15+ Monster Activities for Preschoolers to Play with Your Kids!

I am a mother of two kids, and I know the importance of adding activities to the kids’ schedule. These activities 🎮bring the opportunity to kids where they can turn a learning experience into fun. 

The activities not only increase their basic skills like motor abilities and body coordination but also let them explore various ideas. The knowledge they gather through these activities will make them reliant on their ideas. 

I ensure that these activities will improve the creativity and imagination skills of kids and help them learn to apply their ideas to a real situation. 

Fascinating Monster Activities for Preschoolers

Do your kids love spooky 🤡creatures that are shown on a T.V., or do they find them interesting in any comic chapter and then love copying them either by art or by acting like them? 

If yes, you are on the right page to bring these listed activities for your kids and help them get engaged to learn something extra. 

These activities will help them understand shapes and measurements, learn how to turn wasteful items into creative ones, and much more. So, why make your kids wait for the new experiments? Come on, let’s dive in. 

Make a Dough Monster

Making A Dough Monster Activity For Kids

I have introduced this dough game to my kids, and they love it. Kids can take some colorful dough, squeeze it, and mold it to a monster 👹shape. These soft monsters that will have arms, eyes, and big teeth will be great companions for kids to play with. 

Pro-Tip: I always ensure that my kids are safe while using colors and dough. I recommend you use skin-safe colors so that it does not harm the kid’s eye or hand. 

Sticky Note Monster

Kids can make a spooky 👹creature using sticky note paper and cut it into different shapes. Adding the eyes, teeth, etc., will give a monster look to this craft.

I believe this activity helps kids improve their fine motor skills and their awareness of shape. 

Color Matching Monster

Color Matching Monster Activity For Kids

I have introduced this activity to my kids, and they love playing. Kids can try matching the Monsters drawn on a piece of paper and sort according to the color.

This activity has them enhance their recognition skills and creativity and turn a playful game into a delightful pass time.

Monster Squeezing Ball

Playing With Monster Shaped Ball Activity For Kids

My daughter transformed a ball into a monster shape, and she loves playing with it. Kids can add eyes, nose, teeth, and horns to the squeezing ball to give a monster 👺look.

Kids this activity helps kids enhance their creativity and engages them in a little hand-muscle exercise. 

Pro-Tip: I ensure my kids don’t over-squeeze the balls for a long time. I suggest you supervise kids while they play because it might hurt their muscles. 

Monster Clips

Kids can try using paper clips or hair clips and assemble them by sticking them into various ways to make the body of a monster and give an amazing look. I believe this activity improves motor skills and creativity. Kids can learn to use common items to turn them into meaningful things. 

Pro-Tip: I recommend you be sure that kids are safe while playing with clips. The sharp objects might disturb their eyes. 

Monster Alphabets

Making Monster Alphabets Activity For Kids

Kids can make monster👹 alphabets by using paper or dough and crafting it into various letters.

By doing this, they can learn and practice the alphabet in a better way. This activity helps them understand the language and enhances their motor skills. 

Paper Monsters

My kids love making paper crafts. Kids can use glue sticks, Google Eyes, and colorful paper to make monsters.

Kids are benefited as their motor skills and creativity are enhanced. This activity of making paper puppets changes the playing time into an engaging one. 

Monster Puppet

Making Monster Puppet Activity For Kids

My daughter recently made it, and she loves crafting. Kids can take help from elders and make monster👹 puppets using colorful paper or socks by folding them in different ways.

This activity helps their understanding of shapes and measurement and enhances their creativity at a very early age. 

Monster Walk

Monster Walking Activity For Kids

I love watching my kids while they walk and act like monsters. Kids, for fun, can act and walk like monsters and make a chain with their friends and have a good fun time. This activity helps to engage them and enhances their recognition skills. 

Toilet Paper Monster 

Kids can turn the toilet paper roll into a creative monster👹. Kids can mark the toilet paper roll for making big eyes and teeth and stick paper horns at the back of the roll. I believe this fun activity helps kids to enhance their creativity and imagination. 

Handprint Monster

Handprint Monster Activity For Kids

My kids recently made this amazing activity. Kids can dip their hands in paint and then make a stamp on paper or a wall.

Then, on the palm print, kids can draw eyes and mouths and let the fingerprint be the thorns of the monster’s face.

Pro-Tip: I make sure that my kids are using fabric paints that are safe for kids. I suggest you do the same and be aware that kids wash their hands properly after they make stamps. 

Paper Plate Monsters

My daughter recently turned a plate into a monster face. Kids can try making a paper plate into a monster 👹by drawing eyes, mouth, and horns and giving a horrifying look.

