20+ Adorable Cat Activities for Kids that You Might Know!Β 

I love cats 😻 and my kids love them more than I do. 

Last year, I dressed up my son and daughter as Tom and Jerry for a costume event at school. My son is also a big fan of Oggy and the Cockroaches and loves to watch the show quite often. My daughter’s favorite cat is Meowth from the Pokemon series.

Cats have been an unskippable part of the movies and animations for kids. Starting from their adorable paws 🐾 to their pretty whiskers – every detail makes my kids love these adorable ❀️ bundles of joy. 

In fact, my son treats little kittens 😸 like babies and pampers them the whole time. My daughter loves petting the stray cats who are regular visitors to our house. Last year, one of these cats gave birth to adorable kittens at our residence. 

Ideal Cat Activities For Your Kids 

The idea πŸ’‘ of incorporating the theme of cats 🐈 in productive activities sounded like a brilliant idea to me.

Therefore, I sat down and figured out several cat-themed activities for my son and daughter that will give them a helping hand in enhancing their motor πŸ’ͺand cognitive 🧠 development.

Read on to discover some of these amazing cat-themed activities I have listed below.

Befriend The Cats

Kids Befriending The Cats

Let me tell you that interacting with cats 🐈 is one of the most deeply cherished and memorable experiences in life. 

Therefore, I make sure my little cat lovers get a chance to interact with gorgeous cats and make a lot of memories in the following ways: 

Feed the Stray Cats:

My tiny cat lovers absolutely love ❀️ to feed the cats who visit our house or greet them on the streets. My son even saves his biscuits πŸͺ and snacks to feed them, too. 

We even love to make a comfortable place for them by placing pieces of clothing and cushions in a cardboard πŸ“¦ box. We place these boxes in sheltered areas so that the cats can utilize them during winter. 

Moreover, we cut empty bottles into half along the vertical axis to create two containers- one to carry the food for the cats and the other to carry water for them. We place these set-ups properly in suitable locations where cats 🐈 can find them.

Take Part in Awareness Programmes and WorkShops:

Visiting pet shops or taking part in events organized to educate children about pets and how to take care of them is one of my favorite activities. 

I love to watch my kids learn how to feed, bathe, and befriend cats 🐈 under expert supervision. We also enjoy watching several pet competitions organized for children.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little cat-lovers do not hurt themselves while playing with a cat who is not vaccinated properly. Never let them touch a stray cat for safety reasons. Make sure the children interact with them from a safe distance.

Snow Cat

Snow Cat For Kids

During the winter season, this cat-themed 😸 activity is a favorite in our household. Instead of making a snowman ⛄️, we made a snowcat on the lawn. 

We add cardboard cut-outs of a cat’s ears and use chopsticks to make the whiskers. In fact, we wrap colorful streamers around a thin plastic wire to create an adorable tail, too. 

In fact, you can also use candies 🍬 and chocolate 🍫 sauce to make the face of a cat on a scoop of your little cat lover’s favorite 🍨 ice cream.

Cat Chases The Mouse

Let me tell you about this extremely popular cat-themed 😸 activity that is loved by all the little ones.

This activity is ‘purrfect’ for enhancing the counting skills πŸ”’ as well as motor abilities πŸ’ͺ of your little cat lovers.

What you need– cut-outs of the faces of cats, pens, dice 🎲, music 🎢 system, and the cut-out of the face of a mouse.


