15+ Adorable Bear Activities for Kids That You Might Know!

Winnie the Pooh is my favorite 😍 cartoon character, and I love watching the show with my kids.

My daughter loves ❀️ her eight-foot-tall Winnie the Pooh soft toy she was gifted on her birthday. Teddy 🧸 bears have always been a favorite in our household.

She even sleeps hugging her tiny teddy 🧸 every night. My son loves to make her teddy bears wear goggles πŸ‘“ so that they look πŸ‘Œ cool. My son is always fascinated with polar bears πŸ»β€β„, and he wishes to travel to the poles to meet them.

The best part is when both of them engage in adorable bear activities together. 

I always make sure that these bear-themed activities also benefit my child’s mental health, motor skills πŸ’ͺ and cognitive abilities in every possible way.

Bear Activities

My kids are always ready to unleash their imagination and energetically participate in any activity whenever it is related to adorable 🐻 bears.

I am sharing the entire list of all the bear-themed activities I enjoy πŸ˜‰ with my kids and all the parents reading this article. I am sure you will also have a wonderful time while engaging in these adorable activities.

Bear Hunting Adventure 

If you have tons of teddy 🧸 bears at home, then this bear-themed activity is for you. 

Hide these teddies in different locations in the house and turn your little one into a detective πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ for a day. 

Give them a clue about every teddy 🧸 and let them use their analytical skills to search for them. The higher the number of teddies that are found, the better the reward the detective will receive.

Bear Mask

Bear Mask Made By Kids

Why not start off with pretending to be a bear 🐻 with your kids? 

My kids love to pretend to be different animals while playing with me; therefore, I decided to help them by pretending to be an adorable yet ferocious πŸ™€ bear.

What you need– 

Paper plates, marker pens, scissors βœ‚οΈ, paint, embellishments, glue, and ice cream sticks.


  • I usually draw a circle on a circular paper plate with dotted lines using a marker. I make sure that the radius of this circle is a few centimeters smaller than the radius of a paper plate. 
  • I guide my kids through cutting out a circle along the dotted lines using a pair of scissorsβœ‚οΈ (an ideal fine motor activity for children). Now, we have a ring ⭕️ created out of a paper plate. 
  • We don’t throw away the circular cutout; instead, I help my kids cut out two smaller semi-circular pieces from it and stick them on the ring such that it serves as the two ears of a bear. 
  • We decorate this ring and the ears using paint 🎨 and embellishments.
  • You must be thinking, what about the face of the bear 🐻 right? To accomplish this purpose, firstly, attach an ice cream stick to the ring (on the segment right opposite to the segment carrying the ears). 
  • This ice cream stick serves as a holder for my kids when they hold this ring over their adorable faces and pretend to be a bear 🐻 with ears. 
  • We have a lot of fun while interacting through this cutout because my kids go from being adorable bears with a smile ☺️ to ferocious ones trying to scare me off with angry 😈 expressions.

My Bear Crown

Bear Crown For Kids

My son loves to wear a crown 🀴 and he makes one for my daughter, too, to make her look like a πŸ‘Έ princess.

Therefore, I decided to make a bear-themed crown πŸ‘‘ 🐻 for them.

What you need– 

Paper in the shades of brown, scissors βœ‚οΈ, paint, glitters, and embellishments.


  • For this activity, I usually draw dotted vertical lines on a strip of brown paper using a marker and try to improve the fine motor skills of my kids by encouraging them to cut along these dotted lines using a pair of scissors. 
  • We ended up creating several strips of brown paper. If you don’t have brown paper at home, then you can cut out strips from white paper and paint 🎨 it in shades of brown.
  • Following this step, my kids cut out two ears from brown pieces of paper and stuck them on a strip of brown paper such that it resembled the ears of a 🐻 bear. 
  • Now, I staple the two ends of the strip together to form a circular crown. 
  • All of us decorate it using embellishments and ✨️ glitters.

