15+ Fascinating Sight Words Activities for Mastering Reading

As a mother who is very enthusiastic about fostering literacy skills in my children, I have found that sight words have a huge influence on how they read and write in their infancy. Children can recognize sight words right away without having to call them out. 

Reading fluency is improved when children are proficient with sight words because they can focus on understanding sentences and passages rather than struggling to recognize individual words.

I’m thrilled to share a variety of methods that I have tried with my kids and that you can try as well, from playful games that transform learning into an adventure to inventive activities that skillfully combine education and entertainment. ☺️

Sight Words Activities For Kids

Sight Word Treasure Hunt

Sight Word Treasure Hunt

My daughter has joined me in playing this game, which I first played with my son. Simply put, you just need to hide flashcards with sight words on them throughout your home. To learn how to spell the words on the flashcards, have your child locate them.

Pro Tip😃

Allowing your child to compete with a timer or another kid to find them all will make the game more exciting.

To make the sight words more visually appealing, print them on different colored paper or cardstock.

Matching Sight Words

Sight word cards should be printed in two sets and then shuffled. Flip two cards from the pile over and match the words on them as you and your child take turns.

Saying the words out loud will assist your child if they are having difficulty comprehending the sight words. 😅

Sight Word Scavenger Hunt

Each word should be written on an index card or piece of paper and then hidden all over the place.

Give the children a list of the sight words they need to find. They will exercise physically and improve their reading abilities as they look for hidden words.

Sight Word Flash Card

Each sight word should be written on a separate index card. Display the flashcards one at a time during the activity to give your child a chance to read each word out loud.

Give praise and encouragement for each accurate reading. 

With my daughter, I have already begun this activity.😊

Write Sight Words With Sidewalk Chalk

Write Sight Words With Sidewalk Chalk

Just pick a list of sight words, and instruct the kids to write them on the driveway or pavement. Encourage them to repeat each word as they read it out loud to help them remember it. 

Using colorful chalk in a variety of vibrant hues, my son loved to do this on our driveway.🤗

Sight Word With Invisible Ink

On white paper, lightly draw the sight words with a white crayon. Then, let the kids use watercolor paints to cover the paper. 😝

Little ones will be delighted as the hidden words appear magically as the paint is applied. My daughter enjoys using this technique to practice sight words.

Trace The Word On Sand

Using a stick or a spoon, mark the sight words in the sand.

Let your child use their fingers to trace the sight words. It’s a great way for kids to improve their fine motor skills to trace words on the sand.

Pro Tip😃

To make the activity more visually appealing, you can also use different colors of sand.

You can assist your child by tracing the words first if they are having trouble doing so.

Play Sight Word Tic Tac Toe

On a piece of paper, draw a tic-tac-toe grid and fill each square with a different sight word.

Divide the children into two teams, and have each team take turns reading a sight word and placing a marker in the appropriate square. Instruct them to try for three straight.

Sensory Bag 

Sensory Bag

Spread the sight words throughout a layer of rice or sand before filling the bag. Encourage the children to play with the bag and feel the grains with their fingers as they have it tightly sealed.⏳

A multisensory experience will be provided as they move the bag, causing the words to appear and vanish.

Trace Word Cards With Finger Paint

A set of laminated sight word cards should be assembled. Set out some vibrant finger paints and ask kids to trace the sight words on the laminated cards with their fingers. 👐

They can pronounce the word as they trace. This messy activity was a hit with my son.

Keynote 😃

The sight word practice is made fun and engaging with this interactive method by appealing to multiple senses.

This is a holistic learning experience that is both educational and enjoyable and is also fostered by the union of art and literacy.

Sight Word On The Stair

Choose a group of sight words, and then write each word separately on an index card. Put these cards on the stairs in the correct order. Kids will read aloud each sight word as they go up or down the stairs.

Pro Tip😃

By asking them to read the words more quickly each time or spell them backward, you can even make it into a game. 

This method transforms a mundane task into an interesting learning possibility, making sight word practice engaging and efficient.

Sight Word Spotting In Newspaper

With a magnifying glass in hand, instruct children to search the newspaper for sight words. They can circle or highlight sight words when they come across them.🗞️📰

This is what my son would do each morning. This way, children get introduced to words in context.

Trace The Sight Words With Glitters

With the help of this activity, sight word practice will gain some glimmer.

On a piece of paper, start by writing sight words in large, clear letters. After that, let the kids sprinkle glitter on top after tracing the words with glue. 

This activity is one that my daughter loves.

Build Words On Sensory Tubs

Build Words On Sensory Tubs

Set up foam or magnetic letters and put them in a container with rice or sand. Encourage children to draw a sight word on a card and then construct the word using the letters in the tub.

Write Words With Rainbow Colours

Give children a variety of vibrantly colored markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Each letter in words should be written in a different color. 🌈

This visually stimulating method encourages creativity and letter awareness in addition to word recognition. 