This activity helps kids remain engaged in creative and imaginative playtime. 

DIY Laundry Monster

I had fun making this with my kids. Kids can get help from parents or any elders and convert the non-usable laundry bag into a monster.

Kids can add paper thorns and stick big eyes and hands. This activity helps the kids enhance their creativity. 

Monster Toss Game

Kids can play this game by creating monsters 👹using craft supplies and targeting them to toss them using balls.

This activity helps them aim at the right puppet and enhances their creativity as well. This activity also helps them increase hand and eye coordination. 

Count with Monster Eyes

Kids can count the numbers aloud by placing the googly eyes of a monster on each number plate.

This activity helps them to be strong in counting, understand basic math skills, and also enhance their creativity while studying. 

Monster Thorns

My kids recently made a monster 👹thorn and love playing by sticking those on their heads. Kids can make using craft supplies.

Kids can fold the paper into a thorn shape and stick those on a band and have an amazing time. This helps them enhance creativity. 

Monster Mask

Making Monster Mask Activity For Kids

My kids recently made this and loved playing. Kids can make a mask👹 by cutting paper into a monster face shape and string thread at the back for support.

This amazing and entertaining activity gives them time to have fun and enhances their creativity. 

Pro-Tip: I make sure the paints that my kids use on the mask are safe enough that they do not harm the skin. I suggest you check the paint colors kids are using and do not allow them to wear the mask for a long time. 

Clay Monsters 

Kids can use clay to make monsters as well. They can give shapes and add eyes, mouths, and teeth.

And color them once the clay puppets are done. This activity enhances motor skills and also improves their creativity and drawing skills. 

Paper Straw Monsters

My kids made this using leftover paper straws. 

Kids can collect the paper straws and cut them into pieces as per the requirement of making the monster👺 body.

Once done, they can add colors for fun. This activity teaches kids how to use the waste materials to create any new item. 

Cardboard Tube Monsters

Kids can collect the cardboard tubes, cut them into pieces, and attach them in such a way as to give an amazing look to the monster.

Kids can color them after the monster is ready to give them a horrifying look. I believe this activity enhances motor skills and creativity. 

Monster Stew

I introduced slime to my kids as it’s easy to play. Kids can use colorful slime kids and add plastic objects that look like monsters and mix them to make a Monsters 👹stew.

This activity will help kids to enhance their creativity and improve their recognition skills as well. 

Pro-Tip: I ensure that slime is chemical-free and the other objects are soft enough to play safely. I suggest you follow the same. 

Monster Math Dice

My kids love playing calculations. I was recently introduced to this game, and kids can try it by using a box showing a combination of numbers on paper and a dice.

Kids can throw the dice and color the appropriate boxes as per the outcome. 

Blow Painting Monster Craft

Kids can use the leftover paper straw and fabric paints 🎨to make an amazing craft. Kids can dip the straw, blow the paint onto the paper, and add or mark the face to create a monster.

I believe this activity helps kids to enhance their imagination and creativity. 

Pro-Tip: I recommend you to be aware that kids are not taking the paint into their mouths. Ensure that they do not take straw into their mouth and blow from far away. 

Paper Cone Monster

I recently introduced this activity to my kids, and they loved it. Kids can try making a cone and cylinder using paper.

They then attach the cylindrical paper on the top of the cone and add the paper strips to give a spooky look. 

Feed the Monster 

My kids recently turned an empty bottle into an amazing craft. Kids can cut the bottle in a square shape to make a 👹 mouth and mark eyes, hands, etc.

This activity helps them to bring creativity to the table and turn waste into a useful one. 

Leaf Painted Monster

My daughter recently made this amazing craft. Kids can take fallen leaves from the garden and paint them and add eyes, noses, mouths, etc, to give a monster look. This activity helps them enhance motor skills and increases their horizon of ideas.

Wooden Monster Blocks

Playing Wooden Monster Blocks Activity For Kids

Kids can play and paint different shapes of wooden blocks to give a 👺 look. Kids can attach those to bring out the shape of a monster’s body.

I believe this activity enhances their recognition skill and levels up the idea of making crafts from different objects. 

Egg Carton Monster 

My kids had recently painted the leftover egg carton to create something amazing. Kids can paint the egg carton shells on the opposite side and make monster faces.

This activity helps kids enhance their imagination and understand shapes and sizes for making crafts. 


These monster games and activities🧩 will keep your child entertained while bringing important developmental skills that should be added into their daily routines. 

By reading the listed activities🧩 above, I hope you enjoyed it a lot and got an idea of how to engage your kids in a fun way. 

Please leave a comment below if you have any more activity ideas to add to this list or have any questions for me to answer – I would love to hear your feedback! ❤️

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