Bear-themed Sensory Activities

If your little one is a toddler, then this bear 🐻 activity will keep him/her busy for a long time. 

Firstly, I give them a basket 🧺 and ask them to go and collect twigs, leaves πŸƒ , branches, and flowers πŸ’ from the lawn that will remind the bear on the wall about its home in the forest.

This activity makes them move around energetically, enhancing their motor skills. It also encourages my little ones to use their mind to figure out what things may be found in the forest 🌳 as well as the lawn.

Then, I prepare a sensory activity for them in the way mentioned below.

What you need– 

Papers in shades of brown, embellishments, scissors, glue, double-sided tape, thread, and items like pom poms, textured papers, sensory toys, beads, twigs, leaves, and everything your little one has collected from the lawn), tub, flour, and vegetable oil.


  • For this activity, I usually draw two circles on paper (in shades of brown) with dotted lines using a ✍️ marker. 
  • I make sure that the radius of one circle is a few centimeters smaller than the radius of the largest circle. (recommended measurements: radius of the largest circle – 30 centimeters). 
  • The larger circle will serve as the body of the bear 🐻 and the smaller one will serve as its face.
  • Also, I drew four tiny identical circles that would serve as the hands and the feet. I prepare two more circles that are a little larger than the circles serving as the hands and feet to create the ears. 
  • I guide my kids through cutting out circles of various sizes along the dotted lines using a pair of scissorsβœ‚οΈ (an ideal fine motor activity for children, as well as helping them to analyze the different sizes of the same shape).
  • I assemble all these pieces together using glue to form a bear 🐻 and my kids add eyes πŸ‘€ , a mouth, and a nose using paint 🎨 to decorate the face.
  • Now, I cover the whole circle forming the bear’s body with double-sided tape and hang it on the wall using🧡 threads. 
  • I mix up embellishments, pom poms, tiny toys, pieces of textured papers, and everything my little ones have collected from the lawn in a tub carrying a mixture of flour and vegetable oil. 
  • I encourage my little ones to locate this material inside the tub using their hands βœ‹οΈ, pick out their favorite item, and stick it on the bear’s body by means of the double tape (you can also teach your kids how to put glue on these items and stick it on the bear 🧸 if you don’t have double tape at home).

Let me tell you that this whole process of searching for items in the tub and trying to stick them on the bear 🧸 is an amazing sensory activity for little ones. 

Marathon Time

Marathon Time For Kids

My kids have made me buy them several teddy bears 🐻 throughout the year. In fact, we have a bunch of stuffed polar bears πŸ»β€β„ residing at our home, too. If your condition is also the same, then here is a quick motor activity involving all the teddies 🧸 of your house.

What you need– 

Teddies, threads, and music.


  • I take a long thread 🧡 and tie all the teddy bears one behind another by means of tying the thread around the tummy of one soft toy and continuing to do the same with the next soft toy using the same thread. We end up with all teddies 🧸 lined up together. 
  • Now, I tie the first teddy in the line to my kid and ask him to lead the marathon by running all around the house while all the teddies follow him in a line. Moreover, I would love ❀️ to join this teddy marathon, too.
  • We put on the Grizzly Bear Song 🎡 on the speakers to add to the fun. Make sure your kids don’t trip and fall while leading all the teddies during this marathon by keeping them under strict supervision.

Meet A Bear

Kids Meeting A Bear

What could be better than taking your little one to the zoo to meet the real version of his favorite teddy 🧸 bear?

My son and daughter are always delighted to observe the bears 🐻 in their natural habitats. In fact, several zoological gardens hold educational workshops to teach little kids about animals like the bear.

I believe participating in these educational workshops has a positive impact βœ…οΈ on children who get to know about the habitat, threats, and feeding habits of bears.

Pro Tip 

You can also make a teddy 🧸 bear with your adorable one using playdough.

