15+ Best Educational Activities for Preschoolers that Will Make You Suprise

I understand parents’ many difficulties when deciding on the top preschooler activities!

Because- I have been there and done that🫡!!

Is your child also starting school soon? 📚✏️

Or looking for a few more hours of quality time with Mom or Dad while they’re at work? If so, you’re in luck! 

I found the most educational preschool activities to make sure your little one has fun and learns something new. 📋

Whether it’s arts and crafts, writing, or playing outside, I have tried to list something for every child. 

So grab those crayons 🖍️ and start reading 📖

What You Need to Know

Preschoolers are undeniably adorable: that reckless enthusiasm with which they tackle any given task is enough to make anyone smile. 

But it’s also a significant age for your child. Can’t deny that!!!! 😮‍💨

During these years, they are learning how to communicate and interact with their peers and solve problems independently. 

They will learn about cause and effect and how things work, leading to their curiosity and excitement over their discoveries. 

My son was always enthusiastic to know everything happening around him 🤔

This is why it’s so crucial for you as a parent to provide them with the right environment in which they can thrive, especially in activities like music, reading, and art…

I did that, and I recommend all other parents to do that! 

Ten minutes ⏱️ of your precious time reading this- and you will know about the BEST ACTIVITIES for your preschooler. ⤵️


Reading Activity for Kids

Reading is one of the most important preschooler activities that help your child learn to communicate and make sense of their world. 📚

I always read out to my son when he was little, and now he picks up his books from the shelves! 📖

Now, I am reading my two-year-old’s beautiful books (of course, age-appropriate) too! 👏

Children are introduced to a new world of words while reading with mom or dad. 

Furthermore, when kids begin reading independently, they see that the words on the page reflect what’s in their heads. 

In time, boys and girls will start making connections about how things work in their lives and how others feel about things. 

It’s also important to stay supportive; don’t push your child to read something before they are ready!


Art Activity for Kids

Personal favorite TIP! 😍

Art is a great way for your kid to learn how creative their minds can be. 🎨

When you give a toddler some crayons or markers, you let them express themselves on the page without too much worry about what others may think. 

They are free to color the lines or go outside of them — it doesn’t matter! 

Plus, arts and crafts help kids learn new words as they look at animal names, instruments, and shapes in books. 

It’s also a great way to teach children how to count and spell! So pick up some crayons and help your child express. 🖌️

Playing Outdoors

Outdoor Game for Kids

Not all activities should be INDOOR ones! ❌

I have always encouraged my kids to play OUTSIDE as well! ⛷️

Having difficulty getting your kid out of the house? 

Well, playing with toys outside is a great solution for you. 🪀🪁

Children love learning about their world by feeling things and looking at them from different angles and perspectives, whether in the sand, playground, or leaf pile. 

This is also another way for them to learn new words as they discover new animals, bugs, plants, and household objects in their natural environment. 

Plus, playing outdoors is an excellent way for kids to tone their muscles and bettering coordination and overall movement.


Painting Activity for Kids

Painting is a great way for your child to express themselves. 🧑🏻‍🎨👩🏻‍🎨

Kids want to create something new and beautiful, Whether by creating a new world or just one unique part. 

It also helps them express their creativity and imagination as they look closely at different color palettes and textures. 

It’s a great way to help strengthen their hands and eye-hand coordination.

Kids will also learn about the world around them with painting as they connect what they are creating and the natural world around them. 


Science Activity for Kids

Science can be one of the most daunting subjects for toddlers, but it doesn’t have to be! 🧬

It all depends on how you introduce the activities to your little ones! 

By allowing your child to participate in the science fair, we can show that every kid is different. 

If your child is still trying to figure out science, it will be a good idea to balance what they know and don’t know with the basics of science!


Some things I did are ⤵️

  • Please provide them with an essential guidebook and let them read it (but only after they have learned the terms and facts)
  •  Talked (still do) to them about everyday phenomena (the concept of gravity, what causes rainbows, etc.)
  •  Explore how the world works (why we sleep in winter, lose weight in the summertime, and get sick when out of balance with nature). 

Exploring Nature

Nature Walking

Nature is a great way for your child to learn about the world around them. 🍂

Whether on a walk or playing outside, encourage your child to search for bugs, leaves, and other natural objects that can be recycled into an art project or for play. 

You can even plant a flower garden or vegetables in the backyard to make it feel more like home. 

Having a yard that is a child’s home base is also an excellent way for kids to learn about animals and how they live in the wild. 

It’s essential to remember that your child doesn’t need to be an expert in nature, just curious!

Long read, HUH?! 😶‍🌫️

Well, maybe, your coffee mug should be in your hands!! ☕️


Gardening Activiting for Kids

Gardening helps children learn about the world, their space, and how to use what they find positively. 🪴

You will want to talk with your child about the different types of plants and the differences between flowers and trees. 

