow 

I would recommend you create a rainbow-picking activity for young children that will improve their fine motor and color identification skills. The finished item makes a lovely window-hanging decoration.

After printing the color sheets, laminate them. Arrange the hue sheets on a level surface, then arrange the little bits into a tray.

Ask the kids to arrange the tiny objects according to color on the corresponding colored sheets. After sorting the pieces, put one bauble on each coloring page.

Assure the kids that they will create a 🌈 rainbow! Ask them to grab the ornaments from each coloring page and insert the pieces within.

Rainbow Sponge Painting on the Easel

I have done plenty of rainbow painting with my toddlers, but this is one of my favorites, and I am sure you will like it too. 

Transfer tempera paint to squeeze bottles made of plastic. On the sponge, press a line from every hue in a rainbow pattern. Get the kids to help you paint 🎨 a rainbow!

Once they had a nice, bright rainbow on their papers, I could have ordered them to stop. That’s not my style, though. They are having fun moving that paint around, so I let them continue!

Painting Rainbows with cars

Do you have a kid who is uninterested in art? For toddlers and pre-schoolers, try this transportation art.

Never has process art been so much fun! You can place a white paper on the table’s surface. Each paper plate should have a pool of paint on it before being spread out and placed on top of the paper.

Note: For occasions like this, we like to take the chairs off the table. The kids enjoy being able to push the cars around and wander around the table.

This process painting project also includes a lesson on color mixing! The kids are creating new hues as they navigate through each color with their automobiles. Motivate them to experiment with different hues!

Rainbow Suncatchers

I would recommend you create this easy toddler rainbow art project to add some color to your home or 🏫 school! An enjoyable method to practice color recognition while creating a simple suncatcher by adhering rainbow pieces to sticky πŸ“ƒ paper.

One paper plate is required for each rainbow you create. Next, cut the Contact paper into a circle somewhat bigger than the paper plate’s center so that it would have something to adhere to as well.

Make sure each child has one piece of tissue paper representing each hue of the rainbow by cutting it into little pieces.

Colourful Cardboard Rainbows

I’m frequently asked how I instruct our two and three-year-old children about colors. This is how you can do it, my friends.

Arrange the cardboard forms on a table. Assemble the cotton balls and colored pieces and keep them close at hand.

Let your kids glue something on the cardboard. Although I used squeeze bottles, you could also fill small containers with glue and apply brush glue on top.

Things to remember: 

When utilizing glue bottles, instruct your kids to shake the bottle to prevent the glue from pooling in one area.

Squeeze bottles are a terrific fine motor challenge for toddlers, which is why I prefer using them. They have to work really hard to get the glue out of the bottle because they aren’t (typically) adequate enough to empty the glue rapidly.

Rainbow sand art

I’ve had the idea to attempt making sand animations on an illuminated table ever since I saw artists do it.

In order to do this activity, you need to collect some brushes and food πŸ˜‹ coloring. Then, add the various colors to the sand, and the plate is ready to play.

Rainbow activities for Pre-schoolers

Are you bored with day-to-day activities with your pre-schoolers? Then, with these imaginative art rainbow activities for pre-schoolers, you can bring some zest back to craft time!

Chalk Paint Rainbows

Believe me, this is the activity that my son loves a lot. Making chalk paint is a fairly quick and easy process, and it’s a lot of fun to experiment with. Water πŸ’§ and some chalk are all you need. Crushing the chalk into a jar is the first step. 

Simply add water and stir until the mixture has the consistency of a smooth paint. After that, you can paint on any surface you choose using your paintbrush.

Rainbow Stick Mobile

This is one of the simplest activities on this list, and you will have a lot of fun doing it with your kids at home. All you have to do is find six or seven sticks and paint them in rainbow colors. 

Once they have dried, use a piece of wool, ribbon πŸŽ—, or string to tie them together. To make it appear like rainfall 🌧, you could possibly tie on some corals or feathers underneath.

Rainbow Streamers

Have you heard about this activity? No? Then feel lucky because you are now going to have one of the simplest activities to have fun with your kid. All you need is a long stick, which you can paint and decorate or leave unpainted.

