40+ Rainy Day Activities to Embrace the Rain with Fun-filled Activities!

May flowers may be brought on by April showers, but those same rains can also make for some arduous days with young children πŸ˜‰.

The presence of rain need not equate to dreary days. Here are some amusing things to do with your kids on gloomy days.

Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers 

Puddle jumping is fun on rainy days, but you’ll eventually need to go inside. Don’t freak out if you have a kid and a few hours to fill indoors. Simply whip out my preferred list of family-friendly activities πŸ‘ for rainy days.

Go Swimming 

On rainy days, most parents want to stay dry. Why not take the opposite course of action and πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ swim in the bathtub?

Put your toddler in a swimsuit, make it clear that no one’s hair will be cleaned, and permit some paddling in the tub.

Air balloons

For a rainy day, keep some balloons on hand. Blow up a balloon 🎈and work with your child to hold it in the air as long as you can when your toddler begins to climb the walls to help them burn off some energy. 

Make life simple for yourself and choose a Zuru Bundle O Balloon ✨️🎈 that is self-sealing and includes a little air pump if you wish to prepare in advance.

Build a fort

Toddlers enjoy forts in any weather. Build a fort with a blanket or the couch cushions removed. Crawl inside and read a text or eat something private.

Any sheet or mattress will do, but a huge blanket that is 10 feet by 10 feet produces incredible forts in a flash!

Refuse to recycle 

To build a cardboard box as well as a bubble-wrap masterpiece, rummage through the recycling bin and take anything useful out.

Handy handprints

The hands and feet of toddlers grow so big in such a short time. Make some hand- and footprints πŸ‘£ on your wet day at home. Plus, you can keep these for the next time your grandparents come to visit. Make the handprints into dinosaurs, birds, or trees to add extra interest.

Make tracks

Your child can create some tracks by driving their Hot Wheels via the “snow” by adding some wheat or rice to the pantry.

Shaving Cream Shenanigans

Get out the shaving cream for a cheap pastime that will keep your child occupied for a while. Shaving cream can be used to paint a sheet of parchment paper or the shower wall.

Several drops of food coloring might be added if you want to be bold.

Colander craters

On a rainy day, practice fine motor abilities while passing the time. A colander and anything else that’s on hand that will fit through the holes should be taken. 

Children enjoy seeing spaghetti slip through. If your child is ready for a challenge, pipe cleaners are fantastic for winding in and out.

Beautiful Lava

Kids are constantly amazed by homemade volcanoes. Grab a cup 🍡, add some baking soda, a few drops of dish soap, and some vinegar, and observe the magic happen!

Add some red ♦️ dye, if you possess some food coloring on hand, to your volcano to make it even more lifelike.

Pots and pans

This one isn’t for the weak of the heart, but toddlers always find a special kind of excitement in pounding πŸ’« on pots and pans. Start a marching band with some wooden forks and play it around the living room.

Launch a Raspberry attack

Sit calmly, then startle your infant by giving them back-to-back raspberries on their face, feet, and belly. There will be lots of laughs!

Have a dance party

You and your partner are capable of dancing and singing your hearts out while you grab some hair brushes and start the 🎢 music.

To get your child ready for naptime, try this activity right before it starts.

Box building

Most likely, you might have a cardboard container lying around. A shoebox, an Amazon box, a refrigerator πŸ“¦ box, or anything else can be transformed into something amazing. 

Create an immediate garage for your toddler’s toy vehicle collection by cutting off βœ‚οΈ a few flaps.

Resist painting 

A resist painting is easy to do, but it requires some labor. With the exception of black, assist your child in scribbling on any sheet of paperπŸ“– with all the crayons in the box.

After that, totally cover your multicolored scribbles with the black ⚫️ πŸ– crayon.Β 

Give your Toddler a bath

Your toddler’s dolls and action figures might not have ever been bathed. Put some dish soap and warm πŸ’§ water in a big Tupperware container or in the sink. Then, assist your young child in bathing their action figures or dolls 🎭.

Your toddler may be entertained by this for a fairly long period, and when it’s over, their toys will shine!

