55+ Fascinating Halloween Activities for Every Little Witch and Wizard!

The time has come to start organizing some spooky 👻 activities for your kids because Halloween is just around the corner. There is joy, creativity, and excitement associated with Halloween activities.

You can celebrate Halloween in a variety of ways, from carving pumpkins 🎃 to creating spooky crafts.  

I’ve listed below a few of the fascinating activities that my family and I have done during Halloween, creating priceless memories in the process. You can try some of these ideas with your kids, and I’m sure you’ll have a great time. 👇

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Halloween Activities For Toddlers

Including Halloween-themed activities in a toddler’s routine can promote comprehensive education while embracing the festive mood of the holiday. I’ve engaged in a few of the activities with my son and will do the same with my daughter.  

You can combine and contrast the activities to see which ones your toddler enjoys.

Witch’s Brew

Witch’s Brew

For pretend play, kids can make a witch’s 🧙 potion with colored water, glitter, plastic insects, and a cauldron.

My kids would have so much fun combining ingredients to create their magical concoctions. They loved watching the potion’s color shift as more ingredients were added.

Toilet Paper Roll Pipe Cleaner Spiders

Children may create creepy spider 🕷️ decorations out of toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners. 

Pipe cleaners can be bent into legs, and googly eyes 👀 can be added.

We used the spiders my daughter created as Halloween decorations, and she was thrilled to have her work on display.

Halloween Slime

The Halloween Slime craft is a fun 😃 and sticky treat for kids. A spooky slime can be made by combining glue, a slime activator, and Halloween-themed extras like plastic spiders or confetti. 

Kids may stretch, crush, and mold the slime while also immersing themselves in the Halloween-inspired hues and textures.

Oobleck Spider Rescue

Children can rescue plastic spiders 🕷️ that have become stuck in oobleck, a cornflour, and water mixture. 

I liked adding more plastic figurines to the activity to make it more Halloween-themed.

My children enjoy playing around with Oobleck’s unique texture.

🌻Pro Tip

Oobleck can get messy, so to make cleanup easier, consider putting a big tray or plastic wrap under the play area. Encourage kids to experiment with the Oobleck in various ways, such as by pressing, squeezing, or allowing it to fall through their fingers.

Halloween Play Dough

Halloween Play Dough

Kids can add to the Halloween festivities by making pumpkins, ghosts 👻, and more using a basic homemade play dough recipe.

I added some dark food coloring, such as green, and a little bit of autumnal flavoring to the dough to make it more Halloween-themed. 

Spider Play Dough

Kids can create frightening spiders and their delicate webs using black play dough. My daughter made spiders and even added googly eyes.

I attached a string to it to turn it into decorations. Then, we hung it as a Halloween décor.

Eyeball Drop 

Children can drop plastic eyeballs into a clear container of water and watch them float or sink as they take turns doing so. My daughter’s hand-eye coordination is enhanced by doing this.

Additionally, I enjoy adding a little color to the water.

Halloween Sensory Bin

Use a container and stuff it with things like mini pumpkins 🎃, dried black beans, plastic spiders, and other Halloween-related things.

Allow the children to enjoy sorting through the items. Children can use their imaginations🤔 and creativity in this activity. 

Halloween Potato Printing

Halloween Potato Printing

Carve a Halloween-themed shape into one side of a potato 🍠 after cutting it in half.

Kids can paint the potato and then press it against paper to create prints. While experimenting with colors, children can create ghosts, pumpkin faces, and other things. 

Cotton Wool Ghosts

Two black 🖤 paper circles should be cut out.

Let the kids use glue to create ghosts by sticking cotton wool to the circles. My children painted faces, added a string for hanging, and stuck googly eyes. Kids can also add extra decorations like hats and scarves.

🌻Pro Tip

To create colored ghosts, use various shades of cotton wool. Even toothpicks can be used to make the ghosts stand.

The ghosts can also be hung from a window or the ceiling.

Pumpkin Bath

Children can take a festive and fragrant bath using bath products with pumpkin scents and orange 🧡 water dye.

In the spirit of Halloween, my kids enjoy exploring the pumpkin-themed bath. To create a soothing atmosphere, I additionally lit some candles 🕯️ in the bathroom.

