20+ Fun Bat Activities For Kids To Explore the Wild!

In this world, we are not the only living beings to exist. There are various varieties of living beings who are just as or are more majestic than us.

One of those creatures includes a very well-known and unique animal known as a “bat.” So, just like dogs and cats, this unique, otherworldly animal also deserves to be known by the newer generation as well.

Thus, here are a few fun bat activities that will provide a better understanding of this creature for your kids. 😊

Bat Activities For Kids

I would suggest that these few bat activities will be very fun and exciting for your kids. It will also bring with it tons of information about this very special nocturnal creature, which will surely amaze the newer generation 👦. 

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of bat activities that are fun as well as valuable for the kids.😁

Flapping Bat Wings

Flapping Bat Wings

This is one of the fun activities that every kid will love to perform. This activity involves a bat template, a piece of paper, and some plastic straws. 

If correctly performed, the kid can make a beautiful-looking bat flapping its wings🪽. It is a great way to use your kid’s creativity to make such a wonderful thing.

Build a Bat Cave

This is yet another interesting activity which will surely make a place in every kid’s heart. This activity just involves filling the roof of the classroom with a bunch of bat cutouts and some gray spider webs, making it look like a real bat cave for the kids. 

It will excite 🤩 the kids to a great degree, and it will also make their learning much more fun.

Flying Bat Printable Activity 

Flying Bat Printable Activity

This is yet another activity that can be easily done by the kids wherever they want. I suggest this activity to all the kids because of its simplicity and time-conserving properties. 

With some fun straws and some of the free bat 🦇printables from the internet, kids will be eager to explore the physics, movement, and nature of the bats before you know it!

Pro Tip:

You can also arrange a contest regarding who can make a better-looking flying bat. And you can reward the winner 🏆 with a treat of his or her choice. This will make the kids work harder for their activity and will result in outstanding flying bat figures.

Fine Motor Activity

One of the main tasks of an activity alongside enjoyment should be teaching the kid a valuable lesson. And this task perfectly captures that part. This fine motor activity combines sensory skill practice as well as fun letter recognition. 

This will surely become one of the favorite bat craft 🧶 activities for your kid pretty soon. I would surely recommend this activity to everyone because it is a great activity to increase a child’s knowledge and skills about a specific thing.

Fizzy Bats Activity 

Fizzy Bats Activity

This is yet another activity where the kids will experience more than just pure enjoyment. This activity will also teach them various topics like chemical reactions. This activity involves a textured dough that fizzles with baking soda and vinegar. 

This kind of activity kids love to play, and with this activity, the kids will also get to know about chemical reactions. For this, I would suggest this specific activity as I tried it with my little kid, and he loved it.

Fun Fact:

I tried this with my little son, and we had a great time performing this activity. He loved this new activity and also loved its preparation.

We not only enjoyed ⚡ this activity, but he also got to learn about this very complex concept of chemical reactions, which indeed sounded unique and mysterious to him.

Bat Crafts with Paper Cups

Bat Crafts With Paper Cups

This is yet another interesting activity which, if performed correctly, will result in providing indirect knowledge to its makers, that is, the kids.

So this activity evolves around forming bat crafts with a paper cup and, at the top of the paper 🍶 cup, writing a fact about these beautiful creatures. 

Hence, I suggest this activity as this interesting bat craft creates an excellent opportunity to include non-fiction learning about these fascinating and beautiful creatures.

Bats Theme Activity

Just like one of our previous activities, this activity also offers some fine motor skills that the kids will need to perform this activity. Apart from these skills, this activity also provides a combination of letter recognition ✉️ and number identification. 

The combination of three of these skills in one fun activity is the key factor that drove me to suggest this activity to each one of you. This game is easy to put together, but it makes for hours of flying fun!

Singing Activity For Kids

Singing Activity For Kids

Listening and singing to songs is a very nice way to remember or enjoy something. Mainly for kids who are new to many things, they usually remember the songs that they once enjoyed listening to. 

So I am going to suggest to you an activity which revolves around this same concept. This activity involves kids singing 🎶along to a popular children’s song while learning about different concepts of echolocation through his enjoyable song.

Pro Tip:

If your kid doesn’t like a specific song about echolocation, then you can try other similar songs as well.

As there are tons of similar songs 🎵related to the echolocation of bats, it will not be difficult work to find a perfect song that your kid likes. This will eventually make the kid learn about it faster and more efficiently.

Bat Fingerplays

To embark on the bat fingerplay adventure, start by gathering your little one and sitting comfortably together. Begin with a brief introduction about bats, highlighting their fascinating features.

Next, use your fingers to mimic bat movements—flap them like wings, create shadows on the wall, or even make gentle tapping sounds. As you engage in these actions, incorporate simple rhymes or songs about bats to enhance the experience.

Encourage your child to join in, fostering language development and coordination. The key is to keep it light, enjoyable, and interactive. With a touch of creativity, you’ll turn a simple activity into a memorable learning experience for your child! 🦇🌟

Sensory Bin Bat Activity

Sensory Bin Bat Activity

For an immersive and educational experience, try the sensory bin bat activity! Begin by creating a sensory bin filled with materials like black rice, plastic bats, and textured objects. Introduce your child to the concept of bats, discussing their unique features.

Encourage hands-on exploration by letting them feel the different textures in the bin, fostering sensory development. Incorporate counting by adding a specific number of bats or other objects.

As your child engages with the sensory elements, weave in simple bat-themed stories or songs to enhance the learning journey. 🦇🌈

Bats Art Activity 

Coming back to a craft-based creative activity that offers less learning and more decoration and enjoyment, this is the bat’s art activity.

This activity requires minimal preparation, and with a few initial items, kids can make several fine and beautiful pieces of craft that will astonish everyone. 

This activity involves clothespins and coffee ☕filters with which kids are supposed to produce vibrant and beautiful bat-shaped crafts. 

Thus, I suggest performing this activity with your little one as it is an activity that your kid will surely love, and seeing the whimsical-looking creations hanging from their ceilings will surely steal everyone’s attention.

Bat Shape Clip Cards

This is yet another activity that requires little to no prep and can be easily performed by any kid. This activity is an easy-to-use shape craft that kids can perform to practice sorting and matching 2D-shaped objects. 

Hence, I recommend performing this activity with your little ones as it is a very good ✅ activity to spend time on regarding the teaching of bats.

Make a Bat Headband in Color

Make A Bat Headband In Color

Every animal-based activity consists of this specific activity in its list. Because of its easy preparation and the enjoyment it provides with it is one of the reasons behind its popularity. Kids love wearing some kind of fashion wear on their heads. 

This might include caps 🧢, horns, headbands, and many more. Thus, I recommend performing this activity with your little ones as the kids will love flying around these beautiful creations while learning about the animal they made this headband about.

Pro Tip:

Your kid should color his or her headband according to his or her knowledge of his or her colors. This will enhance the look of the headband, and it will look much more attractive than a non-colored one.


My son and I have done these activities together to teach him about bats in a fun and exciting way. This also helped him improve various skills while enjoying the adventure and excitement that the activities provided. 

And in addition to all of it, he also could learn more about his favorite animal. I hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities that I have listed in this blog post. 

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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