The materials in rainbow🌈 colors are then taped or tied to the stick. You can attach strips of plain paper, crepe paper, fabric, ribbons, wrapping paper, or painted newspaper to the stick. 

Rainbow Lantern 🌈 

I must say that this is an excellent way to recycle glass jam jars. An empty jelly jar needs to be thoroughly cleaned and washed first. After it dries, you can paint or draw rainbow patterns on the jar’s outside using paint or marker pens.

Keep in mind

Stay away from the glass, and make sure it’s placed on a heat-resistant surface out of children’s reach because it could get hot. 

Please always be mindful of the risks associated with fire and glass, and never leave a bare flame alone. When doing this exercise, kidsπŸ§’ should always be closely watched.

Rainbow color-matching games

I must tell you that this is an excellent game to improve your ability to recognize colors and solve puzzles🧩. All you need to play this game is a few rainbow-shaped fabrics of colored sheets or colorful containers. 

The kids are then asked to fill them with as many nearby objects of matching color as they can.

Rainbow nature hunt 

Me and my kids are always fascinated by this beautiful 😍 activity, and I also believe that your child is going to like it too. You can do this activity by just using tape and cardboard. 

Next, apply all of the rainbow’s colors by painting or drawing🎨. Once your rainbow is colored, you can cover the surface with double-sided tape, sometimes known as sellotape. 

Alternatively, to hold your natural treasures in place, wrap elastic bands around the rainbow. You can now enjoy yourself by conducting a nature hunt and gathering as many natural items as you desire.

Facts to keep in mind

To secure your treasures to your board, use glue or tape or thread them through and beneath the elastic bands.

Wool Wrap Rainbow 

I think this is an excellent exercise to improve focus and fine motor abilities. All you need is rainbow-shaped cardboard cut out of cardboard and rainbow-colored yarn, string, or ribbon. 

All you have to do is loop one color of yarn, string, or ribbon around the cardboard rainbow at a time. If you’d like, you could even attach more ornaments πŸ’ like pom-pom clouds at each end.

Rainbow Play Pasta

I think this Rainbow Play spaghetti is really simple to prepare and, if stored dry and in an airtight container, keeps for a very long time.

Older kids can thread the pasta onto string to build pretend snakes or jewelry, or they can use it for counting activities. Younger kids can pretend to cook, fill up bottles and containers, create shakers, and scoop and stir with spoons.

Rainbow Ice 🧊 blocks

I always tell my kids playing with rainbow ice cubes is enjoyable; they’re simple to build, and they look lovely.

They can be used for sensory and exploratory play, as well as building and STEM tasks. Simply combine food coloring or water-based paint with water to create a rainbow-colored ice 🧊 block. 

Once a variety of hues have been blended, carefully pour and chill each layer of hue into a plastic container. Every layer must be frozen one after the other, one at a time.

Rainbow Oobleck

I would suggest you have a sensory activity πŸ˜‰ in your list, and this is the best πŸ‘Œ activity to have fun with. 

For kids of all ages, Oobleck offers fantastic sensory enjoyment. All you need to prepare it is corn flour and water, but you may also use food coloring, aromatic herbs, flavoring oils, flowers, and other organic substances to give color and additional sensory aspects.

Sensory rice rainbow 🍚 

I would recommend you use rainbow rice with scents that appeal to all senses. It is a fantastic invitation to play.

It is incredibly tactile and enjoyable to run your hands through, looks stunning, smells amazing, and makes intriguing noises when you shake and pour into it.

Rainbow Jelly 

Bright 🌞 things always fascinate my kids. For this, I thought I would recommend this special activity to you. 

Ready-to-make packs or chunks of colored jelly are readily available, or you can create your own with food coloring, gelatin, or agar.

All you have to do is combine a variety of rainbow-colored jelly ingredients. You can also add various flavors and scents when producing your jelly.

