45+ Fun Bathtub Activities Ideas for Your Children

Every parent loves to spend time with their baby, and what better way than bonding over a bath πŸ›? Honestly, babies love to bathe because of the splashing of water and so many other fun reasons.

However, it is essential to ensure extra safety from water while bathing a baby. Choosing a perfect bathtub is of utmost importance.

Is a baby bathtub essential? 

While many parents choose to bathe their baby in their family bathtub, it is recommended to use a baby bathtub instead. Some parents also choose to shower 🚿 with their baby but holding a baby and standing in a wet shower can be risky and challenging. 

Another option most parents try is bathing their baby in a sink, added with a baby bath seat that provides support. 

Despite all these options, a baby bathtub remains the safest choice for your baby. Such bathtubs πŸ› are made with the safety of the baby in mind. Such bathtubs mostly have an anti-slip surface that helps to hold the baby upright while bathing.

As newborns cannot hold their heads up for long, it is essential to bathe them in smaller vessels initially rather than adult-sized tubs. 

Note– Always keep a watch on your baby while in the bathtub πŸ›. Never leave them unattended.

Bathtubs offer your baby a comforting space to splash and play with water. Cleaning such a baby bathtub is also a convenient experience as a cleansing wipe or warm soap water can do it. It is always a 100% more hygienic option than bathing your baby in a sink or adult bathtub.  

Top qualities to watch out for in a baby bathtub 

We understand that babies are where the heart of every parent lives. This is why here we have mentioned some qualities of a baby bathtub to check before your purchase– 

  • A non-skid surface in the tub’s inner and outer parts is a must. It ensures that your baby or the tub will not slip while wiggling or playing with water πŸ’¦.
  • The edges of the baby bathtub should be smooth and rounded. It will reduce the chances of bruises if the baby falls while bathing. 
  • The bathtub should be easy to carry wherever you want to bathe your baby. Also, it should be flexible so that it can be used for a couple of years when the baby is growing. 
  • The cleaning and water drainage of the tub should be efficient. Lack of proper drainage will lead to mold and mildew, making the tub unhygienic for the baby πŸ‘Ά. 

Now that you know the importance of the perfect bathtub for your baby, here are some ideas to make bath time even more fun-filled! 

Top ideas to make bath time more enjoyable

We’ve curated a list of top ideas to help you make bath time more enjoyable and transform it into a relaxing oasis of self-care and bliss.

Best Fascinating Bathtub Activities Ideas:

  1. Pick the best bath toys. 
  2. Kids love bubbles
  3. Bring on the Sponge 
  4. Make more foam 
  5. Try singing and bath books. 
  6. Splash out loud!
  7. Play with ice cubes 
  8. Try out real toys 
  9. Try glow-in-the-dark tub
  10. Keep it natural 
  11. Play bathtub football with kids….

By incorporating these ideas into your bath time routine, you can create a soothing and indulgent atmosphere that nourishes both your body and mind.

So go ahead, indulge in these tips, and elevate your bath time into a luxurious escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Pick the best bath toys. 

pick the best bath toys.

Bath toys are available in plenty in the market. However, the best ones are those that help the baby to learn while playing.

You can select plastic cups for them as it will encourage them to learn to pour, dump and fill. Also, you can choose floating sea creatures πŸ‹, which will quickly let them know the names of various sea creatures. 

Kids love bubbles

kids love bubbles

When your kid is younger, you can blow the bubble and let them pop. As they keep growing, you can ask them to blow while you pop. With bubbles, your kid will start learning the concepts of big, small, float, and pop.

The kid will learn these new words easily without effort and all in the bath time game! When they blow the bubbles, they will also know the idea of fast and slow to form those soap bubbles. 

Bring on the Sponge 

A sponge is every kid’s love! They soak and squeeze them while pretending to be cleaning something. Early math skills such as water displacement and volume 🌊 can be learned while playing with a sponge in the bath. Combine sponges of different shapes and sizes to add to the fun and excitement of the kid. 