For example, you might ask them, “What do you think this is?” or show them a flower and ask if they know what it is. 

Gardening also introduces kids to new words by looking at different kinds of flowers, plants, and trees. 

Of course, you should encourage your child to garden and ensure they participate in other educational activities. 

Don’t let the garden become the babysitter!!


Cooking Activity for Kids

In addition to learning about words and the world around you, your child can also learn some valuable skills when they take part in cooking. 

I have always encouraged my son to help me with cooking, and I plan to do the same with my daughter! 🧑🏻‍🍳

Of course, there are different methods you can use to teach your child how to cook: through simple instructions, through a recipe book, or by using a web-based cooking app. 

I avoid apps because I don’t want my kids to get attached to screen time! 📵

Practical lessons are the best, and they’ve worked wonders for me! 

Playing Games

Block Game for Kids

Playing games is a great way to get your child’s mind thinking, and while they are having fun, they can also learn new words! 🏀

It’s also a great way to introduce your child to basic math concepts and new learning skills (like matching). 

Not all games have to be educational, though! 

Having fun playing with them is more important than worrying about learning. 

Your child needs to see you having fun and enjoying yourself. 

It will be contagious, my GOD!!


Dancing Activity for Kids

Dancing is another way to help strengthen your child physically and mentally. 

My daughter nods her head so much to music that I might as well think she will become a DANCER!💃🏼

Dancing helps teach your child how to balance, how to move their body, and how it feels to listen to music. 

It’s an excellent way for them to have fun while learning new words and getting some exercise (which they will need more once they get older). 

Dance is also an excellent activity for kids because it can be done at home or in a studio. 

It’s easy to fall back into bad habits, and sticking to a routine is essential for your child.

Well, what is better, I danced with my son and lost all of the baby fat I gathered from hardly moving around!! 💪🏻

Before I wrap this up, I want to mention some IMPORTANT things no one will discuss. 🧐

You will be ready to pass the advice on in two more minutes! 

Here we go- ⤵️

What is the perfect age for kids to start school?

There is no right age for your child to start school. 

Ultimately, you want to ensure it’s a good fit for them. The same goes for any activity. 

For some kids, it’s best to start school when they are older, while others appear ready early. 

It’s also important to remember that it’s a personal choice, and there is no “right time.”

Pro Tips Based on My Son’s School Readiness ✅

Signs that your toddler is ready to join school:

  • If your child is talking about going to school, please find out more information and try to understand the motivation behind the idea.
  •  If your child is asking questions about their future at school, please take their questions seriously.
  •  If your child mentions a new word in conversation, draw attention to what word was learned.
  •  If you notice that your child is seeking out adult conversations, think about how it makes you feel and how it will make them feel. Remember that they still may not fully understand, so don’t worry too much, or you’ll make yourself crazy!
  •  If your child has a learning disorder, you should consider that.

Some things that might suggest your child is not ready for school:

Most parents aren’t aware of this- but it is OKAY if your kid isn’t as ready as your neighbor’s kid!! 🚩

Forcing them to LOVE going to school is NOT OKAY! 

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone else. 

Make sure you know if your child feels ready to join the classroom. 

If they do, great! 👏🏻

If not, don’t push it. ❌

How does it affect a child if they start school early?

Studies have shown that when kids begin school early and then switch to “traditional” ages, it causes them to be less prepared for and less successful in school at a later age. 

If a child starts school earlier, they may have trouble adjusting, so they must find ways to help them fit in and feel confident. 

Ultimately, their confidence will affect their learning ability. 

Having the right teacher or teachers who can work with your child regardless of age will help them succeed in the long run.

From one mom to another- TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOR YOUR KID!! 🧐

How many hours per week should children go to school?

This is a tricky topic that every parent has to face (In case you are wondering, I WAS A PART OF THIS TOO!!!)

You have to make sure your child receives the most education possible without getting them too overworked. 


  • If your child plays outside a lot, you can reduce the number of hours by allowing more time for play in the yard or driveway instead of sitting at home for education.
  •  When it comes to going to school and subjects that aren’t relevant for work, you can ask your teacher about cutting down on those subjects or using online versions of those lessons. It will give your child time to relax and play at home.
  •  If you cut down on the number of hours your child is attending school, ensure you are still providing them with a quality education. 
  •  If you know that your child doesn’t need to learn about a particular subject (like math), drop it. Do what works best for your family!

Summing Up

That’s it, POWER PARENTS! 💪🏻

Educational activities for preschoolers can be fun, simple, and low-cost. 

Once you find what fits your child’s needs, they will become more confident in themselves and their abilities. 

Please remember that sometimes a child needs a little guidance from you to explore the world independently. 

That way, they can learn to do something and then apply it to other activities. 

Most importantly, please encourage your child’s creativity and allow them to enjoy the subject.

Hoping that you have fun determining the activities for your little one!! 🖖🏻🫡

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