Glow In The Dark Skeleton

Give your kid some glow-in-the-dark ✨ paint and let them paint a skeleton.

To see the skeleton glow, hang it as Halloween décor in a dim area. I encouraged my children to use their creativity to design their scary skeletons.

Hidden Ghost Painting Activity 

Hidden Ghost Painting Activity

Children can reveal hidden ghostly shapes by drawing ghosts on paper with white crayons and then painting over them with watercolors. They can experiment with various color combinations while watching their ghosts appear mysteriously.

This activity is also apt for preschoolers.

Paint Splat Witch Face Craft

From white paper, cut out a witch’s 🧙 face.

Let the kids paint the witch’s face by dipping the sponge brush in paint and splattering it on.

For the witch’s face, they can use toothpicks to add features like a mouth and a nose 👃.

Halloween Cookies

First, bake the sugar cookies per the instructions on the package. Kids can use their imaginations to come up with cute or spooky designs for the cookies to decorate them however they like. They can learn about colors and shapes by engaging in this activity.

🌻Pro Tip

Children can even cut out shapes like ghosts, bats, and pumpkins from sugar cookie dough. They can then add a fun Halloween twist by decorating the cookies with vibrant icing, sprinkles, and candies. 

Washi Tape Skeleton

Kids can make skeleton 🩻 shapes out of black paper and colorful washi tape. They can arrange the tape to resemble bones 🦴, giving the design a colorful touch.

My children created this sort of artwork, which we used as Halloween décor in our home.

Halloween Candy Grab

Halloween Candy Grab

Children can compete to collect as much candy 🍭 🍬 as they can in a set amount of time using a bucket or container.

This exercise improves balance and excitement. To promote teamwork, my kids would alternate between being the grabber and the dropper. 

Egg Carton Jack-o’-Lantern 

Kids can cut out the various sections of an empty egg carton and paint them orange. For a custom jack-o-lantern, kids can add faces and decorations to each section.

I enriched it with tiny fairy lights to make it appear better.

Clothespin Bats

From black construction paper, cut out bat 🦇 shapes.

Let the children glue the bat shapes to the clothespins before having them add a string.

The bats my daughter made were hung from our window. They made fantastic Halloween decorations.

Cardboard Box Haunted House 

Children can turn cardboard boxes into a haunted house using paint, craft materials, and the boxes themselves. This is also ideal for preschoolers. 

Children can design the exterior and interior and even add ghosts and bats to create spooky scenes. 💀

Giant Toilet Paper Mummy Craft

Giant Toilet Paper Mummy Craft

Children can make big mummies by using toilet paper rolls. They can draw eyes, mouths, and other features on the mummy using markers. 

This is a great Halloween party activity because it’s easy to do and fun.

Spooky Branch Forest

Kids can take a spooky branch forest walk on Halloween. 

They can create imaginary tales about the forest, search for eerie shapes in the branches, or even go on a scavenger hunt. This is an excellent activity for an afternoon of Halloween.

Feed the Pumpkin

By giving their jack-o-lanterns plastic food and googly eyes, children can act as though they are feeding them. They can also come up with tales about their pumpkins and the foods they enjoy.

My son and his friends would enjoy feeding it with plastic toys.

Marble Painted Ghost Craft

By painting a white balloon with a marble pattern, children can create a marble-painted ghost craft. The ghost can then be hung from a window or the ceiling.

My children roll painted marbles on the balloons to form ghost shapes. 

Paper Plate Frankensteins

Paper Plate Frankensteins

By painting paper plates green and including elements like hair, eyes, and stitches 🪡, kids can create Frankensteins out of paper plates. 

Children can celebrate Halloween by making their spooky creations with the help of the Paper Plate Frankenstein activity, which is fun and creative.

Yarn Spider Web Sticky Wall

Kids can create a sticky yarn spider web wall by sticking yarn to a wall in the shape of a web. Spiders decorations can then be added. 

When making Halloween decorations, my kids loved weaving their homemade spiders into the web.

🌻Pro Tip

Choose a smooth, clean wall or a big window to attach the yarn spider web. To avoid any damage, make sure the surface is easily cleanable or cover it with painter’s tape.

Halloween Colour Sorting

Collect Halloween-themed items like ghosts, bats, and pumpkins.

Encourage the children to arrange the items into various bowls according to color.

