20+ Sponge Activities for Kids That Are Better Than TV!

Just like the millions of unique products that already exist in this world, sponges are among them. And just like every other product on this planet, they have their specific, unique property. 

Despite already having a number of brilliant products, we humans still use these unique products to clean our houses or ourselves because of their unique set of characteristics. 

Aside from the fact that we use them for our hygiene 🪥, sponges are used for a variety of other things as well, like painting and other types of art. So we need to pass on the information about this incredible and beneficial product to our younger generation. 

Thus, in this blog post, I am going to list a couple of sponge activities for your little kids.

Exciting Sponge Activities for Kids

The few activities I listed below will be enjoyable and exciting for your kids and will also help them learn about various things. 

The activities mentioned below are solely made for the little kids to perform to learn more about the sponges through practical use in these activities.

So, in this blog post, I assembled a list of sponge activities that are fun as well as enjoyable for your kids.😁


I believe this is an exciting and unique pet activity for all the little learners out there. No amount of lists consisting of different sponge activities could be complete without the one and only SpongeBob Square Pants 😂 one! 

For this activity, your little learners can make SpongeBob Square Pants with the help of a yellow sponge, some markers, paper, and glue. This simple activity can help your kids in so many ways.

Butterfly Scene

Here is another great activity for your little sponge lovers. This activity is one of those creative and exciting activities that your kids will surely love.

On top of this, finding fun activities for your kids that they can do with items you already have at home can be tricky. As long as you have colorful dog poop bags, your kids should be set to create this beautiful butterfly 🦋 scene. 

The clouds can be made from cotton balls, but the rest of the picture can be just made from sponges and glued to construction paper. Thus, I suggest this activity to all the little learners.

Paper Plate Color Wheel

Here is another great and easy activity for all of the little learners.

As painting with my little son is always a precious time we get to spend together, I also decided to add a painting-driven activity to this list; for this activity, having something in your kid’s mind as an end goal makes this activity even better. 

All your kids have to do for this activity is to cut a sponge into triangles and then paint 🎨 whatever colors your kids like on the sponge to create several colorful wheels.


I believe this is another great and easy activity for all the little learners. 

Pretend food is always a hit with my kid. For this activity, your kids need to cut ✂️ the sponge into whatever shape your kids would like to make their favorite dessert. 

After this, they can also add some colored pom-poms for decoration. A few additional pieces would make for a perfect frosting layering.

Float a Boat

I would recommend another great and exciting activity for your little kids.

If you have leftover wooden skewers from the last time you made kabobs, you can surely use them in this activity. 

You can use those to make the most out of this activity. For this activity, your kids will need to cut construction paper 📃into triangles to make the sail. A single-hole punch is needed to get the sail onto the mast.

Sponge Painted Stocking

Here is another incredible activity that I would like to suggest to all of the little learners.

This fun stocking crafting activity will take up a good amount of time for your kids to complete. 

Let your kids punch the front and back of the stocking at the same time so they perfectly align. Then, they can use different-shaped sponges to decorate the stocking for Santa 🎅🏻!

Plate Turkey

This is another great activity for all the little learners wanting to learn about several sponge activities. All your kids need is red, orange, and yellow paint for this festive fall crafting activity. 

Let your kids paint the entire paper plate 🍽️ first, and then your kids can also add the turkey head last. This will keep the turkey head from being painted by mistake. Then your kids can also add some googly eyes 👀, and eventually, your kid’s turkey is complete!

Shape Paint

Here is another incredible painting activity that will help your kids execute a great sponge activity. Your kids must cut a few shapes on multiple sponges for this activity. 

For this activity, your kids need to set out various colors and a piece of white card stock paper📃. Then, let your kids create their shape picture! 

Your kids can also label each shape at the end or leave it as it is. Regardless, your kid will love learning about shapes🔴 through such kinds of arts and crafts activities.

Alphabet Sponges

This is another great activity that helps your little ones enjoy their beautiful times while learning or improving a specific skill.

Activities like hands-on reinforcement activities that also use art are a great way to help your kids learn. 

Thus, alphabet sponges are perfect for the preschool classroom, as kids are just starting to learn how to string letters 🔠 together to create words.

Sponge Doll

Another great activity for all the little kids out there is this “Sponge Doll” activity. 

For this sponge doll 🪆 craft activity, your kids will need felt paper or fabric, string, and also a few paint colors. After completion, your kids can use it for any purpose. Later, They can be used for imaginary play or as a house decoration ✨.

