30+ At-Home Preschool Activities for Your Little Ones 

I know it’s never simple to have a toddler at home; believe me, I understand. It can be difficult to come up with activities that would keep children occupied and teach them. Whatever your motivation for looking for activities for preschoolers at home, we have it covered!

The preschool activities that I am going to give you in this list can be made and done in any house, condo, or yard! In some circumstances, both your youngest and older children may adore these activities. This set of exercises offers both instructive and entertaining exercises.

Best At-Home Preschool Activities for Kids

Try these at-home preschool activities with your kids, specially selected from my favorite list.

Paint the Ice

In my view, the wisest course of action in uncertain times is to engage in sensory activities.

Toddlers must always have a small amount of indoor as well as outdoor activity. Your children will enjoy the great summertime activity of painting the ice 🧊.

Letter Bugs Matching

As a preschool teacher 👨‍🏫, I understand the importance of an extensive list of literacy exercises.

Matching letter bugs is a great preschool exercise. Let your kids have fun while using a range of paper colors and different creatures.

Addition Tree

Your learners will certainly become motivated to learn maths after using this enjoyable addition tree. 

I would recommend you place this tree 🌳 anywhere to help students learn about addition in their daily lives. It will be visible to students all the time, whether it is in the playroom, the kitchen, or the dining room.

Feed the Monster

I am very sure that you’ll surely include this straightforward activity in your library of games 🏏 because it is one of those incredibly entertaining activities. 

Your Students will like playing this game and making it not too difficult. In my classroom, it’s one of these matching activities that pupils never really get weary of playing.

Interactive Turtle Race

I think, with this turtle puzzle activity, your learners’ motor skills will be improved.

This maze game is enjoyable for kids to play and beneficial for their growth. The pupils will learn to follow instructions very well through this game.

Building Patterns

I firmly believe that pattern forming will be utilized frequently throughout primary school. 

It is crucial for students’ success to develop a solid knowledge of it in preschool as well as kindergarten. 

In addition to improving your pattern-building abilities, you’ll end up with a really awesome art piece.

Earth Sensory Play

I know maybe it will not always be simple, as social studies should always be taught in the classroom.

It’s a terrific opportunity for you to include some sensory fun 😀 in your at-home school activities, whether you teach planet Earth via storytime or simply by talking.

Color Matching Game

Children are fascinated by color, and I always encourage my kids to play color-related games.

Though it may not initially seem like an activity, it may be readily transformed into a learning one. This can turn out to be one of your favorite preschool activities with a little imagination.

Color Sort Activity

In my opinion, this is a wonderful activity for your 🏡 home kids.

These kinds of educational exercises will improve pupils’ fine motor abilities and color awareness. Your kid should match and arrange the color 👀 according to the order.

Letter Recognition

I know for parents, sometimes it might be difficult to keep literacy lessons interesting, but your kids will adore this routine activity with suggestions like these.

This has the benefit that activity adjustments are simple to implement.

Exciting X-Ray Science Experiment

My science-loving son loves these science projects that can be finished fast at home!

I believe that your children will like learning about 🩻 x-rays and everything that goes along with them. Finding a movie or tale to go with the experiment will be useful!

Hop and Read

Your kids will adore playing this game because it is so engaging and fun. It’s a fun game to play if you’re blessed with one or more kids at 🏡 home.

This board game can be made with simple materials like construction paper and a market.

Rice Letters

You will be amazed to know that the majority of fantastic preschool activities utilize rice. This one is the same. 

Your students, too, should practice writing in a pan of rice 🍚 using a set of exercise sheets that have either letters or numbers on them. Students will enjoy this really easy sensory activity.

Interactive Math

I recommend this funny and enjoyable math activity, which will engage your child in a funny activity. 

If possible, try your best to incorporate some instructional screen time during those chaotic times when you’re having trouble getting your kids to concentrate. Not to worry! 

I guarantee that time spent on screens can be instructive. Students can practice telling the difference by watching this video.

Oh the Place You’ll Go Adventure

Children love reading books 📚 and as a parent, you should encourage this habit of your kid by suggesting various books.

Dr. Seuss’s book Oh, Where You Will Go is one of the most enjoyable books for children. You can use these engaging brain break exercises to supplement this narrative if you decide to read it. 

Pro Tips

Giving your children mental breaks will keep them alert and prepared to learn. Nothing beats a little physical ability instruction!

Emotions Science Project

I think studying at home is more enjoyable because it is more one-on-one than on a few, which makes it fantastic for science 👨‍🔬 projects. 

Your preschoolers love engaging in activities like these, and your children will like witnessing the emotional outbursts!

Popsicle Stick Building

Have you heard about the popsicle stick building? This is one of the best activities that will make your kid engage throughout the day.