By including more objects or categorizing the existing ones into more groups, you can make this activity a little harder.

Footprint Ghosts

Children can make ghostly footprints 👣 by using white paint and black paper. They can make ghost prints on the paper by dipping their feet in paint. Then, they can include eyes and a mouth. 

My kids made several of these, which we then hung around the house.

Introduction To Halloween Songs

Introduction To Halloween Songs

Kids can learn about Halloween songs by listening to, singing, and dancing to them on the holiday. Halloween music is available on the radio, online, and in music stores. 🎵🎶

Children can learn about Halloween customs and culture by participating in this activity.

Witch Hat Decorating

Kids can use markers, paint, glitter, and glue to decorate their witch hats 🧙‍♂️for Halloween. They are free to use their imaginations to create the most original witch hats possible.

Once the paint has dried, they can enjoy a spooky time while wearing their witch hats.

Pin The Tail On The Halloween Cat

Every child will enjoy playing this traditional Halloween game. The game requires blindfolds, some tails, and a picture of a cat 😺 without a tail.

Spin the kids a few times while covering their eyes. They should then try to pin the tail on the cat. 

Kitchen Tool Halloween Craft

Kids can use kitchen tools to create their own Halloween crafts. They can make spooky creatures like ghosts, witches, and bats using spoons, forks, and other kitchenware. My kids enjoyed this creative and entertaining activity.

🌻Pro Tip

When using sharp objects like forks, young children should always be under adult supervision.

Items like tiny beads or sequins should be avoided because they pose a choking risk.

Bat Headband Halloween Craft

Bat Headband Halloween Craft

From two pieces of black construction paper, cut out two bat shapes and then attach googly eyes.

Put the bats on a headband and secure them with a staple at the top.

Let the children wear it, and the bats flutter in the wind.

Ring Around the Pumpkin

Children stand in a circle and hold hands. A song called “Ring Around the Pumpkin” is sung as they slowly spin. The child in front of the circle is out after the song is finished. Up until one child is left, the game goes on.

My son and his friends loved this game.

Paper Plate Spiders

Children can create their spiders using paper plates, paint, and googly eyes. The plates can be painted, googly eyes can be added, and pipe cleaners can be cut into legs. 

My kids would enjoy experimenting with various colors and designs to create their special spiders.

Halloween Handprint Crafts

Kids can use their hands 👐 as a canvas to make artwork with a Halloween theme. They can create ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and other shapes.

My son made her handprints into cute or spooky characters by adding features like eyes, mouths, and legs.

🌻Pro Tip

Use washable, non-toxic paint that is safe for children’s skin. Make sure the materials are safe and suitable for their use. 

Have everyone in the family make their handprint crafts to make the activity an extended family event.

Coffee Filter Lollipop Ghosts

Coffee Filter Lollipop Ghosts

Children can make mini ghosts using white coffee filters, lollipops 🍭, and markers. To create ghostly shapes, they can color the coffee filters, wrap them around lollipops, and tie them with ribbons. 

My kids’ eyes and taste buds received the ideal treat from this activity.

Ghost Felt Craft

White felt can be used to cut out a ghost shape, and black felt can be used for the mouth and eyes.

Help kids to assemble the ghost by sewing or using glue. On our window and wall, we hung the ghost. 

Fall Leaf Ghosts

For some spooky fun at home or as part of a nature walk, try this entertaining and appropriate Halloween activity for kids. My kids liked doing this. They painted the leaves 🍁🍂 they had gathered, giving them mouths and eyes.

🌻Pro Tip

Encourage the children to select leaves that are mostly smooth and not overly fragile. Ideally, use just-fallen leaves. Before transferring the leaves or displaying them, make sure the paint is fully dry.

Halloween Activities For Preschoolers

Halloween activities give preschoolers an extensive education while encouraging their artistic abilities, social skills, and cognitive development, making this time of year a wonderful opportunity for growth and enjoyment.

I am confident 😁 that you will enjoy them just as much as I did doing these activities with my children.

Ghost Bowling

The children can take turns rolling a softball to knock down the ghost-shaped pins 🎳 you’ve set up.

For added fun, my son painted smiling faces on the ghost pins. It’s a fun, spooky variation on a traditional game that livens up Halloween celebrations.