Sight Word Sticky Note

On separate sticky notes, write sight words. Put these notes in various places throughout the house.

As the children locate and read the words, they can stick each one in a particular order or pattern on a wall or board that has been designated for that purpose. 

Sight Word Puzzle

Using sturdy cardstock, choose sight words and make simple jigsaw puzzles for each one. Mix the puzzle pieces after disassembling them.

Children improve their spatial abilities while enhancing word recognition as they piece together each word.


Every completed puzzle becomes a reading triumph. 

Sight word learning becomes an engaging and hands-on experience for young readers thanks to this tactile approach, which transforms the art of puzzle-making into an educational journey.

Plant Letters On Playdough

Plant Letters On Playdough

Help your child in spreading the playdough into a flat sheet. Playdough letters can be cut out with letter cookie cutters and then arranged correctly to form sight words. My son enjoyed doing it.

We occasionally even used the dough to form letter cookies and arrange them accordingly.

Play Sight Word Hopscotch

Create a hopscotch pattern on the ground by using sidewalk chalk. Each square should contain a sight word.😂

The children should hop across the hopscotch pattern on one foot, saying each sight word out loud as they land on it. 

Search Sight Word Balls 

Obtain a list of sight words, and then use a permanent marker to write each word on a different ball. 

Whether it’s inside or outside, distribute the balls throughout the area. As children look for the balls, motivate them to read the word out loud as they do so. 

Practice With Sight Word Apps

Practice With Sight Word Apps

You can encourage your children to practice their sight words by using sight word apps. These apps teach your child sight words in a variety of interactive ways.

The video apps with various cartoon characters reading out the words were a particular favorite of my son’s.🤩

Map Words With Magnet

Each sight word can be written on a small magnet or a piece of magnetized paper to get started.

On a magnetic board or other magnetic surface, create an extensive grid pattern that resembles a treasure map. 

Children can locate and gather each sight word magnet by dispersing the magnets throughout the grid. 

Write The Words With Letter Stamps

This is an activity that my daughter enjoys. From the market, we have purchased a variety of letter stamps. She colors the stamps before using them to write each word on a piece of paper. 💮

By cutting potatoes into letter shapes, you can even create stamps at home.

Play Muffin Tin Ball Toss

A set of small balls (such as ping-pong balls) and a muffin tin should be gathered and marked with a sight word.

Kids can take turns throwing the balls into the slots in the tin. They read the letter or word out loud when a ball lands in a slot. 

Pro Tip😃

The child can stand in a line a few feet away from the muffin tin and throw the balls there. Mark this line using tape or chalk.

Take turns tossing the balls if you’re having fun with multiple children. This fosters fairness and cooperation.

Dot Paint With Cotton Swabs

Dot Paint With Cotton Swabs

My son and his friend would have a blast doing this. I would print out sight words for this purpose on a blank sheet of paper. After that, the kids would paint the words with cotton swabs.

Sight Word Parking Lot

Use masking tape to make a miniature parking lot, and write sight words on tiny cards. Every card serves as a “car.” 🚗

For each word, designate a parking space in the garage. Children get to “park” the corresponding card in the appropriate location after reading a word accurately.

Search For Pom Poms Under Sight Word Cups

On the bottom of the paper cups, write sight words, and arrange the cups upside-down. Put pom poms below the cups.

The word is read aloud as the child selects a cup. They can lift the cup to see if there is a pom there if they correctly read the word.

Find Words In Morning Messages

Write a brief, positive message on a board or piece of paper with sight words every morning. Encourage children to identify and highlight the sight words in the text as they read the morning message.🌞

My son would look forward to the messages with interest.

I SPY Sight Word

Make a list of sight words and choose one you want to focus on. Showcase a scene or group of items where the target word is concealed among various other items. 

Kids should be encouraged to “spy” the word and call it out when they locate it.

Play Sight Word Memory Game

Play Sight Word Memory Game

Make two cards for each of the sight words in your prepared set. In a grid formation, place the cards face down. 

Each player turns over two cards, looking for matching sight words as they go. Reading the word out loud after finding a match helps to reinforce recognition. 

Pro Tip😃

Start with a small deck of cards—maybe 10 to 15 pairs. You can include more cards as children become better at the game.

Make sure the text on the cards is legible and large.

Type Sight Words On the Keyboard 

Honestly, I think this activity is fun and easy to do. Just have youngsters type the words on a keyboard.

In addition to improving their motor skills, this also piques the child’s interest because they can see the words being typed on the screen.⌨️

Swat Sight Words

Make a set of sight word cards and spread them across a table or the floor. Give a fly swatter to each child. When a sight word is called out, the children rush to “swat” the right word as fast as they can.

Sight Word Matching On Spider Web

Using yarn or string, make a spider web on a wall or a piece of poster board. Then, write sight words on spider shapes and attach them to different spots on the web. 🕷️🕸️

Match the spiders with their appropriate word counterparts by writing the corresponding sight words on another set of spider cards. 

