25+ Best Polar Bear Activities that You Might Know

I cannot agree more when I say, arts and crafts are great tools to keep your child’s awareness and intellect at a higher level. Polar Bear activities are a friendly, crafty activity that keeps them engaged and happy. 

Following are some simple but lovely activities that will be interactive and creative. They are a cute favorite with the children and present an opportunity to bond with your kids and bond over some cute and artistic activity. 

Interesting Polar Bear Activities For Your Kids

Fur friends are cute companions to your kids that engage their visual and motor skills. Polar Bears are one such furry friend. With two monochrome colors and cute features, they can be amazing friends to play with. 

How can you integrate these cuties into your games, you ask? You’re at the right place! Below are some activities that I have listed, especially for little kids who might want to play around while increasing their ability to count, color, recognize, build, etc. ✔️

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Polar Paws

Counting is one of the primary activities that toddlers or young kids do. This is an activity that lays the foundation for mathematical ability, and Polar Bear-related crafts can help your kid learn to count! 

Cut out a few polar bear-shaped paws and lead them to a square-shaped cutout where your kid can stand and recollect how many Polar Paws they counted!

Pro Tip:

I asked my son to help me with the crafts of coloring the paws once I cut them out. Here, you can hit two activities with one stone! Both creativity and mathematical ability! 

Weave The Story

Take pictures of a few polar bears and ask your child to tell a story about them! This increases their storytelling ability and cognitive function.

This could also help them learn about the environment around which polar bears grow and increase their general knowledge. 

This is a great way to increase their communication and language skills. 

Paw To Paw 

This game is a great opportunity to increase your child’s motor skills and control. The game works on the concept of Twister. Cut out a few black polar bear paws and place them across the room in different areas. 

Ask your child to navigate these paws and place themselves in the different areas where they are to create an obstacle course-like setting. Their motor and navigation skills are sure to get sharpened! 

Where’s the nose? 

A popular and fun activity is “Where’s the nose?” which is popular among birthday parties and other animals as well! Cut out a circle and draw some eyes and a mouth with a black marker. Cut out a different circle to make the nose of the polar bear. 

Attach a double-sided tape piece to another circular cutout and draw a nose on it. Next, ask your toddler to place the nose in the face cut out of the polar bear to make a great game out of it! 

Cotton crafts

Craft activities tend to be hands-on and highly engaging, allowing your toddler to keep their time consumed while dealing with some creativity. Making a cute polar bear with cotton is one such craft activity that can help this out!

Get a few googly eyes and a cotton ball, outline a polar bear, and handsome non-adhesive glue to your child to help them build a bear! 

Pro Tip: I taught my daughter some facts about polar bears throughout this activity! This included some identification facts like the fact that they live on the North Pole! 

Polar Bookmark 

Another craft activity to motivate the artistic abilities of your kid! Bookmarks are a relevant gift that will always be of use! 

Cut out a rectangle and draw a polar bear on the bookmark along with your kid. You can ask them to color in the lines and place the bookmark in your bedtime storybook. This can be a bonding activity for you and your kid!

Marshmallow Bears 

Baking is a joyous activity you can share with your kid. It improves your rapport with them while teaching them basic skills like cooking and measuring. It is good brain activity as well. 

Integrate cute polar bears into your baking activities by making polar bear marshmallows- or marshmallow bears! These are white fluffy marshmallows with chocolate eyes and a chocolate nose. These are great in the wintertime to dip in some hot cocoa and have. 

Fork Printer Bear

Another blissful craft activity! Fork printing some bears. All you need are some forks, some paints and a cardboard sheet where you can place these forks. 

Create a circular pattern with the fork and place some googly eyes for the shimmering eyes and a cardboard stock for the nose. 

Pro Tip:

Name these cute bears according to your child’s wishes! This can be a sweet bonding activity between you and your kid. It can also engage their creativity. 