Zombie Pizza

Children can make scary pizza 🍕 faces resembling zombies using English muffins, tomato sauce, cheese, and different kinds of toppings. Before baking, my son would arrange toppings to create his designs. 

The pizzas were served at our Halloween parties.

Costume Parade

Encourage the kids to dress up in their favorite costumes and parade around displaying their artistic ensembles. 

Every kid looks forward to this because it is the most enjoyable part of the day. Your participation will make it a joyful and special occasion for your children.

🌻Pro Tip

To create a thrilling atmosphere, decorate the parade route with Halloween-themed items.

Insist that the priority is on participation rather than competition. Kids should be encouraged to have fun and acknowledge each other’s creativity. 

Halloween Storytime

This is a fun activity for preschoolers. As a group, read books 📚 with a Halloween theme that are suitable for their ages and feature amiable characters and light spookiness.

I would give the kids hot chocolate to add to the fun. 😌

Apple Printing

An entertaining Halloween activity for preschoolers is apple 🍎 printing. To make spooky shapes and patterns, cut apples in half, put them in washable paint, and stamp the designs onto paper.

This kid-friendly printing technique gives their creations a festive flair while being incredibly easy to use.

Blow Bubbles With Ghost Wands

With a pair of pipe cleaners or craft sticks and bubble 🫧 solution, assist the kids in making ghost-shaped bubble wands. 

The air will be filled with ghostly bubbles that children blow. 

For the bubbles to be more colorful, my son would even add a little food coloring.

Ghost Hunt

Give kids flashlights 🔦 to use to search for ghost cut-outs that are hidden throughout a room or outdoor area. This game adds a sense of mystery while improving motor coordination and observation skills.

On a Halloween evening, this makes for a really fun game for kids.

Broomstick Races

Children can ride broomsticks🧹 (sticks or toy brooms) through a small obstacle course that has been set up. If the children can customize their broomsticks, it will be even more enjoyable. 

Running races as little witches and wizards gives physical activity an ethereal twist.

Pumpkin Seed Pouring

Let children transfer pumpkin 🎃seeds from one container to another by providing small cups and the seeds. 

Pumpkin seed pouring is a basic but entertaining activity that preschoolers can enjoy while strengthening their motor skills and getting into the spirit of Halloween.

Monster Masks

Monster Masks

Making Halloween monster masks 👺 with my son was a lot of fun. We made silly and colorful monster faces using paper plates, markers, and craft materials. 

We laughed and added a further dash of fun to the holiday by wearing our monster masks.

Spaghetti Worms

You can color cooked spaghetti black and let the children handle the “worms” and examine them. As they squeeze and stretch the spaghetti 🍝, I’m sure it will be entertaining to hear their squeals of happiness. 

My children enjoy creating spaghetti worms.

Pumpkin Seed Counting

Give children small cups of pumpkin seeds and ask them to count 🔢 the seeds as they move them from one cup to another. Playful math exercises like this one improve hand-eye coordination and counting abilities. 

My son would enjoy playing this game to improve his math abilities.

Spider Races

In celebration of Halloween, my son and I had a blast racing plastic spiders. 

The spiders were blown across the table by us using straws as we supported our favorite spiders. His breath control improved while he entertained himself for hours playing this simple game.

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo

Children can mark their bingo cards as you call out the items using cards with Halloween-themed graphics.

It is a joyful 😊 and interesting way for preschoolers to observe the holiday because of the excitement of winning a bingo.

Candy Corn Number Matching

This is a Halloween activity for preschoolers that is fun and teaches them about numbers. You require a set of candy corn pieces and a set of number cards to play.

Children can match the numbers on the card while the candy corns are laid out.

Apple Bobbing

A traditional Halloween activity for preschoolers is apple 🍏 bobbing. The kids try to catch floating plastic apples with their mouths alone in a bowl of water. 

We created a fun, messy Halloween tradition while keeping everyone’s safety in mind, making this activity a source of lifelong memories and laughter.

🌻Pro Tip

Children should remove their glasses and tie back their long hair, and you might ask them to wear old clothes in case they get wet. Use apples with stems for easier gripping to accommodate different comfort levels.