Have a picnic

Although it may not seem like the best day for a picnic on a 🌧 rainy day, your kids will love the idea of setting out a blanket on the living room floor.

Hide and seek

A toddler’s favourite is hide and seek. Make a big production out of not being capable of finding them when it’s their chance to hide to increase amusement. Ensure that your hider can hear you.

Time to do the laundry

Your toddler should be placed inside the laundry basket 🧺 while wearing clothes. With your kid, pretend to stroll to the washing machine in order to do the laundry while you grab a large quantity of garments.

Toddler-on- the go

Your toddler doesn’t necessarily have less energy when it’s raining than when it’s sunny. While you block them, have them run down the corridor and return. 

Then, ask them to go more quickly. To make sure you get a lovely, long 🌧 rainy day respite, try this activity right before naptime.

Crayon sorting 

By placing each crayon in its proper cup, challenge your small friend to a race of color sorting. While organizing your crayon πŸ–Œcollection, this is an excellent chance to teach colors and matching.

Freeze Dancing 

If you halt the sound and force the youngsters to freeze, an impromptu dance party might become even more absurd.

Encourage πŸ™ƒ your child to attempt standing on one leg or to stop mid-hop for even more silliness.

Scavenger Hunt

Together, hide among your toddler’s plush animals and search the entire house. Provide hints on the way.

To add a bit more interest, make it a hunt for bears or a search for a tiger that vanished from the zoo πŸ˜€.Β 

Shadow tracing

Ask your children to trace the shadow of a dinosaur-like figure you’ve set up on a blank piece of paper. Setting up next to a window will make it simple to perform 🎭 if there’s any sunshine available. 

Placing a torch immediately behind the toy will cast a shadow on a very gloomy and wet day.

Stupendous socks

You can play a surprising amount of toddler-friendly games with a pair of balled-up socks. They are secure to use for indoor catch games.

Alternatively, use these to play basketball πŸ€ using a laundry basket or plastic container as a hoop.

How high can you go?

Gather all of your building blocks, Magna-Tiles, and other stackable objects. Begin constructing a tower.

Afterward, get a chair for your child to stand on and continue walking. Build a tower that is as high as you can, aiming to reach the ceiling.

Rainy Day activities for preschoolers 

Many of us have had to spend our days inside due to the recent dark and wet weather. Rainy weather 🌧 may render it challenging to engage young children, who require numerous opportunities throughout the day to exercise their bodies and let out their wiggles. 

You’ll find some simple indoor entertaining learning exercises πŸ€Όβ€β™€ πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ for preschoolers in this article.

Write a book

Request a narrative from your little child. Ask your narrator to depict their work after you have written no more than a couple of phrases on each page.

Once you’re finished, bind the book by stapling the pages together and display it with pride on your bookshelves.

Reading marathon

Does your child regularly want one more book? The ideal time to accept all the books is on a rainy day spent indoors.

Gather all of your favorite books πŸ“– and spend as much time as necessary curled up on the couch reading them.

Make your own playdough 

On a rainy day, playing with playdough can be a tonne of fun and educational. Playdough 🧿 is a flexible activity that encourages imagination and creativity while giving kids a chance to exercise and develop the little muscles necessary for writing. 

Key fact

As you measure the components together and contrast the textures of the ingredients, making handmade ✌️ playdough with kids is a great opportunity to impart science and math principles.

Get out the cardboard boxes and create 

Open-ended activities that inspire kids to use their imagination and creativity are ideal for rainy days. Encourage kidsπŸ‘¦ to use their imaginations by locating a few cardboard 🧩 containers that they are not using anymore. 

Boxes can be transformed into a variety of objects, including houses, trains, ramps for model vehicles, robots, tunnels, and even airplanes! The box designs will be fun for kids to color and decorate.

Practice yoga

Yoga is a fantastic indoor exercise πŸƒ option when it’s raining outside. Children who practice yoga can also learn about the advantages of stretching and self-care. 

Books and videos with simple, kid-friendly yoga positions and fundamental yoga poses are fantastic places to start if you’re interested in bringing yogaπŸ§Žβ€β™‚οΈ into your classroom.

