20+ Pizza Activities for Kids that Are Amazing!

Kids find new adventures to be exciting and curious, and I have personally witnessed this. In this blog, we explore the world of kid-friendly pizza 🍕 activities—a fun combination of culinary delight and playful learning.

Pizza might seem like just a delicious meal, but it’s also a fantastic way to learn and play. I’ve gathered a bunch of fun pizza-themed activities that blend fun and education. 

These activities aren’t just about making pizza; they’re about sparking imagination and learning through hands-on experiences.

Interesting Pizza Activities for Kids

From creating sensory bins filled with pretend pizza toppings to crafting pizza box art and even turning our homes into mini pizzerias, these activities offer an engaging journey into the world of pizza.

We’ll go through fractions using pizza slices, play memory games with toppings, and even get into some arts 🎭 and crafts.

Pizza Sensory Bin

Making Pizza Sensory Bin Activity For Kids

Collect a variety of materials, such as uncooked pasta 🍝 for “spaghetti,” shredded paper for “cheese,” felt or foam shapes for toppings, and squishy dough, to create an extremely entertaining Pizza Sensory Bin. 

Mini pizza cutters or plastic vegetables can be hidden for a treasure hunt to promote exploration. Include utensils 🍴 , scoops, and cooking pots for role-playing. Make it an educational game by comparing smooth dough to bumpy pasta and explaining textures and colors. 

Take orders for unique pizza creations while pretending to be a restaurant.

Make Your Own Pizza

Baking Your Own Pizza Activity For Kids

I prepared a special pizza-making area with vibrant toppings, such as luscious veggies, juicy tomatoes 🍅 , and melted cheese. Kids were given their dough to stretch and squish. 

While we waited for our pizzas 🍕 to bake, we played upbeat music 🎶 for them to dance to. It was the greatest kitchen adventure ever to watch them enjoy their homemade pizzas.

Pizza Dough Play

Mix flour and water. I let them squish, poke, and shape the dough. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes or roll it like playdough. 

They can shape it into funny animals, pretend pizzas, or anything that inspires their creativity. Add cookie 🍪 cutters for extra fun shapes. Talk about how the dough feels—soft, squishy, and stretchy.

Pro Tip

Engage your child’s senses and creativity by mixing equal parts flour and water to create a simple, safe, and enjoyable dough. Encourage them to explore its texture, shape it freely, and use cookie cutters for added fun.

Pizza Box Art

To begin, collect empty pizza boxes 🗃️ or any other comparable-sized cardboard box. I’ll get all our craft supplies together – paints, markers, stickers, colored paper, and more. On the top of the box, I’ll let the kids paint whatever they want or draw their favorite pizza. 

Encourage them to use bright colors and fun shapes for toppings. It can be made even more awesome with stickers or cutout images of vegetables 🥒 , pepperoni, or even happy faces. 

They might want to write “Pizza Palace” or “Yummy Pizzeria” with colorful letters. Drawings of pizza slices, chefs, or anything else pizza-related can be added.

Pizza Fraction Game

Playing Pizza Fraction Game Activity For Kids

Cut a large pizza, either real or imaginary, into pieces like a jigsaw 🧩 puzzle. Every slice, such as halves, quarters, or eighths, is a fraction. Put toppings on the fractions as the numbers! For example, pepperoni for 1, mushrooms for 2, etc. 

Now, have your children match the appropriate fractions to the toppings. They’ll learn fractions by matching pepperoni to half the pizza and mushrooms to a quarter.


Turn pizza🍕 time into a fun fraction lesson! Slice the pizza into halves, quarters, and eighths, making each piece a fraction. Add toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms 🍄 , etc. Let kids match toppings to corresponding fractions, creating a tasty and interactive way to grasp the concept of fractions.

Pizza Toppings Sorting

Pizza Toppings Sorting Activity For Kids

I arrange every topping on our table in rainbow-like piles of color. First, we group all the reds together before moving on to the yellows, greens, and so forth. Next, we attempt a shape-based sorting: square cheese 🧀 , round pepperonis, and colorful pepper strips. 

We even group them according to texture, such as bumpy olives 🫒 and smooth mushrooms. We play a guessing game to add a little challenge. I select a topping, give a brief description (e.g., “It is crunchy and green”), and ask them to guess which one it is.


When arranging toppings for a fun dining experience, organize by color, shape, and texture. Start with reds, then move to yellows, greens, etc. Group by shapes like square cheese round pepperoni. Differentiate textures, like bumpy olives and smooth mushrooms. Play a guessing game for added entertainment!

Pizza Hut Role Play

Pizza Hut Role Play Activity For Kids

First off, I’ll gather some cardboard and markers and even find an old apron lying around. We’re going to turn a corner of our house into a tiny pizzeria.

I’ll create menus with colorful illustrations or pictures of toppings to get my kids excited about the pizza-making adventure.

I’ll then assign roles to my kids. One can be the chef 🧑‍🍳, another can be the cashier, and maybe we’ll even have a delivery person 🧍! We’ll set up a pizza-making station with tons of toppings and use fake dough like playdough or pillows to mimic the pizza crust.

Pizza Memory Game

Cut some paper into squares or take out some index cards. Put an image of a pizza 🍕 topping, such as mushrooms, pepperoni, or olives, on each card by drawing or sticking it there. 

Ensure that each topping is in pairs! Arrange the cards in rows, face down. Now, take turns turning over two cards and looking for toppings that match.


To enhance the memory game, add a fun twist by assigning a point value to each matched pair. Create a score chart 📊 to keep track of who finds the most matches.