Let your kids squeeze the sponge back into the container, as it will give them ideas about water and its impact on shape. 

Make more foam 

kid Make more foamΒ 

When there’s more foam, kids love it! With foam, you can let your kid make different figures in hand. Also, you can make a beard and mustache on your kid’s face when you have ample foam.

You can try out various hairstyles on yourself, and this will definitely make the kid burst into joyful laughter. 

Try singing and bath books. 

You can start singing popular bathing rhymes or any of your favorite songs when inside the tub. Your kid will also join, and it will enhance their skill in singing and understanding rhymes in a fun manner. 

There are various bath books available in the market πŸ“š that you can carry to the bathtub and read out loud. You can pick stories related to adventure, sea creatures, and water so that it engages your kid more. 

Splash out loud!

kid splashing water

Believe it or not, we know kids love splashing water in the bathtub. Enjoy the time with them and start splashing water by hitting the water πŸ’¦ with your hands.

Let your kid do the same but ensure safety, so they do not get injured. The echo of the splashing water gives kids immense fun and joy; go ahead and enjoy it with them. 

Play with ice cubes 

Scientific concepts such as water changing πŸ’¦ its form to ice can be easily taught to kids with ice cubes. When in the bathtub, play with ice cubes, and they will be amused to witness two different forms of water together. 

Try adding some food color to the water to make ice cubes. Mix them in the bathtub and let your kid separate the different colors. Kids will be further amazed when they see the same ice getting melted in water and changing color of it. It’s a simple and efficient way to teach the kid πŸ‘Ά science.   

Try out real toys 

try out real toys

Bath toys often lose their shine after a period of time. It is suggested that you try to add some real toys and figures made of rubber and plastic. It will add to the fun, and kids will love it as they will mostly float in the water. 

These real toys also easily sustain the soapy water effect and hence will be in the same shape for a long time. 

Try glow-in-the-dark tub

Kids are immediately attracted to something that glows in the dark. Try adding glow sticks to the tub water to turn around the entire look of the bathtub πŸ› instantly. Also, add some glow decal stickers on the bathtub’s wall so that the glow remains constant.

This will also let your kids better understand the luminescent properties that create the bathtub glow. 

Keep it natural 

naturalΒ  Bathtub activities for kids

Children love to bathe in water πŸ’¦, and they also love to play in natural open spaces. How about you combine both of them and make bath time super fun?

You can definitely try doing this by adding certain natural elements to the bathtub. Add some leaves, twigs, pine cones or stones to the bathtub. See which of them float easily and which sink quickly. 

Note- Ensure you do not include sharp or hard natural things in the bathtub as they may injure the kid. 

Play bathtub football with kids 

play bathtub football with kids

Get footballs that are lightweight and bring them to the bathtub. Kids get excited when they get a ball to play with. Allow them to play free shots with the football ⚽.

They’ll splash water all over the place as they keep playing with the ball. Make sure that the surface isn’t soapy, or else the kids may have the chance to slip. 

Let them play with running water.

kids plays with running water

Allow your kids to play with running water to experience water flow to the hands. When you let them play with running water, make sure to start with a shallow bath so they do not waste much water πŸ’¦. 

Get them some bottles which they can fill from the running or dripping water. Let them hold the shower head with their hands so they feel the feeling of controlling the water flow. 

Create a bath time sensory bin

Transform bath time into a sensory experience by creating a bath time sensory bin πŸ”.

Fill a bin or large container with water and add various sensory materials such as foam shapes, colored water beads, or even scented bath salts.

Let your child explore the different textures, colors 🌈, and scents while playing in the water.

Introduce water-friendly art supplies

Make bath time a creative experience by providing water-friendly art supplies. Give your child bath crayons, bath paints, or bath markers that can be used on the tub walls.

They can unleash their artistic skills 🎨 and create masterpieces while getting clean.

Add some music

Bring in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker or a toy that plays music to add a musical element 🎢 to bath time. Play your child’s favorite songs or nursery rhymes to make bath time more enjoyable and create a fun and upbeat atmosphere.