Popsicle sticks and other typical household goods can be useful during an entire day at home. Make popsicle stick art by using Velcro circular stickies! 

Things to remember 

Students should attempt to create an exact replica of the image or idea that is given to them. Or simply allow them to build whatever they want!

Paint with Cars

My kids are extremely obsessed with automobiles, and they went absolutely crazy when this project was offered. 

For kids, this is so easy and exciting! Your kids should drive their automobiles through the color and onto the sheet of paper after they lay out a large or little piece of paper.

At Home Beading

I recommend making beads at home for kids as it develops their motor skills.

Your students enjoy beading. By giving youngsters a variety of patterns to follow, you can easily turn this into an educational activity. Test your students’ comprehension of patterns and directions.

Chalk Painting

This is a fun 😄 and engaging approach to bringing youngsters outside using chalk paint. You might even use drawing prompt cards to give youngsters various things to draw. 

Like symbols for words, numbers, or forms, but keep in mind to encourage their creative expression as well!

Puzzle Building

My kid loves solving puzzles 🧩, and with the help of this puzzle activity, you can help your child develop hand-eye coordination. 

Although it may be difficult at first, pupils will be very eager to continue building once they begin to understand the parts.

Bee Art Craft

My kids love learning about various animals, and bees 🐝 fascinate them most. You can make this activity more engaging by crafting Bee projects. 

The other youngsters may also want to participate! Create ladybirds, beetles, or even bees! Kids of a variety of ages will enjoy this straightforward exercise.

Cup Stacking

I believe that for learners who are at home, cup stacking is an entertaining and interesting practice. 

They’ll enjoy this stem exercise and making towers out of the cups whether you participate or just let the kids have fun.

We’re Going on A Bear Hunt

This interactive exercise is really enjoyable. Your children will enjoy avoiding the obstacles as well as following the arrows 🏹 as they look for the bear 🐻 .

Once you’re done, take the kids outdoors and try to give them ideas for their hurdle course.

Go Bananas

You know this activity is ideal if the children are starting to become restless during this winter, which seems to last forever. 

Allow them to completely lose control so they can let their hair down and engage in some physical activity. Don’t forget to join in the singing and dancing.

Dental Health

As a mother, you will acknowledge this activity because good dental health begins at home!

It’s crucial to instill in your children from an early age the value of brushing their teeth and avoiding foods high in sugar. This is a fantastic method to include some autonomy.

Stick the letter

Kids love sticking to various letters, and specifically when you have kids running about, it might be difficult to find the time to plan your lessons.

Fortunately, setting up and running this activity are both quite quick and straightforward.

Color and Match

Another fantastic low-prep exercise that your kids will adore. Print extras because it can be difficult for pupils to accurately match their flowers.

Give your kids some colorful objects with crayons 🖍 to match with the color.

Little Hand Creations

Personally, I like this exercise as it has the potential to be slightly more difficult than others on the list.

Students must not only draw the numerals but also use the tiny stones, which might be challenging.

Rainbow Fish Playdough

You know that there are a tonne of various things you can do with playdough, but making animals 🐒 is always a blast!

This exercise is a great companion to the book “Rainbow Fish” and is certain to become popular.

Pillow fight

Children are very active. Let’s tough it inside the house as the pandemic has restricted their activities. Throw your toddler into a fierce pillow battle. 

You can let your kid stand on the bed 🛌 and engage in combat to get an advantage. While pleasure and sweat are guaranteed, the condition of your pillows is not.

Hide and seek

I firmly believe that this is a classic that continues to captivate kids of all ages.

Play a game of hide and seek with your kid and enjoy watching them smile when it’s over. When looking for them, ignore the glum expressions!

Five objects

You desire for your youngster to move all over the house. Make a list of the names of various items you can find around your 🏠 hose.

Your youngster will have one minute to go get the thing when you call it out. Take turns playing this rather than being a lazy bum.

Balloon Games

Children and balloons have an enchanted relationship. Children love playing games with balloons!

Blow some balloons 🎈, and the player who can trample the most of them in the shortest amount of time wins.

Play pretend tea party 🥳 

Your child will enjoy this one despite the fact that it has a little drama. By imagining that you are in a posh restaurant and that your child is the waiter taking your order, you may take it a step further. 

Pro Tips

Don’t forget to make exaggerated facial expressions while saying that everything your child feeds you is delicious.

Name, place, animal, thing

I always suggest this activity as it is yet another classic with a unique appeal. Play this game as a team through your youngster. 

Ask your partner to join the opposing team. In this manner, you may assist your kid in case he gets trapped and foster teamwork at the same time!

Memory game with cartoon characters

You, as well as your child, will benefit from playing this game. Make a list of all the characters from cartoons in your head. You then mention the name of an animation figure. 

Your child must recite your response and then include one additional name. After that, you must reiterate the initial two names and then add a third.