Sight Word Fishing

Using a sizable water-filled container and floating sight word cards, make a pond or fishing area.

Give children a toy fishing rod with a magnet at the end and paper clips to attach to the cards. They read each word out loud as they “fish” for words, then reel it in. 

Hands-On Sight Word Worksheets

Online resources are widely available. For my kids to complete, I downloaded many worksheets with sight words.

For your children to find the sheets appealing, be sure to include colorful elements in them.🎨

Write Words On An Easel Or White Board

Write Words On An Easel Or White Board

On a board or easel, write the chosen sight word. Encourage children to say the word out loud while tracing it with their fingers. 

The youngsters can trace the words with various colored markers to make it even more exciting.

Sight Word Sort

Pick a set of sight words to begin. Encourage the children to group them according to specific standards like word length, the first letter, or vowel sounds. 

This was a very intriguing activity for my son.


When kids sort the sight words into their appropriate groups, they reinforce their knowledge of word relationships and patterns. Critical thinking, observation, and language analysis are all encouraged by this activity. 

Make A Mini Sight Word Book

My son loved making simple mini books out of cardstock or folded paper. 

One sight word should be highlighted at the top of each page. Encourage children to draw a picture that corresponds to the word below and represents its meaning.

Find Sight Words With Magnifying Glass

Give the kids magnifying glasses, and instruct them to search any book or newspaper with the magnifying glasses on, circling each word they find.

This fun activity helps kids become better word sleuths while also improving their ability to identify sight words.🔍

Sight Word Toss Game

Sight Word Toss Game

Each word should be written on a separate piece of paper and placed on the ground. Kids take turns throwing a soft item, such as a bean bag, onto one of the sight word cards.

The player reads a word out loud when it is highlighted by the object. 

Sight Word Spotting In Magazine

Kids can identify and mark sight words in magazines, just like they can in newspapers. Make sure to choose magazines that are appropriate for your child’s age if you plan to do this activity with them.

You could even ask them to use different colored circles to indicate the words.

Place The Words On Magnetic Board

By placing a magnetic sheet on a wall or other appropriate surface, you can make a magnetic board.

Give children the magnetic letter strips, and encourage them to arrange the letters into sight words on the board.

Sight Word Bean Bag Toss

Grid out the sight word cards on the ground. Give children bean bags and ask them to toss the bean bags onto the word cards. 

My son and his friends would give points for each correctly hit target to make it even more entertaining.

Dig Out Sight Words

Among her favorite activities, my daughter enjoys this one. I take a bucket and fill it with some kinetic sand. Afterward, I bury sight word cards inside of it. 🏖️🏜️

My daughter enjoys finding them and spelling them.

Write Sight Words On Playdough

Write Sight Words On Playdough

Take playdough and roll it thin for this activity. Then have your child write the sight words on the play dough with a pencil or a wooden stick.

To write on, I would give my son playdough in multiple vibrant colors.

Jump Over The Sight Words

Place the sight word cards all over the ground. Children should be encouraged to jump over the word cards while reading the words aloud. My son and his friends enjoyed doing this. They would compete to see who could jump the farthest.


This active and dynamic method not only makes it easier to recognize sight words but also gives learning some movement and enjoyment.

Children’s minds and bodies are engaged when reading is combined with physical activity.

Sight Word Dominos

On one side of each domino, write a sight word, and on the other, a picture or explanation. Distribute the dominoes among the children after mixing them up.

They alternately match words to their associated images or meanings.

Sing Sight Word Songs

Sing Sight Word Songs

Online, you can find a variety of videos that teach kids sight words through songs. 

As an alternative, you can inspire the kids to write simple, rhyming lyrics for the song that include sight words.

When the sight words appear in the lyrics, they can sing along while emphasizing them. 🎵🎶

Sight Word BINGO

Make BINGO cards with a 4×4 grid and fill the squares with sight words and distribute them.

Each time a sight word is called out, the children mark the word on their cards that corresponds to it. They must fill a row, column, or diagonal with the marked words to win. 

Build Sight Words With Popsicle Sticks

Give children a variety of sticks that have letters written on them, and then encourage them to assemble the sticks in the form of sight words.

This tactile method encourages fine motor skills while also reinforcing the recognition of sight words.☺️

Sight Word Paper Cups

Place the cups in a grid or pyramid shape with the sight words marked on them. A cup is selected by each child, who then reads the word aloud before stacking the cup in their tower.

The objective is to use cups with properly read words to construct the tallest tower possible. 


Sight words are crucial for a child’s early literacy development. These frequently used words serve as the building blocks of reading and writing and are essential to a child’s ability to understand texts and communicate clearly. 😊

I engaged in these activities with my kids. Please let us know about any new activities you have in the comments section.

Sight Words Activities
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