Try water experiments

Incorporate science into bath time by conducting simple water experiments. For example, you can demonstrate how different objects sink or float, or how colors mix in water πŸ’¦ by adding food coloring.

This hands-on learning experience will engage your child’s curiosity and make bath time educational and exciting.

Set up a pretend car wash

Turn bath time into a pretend car wash adventure πŸš—. Bring toy cars, trucks, and even a small car wash station or brushes.

Let your child wash their toy vehicles in the water, creating imaginary play scenarios and reinforcing hygiene habits.

Turn bath time into a bubble party

Create a bubble extravaganza by using a bubble machine πŸ’¦ or adding bubble bath solution to the water.

Fill the bathroom with an abundance of bubbles and watch your child’s delight as they pop and play with the fluffy foam.

Make bathtime storytelling fun

Combine bath time with storytelling by introducing waterproof bath books πŸ“š or storytelling bath puppets.

Engage your child’s imagination with interactive stories and encourage them to act out the characters or create their own narratives in the water.

Try water sports in the tub

Bring small water-friendly sports equipment into the tub, such as mini basketball hoops or floating soccer balls.

Let your child practice their motor skills and have fun playing mini versions of their favorite sports ⚽ while getting clean.

Create a themed bathtime experience

Transform bath time into a themed adventure. Use bath accessories like foam stickers, bathtub decals, or even inflatable palm trees to create a tropical island or underwater world 🐠.

Encourage imaginative play and storytelling as your child explores the themed bath environment.

Incorporate a water slide into bath time

For an extra splash of fun, set up a small water slide inside the tub 🌊.

There are inflatable or foldable water slides available that can be attached to the edge of the tub, allowing your child to slide into the water.

It adds an element of excitement and turns bath time into a mini water park experience.

Turn bath time into a magical treasure hunt

Hide small waterproof toys or objects in the bathwater and give your child a treasure map πŸ—ΊοΈ or clues to find them.

Let them navigate through the “ocean” and search for hidden treasures πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ, fostering their problem-solving skills and imagination.

Create a DIY spa experience for your child

Transform bath time into a relaxing spa-like experience. Add scented bath salts, gentle music, and soft lighting πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ.

Use a washcloth to give your child a mini facial or foot massage πŸ§–β€β™‚οΈ. They will feel pampered and enjoy the calming ambiance of their own spa retreat.

Introduce water-friendly puzzles or stacking toys

Bring waterproof puzzles or stacking toys into the bath 🌊. Your child can enjoy solving puzzles 🧩 or building towers while splashing in the water.

It enhances their cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination while making bath time more entertaining.

Let your child have a “sink or float” experiment

Gather various objects from around the house and have your child guess whether each item will sink or float in the water πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ.

Then, one by one, drop the objects into the bathtub and observe the results. It’s a fun way to introduce basic concepts of buoyancy and scientific exploration.

Try a glow stick bath for an illuminating experience

Add glow sticks or glow-in-the-dark bath toys to the water for a mesmerizing and enchanting bath time.

Turn off the lights and let your child enjoy the glowing ambiance while splashing and playing πŸ›€. It creates a magical atmosphere and adds an element of wonder to bath time.

Cognitive benefits of bathtime for kids – A must-know! 

benefits of bathtub fun activities

As per popular studies, bath time is important for your kid’s πŸ‘Ά cognitive and emotional development. Their senses are heightened during bath time, enabling their brain to focus better. 

The feeling of water on the body, watching the water splash and playing all the above-mentioned games in the tub de-stresses babies. It is known to promote good sleep for kids.  

Use words such as splash, drip, pour, spray, and slippery during the bath routine. It will also boost their vocabulary πŸ“š at an early age. 

Bath time is all about having fun while ensuring the kid learns something new! Go ahead and make the most of your kid’s next bath session! Also, share your valuable experience with us, we would like to know more about you 😊.

bathtub activities

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