12+ Classroom Activities to Inspire Young Minds!

Followed by their home, the classroom is the most important βœ…οΈ and influential part of a child’s life. A classroom not only aims at imparting academic πŸ“š knowledge to little ones but also coaches them to face life.

The classroom activities enable my little ones to brush up their problem-solving skills 🧠 , analytical skills πŸ“ of various kinds, motor πŸ’ͺ skills, cognitive skills, and the list goes on.

Therefore, it is important for my kids to practice those simple yet influential classroom activities at home, too. 

I love to engage in interesting 🧐 and impactful classroom activities with my son and daughter quite often. 

Ideal Classroom Activities for Kids 

Here are a few simple yet fantastic 🀩 classroom activities my adorable students love to engage in.

Walk On The Tape

I take a bunch of colorful tapes and put them on the floor in random lines. My little students are supposed to walk πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ over these tapes, starting from one end to another in different ways. 

For example, while walking on the red-colored tape, they should walk as if they are balancing themselves on a rope. 

The pink-colored tape requires them to hop from one end to reach the other end of it. 

Similarly, I assign different kinds of motor activities πŸ’ͺ to each tape, and my kids love to complete this activity within a given time limit.

Analyze The Distance And Weight

In a classroom, a lot of lessons and emphasis are put on learning about estimating πŸ“and measuring distances. At home, we practice the skill of analyzing weights and distances using a popular classroom activity. 

I place a cup πŸ₯€ at varying distances and ask my little students to throw a coin into it by visually estimating the distance each time.

To teach my little ones about the impact of the weight of an object, I ask them to throw balls of varying weights (such as tennis balls 🎾 , cricket balls, volleyballs 🏐 , basketballs, and paper balls) into a tub placed at a certain distance.

My little students find it quite interesting that different balls require different amounts of effort πŸ’ͺ to be thrown into the tub.Β 

Guess The Word

This game is a very engaging classroom activity by means of which my little students learn a lot of new words.

I write ✍️ the first letter of a word and replace the rest of the letters with a blank space. My little students roll a die 🎲 , get a number, and have the same number of chances to guess the missing letters of the word correctly. 

You can also give your little ones clues πŸ” regarding the word, such as the meaning of the word or its use.

Pro Tip 

I also encourage my little ones to form new words using the letters πŸ”  of the word they have guessed in this game.

Identify The Picture

This classroom activity is very similar to playing a game of Pictionary in a classroom. I write the names of different objects on small pieces of paper πŸ“ƒ , fold them, and put them in a box. 

My little student picks up a piece of paper and draws ✍️ that particular object on the whiteboard for the rest of us to guess.

We take turns to play this game and often use printed sheets with images πŸ–Ό of interesting objects, too.

You can also ask one person to describe a picture verbally while the other one draws it on the basis of the former one’s description.

Learn Resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is a very important skill for little ones to learn as soon as possible, and this classroom activity is a perfect choice in this case.

I collect recyclable ♻️ and reusable items like cardboard boxes πŸ“¦, empty bottles, plastic cups, straws, dried leaves πŸ‚, pipe cleaners, tiny springs, streamers, and similar items.

My little one is supposed to utilize their resourcefulness and craft supplies (such as glue, streamers, and pieces of yarn) to create something artistic using them.

Not only is this classroom activity good for brushing up the artistic skills of my little ones, but it also helps them learn how to recycle ♻️ certain items.

Get On The Hogwarts Express

The world of Harry Potter is just as magical ✨️ as the imagination of little ones. 

I ask my little ones to line up and form a train πŸš‚ to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

I place Harry Potter-themed goodies πŸ₯° in different corners of the room. The little wizards start off as the Hogwarts Express from one corner of the room and stop by to collect every goodie on the way.

Pro Tip 

You can also line up to form alphabets πŸ” , numbers πŸ”’ , or even πŸ› caterpillars.

Play Four Corners 

We love to engage in this classroom activity that makes my little ones giggle 🀩 in laughter and suspense.

One of us is blindfolded πŸ‘¨β€πŸ¦―, sent outside, and the rest of us stand in each corner of the room. We label the corners of the room as one, two, three, and four (you can also name the corners alphabetically). 

The blindfolded player enters the room and names any one of the corners of the room, following which the person standing in the corner is ❎️ eliminated. 

The players change their locations for every round, and the one who manages to avoid elimination till the last round is declared the πŸ† winner.

Revision – True Or False

As a mother, I know it takes a lot of patience to revise lessons πŸ“š with the notorious little students.

This classroom activity helps to grab the attention 🧠 of little ones and encourage them to revise lessons easily. I usually put the tape in a straight line on the floor and proceed to label the right-hand side as ‘TRUE’ βœ…οΈ and the left-hand side as ❎️ ‘FALSE.’  