Halloween Activities For Kindergarten

Stamping With Halloween Objects

Preschoolers can use this imaginative Halloween activity to have fun and express themselves. You’ll need some Halloween-themed items, including pumpkins, bats, and ghosts, as well as some ink pads and paper, to play.

Let them enjoy themselves and stamp with the items. 💮

Witch’s Broomstick 

Witch’s Broomstick

Children can craft their own witch’s broomstick from a broom handle, some ribbon, and some leaves.

They are free to use their creativity to adorn the broomstick in any way they like, producing a spooky and distinctive witch’s broomstick.

Candy Corn Art

Kids can make fun Halloween shapes or mosaic patterns using candy corn, glue, and colored paper. Their tiny fingers skillfully arrange each piece of candy to create a different pattern. 

Don’t forget to showcase your children’s work to inspire them to produce more.

Monster Puppets

Kids can create their own adorable or humorous monster 👹 puppets using paper bags, markers, and craft supplies.

They enhance their Halloween celebrations with an amazing combination of creativity and eerie fun by making their original monster characters.

Making these puppets would be so much fun for my son.

Bat Cave

My son and I turned a quaint nook into a Bat Cave for Halloween. To create a cozy hiding place, we draped blankets and pillows. We entered our cave, acting like explorers, carrying torches.

It was a lot of fun to do this.

Spooky Silhouettes

Spooky Silhouettes

The kids can set up scenes by arranging black paper cut-outs of witches, cats, and bats on a backlit screen or window.

The silhouettes come to life and provide a dazzling experience for them as the sun 🌞 shines through or a torch 🔦 illuminates the shapes.

Pumpkin Carving

For preschoolers, carving pumpkins is a classic Halloween activity. Kids can use markers to draw the pumpkin face they want, with adult supervision. 

The design can then be carved while the children scoop out the pumpkin’s interior. Furthermore, you could add some lighting.

🌻Pro Tip

To remove the pumpkin’s inside, use plastic scoops or spoons 🥄. Kids may find this to be an enjoyable sensory experience.

If you plan to use candles or lights inside the pumpkin, make a few holes near the top to ensure proper ventilation. 

Halloween Snack

For preschoolers, making a Halloween snack is a delicious activity. On whole-wheat toast 🍞, we drew spooky faces using orange and black fruits and vegetables. 

My son enjoyed arranging various objects—grapes, carrot sticks, and more—into amusing patterns. 

Scarecrow Craft

Kids can create friendly scarecrow faces and outfits using paper, markers, and craft materials. 

Halloween festivities are made even more charming 😁 by the fun scarecrow’s appearance, which also encourages children to enjoy making things and promotes creative expression.

Halloween Party

Halloween Party

Kids can have a blast at a Halloween party with costumes, games, and treats that are in character. 

The Halloween Party is a special highlight of the season for preschoolers and their families because of the joy of spending time together, dressing up, and having an enjoyable evening.

Halloween Sticker Scenes

Children may decorate paper scenes with Halloween-themed stickers. They can build ghostly castles, scary forests, and pumpkin patches. Their imaginations 🤔run free as they arrange stickers to build their scenes.

I encouraged my son to narrate tales 📖 based on the scenes he created on paper.

Contact Paper Ghosts

On clear contact paper, kids can cut out ghost shapes and decorate them with tissue paper and stickers. 

They can then add a sheet of contact paper to seal. The clear ghosts 👻 can be put on display in windows to liven up Halloween decorations.

Monster Doodles

Give children paper and bright and colorful markers. Let them draw willful monster figures. My son made amazing doodles with glitter pens. 

When the doodles are finished, proudly display them all over the house as Halloween decorations. 🥳

Marshmallow Skull

My son and I shaped marshmallows into the shape of skulls 💀using pretzel sticks. This edible craft promoted imagination and fine motor skills.

Our tasty skulls are made for a festive and tasty Halloween treat, integrating crafting and snacking into one enjoyable activity.

Erupting Jack-O-Lantern

This activity with my son was really enjoyable for me.

A carved pumpkin was filled with a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and orange food coloring. His eyes sparkled as the mixture fizzed 🌋 and bubbled out.

Frankenstein Letter Match

For preschoolers, the Frankenstein Letter Match is a fun Halloween activity. Children can match uppercase to lowercase letters using Frankenstein-shaped cards with letters.