Counting Bears

Bears Counting Activity For Kids

Here is an amazing bear-themed counting πŸ”’ activity I have figured out for my little ones.

What you need– 

Polar bear πŸ»β€β„οΈ cutouts, brown bear 🐻 cutouts, bowls, and a marker pen.


  • I prepare cutouts of brown bears 🐻 and polar bears πŸ»β€β„ and mark them with random numbers.
  • I jumble the white and brown bears in a bowl and ask my little ones to segregate the white bears in one bowl and the brown ones in another. 
  • I encourage them to count πŸ”’ the total number of pieces on each bowl and then add up all the numbers written on each cutout to find the total sum. 
  • Sometimes, I mark the cutouts with alphabets πŸ”‘ and ask my kids to arrange the white and brown polar bears together to form a word.
  • If your kid is a toddler, you can teach them the difference in colors by guiding them through segregating the cutouts. 
  • If you don’t want to go through the whole hard work of preparing cutouts, then the song Ten in the Bed is extremely helpful in enhancing the counting abilities of your little one.

Bear Craft Activities

My little ones are big fans of painting 🎨, and I love to incorporate new methods of painting into their daily activities so that they are entertained all the time. Moreover, I also get hold of several amazing πŸ‘ masterpieces created by them to decorate the walls of my house.

Here are a few ways of making amazing bear 🐻 paintings that my kids love to engage in:

Fork Bear: 

Fork Bear For Kids

I guide my kids through dipping a fork’s backside in brown shades of paint 🎨 and pressing its impression on paper in a circular fashion around a central focal point to form the bear’s face. 

We paint the eyes πŸ‘€, nose, and other parts using a paintbrush or by sticking embellishments.

Cotton And Pom Pom Bear: 

This bear 🐻 painting activity is a popular one. I instruct my little ones to dip a cotton ball or a pom pom in brown shades of paint and form a bear by pressing its impression on a piece of paper. 

My daughter loves 🀩 to form the ear by sticking brown pom poms on the outline of the bear’s head using glue.

Textured Materials: 

Playing with textured materials has always been an ideal sensory practice πŸ‘Œ for kids. 

Therefore, I collected various kinds of textured papers in shades of brown, cut them into tiny pieces, mixed them up, and instructed my little one to stick these pieces on the outline of a bear to make a stunning bear-themed collage out of bits of diverse textures.

Hand Painting: 

Hand Painting Activity For Kids

I ask my little ones to dip their palm in a tray carrying brown shades of paint 🎨 and stamp its impression on paper around a central point in a circular fashion. 

This entire impression forms the face of the bear. We proceeded to decorate it with eyes and ears using embellishments. This bear activity improves the coordination of hands βœ‹οΈ and helps the child to 🧠 focus.

Rice or Pasta Bear: 

Playing with rice or pasta is a fantastic sensory activity for little ones. Therefore, I figured out a way to incorporate it into bear 🐻 activities. I put rice and pasta inside a ziplock bag and add brown shades of paint to it (if your kid is a fan of polar bears πŸ»β€β„ , then you can use white shades of paint). 

I let my little ones shake the bag, and we wait for the paint to dry so that we get pasta or rice in our desired shades of color. I draw the outline of a bear 🐻 on paper and instruct my kids to stick these grains of rice or pasta on it using glue (a highly recommended activity to improve the focus of a child).

Bubble Wrap Bear: 

Bubble wraps have always been a part of craft activities; therefore, we decided to make a bear using it. 

I just instruct my kids to dip a piece of bubble wrap in shades of brown and press its impression on the outline of a bear 🐻 drawn on white paper using a marker pen. 

Edible Bear

Why keep all the entertainment limited to crafts when we can make a bear 🐻 using food?

My kids are fussy eaters 🀭 so the following innovative bear-themed dishes are always welcome at our dining table:

Bear Bread: 

My son doesn’t like to eat bananas 🍌 but I need to change his habit because bananas are valuable sources of fiber. As a solution, I make a bear using bananas on his bread 🍞 and he loves it. 