  • I teach my kids to cut out outlines of black, white, brown, or yellow 🐈 cats. Please make sure these cut-outs are big enough for your little ones to stand on them.
  • I position these cut-outs in a zig-zag fashion on a mattress. I wear the mask of a mouse 🐁 and stand at the end of the line of these cut-outs.
  • I turn on my little cat lover’s favorite cat rhyme on the loudspeaker 🎢, and the race begins.
  • The participants of the race are cats 🐈 and need to reach the finish line to catch the mouse 🐁 (that’s me) by hopping from one cutout to another.
  • The mouse controls the music and should pause it ⏸️ at random intervals.
  • The tiny and energetic cats will be disqualified if they jump outside the cutout by mistake or don’t freeze when the rhyme is paused.
  • Ultimately, the cat finishing first or being able to reach the mouse 🐁 first when the music ends will receive the opportunity to control the music 🎢 for the following round. My younger cat lover (my daughter) always finishes last during this activity, but her brother spoils 🀭 her by letting her take up his opportunity to control the music.
  • Often, we use a dice 🎲 for this game, too, and write numbers in ascending order on the cut-outs of the cats. 
  • Each person playing the role of a cat rolls a dice once during each round and moves ahead by jumping forward on the same number of cut-outs as on the top side of the dice. The one who reaches the mouse 🐁 at the end of the line first wins the game.

Cat Greeting Card

Cat Greeting Card Making Activity For Kids

How could I miss out on making a cat-themed 😻 greeting card for my little cat lovers?

I ask my little ones to cut βœ‚οΈ out and collect pictures of cats and kittens 😸 from various newspapers and magazines. We stick all of them together to form an adorable collage of cute little cats on a greeting card.

I have several such adorable greeting cards πŸ’Œ gifted to me by my kids.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

All About Paws

Paws 🐾 are one of the most adorable features of cats, and my daughter loves the footprints of cats. 

Therefore, I decided to transform her into a cat with adorable paws for a day.

What you need

styrofoam, paint 🎨, cutter, glue, dice, colorful papers of varying textures (such as sandpaper, glossy paper, chart paper, brown paper, kite paper, handmade textured paper, and glitter paper), marker pen, scissors βœ‚οΈ, threads or rubber bands.


  • For this activity, firstly, I prepare paw-shaped cut-outs from styrofoam sheets using a cutter.
  • Now, I draw three identical circular outlines (recommended radius- 2 centimeters) and an oval outline (adjust the measurements according to the radius of the circular outlines) with dotted lines on the textured papers. 
  • I instruct my kids to cut βœ‚οΈ along the dotted outlines using a pair of scissors to create circular and oval cut-outs. 
  • Not only learning how to handle a pair of scissors is an amazing motor activity for kids, but playing with different textured papers is a fantastic sensory exercise for children.
  • Now, I stick these cut-outs on the styrofoam paws and tie them to the palms of my kids using a rubber band or thread.
  • They dip it in paint of diverse shades and press the paw’s impressions on white chart paper. They create an amazing cat-themed painting with paws 🐾 of diverse textures.
  • You can also hang this white chart paper with the cat’s outline on the wall for your little ones. I ask them to roll a dice 🎲 and identify the number on the face of the dice facing upwards. 
  • Then, I instruct them to put the impressions of paws 🐾 on the chart paper the same number of times.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

Pom Pom Tom

My son loves watching the ‘Tom and Jerry’ show; therefore, this pom pom activity is one of his favorites. There are endless ways of preparing crafts and paintings of cats, but this one is extremely popular amongst kids.

What you need- pom poms, paint 🎨 , white chart paper, glue, and a marker pen.


  • For this activity, firstly, I ask my son to dip pom poms in shades of blue.
  • Now, either he can stick these blue and white pom poms on the outline of the character ‘Tom’ that I have drawn on the piece of white chart paper using glue, or he can dab it on the paper after dipping it in paint 🎨 to make a painting of Tom using the impression of pom poms.
  • In both ways, it is an amazing cat-themed 😻 activity for little ones.

Cat Mask and Ears

Cat Mask And Ears For Kids

Aren’t the adorable ears of a cat 😺 taking the fashion industry by storm?

Therefore, I decided to make a cat mask and cat ears for my kids in a simple and interesting way.

What you need– 

paper, crayons, paint 🎨, marker pen, glue, embellishments, thread 🧡, and scissors.