Sponge Bears 

Another great opportunity to bond over some arts and crafts is to make a sponge bear. Pick up some white paint and a soft sponge. Cut out a circle on the sponge and use the white paint to make an adorable face and ears. 

Pro Tip:

Keep some googly eyes handy so you can use them as eyes. They’re a great extra to have in your kid’s craft basket, as they can be extremely useful when you need that extra feature!

Make a home

Creating a polar bear ecosystem is also a great activity to engage in. You can use some cotton and paints to create a polar bear box. You can also use some blue paint to paint in a few glaciers. 

You might just be surprised by your kid’s spatial awareness and creativity during this activity.  

Pro Tip:

You can ask your child to place some of the polar bears in the previous activities in this ecosystem. Integrate two activities to make one creative one!

Polar Bear Masks

An adorable activity is the polar bear mask. Cut out a circular shape with some bead-shaped cuts for eyes, and ask your kid to help you stick on some cotton to help create a cute polar bear mask! 

You can also role-play polar bears and teach your kid a little about hibernation, their usual food habits, living conditions, and other defining characteristics. This helps them learn about the animals and build on some general knowledge. 

Feed the Bear

Another great game that doubles as a word activity is Feed the Bear. Here, you cut out fish-shaped sheets of paper and label them. Ask your kid to feed these fish to a polar bear cutout. Tape it onto a cardboard box and ask your kid to deposit the fish in it!

This is a great game, and the fish can also double as words to enhance your child’s vocabulary! You can ask them to actively recall the words they learned! 

Dig A Den

Dig A Den is another great activity you can enjoy with your kid. Hide a stuffed toy under some pillows and cushions, and have your child dig a den and find the loot!

This could also double as a treasure hunt game and help your kid understand spatial awareness and exploration. 

Build an Iceberg 

Another great game is building an iceberg. Place a glass and ask your child to stack a few ice cubes inside it.

You can also consider this as an opportunity to teach them about the melting of ice and some environmental awareness!

Pro tip: this was a great opportunity to help my child also understand the environment in which your child lives. 

Musical Bears 

An alternative to musical cheers is a fun game of musical bears! Make a few cups shaped like polar bears and arrange them in a row. 

Play some music and ask your child to make the polar bears dance and then stop when the music stops. This can be a great bonding activity between you and your kid as well. 

Fish for some ice

Get a polar bear cap for your kid and have them fish for some makeshift fish cut out of cardboard. You could cut out some stars and give your kid one for every fish they catch. 

This could reinforce your child in a positive manner! You can also play this game outside and attach some double-sided tape to a stick to get the cardboard fish. 

Polar Bear Obstacle Course 

Another great bonding game is the polar bear obstacle course. Make some polar bears from tissue paper rolls and create an obstacle course that the polar bear is navigating through. 

This is a good opportunity for you to learn your child’s problem-solving skills as well. 

Slush Party!

This is a food and drinks game. Encourage your child to make some slush crushes with ice and juice. This is also a great opportunity to teach them some kitchen etiquette and allow them to enjoy mixing the slush with a spoon. 

Write a poem

Allow your children to get creative! Write a few words and ask them to make a poem off of them.

You could ask them to rhyme the alternate sentences and give them prizes for using some of the words that you mention. 

Arctic Slime

Buy some white and blue slime and encourage your child to play with it for some sensory greatness.

You can also create a sensory bin and add the slime in a box to a number of soft toys and other polar bear figurines if you have it. 

Polar Bear Stamping 

You could draw a few polar bears and create stencils that you can print on potatoes. Use some friendly ink and create some polar bear stamps on a piece of paper. You could also ink some polar bear paws and print them on paper. 


All of these activities helped my child and me bond over some cute Arctic animals. They were super engaging and created a bond like no other. 

I hope these activities were as enjoyable for you to read as they were for me to write. 

Comment down below if you would like me to add a few activities or if you have any feedback for all the suggestions. – I would love to hear what you have to say! 💗

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