30+ Best Yarn Activities for Kids that You Should Know

Yarn is an excellent tool for educational exercises. This is not surprising given its affordability and adaptability—you can use it to keep your kids entertained in a variety of ways! 

As a mother, I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of yarn 🧶 crafts for kids, which open up a world of imagination and education. Yarn crafts are a great method to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, in addition to being entertaining. 

Interesting Yarn Activities for your Kids

Yarn crafts encourage a child’s creativity and give them a sense of achievement, ranging from easy finger knitting and basic weaving to more intricate efforts like crocheting and knitting. 

As small hands labor with vibrant threads to produce exquisite, tangible art, they promote perseverance, concentration, and problem-solving skills. 

Yarn projects are a great way to incorporate homemade items into our kids’ leisure activities, giving them a break from screens and a sense of success.

In this blog post, I’ve compiled a list of my top yarn crafts and activities that you can do with your children. Enjoy your creation!

Yarn Snowflakes

With your children, making yarn snowflakes ❄ may be a fun and imaginative winter pastime. 

As a mother, I’ve discovered that it enhances their fine motor abilities in addition to igniting their artistic flare.

Your kids can engage with yarn snowflakes in a hands-on, screen-free experience that fosters imaginative thinking and skill. Additionally, the finished product adds a lovely touch to the winter decor of your house. 

Have fun creating and spending time together 🌈 with your kids!

Shoelace Tying

As a parent, I like watching my kids grow in confidence as they go through each loop and tie while gently helping them through the steps of tying their shoelaces 👟. It’s a useful life skill that improves problem-solving and fine motor coordination. 

Additionally, shoelace tying is a fantastic chance for bonding as we practice together and recognize each small accomplishment. 

When they tie their own shoelaces for the first time, they have a genuinely lovely smile on their faces, which makes it a memorable and crucial lesson in their development.

Animal Yarn Art

As a mother, I’ve learned to love yarn art as a creative and immensely fulfilling hobby for kids. It’s an easy-to-use but flexible platform for your kids to unleash their creative side while learning valuable skills. 

Whether it’s creating friendship bracelets 👬, vibrant pom-poms, or weaving on a cardboard loom, these crafts spark my child’s creativity and give them a sense of success. 

Yarn art is an excellent learning tool because it promotes patience, attention to detail, and fine motor abilities. It’s a great diversion from screen time, letting my son express himself using a real and practical medium. 

Yarn art has grown to be a treasured activity that fosters my child’s creativity and self-expression while also keeping him occupied.

Yarn Ornament

Making a yarn ornament 💍 with my son is a relaxing and satisfying project. My son can show his creativity when we first choose the colors and forms we desire for our ornament. 

Weaving and wrapping the yarn around the selected shape is more than simply a craft—it’s a connecting experience. As we work on our project, we converse, joke about, and tell stories👨‍👧‍👧. 

Yarn decorations help your kids develop their motor abilities, patience, and attention to detail. 

Our completed product becomes a treasured memento, a souvenir of the unique times we spent together throughout the Christmas season or otherwise, whether we place it on the tree or use it to adorn our house.

Pencil Toppers

As a mother, I’ve discovered that these small, quirky works of art allow our kids the chance to add a fun touch to their writing equipment ✏️. 

Pencil toppers add fun to writing and drawing, whether they’re made of homemade crafts, beloved cartoon characters, or adorable animal forms. 

They inspire children to use their imaginations and to personalize their schooling. These may also be discussion starters and a great way to get others to share. 

I believe that it’s an easy yet powerful method to add a little excitement to our kids’ school activities and learning.

Yarn Telephone

I personally prefer making a yarn telephone ☎ for my children as it is a fun and instructive craft activity. 

Steps to do:

  • Start by making a small hole at the bottom of each cup, then insert the yarn through it. 
  • To secure it, knot it within the cup. 
  • Kids may then hold conversations by stretching the yarn taut, one at each end, and learn how vibrations travel along the string to simulate a real telephone.

Kids may enjoy an engaging do-it-yourself project with this yarn telephone and build relationships with their friends and family.

Yarn Hair Cutting and Designing

Your kids can have a lot of fun and creativity when they cut and make their own yarn hair 👱‍♀️. 

As a mother, I’ve seen how this activity encourages your children’s creativity and gives them a safe place to express their artistic tendencies. 

Kids may develop their imaginations by creating imaginative figures or experimenting with different hairstyles via yarn cutting and designing crafts. 