  • Firstly, I draw the outline of a cat’s 🐈 face on a piece of white chart paper using dotted lines and instruct my son and daughter to create a cut-out by running a pair of scissors along the dotted lines ( a highly recommended fine motor activity for little ones). 
  • Following this step, I ask them to color and decorate the cat using embellishments in any way they like. 
  • I cut two slits in the cut-out of the cat’s face ( where the eyes πŸ‘€ are located) so that my kids can see through these slits when they wear the mask. I just tie this cat mask around the heads of my kids using a thread.
  • To make the ears, I ask my little ones to prepare, paint, and decorate the cut-outs of the ears of the cat just in the same manner as they prepared the cut-out of the face 😺 of the cat. 
  • I attach the ears of the cat to a paper strip using glue and make two slits on each end of this paper strip.
  • I pass a thread through these slits and tie it around the head of my children to form a headband with ears. 
  • They look like the most adorable kittens 😸 running around the house wearing this cute cat-themed mask and headband.
  • You can also make a cat’s face 😸by joining two paper fans to create a circular paper fan and then decorate it using cut-outs of ears, whiskers, and eyes.

Pro Tip 

You can attach this cat mask to one end of a cardboard roll, place the other end on the study table vertically, and use this set-up as a pencil ✏️ holder.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

Woolen Cat 

Cats love playing with a ball of wool 🧢, and I love knitting cat-themed sweaters for my kids during winter.

I have also figured out a way to make a woolen cat 🐈 for my daughter by means of this craft activity.

My daughter loves cats, so this cat-themed 😻 activity is her absolute favorite.

What you need– 

white chart paper, colorful balls of wool 🧢, glue, buttons, and scissors.


  • I draw the outline of a cat 🐈 on a piece of white chart paper and coat the area lying within the outline with glue. 
  • I instruct my little ones to stick the woolen thread in the form of several patterns on the areas coated with glue. 
  • The thought process involved in creating beautiful patterns enhances the thinking πŸ€” abilities of your little cat lover. Now, we stick buttons to create the eyes and strips of paper to create the whiskers.
  • As a result, we have an extraordinary woolen cat 🐈 and I love decorating these pieces on the walls of my house.
  • If your little one doesn’t like this idea, then you can stick two buttons directly on a ball of wool to create the eyes and strips of paper to create whiskers. You will have an adorable ball of wool looking like a 😸 kitten.

Counting Cats

I have discovered a fantastic cat-themed 😸 counting πŸ”’ activity for my little cat-lovers. Read on to find out everything regarding this amazing cat-themed activity.

What you need– 

Black cat cut-outs, brown cat cut-outs, white cat cut-outs, bowls, and colorful pens.


  • I prepare cut-outs of black cats, brown cats, and white cats and mark them with numbers from 1 to 50.
  • I jumble up all the cats in a bowl and ask my little cat lovers to segregate the white cats in one bowl, the black ones in the next, and the brown ones in another. 
  • I instruct my little cat lovers to count πŸ”’ the total number of cats in each bowl and then add up all the numbers written on each cut-out of a cat to find the total sum. 
  • Sometimes, I write ✍️ random alphabets on the cut-outs πŸ”‘ and ask my little cat lovers to arrange the white, black, and brown cats together to form a word.
  • If your little cat-lover is a toddler, you can teach them about the names of these three colors by guiding them through segregating the cut-outs of cats 🐈 of various colors. 
  • Sometimes, I don’t want to go through the hard work of preparing cut-outs of cats, so the amazing song Ten Little Kittens comes in extremely handy in improving the counting abilities of my little cat lovers.

Let the Cat Out Of The Bag

Now, this cat-themed sensory activity is a favorite 😻 in everyone’s household. Sensory activities have always played a significant role in the overall development of a child; therefore, I never miss out on this amazing πŸ‘ activity.

What you need– 

Flour, vegetable oil, cat-themed accessories, and everything related to cats. 


  • I ask my tiny cat 🐈 lovers to think and name any ten things that remind them of cats. 
  • I put those 10 things, along with the other cat-themed accessories, in a plastic bag filled with a mixture of vegetable oil and flour. 
  • I instruct my little ones to locate those items in the bag using their hands, thereby improving βœ…οΈ their sensory skills.