Pizza Story Writing

Story Writing About Pizza Activity For Kids

First off, gather some colorful papers, markers, and stickers—make it all fun! Next, sit down together in a cozy spot, maybe with some snacks (pizza-shaped if you can manage!).

Start by asking your kids to think up wild pizza adventures. Encourage them to draw their pizza stories with lots of detail and fun characters. 

If they’re old enough to write, they can jot down the story too. Once the story is all set, they can decorate it with stickers or draw more scenes. Finally, you can all read the pizza adventures aloud together.

Pizza Math

Pizza Math 🧮 is a super fun way for kids to learn math without even realizing it. You use pizza slices to show how numbers work. Let’s say your pizza has eight slices. 

You can teach addition by saying, “If I eat two slices and you eat three, how many are left?” Then, subtraction becomes simple to do. You show eight slices and take away four, so you count what’s left. 

Plus, you can use toppings for even more math fun. Count pepperoni slices, divide them equally among friends, and practice fractions. You could say, “If we have ten pepperonis and share them between two friends, how many does each get?

Pizza Relay Race

First, gather all the pizza toppings you can find – fake ones work great, too! Next, split the gang into teams. Make it fun by giving each team a chef hat or an apron to wear. Then, set up a mini pizza station at the start line with crusts, sauce, cheese, and toppings. 

One teammate at a time has to run, grab a topping, and dash back to their team to add it to their pizza. To make it even more fun, set up obstacles along the way, like stepping stones or wobbly paths they have to navigate.

Pizza Paper Plate Craft

Making Pizza Paper Plate Activity For Kids

First off, I gather some paper plates, markers, and colored paper. Draw a big circle ⭕️ on the plate to make it look like a pizza crust. Then, use the markers to create a sauce area inside the circle. Cut out shapes from colored paper to represent toppings like pepperoni, veggies, or olives. 

I let my kids glue these toppings onto their pizzas. They can design it however they like. Once the toppings are on, draw some squiggly lines to show melted cheese covering everything.

Pizza Shape Art 

Grab some colored paper 📝 and cut out circles, squares, and triangles to represent pizza crusts and toppings.

Spread out the shapes on a table along with glue and markers. Now, tell the kids they’re pizza chefs. Encourage them to design their pizza using the shapes – maybe a square pepperoni or a triangular pineapple. 

You can also chat about the different shapes and colors they used. It’s an interesting way to sneak in some learning while having fun. To make it even more exciting, play some upbeat music in the background and dance a little while they craft.

Pizza Movie Night

Watching Movie While Eating Pizza At Night Activity For Kids

First, we picked their favorite movie 🎥 or something new and exciting. Then, we made it cozy with blankets and pillows on the floor, like a movie theater. We set up a DIY pizza station with all kinds of toppings—cheese, pepperoni, veggies—so they could make their dream pizza. 

While the pizzas were baked, we played some games related to the movie, like trivia or acting out scenes. Then, when the pizzas were ready, we grabbed our slices and settled in to watch the movie. Sometimes, we even made themed snacks inspired by the movie!

Pizza Scavenger Hunt

You can start by hiding pizza-themed things all around. Hide toy pizzas, pictures of toppings, or even small pizza-shaped items in the house or yard. Now, to make it extra special, use a pizza box or a cool bag as their ‘treasure chest.’ 

As they find each item, they can put it in there. When they’ve found everything, you can reward them with a pizza party! Make mini pizzas together using their favorite toppings as a prize.

Pizza Word Search

Searching Pizza Word Activity For Kids

First off, grab a big sheet of paper or print a puzzle online—easy peasy. Next, gather the kiddos around the table with some colorful markers or pencils. They’ll hunt for pizza-related words hidden in the puzzle grid. 

Set a timer and challenge them to find all the words before it buzzes. Whoever finds the most gets a little pizza-themed prize.

Pizza Puzzles

I started by drawing a huge pizza shape on some thick paper; then, I cut it into slices just like a real pizza. My kids were super excited to decorate each slice with their favorite toppings using markers and stickers. 

To make it a bit more challenging and enjoyable, I mixed up the slices and turned it into a puzzle. I hid the slices around the house and yard for a mini scavenger hunt. Seeing their curiosity as they found each slice and slowly pieced together their pizza masterpiece was absolutely priceless. 

Pizza Science Experiment

You can start by showing them the magic of dough rising. Mix yeast with warm water and sugar, then watch it bubble and grow. Explain how the yeast makes the dough puffy and soft. Investigate why some toppings, like mushrooms, release water when cooked, making the pizza soggy. 

You can also experiment with different temperatures and times for cooking to see how they affect the pizza.


Precooked moisture-heavy toppings like mushrooms or tomatoes. Sauté or roast them slightly before adding them to the pizza. This helps remove excess water, preventing sogginess during baking.

Pizza Restaurant Menu

Making Pizza Menu Activity For Kids

First, add some color and fun by adding stickers or drawings of pizzas and toppings. Let the kids use their imagination to name the pizzas.

Next, I set up a little pizza joint right in our living room! I make a menu with different sizes, crust types, and toppings using cute cutouts or pictures for the kids to pick from. 

We take on roles—I become the chef, one of my kids is the waiter, and the other takes charge of taking orders. Have them create the pizzas according to the menu choices and serve their delicious creations.


I hope these exercises have added a bit of fun and education to your life. From understanding the science behind dough rising to the artistry of crafting pizza box masterpieces, every moment has been a delightful blend of learning and fun. 

Each activity has offered a unique opportunity to blend fun and education, encouraging creativity and developing an interest in education.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and any other pizza-inspired activities you’ve tried.🌼

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