But it’s important to watch after them carefully to make sure they use yarn instead of actual hair and use scissors ✂ securely. This activity may be a great method for your kids to express themselves and grow as artists if given the proper direction.

Yarn Feather Making

It’s a great approach for me as a mother to support my kids’ creativity. 

To begin, gather a variety of vibrant yarn in different tones and textures, glue, and a base, such as cardboard or paper.

We work together to create colorful, fluffy feathers 🕊 by twisting and shaping the yarn. The children may create their own designs, blend colors, and try out various forms. 

It’s a mess-free, entertaining project that also gives your kids an opportunity to express their artistic side while improving their dexterity. In addition, the yarn feathers that are produced are excellent room accents or presents for loved ones. 

Yarn Octopus

Crafting a yarn octopus 🐙 with your kids may be a fun and interesting pastime. As a mother, I’ve discovered that this exercise teaches your kids patience in addition to encouraging their creativity. 

Steps to do:

  • You’ll need googly eyes 👀, scissors, and yarn 🧶 in bright colors to construct a yarn octopus. 
  • To begin, cut several long yarn strands and knot them together in the middle. 
  • Add googly eyes to the knot after that. 
  • Your kids can make the tentacles of the octopus by braiding, twisting, or wrapping the strands. 

It’s a great opportunity to bond over quality time, foster your child’s creativity and imagination, and create a sweet and vibrant memento.

Watercolor Yarn Art

Yarn watercolor 🌈 art is a fun and creative hobby that I, as a mother, have really loved teaching my kids. The sensory delight of yarn and the flowing, vibrant brilliance of watercolors are combined in this creative project. 

This inspires children to try new things and lets their creativity run free when they glue, paint, and weave. Your kids can express themselves and make one-of-a-kind artwork with it. 

Furthermore, the method is just as significant as the outcome, providing limitless opportunities for self-expression and discovery in a controlled and mess-free setting.

Yarn Picture Frame

Making photo frames 🖼 out of yarn with my children has been a fun and heartwarming way to strengthen our relationship. It’s an easy yet engaging craft that gives us a special opportunity to treasure memories.

 We begin by selecting a simple picture frame, and then we weave and wrap the yarn around it in a spectrum of colors to create complex textures and patterns ✨. 

These personalized photo frames act as a constant reminder of the wonderful times we’ve had together by proudly showcasing our most special moments.

Yarn Bookmarks

As a mother, I’ve discovered that it’s a fantastic method to foster our kids’ love of reading and develop their creativity with these yarn bookmarks 🔖. 

Steps to do:

  • You’ll need a pair of scissors, cardboard or thick paper, and colored yarn to get started. 
  • Allow your children to select their preferred yarn colors after cutting the cardboard into bookmark shapes. 
  • Then, assist them as they attach the fiber to the cardboard by wrapping it around it in a variety of styles. 

Yarn bookmarks are a keepsake of your kids’ artistic endeavors and provide an extra unique touch to reading. 

It’s also an easy, low-cost project that’s ideal for spending a relaxing afternoon with them.

Yarn Wind Chimes

I like to make wind chimes 🎐 out of yarn with my son, and we enjoy doing this together. 

Steps to do:

  • I first assemble my materials, which include a stick, yarn, beads, and a metal ring.
  •  Next, I grab the pole and wrap yarn in various colors around it.  
  • Then, I secure one end against the ring. 
  • Beads are woven onto the thread. 
  • Tie them up with the stick. 
  • To hang, add extra yarn to the ring.

You can hang it outside and savor the soft chime. I would say that this is a lovely and simple project that is ideal for bonding with your children.

Yarn Dreamcatchers

Making dream catchers 🧶 out of yarn with your children is a fantastic hobby. 

We work with beads, yarn, and a hoop. We round the hoop with yarn, for which my son makes color choices. We embellish the dreamcatcher with beads to complete this piece. 

This craft is fun and easy to do and aids your kids in their concentration abilities. It also fosters their creativity, providing them with a space to express their artistic talents.

We have original dreamcatchers here that we place on the mattresses. They catch nightmares.

Have fun with your kid while making these dreamcatchers as a beautiful craft project that is also excellent for spending quality time with your kids.


These yarn activities are perfect for a great bonding time with your kids. I hope all these activities have surely brought ample joy and a sense of happiness to your kids. 

Do leave your comments below if you have anything, or share or ask me! 💝~

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