Cat In The Bottle of Milk 

Cat's Bottle Of Milk By Kids

Have you noticed that milk is sold in transparent bottles πŸ«™ too? 

I have these empty milk bottles at home, and this cat-themed activity is absolutely πŸ‘Œ ideal for my little cat lovers.

What you need- 

Transparent milk bottles, black paper, pencils, and LED lights.


  • I draw the outline of a cat 🐈 😻 or Tom on a piece of black chart paper using the method of drawing dots along the outline with a pencil. I guide my kids to poke holes in the dots on the black chart paper using the same pencil.
  • Secondly, I inserted it within the transparent milk bottle (that is empty after all the milk has been utilized) and added LED lights to the bottle. 
  • My cat-lovers put on the LED lights in a dark room and are surprised 😍 by an adorable cat taking form in the milk bottle with the light traveling aesthetically through the holes.
  • Often, we create other cartoon characters using the same method.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with LED lights.

Read Books About Cats

Books About Cats For Kids

All of us have grown up reading numerous fascinating stories and books πŸ“– about various cats 🐈 and their adventures. 

My little cat lovers are no exception in this case. Read on to discover some of the fascinating cat-themed books πŸ“š we love to read.

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any book πŸ“– before allowing their little ones to read it just to be sure that the contents of the books are suitable βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your little cat lover.

Watch Cat-themed Movies 

I know that no movie or series will ever be as loved 😍 as the Tom and Jerry Show, but there are several innovative and awesome movies 🎬 , shows, and series that are worth watching if your little ones love cats. 

Here are a few cat-themed movies 🎬 I love to watch with my adorable cat lovers-

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any movie 🎬 before allowing their little ones to read it just to be sure that the contents of the movies are suitable βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your little cat lover.

Cat Puppets

Cat Puppets Made By Kids

My son loves ❀ ️ pretending to be Tom or Oggy and interacting with his sister using puppets of the same characters. 

Therefore, I figured out this cat-themed activity to help him create adorable yet notorious cat puppets to play with.

What you need

Paper plates, colorful pens, scissors βœ‚οΈ, crayons, paint, embellishments, accessories, glue, and ice cream sticks.


  • I usually draw the outline of a cat ( Tom or Oggy) on a circular paper plate with dotted lines using a pen. 
  • I instruct my kids to cut out the outline of the cat ( Tom or Oggy) along the dotted lines using a pair of scissorsβœ‚οΈ (a highly recommended fine motor activity for little cat lovers). 
  • We decorate this cut-out of Tom, Oggy, or any other cat using crayons, paint, embellishments, and accessories.
  • To accomplish the target of making an adorable cat puppet, we attach an ice cream stick to the cut-out (in the area right opposite the segment carrying the cat’s ears). 
  • This ice cream stick will be the puppet’s holder for my little cat lovers when they interact with each other using it. 
  • We have a lot of fun while interacting by means of using cute 😍 puppets because my kids go from being adorable cats with a smile 😸 to notorious ones with funny expressions.

Cat Craft Activities

Painting 🎨 and craft activities are quite popular in the household, and I love to incorporate innovative methods of painting into the daily activities of my cat lovers 😸 so that they are happy all the time. 

Here are a few techniques for making amazing cat paintings that my little cat lovers love ❀️ to engage in:

Streamer Cat:

We love using streamers for decorations and also made an adorable ‘cat 🐈 on the wall’ using it. This is an engaging cat-themed activity for birthday πŸŽ‚ parties. 

I just draw the outline of a cat on a piece of paper and cover the area lying inside the outline with double-sided tape. I hang it on the wall and ask the little guests to put streamers of their choice on this outline of the cat’s figure. 

These streamers serve as colorful fur on the cat’s body. The little guests have a lot of fun doing it, and the end result is a furry and colorful cat 😻 on the wall.