Board games

You know, when it comes to kids, board games are usually a hit, and there are many different board games to pick from.

Consider teaching a few money management lessons while playing a game of Monopoly.

Word games

Playing mental games with your kids is a terrific way to start a conversation. Put away all of your technology and settle in for an activity of Scrabble or another fun word game like Squik, where you’ll be handed tiles with alphabet letters and must create words from them. 

You must pronounce the sound “squeak” after you have finished forming a word. Your teen will likely give you a lot of “squeaks.”

Scavenger Hunt

This is a lot of fun, and the prize is actually very effective!

Place a Dollar note in a secret location in your house and provide a trail of hints that can lead to the hidden treasure. Avoid making it too difficult or evident.


I think this is the coolest thing that usually appeals to teenagers. Together, make a cool fringe bag out of their old, unwanted T-shirts by asking them for them.

Rocket Name Craft

Your preschoolers will enjoy making name crafts at home. They assist in teaching your child the letters of their name.

Using cardboard, cut the necessary number of sheets to make the rocket bearing your kid’s name. Next, you can practice writing their name, or they can practice writing their name to improve your handwriting!

Alphabet Ice 🧊 Painting 

One of my favorite at-home preschool activities is ice painting.

The alphabet mold should be filled with water before being frozen overnight. Place the ice letters in a sensory container after popping them out.

Put some washable paint on an art tray as soon as possible!

Let the children enjoy decorating the ice. To practice alphabet recognition, kids could discuss which alphabet they are painting.

Dinosaur Track Painting

Your young children adore dinosaurs! The best dinosaur-themed home activity for preschoolers is this one!

Your preschoolers will love using their dinosaurs to make art while comparing the various sizes of the dinosaur footprints. 

Place the dinosaurs’ feet on the paper after dipping them in paint. Create numerous tracks for each dinosaur, making them appear to be moving.

Make some origami

This activity is my personal favorite, and I always encourage my kids to participate in this activity.

Making origami is yet another imaginative indoor pastime for children. There are several online places where you can discover instructions for youngsters to get creative. This paper-folding craft has been present for centuries.

Cook a meal or bake some cake or cookies.

For kids of all ages, cooking or baking collectively is a delightful indoor hobby. A weekly cookout is a wonderful family ritual as well. Your Children can use cookie cutters, assist with stirring, and, of course, taste tests.

Online Art Lessons

My son enjoyed doing this art activity to create something new. As kids enjoy coloring and drawing images, it’s a good, entertaining hobby for them. Ensure that you always have a few coloring books, some plain printer paper, and your supplies at home. 

Try some online sketching classes from the Art for Children Hub if your children are older.

Put together a puzzle.

My children really enjoy solving puzzles. This activity will provide your children with something on which they can focus for a while. Set up some wooden puzzles for the young ones. 

Set a timer and a 50-piece puzzle task for older children. We adore Ravensburger puzzles because they include age designations on the boxes and offer something for every age group.

Have an indoor picnic.

Picnicking with kids always makes my mood jolly 😊 and this is a very good activity for youngsters to do at home. Create a picnic as though you were at a park 🛝 by setting up a camp mat in the living room. The kids will enjoy decorating with pillows. 

If you have young children, you may prepare the food, but making the platter is a fun project they can do on their own. Encourage them to be imaginative.

Make an obstacle course.

I know it’s difficult to Make an indoor hurdle course with common household items. It is a fun indoor game for kids to undertake at home if you have an enormous living space. 

Due to their tiny size, younger kids are best suited for this activity. You might need to go outside into the garden for a home activity with older children if you need extra room.

Jellyfish Fruit Loop Threading

Have you heard about Jellyfish Fruit Loop Threading? I always suggest mothers 👩 to have fun with their kids while performing 🎭 this activity. 

The ideal home activity for toddlers is this easy Fruit Loop threading instruction! Including this entertaining snack is usually a hit.

With paper and crayons, make the shape of a jellyfish! The jellyfish can then be colored by your child. Tape several pipe cleaners to the jellyfish’s back after obtaining them.

Rainbow Cutting Craft

Your kids may practice cutting in an enjoyable manner by making cutting crafts!

Cut out a cloud that you’ve created! After that, cut colored paper 🗒into strips to make the rainbow 🌈.

Glue sticks or tape can be used to affix the colored paper to the cloud’s back. Finish by adding some lines to the strips. Depending on your child’s talents, you can make them as simple or complex as you wish.


I found that my son had a lot of fun doing these simple, hands-on activities that also helped him to develop his motor skills as well as mental ability. I am sure your kids will also benefit from these activities.

I hope you enjoyed reading the list of activities so you can spend 😊 some happy time with your kids. And apart from all of this thing, if you have anything to suggest, please let me know in the comment box 📦. 

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