Play Follow the leader

It’s simple to play follow-the-leader wherever and anytime! There is no need for setup or materials. Just stand before the kids and see how they mimic your gestures. Bouncing around, touching the tips of their feet, and reaching up high will entice them to stretch their body.Β 

Key fact

Children can use this activity to develop their major muscle πŸ’ͺ strength and work on critical cognitive abilities, including imitating, taking turns, and following directions.Β 

Have a parade 

A fun indoor marching parade is a great way to get kids moving together on a wet day!  

Encourage kids to dress up for the parade if you have dress-up πŸ˜‰ attire available in your school. You can use real toy equipment or everyday items that can be transformed into pretend instruments as instruments.

Get creative with a themed art project

Try a rainy-day art activity that kids can collaborate on if you’re searching for a unique πŸ’₯ approach to keep tiny ones occupied.

Move like an animal

Invite kids to move around like an animal to get them active! By integrating numerous animal and animal 🎭 actions, you can make this into a game. For instance, instruct them to gallop like a pony, swim like a penguin, and more.

Try indoor Hopscotch 

We typically reserve the game of hopscotch for outside, but it may be just as much fun indoors! 

Hopscotch is not only a fantastic exercise game, but it also allows kids a chance to practice πŸ™ƒ counting along with number identification by numbering the squares.

Rainy Day Activities for Kindergartens 

Children may spend a long time being bored on rainy days, while adults may become stressed. 

Keeping kids active is the secret to keeping them happy! You may find a variety of items useful, including indoor games, painting supplies, science activities, and kid-friendly experiments. 

On rainy days, engaging children in enjoyable activities is a terrific way to travel the time. This short selection of activities is ideal for elementary school students.

Directed drawing 

In an educational setting full of restless children on a wet day, directed sketching is always a good way to spend time.

Give kids a piece of πŸ“– paper and instruct them to follow it as they make a cute drawing on their own. After that, they are able to paint or color it.

Play dress up

When you dress up as your preferred superhero, queen, or other figure or occupation, your imagination can run wild.

Students enjoy πŸ˜‰ dressing up and using accessories that help them feel immersed in the character they are playing.

Independent I Spy Sheets

An excellent method to practise word blending and vocabulary matching is with this ‘I Spy’ printable.

As they locate the objects and compare them to the printed word, they can color them. This enjoyable indoor activity can be printed πŸ’₯ out with just a piece of paper.

Balloon Hockey

Rainy days are not reasons for having enjoyable game days, either! All you have to do is bring sporting events indoors and give them a little twist!

This is a safe and entertaining method to play hockey πŸ‘ inside the home. To keep it secure and suitable for indoor use, use balloons🎈!

Balloon Tennis 

Tennis is another outdoor activity that can be played indoors. wooden forks and paper plates can be used by students to manufacture improvised tennis 🎾 racquets.

Game days may continue to take place indoors by substituting a balloon🎈 for a ball.

Hide and Seek

Play a game of hiding and seeking, or look for concealed items to pass the time. Allow students to participate 🎭 in a traditional kid’s game or hide something, then give your pupils hints to locate it. 

As they search for the hidden things, you may direct them by indicating whether they’re “hot” or “cold” as they go.

Make your movie Theater 

It’s a lot of fun to create your own home theatre or family movie night! Choose a favoriteπŸ† movie, make some fresh popcorn, and cuddle up for a romantic evening. On a pajama day, your school might use this as well.

LEGO building contest

Inspiring friendly rivalry in the classroom or the family home is always a breeze with a fun building competition.

Before beginning to build and complete the model πŸ€ layout, have students discuss and choose a design.

Play Dough Marble Maze

On a rainy day, making a marble run is a good way to pass the time. To discover how quickly they can navigate the confusion, let students design πŸ˜€ their own marble maze.

Timed laps to see whoever can get through the course the quickest will boost the ante.

Make Slime

Set aside some time for sensory experiences and let kids make their own πŸ™ƒ slime. The few components needed to prepare this are quite simple. 

Allow pupils to customize their design by adding color or even sparkle. This is something that students may utilize whenever they want and carry ✨️ with them.