With the help of this engaging activity, children can learn the alphabet while having a fun-filled Halloween.

Halloween Bath Bombs

Making Halloween bath 🛁 bombs is a fun project for preschoolers. 

We shaped them into spooky shapes by combining baking soda, citric acid, and essential oils. My kids enjoy splashing in the bath as the bath bombs fizz and the water changes color.

🌻Pro Tip

To color the bath bombs, use natural colorants or skin-safe, water-soluble food coloring. Any crayons or pigments that might not dissolve should be avoided.

Make sure children are aware that bath bombs contain citric acid and should not be handled near the eyes, mouth, or face.

Eyeball Painting

Kids can make eerie prints on paper by painting ping pong balls and using them as eyeballs to roll the painted balls onto the paper.

The amusing results and squishy texture combine to offer a playful tactile sensation that integrates creativity with an element of scary fun.

Bat Slime

An exhilarating Halloween activity for preschoolers is making bat 🦇 slime. Kids can make stretchy, gooey slime by mixing clear glue, contact lens solution, and bat-shaped confetti.

You can color the slime green or black to make it more Halloween-themed.

Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern

Children can decorate paper plates with orange paint, cut-out faces, and green stems. This hands-on project improves shape recognition, creativity, and fine motor skills. 

As he connected numerous such lanterns and hung them in our window, my son added some fairy lights🏮 to them.

Halloween Letter Mats

Halloween letter mats are a fun educational game for young children. Kids can reinforce letter recognition and basic sound awareness by placing small objects on each letter of the alphabet using themed mats with letters.

This might be a fun Halloween night activity.

Easy Spider Cookies

Making spider cookies 🍪 with my son was fun and filled with treats. Round cookies, chocolate chips for the eyes, and pretzel sticks for the legs were used to make these adorable spider treats.

With some hot chocolate, he loved eating the cookies.

Spider Web Game

An interesting Halloween activity for preschoolers is the spider web game. 

Between pieces of furniture, kids can stretch a white yarn web and scatter sticky toy spiders onto it. This engaging game improves hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while adding some fun to Halloween celebrations.

Go Trick-or-Treating

For preschoolers, trick-or-treating is a loved Halloween tradition. They can visit neighbors’ homes while wearing adorable costumes, grinning, and announcing proudly, “Trick or Treat!” Their joy and excitement as they receive treats illuminate the night. 

🌻Pro Tip

Before letting children consume any treats, inspect them. Eliminate anything that appears to have been tampered with. Teach children to be courteous, to say “thank you,” and to respect property.

Halloween Puzzle Play

Kids can put witches, ghosts, and pumpkins back together using jigsaw 🧩 puzzles with spooky figures. They improve their eye-hand coordination, memory, and problem-solving skills while they work. 

It was so much fun for my son and me to do this activity together.

Pumpkin Seed Necklace

Wash and dry the pumpkin seeds completely after scooping them. Kids can add designs or patterns to the seeds with markers.

When the seeds are dry, assist the children in stringing them in a pattern. Children can wear the necklace they made with pride. 

Ghostly Freeze Dance

Play Halloween-themed music and instruct children to move around and dance. They must, however, remain motionless 🥶 like ghosts when the music is turned off.

My son enjoyed doing this activity with his friends when they got together.

Spooky Shadow Drawing

In a dark room, set up a light source like a torch. On a wall or a large piece of paper, display Halloween-related items or cut-outs. Kids trace the eerie silhouettes as the light 🕯️ creates their shadows using crayons or markers. 

This fascinating activity is very popular with kids.

DIY Halloween Masks

Children can design their own spooky masks 🎭 using craft supplies like paper plates, paint, and elastic bands. Fine motor skills and creativity are improved by this hands-on activity. 

My children liked putting on the masks they had made. They would occasionally even perform plays.

Witch Hat Toss

I made black paper witch hats with my son, and we placed them at different angles. He joyfully tossed and aimed softballs in an attempt to get them to land on the pointy hats.

He took pride in every successful hit.


Halloween is a time for celebration 🥳and fun, and there are a variety of activities you can do with your kids to mark the occasion. These were just a few of the activities I did with my kids. I sincerely hope you will find these activities fun to do with your kids. 

Which activity did you like best? Please share in the comments section.

Halloween Activities
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