I dictate statements regarding the lessons, and my little students decide whether they’re true or false. They proceed to jump on the side of the tape corresponding to their answer.

Word Relay

This amazing classroom activity helps to teach little ones about teamwork πŸ‘¬ alongside improving their vocabulary.

I write ✍️ a particular theme on the whiteboard and divide the board into two columns. My little ones are divided into two teams, and they are supposed to write a word on the board related to the particular theme one by one. 

The team that finishes writing all the words in the shortest period ⏰️ will be declared as the winner.

For example, if the theme allotted is ‘SWEETS’ 🍬, then each student needs to write the name of their favorite sweet on the board.

Memorize As Much As You Can

The memory 🧠 game is a popular classroom activity amongst preschoolers as well as kindergarteners. 

I don’t require any kind of material for this activity, and it is absolutely πŸ‘Œ suitable for having a great time with the little students.


  • We start a chain of words πŸ”  with the first player saying one word related to a particular theme.
  • The second player memorizes 🧠 the word mentioned by the first player and proceeds to add another word related to the theme. 
  • The third player memorizes the words mentioned by the first and second players before adding a new word related to the theme. 
  • This chain of words πŸ”  continues, and the player who misses out on a particular word in the chain is eliminated.

Collaborative Masterpiece

My little ones love to play with colors, and the idea of classroom activity to create a collaborative masterpiece 🀩 is an all-time favorite for them.

I just need a piece of paper and colorful marker pens for this classroom activity. My little ones choose the marker pens of their favorite colors 🎨 and sit together in a circle. 

The sheet is passed on to the first player for 30 seconds ⏰️ during which they need to draw anything they like. After 30 seconds, the paper is passed on to the second player, and the artistic chain continues.

At the end of this classroom activity, we have a beautiful masterpiece πŸ–Ό carrying the magical imagination of several little minds.

Birthday Line-up

This simple classroom activity is extremely loved πŸ₯° by all the little ones because it is a really interesting one. 

My little ones line up according to their birthdays πŸŽ‚ starting from the 1st to the 31st or according to the months of the year. The kids are extremely delighted to learn about the birthdays πŸ₯³ of their friends.Β Β 

Balloon Battle 

This classroom activity is a big hit βœ…οΈ when we think about ideal motor activities. My little ones take a bat and hit a balloon 🎈 across to their friends, trying their best not to let the balloon touch the ground.

I prefer using balloons of different shapes and sizes so that my little ones can learn 🧐 about the influence of these factors on the movements of a balloon caused by the application of force.

Let’s Sort Everything 

This classroom activity makes my little students utilize their minds 🧠 a lot to put their knowledge to use. 

I label different boxes πŸ“¦ as separate categories under a single topic. For example, if the topic is ‘ANIMAL KINGDOM’ 🦝 then I label the boxes as ‘REPTILES,’ ‘AMPHIBIANS,’ ‘FISHES,’ and so on.

I mix together cutouts of all the animals 🦧 from different categories and ask my little ones to work together and sort each cutout to the bowl labeled as the correct category corresponding to the particular animal.

Let’s Solve Puzzles

When I was younger, I was really fascinated by the games and puzzles 🧩 I used to play with my siblings in the evenings. 

My kids also love to solve huge and intriguing πŸ” puzzles with their friends.

Not only does this classroom activity improve their teamwork πŸ‘¬, but it also helps them to focus on solving a single problem for a certain span of time.

Clip Clue Puzzles and Life: The Ultimate Picture Puzzle: Can You Spot the Differences? are suitable books for this activity.

Sound And Freeze

We just put on our favorite rhymes or songs 🎡 to enjoy dancing πŸ’ƒ and playing numerous games together.

I love to play the game of freeze, where all the little ones are required to freeze in a particular fashion while dancing whenever the music is paused.

Sometimes, instead of freezing, I ask my little ones to search for an object of a particular color before I pause ⏸️ the rhyme.

If the little ones fail to find an object of that particular color 🎨 before the rhyme is paused, he/she will have to face an elimination ❎️ from the game.

Solve The Riddle

The little detectives πŸ•΅β€β™€οΈ are always ready to solve a riddle, and sometimes, even I am surprised πŸ€” by how far their imagination can go.

We sit together in a circle, solve riddles together, and have a memorable time.

I Spy Books and Reader’s Digest Book of Puzzles & Brain Teasers are really good choices for this classroom activity.


Classroom πŸ“ activities spread over a wide range of diversity, starting from academic activities to motor πŸ’ͺ activities.

There is no doubt that these activities impact the overall development of the little ones to a great extent βœ…οΈ and should be carefully incorporated into their daily routine.

Don’t forget to tell me πŸ˜‡ which classroom activity your little student enjoys the most.

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