Pro Tip:

If you have more than a single kid, then you can also make this a whole class activity and let all your kids make their sponge dolls. 

Build a Tower

This is another great activity for all the little kids who want to learn and perform all of this. For this activity, your kids need to cut ✂️a bunch of old sponges into strips for this Jenga-inspired building activity. 

This is an enjoyable activity that will surely entertain your kids a lot. Thus, I highly recommend this activity to all the little learners.

Pro Tip:

If you want to make this a much more competitive activity, you only need to add a time limit. You can use this time limit to test which one of your kids can build the tallest structure in the shortest amount of time!

Rainbow Painting

This is another great painting activity for your little kids who want to learn and improve their painting skills while utilizing the sponge. For this activity, your kids will need to line up a sponge with the colors of the rainbow and then hand it over to your child! 

Your artistic children will love watching the myriad of colors 🖍️ that they will need to fill the page. After this, your kids can just glide the sponges to create a rainbow across the paper.

Sponge Blocks

Here is another one of those creative activities that all the kids will love to perform.

In this activity, instead of making a simple tower, your kids can just try to build a house 🏠! This will take a little more prep time because your kids will need to cut ✂️ out more shapes, but it is a simple DIY toy your kids can easily make. 

This activity is surely a nice quiet time for little learners who no longer nap.

Build a House

This is another perfect creative activity that will help your kids improve their creative thinking and crafting ability.

I, as well as my little son 🧑🏻, are fond of this puzzle-type sponge-building idea. For this activity, your little learners will need to recognize which shapes belong where. 

This will make for a slightly more complex shape-matching activity that ends with a completed house! Despite its complexity, it’s a very entertaining activity that your kids definitely should try.

Bike Wash

Here is another activity filled with lots of creative and exciting elements. 

This activity is best suited for the summer weather. For this activity, your kids first need to drill holes in some PVC pipe and hang sponges to create a car 🚗 wash. 

Your kids will love riding their bicycles through this on a hot day as they “wash” their bikes.

Play Darts

Another delightful and exciting activity for your little kids is the “Play Darts” activity.

This is a straightforward outdoor activity that most of us have played several times. For this activity, your kids will first need to use chalk to draw a dart board on the sidewalk. 

After this, your kids need to wet a few sponges and see who can land their sponge on the bullseye 🎯. 

Pro Tip:

You should make sure that your kids will not try not to mess up the chalk with their throw!


Here is another interesting activity that will keep your kids hooked for quite a while.

Almost every kid loves an ice-cold 🧊 popsicle, don’t they? For this activity, your kids need to turn them into pretend food items using an old popsicle stick and a colored sponge. 

You can also help your kids with the gluing process and then set them out to complete the activity.

Pro Tip:

After the completion of the ice-cold popsicle, your kids can use it or play it with either a summer display or an imaginary play.

Scrub Toy

I think this is another delightful activity that your little kids will get fond of pretty soon.

Your kids will have much more fun washing their bodies with this. You should ditch the washcloths and try making a scrub toy with them. 

This will help them get excited about the next time they get to take a bath 🚿. Thus, it is a great activity for your little kids.

Animal Bath Toys

Another stimulating activity is the “Animal Bath Toys” activity. This is quite similar to the previous activity but has uniqueness. 

And I am quite sure your kids will love this activity as well. So, if you don’t have time to make the sponges described in the previous activity, then you can buy something similar. This super cute set of shapes 🔴and animals 😍 is the perfect addition for your kids during bath time.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids use them as a toy to wear out or in place of a washcloth during their bath time.

Sponge in Capsule Animals

Here is another great activity revolving around a creative craft that will entertain your kids 🧑🏻 to a great amount.

And if your kids need an academic activity to help demonstrate the properties of water, then this activity is perfect for them. These sponge capsules are a unique way to show how materials soak up water. 

You can let your kids watch them grow and then explain how water 💦 is the universal solvent. This activity will not only help your kids to entertain themselves, but it will also improve their general knowledge 🧠 as well.


My son and I have played these activities together to teach him about the importance and use of such a variety of unique aquatic animals. This also helped him learn and improve various skills while also enjoying the fun and excitement that all these interesting yet valuable activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these unique, fun, and valuable sponge activities, compiled with lots of other factors that were so innovative and creative. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you🥰.

Please leave a comment below if you also want to add more activities to this list related to this specific topic regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from all of you! ❤️

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