Fork Cat:

I instruct my adorable cat lovers through the process of dipping a fork’s backside in black, white, brown, or yellow shades of paint 🎨 and pressing its impression on paper in a circular fashion around a center to create the cat’s 😸 face. 

We create the eyes πŸ‘€, ears, and other parts using a paintbrush πŸ–Œ or by sticking embellishments or accessories.

Hand Painting:

I ask my little cat lovers to place their palms in a tray carrying black, white, brown, or yellow shades of paint 🎨 and stamp its impression on a piece of paper around a center following a circular technique. 

This entire impression creates the face of the adorable cat. We love to decorate it with eyes πŸ‘€ and whiskers using embellishments. This cat-themed activity enhances the coordination of hands βœ‹οΈ and aids the child to 🧠 focus on a particular activity.

Rice or Pasta Cat:

Pasta Cat Made By Kids

Playing with rice or pasta takes me back to my childhood days. Therefore, I figured out a way to incorporate it into a wonderful sensory activity for little cat 🐈 lovers. 

I put rice or pieces of pasta inside a ziplock bag and add black, white, brown, or yellow shades of paint to it (if your little one is a fan of Tom or Oggy, then you can use blue shades of paint too).

I instruct my little cat 😻 lovers to shake the bag and keep it aside for the paint to dry so that the pieces of pasta or rice are in our desired shades of color. 

I draw the outline of an adorable cat or Tom on a piece of white chart paper and guide my kids to glue these grains of rice or pieces of pasta on it using craft glue (an excellent βœ…οΈ activity that helps to enhance the focus of a child).

Bubble Wrap Cat:

Bubble wraps are the cutest 😍 supplies to use for craft activities. Therefore, we decided to create a Tom or Oggy utilizing it. 

I just instruct my little cat lovers to immerse a piece of bubble wrap in shades of black, white, brown, or yellow(use blue shades for Tom) and press its impression on the outline of a cat to make a bubbly cat πŸ™€ painting.

Edible Cats

Edible Cats Made By Kids

Cat-themed dishes, cookies πŸͺ, breads, and ice-creams are famous all over the world. 

Food is every child’s favorite 😍, and when they receive food decorated in the theme of their favorite animal, it makes them the happiest 🀩 person to ever exist.

I have also tried making a few cat-themed 😸 delicacies for my little cat lovers at home. I have mentioned a few of those dishes here, and I hope πŸ˜‡ you will like them.

Cat Cupcakes:

My daughter loves cupcakes 🧁, especially with the icing on the top. Therefore, I put her favorite cream in a piping bag and often guided her to create the face of a cat on the cupcake. 

Using a piping bag to create a pattern requires focus; therefore, this activity is good for enhancing the focus 🧠 and concentration of my little cat lovers. 

You can also teach your little ones how to create paws 🐾 with the help of a piping bag on a cupcake, a slice of bread 🍞 , a cookie, or a scoop of ice cream.

Vegetable Cat:

I love this cat-themed activity because it is an amazing way of encouraging little ones to eat green vegetables and fruits. I use slices of vegetables πŸ«‘ πŸ₯¦ to create the face of a cat by placing them in the form of a circle. 

I cut out two slices of strawberries πŸ“ to use them to create the ears. Two olives are used to create the eyes, whereas slender stick-like slices of a carrot πŸ₯• are excellent to create the whiskers. 

Marshmallow Cat:

We just take a piece of marshmallow and draw funny faces of cats on it using honey or cream. You can do the same with donuts 🍩 , pies πŸ₯§, or on a birthday πŸŽ‚ cake.


Cats 🐈 are loved by so many people all around the world. In fact, I believe all of these cat-themed activities bring so much joy 😊 to all the children.

These cat-themed activities or books also form a wonderful pathway for teaching my kids about any particular topic. Moreover, several restaurants also offer cat-themed delicacies πŸ˜‹ for kids to relish and enjoy.

Tell me in the comments below which cat-themed 😸 activity your kids like the most.

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