Pretended nail salon

Greater children frequently disregard dramatic play. Some of the older pupils would like to give each traced hand a distinct color of nail polish. These activities will be a lot of joy for your classmates.

Cotton ball painting 

Cotton ball painting entails shaping cotton balls into various shapes and objects, such as flowers πŸ’ or animals, then sticking them to a cardboard surface. 

The cotton balls can then be painted by the pupils, truly bringing the painting to life. This is fantastic for enhancing motor πŸ‘ abilities.

Create a map of your country 

Encourage children to discuss the town or city where they reside. List locations and discuss ✨️ how items are situated in relation to one another. 

Display location maps and explain how a map has a key. Assist them in creating their map key and offer them guidance πŸŒ€ as they develop their own maps.

Craft stick Harmonicas

A fun way to pass a rainy day is by creating some craft stick harmonicas. Making music in your school is enjoyable with this craft that has been made into an actor! Students are also free to customize the decorations and layout.

Cardboard Rainbow Collage 

On rainy days, rainbow projects are ideal. These collages of rainbow colors are ideal for keeping younger children πŸ‘¦ or even mature learners occupied. To create a stunning rainbow, use a range of hues of each color.

Fireworks Painting craft

This entertaining and yet simple hobby of painting fireworks πŸŽ† is another fantastic recycling project. 

Cut the paper napkin rolls in half, paint them, and then reposition them on the paper. Colors can be layered πŸ† on top of one another to produce stunning effects.

Paper plate snail craft

Snails made from paper plates will greatly showcase pupils’ inventiveness. To add design to their snail shells, students can make patterns 🎯 or just build a continuous line of their favorite beads. 

Students will enjoy this one because it is excellent fine motor practice.

Bluebird paper plate craft

This tiny bird is a terrific craft during one of the many wet days that spring brings! You can make this tiny bluebird πŸ₯ out of paper dishes, tissue paper, foam, and googly eyes. It is very simple and enjoyable, and it looks adorable!

Glowing rainbow

Rainbows can appear on rainy days. On a rainy day, kids should try this simple experiment inside or at school. 

A paper towel, a few indicators, and water are needed for this straightforward task. Students will be astounded to see their rainbows develop!

Salt Painting 

The enjoyable, multi-step technique of salt painting πŸ– will exercise fine motor abilities and creativity.

With this activity, students can create colorful artwork. On wet days, teachers might utilize this to add a bit of art to a topic or lesson.

Singing competition 

By organizing a talent show, you may control the pandemonium 🎢 in the family or the classroom. Let each person choose which talents they want to highlight. 

Each student may feel appreciated and unique by showing their unique skills, whether it be singing a song, doing a magic trick, or πŸ’ƒ dancing.

Try a new science experiment 

Kids’ experiments are a great approach to get youngsters to think, observe, and predict. They can make a list of interesting science experiments to undertake on 🌧 rainy days or even throughout your indoor break by having a brainstorming session about the subjects they want to find out more about in science. Make a list of the supplies you will require for those experiments next.

Origami frogs

Because the finished product is so much joy to share, origami is entertaining on rainy days. By the time students are done with this task, the students should be pleased with the final product. 

Origami is a favorite among parents and teachers because all you need is a piece of paper and a few instructions.

Paper plate ring toss

A quick, easy, and enjoyable paper plate ring throw can be made. Give the pupils some paint to add a little color, and let them like to play this game!

If it’s raining πŸ’₯ but the students desire to play during playtime, this is the ideal indoor activity.

Bottletop leaf boats

On a rainy day, try this entertaining outdoor activity. Students can make their individual bottle-top leafy boats 🚒 to float in puddles after it has rained.

They are able to play with various bottle top sizes and create their own miniature floating boats 🚒. 

Monster truck painting

Both boys and girls will adore this special painting opportunity. Monster trucks can be used to quickly and coolly move through the paint to produce a work of art. Students will appreciate the playfulness πŸ˜‰ of this piece of art!


All these activities are full of fun πŸ˜‹ and enjoyable methods to spend some time with your kids πŸ˜‰. This will also help you get free from your boredom and laziness during rainy 🌧 day.

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