Rainbow Suncatchers 

You can quickly create a rainbow suncatcher by using crepe paper or candy wrappers. To make a frame, just cut a shaped hole into a piece of cardboard or πŸ“ƒ paper. Next, cover the hole with glue or tape using your candy wrappers or crepe paper strips.

Once your suncatcher is complete, try peering through it and holding it as much as the light. Alternatively, you may watch what hues of light pass through it.

Consider shining a light πŸ’‘ bulb through it to observe the vivid pattern as well as the shadow it creates on a wall in a dark room.

Rainbow cardboard puzzles 

Do you wanna make your cardboard puzzles? Making your multicolored puzzles 🧩using only cardboard, glue, and paint is really simple. These are excellent for promoting fine motor skills and problem-solving.

You are free to shape them any way you like; we decided to turn hours into hearts and rainbows.

Rainbow painted pebbles

My son loves to collect various pebbles and make them colorful with his imagination.

When we’re out and about, we always enjoy finding painted pebbles because they make us smile, and we can see how much love and creativity went into making them.

If you search in your yard, on a nature walk, or by the seaside, you may easily locate pebbles to decorate yourself. Then, all you’ll need to decorate the pebbles with vibrant rainbow 🌈 designs is some paint or permanent markers. 

Consider inscribing encouraging words on the stones as well, just to make someone’s Day.

Rainbow activities for Elementary schoolers

If you have a child who is still in kindergarten, then these activities are for you. I hope you will love all these.

Rainbow skittle mosaics 

Patterns are something that my kids love to do in their free time ⏲️ and I can say from my experience that you will love it, too.

Just transfer some onto a platter and allow them to frolic with them. Pouring a little hot water πŸ’§ onto the Skittles plate after you’ve completed creating your pictures and designs will make them come to life and produce rainbows of color.

The colorful coating on the Skittles’ outside melts in the warm water and disperses throughout the body of water. Skittles can make a stunning rainbow 🌈 of hues that run together and meet in the center if they are arranged in a circle.


Just be mindful that Skittles might pose a choking threat to young children.

Handprint Rainbows

Kids and messy surroundings go side by side in my household, and I think πŸ€” you, too, agree with me. But you can take this as an opportunity to introduce a new activity to your kids.

All you need for this messy yet enjoyable craft is paint and an object to paint on. Though you could paint on any surface you are capable of, we utilized a recyclable piece of cardboard.

Just paint your hands with paint, pressing them onto the outermost layer to form an arch that resembles a 🌈 rainbow. Until you have printed every hue in the rainbow, start with red and continue through orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Walking water experiment 

I would recommend this eye-catching scientific experiment that illustrates color theory as well as capillary action, which is the mechanism by which water ascends plant stems.

As it moves “magically” from cup to cup, the water blends the colors.

Magic Rainbow trick 

I must suggest to you this very simple project that only requires paper towels, pens, and water. Just sketch a rainbow on a kitchen towel made of paper. The drawing can then be hidden by covering it with a second paper towel. 

Put both towels on a plate that has been dipped in water. The colors of the rainbow appear magically when the towels absorb the water.

Capillary action experiment 

I recommend this easy, colorful experiment that uses food coloring, water, and a few paper towels to show how capillary action works in plants πŸͺ΄. 

In addition, we will show you how to create lovely paper towel flowers for your experiment.

Let the sunshine in

Should I tell you a secret about a colorful activity? The secret to this lovely window dΓ©cor is tissue paper.

Children practice their fine motor skills by cutting the small pieces and arranging them in a rainbow shape. This rainbow craft comes together quickly with the help of clear contact paper!

Weave a rainbow Fish 🐟 

Kids love playing, and as a teacher, you should encourage them in this with vibrant ideas πŸ’‘ just like a rainbow 🌈.  

Instruct your kids to cut various colorful paper papers into small box shapes and paste them in a big paper fish 🐟. Kids will be happy to get colorful fish in the classroom πŸ˜€. 


All these activities are full of fun πŸ˜‹ and enjoyable methods to spend some time with your kids πŸ˜‰.

This will also help you get free from your boredom and laziness during a sunny day. If you have any suggestions, please mention them in our comment box.

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