I use slices of bananas to create the ears and arrange multiple slices in the form of a circle to form the bear’s face. I cut two olives πŸ«’ into half and used them to create the eyes.

Honey Bear: 

My daughter loves ❀️ honey 🍯 even more than bears do; therefore, I fill up a piping bag with honey and guide my kids through making the outline of a bear 🐻 using this piping bag on their pancakes. 

The whole process of making this honey 🍯 bear benefits the focus and motor skills of my children. Don’t worry if your kids are not big fans of honey because you can fill up piping bags with their favorite creams instead of honey for this bear activity. 

Bear Cookies: 

Bear Cookies Making Activity For Kids

This bear 🐻 activity is popular in my household throughout the year. We make bear-shaped cookies using cookie cutters and decorate them with numerous candies 🍬 and delights.

Bear Forest Rescue: 

If your little one hates 🀒 vegetables just like my son does, then this activity will be extremely helpful for you. 

I fry or bake circular slices of potatoes πŸ₯” with a pinch of salt and arrange them on a plate to form the face of a bear (two slices to create the ears and several slices arranged in a circular fashion to form the face). 

I use olives to create the eyes πŸ‘€ and peas πŸ«› to create the smile. Now, I cover it with several boiled green veggies πŸ₯¦ πŸ«‘ and tell my kids that they only rescue the bear trapped underneath the forest of green veggies by eating up the veggies and clearing the forest.

Polar Bear Ice-cream: 

How could we miss out on ice-creams 🍧 when we are discussing polar πŸ»β€β„ bears? I created a beautiful vanilla-flavored ice cream cone 🍦 for my kids and decorated the scoop of vanilla to make it resemble a polar bear by creating eyes and a nose using a piping bag carrying chocolate sauce. 

We create the bear’s ears using vanilla-flavored candies.

Watch Bear-themed Movies 

Bears have always been a favorite 😍 of animators, and therefore, there are tons of entertaining movies, shows, and even informative πŸ” documentaries about real-life bears.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is always there to entertain us, but I am also suggesting a few amazing bear-themed 🐻 movies 🎬 for all the children:

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of a movie 🎬 before allowing their children to watch it just to be sure that the contents of the movie are ideal βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your adorable child.

Read Bear-themed Books 

I love to buy numerous bear-themed books πŸ“š for my kids because they always want one whenever they see a picture of the bear on the book’s cover.

These bear-themed 🐻 are not only a medium to entertain children, but these treasures also impart beneficial information and knowledge to kids. These books give wings to the boundless imagination 🀩 of kids.

Here are a few bear-themed books πŸ“– my kids love to read quite often:

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of a book πŸ“– before allowing their children to read it just to be sure that the contents of the book are ideal βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your adorable child.

Bear In The Honey Bottle

My daughter loves honey 🍯 even more than bears do. 

Have you noticed that honey 🍯 is sold in transparent jars πŸ«™ also? 

If you have these jars at home, then this bear-themed activity is totally πŸ‘Œ ideal for you.

What you need– 

Transparent honey jars, black chart paper, a pencil, and LED lights.


  • I draw the outline of Winnie the Pooh on a piece of black chart paper by means of drawing dots using a pencil ✏️ and guide my kids to poke holes in the dots using the same pencil.
  • I put it inside the transparent honey jar (that is empty after all the honey has been utilized) and added LED lights to the jar. 
  • We put on the LED lights in a dark room, and every time, my kids are mesmerized 😍 by Winnie the Pooh taking form in the honey jar with the light journeying beautifully through the holes.
  • You can create other characters using the same process.


There is no end to bear-themed activities because bears have been popular with kids for centuries. 

My adorable little ones enjoy these activities a lot, and I hope you will also like to engage in these bear-themed 🐻 activities with your children. 

Let me know which bear-themed activity you like the most πŸ‘Œ in the comments below.

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