20+ Creative Cloud Activities to Entertain Your Kids

I cannot agree more- introducing kids to the beauties of the sky and the mystery of clouds ☁️ can be an engaging and educational activity. 

Clouds, those white and fluffy formations in the sky, have amazed young minds for a long time⌛, sparking curiosity about what they are, how they are formed, and what they can tell us about the weather of a place. ✨

As per me, cloud activities for kids offer a fantastic way for young minds to channel their energy effectively😇.

Apart from these, cloud activities are a lot of fun. I engaged in cloud activities with my kids, which proved a great idea 💡. It made them feel happy and intelligent. They learned to look at the sky and understand how the weather changes over time 🕓. The cloud activities made my kids focused.

In this article, I will be giving out cloud activity ideas for your little ones. 🎇

cloud activities that you can do with your young ones

Through a series of playful and interesting activities, kids can go on a wonderful scientific journey and understand the nature and types of clouds. This is something that I love to do with my kids 👪. Clouds are of great significance to nature, and children should learn that. 

Hopefully, with the activities I have listed below and some delicious food, you and your kids can have a thrilling experience. 💙

Cloud Identification

Cloud Identification Activity For Kids

Want to teach your kids what clouds are and the different types of clouds ☁️? Then, according to me, this is the perfect activity for you.

What you need-

  • A clear sky 🌌 in which clouds are properly visible and select a place where there are no tall buildings.
  • Books and online materials with proper explanations of clouds and their types with pictures😇.
  • Notebooks and pens for your kids to record their observations.


  • You can start by explaining to your kids that clouds are of different shapes and types 🌧️. Tell them that we can recognize these clouds based on the way they look and their characteristics.
  • Spend some quality time simply looking at the sky together 🌌. Encourage your kids to describe the clouds they see using their own words.
  • You could ask them to jot down their observations in a notebook, along with a pictorial representation of each cloud.
  • At the end, you could ask your kids questions and conduct interactive quiz sessions 📝 to monitor the learning of your kids.

Listen To Songs Related to Clouds

Music Activity For Kids

I prefer listening to melodious songs with my children that are related to the different types of clouds.

We formed a group, relaxed, and listened to the songs on a loop 🎶 with snacks.

We also watch videos that show cloud formation and how they affect the weather of a region. After that, I ask my kids to write down the lyrics of the songs. 

They might not remember all of them 😅. Interestingly, this is how they learn about clouds.

Cloud Art

My favorite cloud activity is cloud art. My kids enjoy this activity 😌💯. It brushes up my kid’s artistic skills as well as enhances the knowledge that my kid has about clouds.

What you need- 

  • Cotton balls of different colors 🤹.
  • A lot of glue.
  • A large blue construction paper 📜.
  • A pair of scissors ✂️.
  • Crayons for coloring 🖍️.


  • Give your kids colored cotton balls, glue, and blue construction paper.
  • You can tell your kids to stick cotton balls onto the blue construction paper and create their cloud scenes.
  • Ask your little ones to also draw or cut out extra elements like birds 🐥, airplanes ✈️, or kites to add to their work so that it is even more appealing.
  • You should ask your kids whether they have enjoyed the activity and what they have learned after completing the artwork 🤗.

Cloud In a Jar

Making Cloud In A Jar Activity For Kids

Another cloud activity that my kids enjoy is cloud in a jar. It is a delightful learning experience for my little kids. This makes them more creative.

What you need-

  • A clear glass jar ⚱️.
  • Water 🌊.
  • Hairspray (aerosol can).
  • A notebook 📒 to record all the observations made by your kids.


  • The best way to start is by telling them about the water cycle and the role of clouds in it. Tell them how water evaporates ♨️, how clouds form, and how it finally leads to precipitation.
  • You can tell your kids to take the materials for the experiment in a clear jar so that observations can be made easily.
  • Fill the jar with clear water 💦, symbolic of the Earth’s surface. Discuss the topic of evaporation with the water in the jar, representing the water on Earth.
  • Encourage your kids to observe the water in the glass jar properly 🤗. Tell them to think about the water present on Earth and all the stages of the water cycle.
  • You can tell your kids to spray a very small amount of hairspray into the jar. Explain that this hairspray represents the nuclei, which provide surfaces for water vapor to condense around.
  • You should Instruct your kids to observe the phenomenon as the hairspray particles are sprayed into the jar 😃. 
  • Tell them to watch the tiny water droplets that form around these particles 🤩 and create clouds inside the jar. Ask them to imagine how this process happens in the real world.
  • Engage in an observation session with your kids where you discuss what they observed and tell them to write them down in the notebook 📒. Tell them to thoroughly describe the changes in the jar.
  • End the activity with a session where you ask the kids whether they enjoyed the experiment and what they learned about the formation of clouds ☁️. This process motivates them to articulate their understanding and uplifts their scientific inquiry skills.

Weather Journal

What you need-

  • Colored Notebooks📓.
  • Weather Journals.
  • Color pencils and pens 🖍️.
  • Give your kids colored notebooks and tell them to use those notebooks as weather journals over the next seven days. 
  • Ask them to observe and record the conditions of the sky 🌌, the different types of clouds, the temperature, the sunlight, and the air quality index each day.
  • Ask them to form a conclusion on how the different types of clouds affect the weather of a place😬. 
  • Tell them to repeat this process over a month and then form a conclusion again. Ask them to compare their observations with each other. 
  • Tell them the difference between weather and climate. My kids have learned a lot about weather and clouds from this activity😇.

Cloud Stories

Listening Cloud  Stories Activity For Kids

Encourage kids to weave stories 💯 inspired by the magical beauty of clouds to spark their imaginations and help them become limitless thinkers. 

Your kids can create characters that live in fluffy homes made of clouds ☁️, create thrilling adventures that take place in soaring cloud landscapes, or explore the wonderful stories hidden under various shapes of clouds when they put pen to paper 🗞️. 

In addition to developing narrative abilities, this artistic endeavor helps children develop a closer bond with the world of nature as they set out on literary expeditions 😬 inspired by the always-shifting forms and emotions of the sky. 

Kids learn to read and develop an appreciation for the beauties of nature 😍 through these stories about clouds.

Cloud Science Experiment

Cloud Science Experiment For Kids

Encourage your kids to take part in an interesting Cloud Science Experiment 🧪 that aims to explain the secrets of cloud formation in an easy-to-understand but awesome way. This practical investigation uses a kettle 🏺, a typical household object, to illustrate the basic ideas of atmospheric phenomena.

What you need-

  • A medium-sized kettle 🏺.
  • Lots of water 💦.
  • A cold mirror or piece of glass 🔍.


  • Start by describing ☁️ to your children how clouds originate in the atmosphere. Pay attention to the important elements, such as the role that water vapor, condensation ❄️, and the formation of visible clouds play.
  • Get the kettle ready and add water to it. The water replicates the first phase of the formation of clouds ⛅ as it warms up and approaches its boiling point, transforming to vapor.
  •  Put on your kettle, and bring the water in it to a boil. Picture steam as rising water vapor reaching the atmosphere, an important phase in the procedure that contributes eventually to the birth of clouds💯.
  • Raise a piece of glass or a cold mirror above the rising steam. When steam and cold surfaces meet, see the amazing shift that happens as condensation forms. Little droplets containing water 💦 appear like the first clouds to develop in the sky.
  • Motivate your kids to take a look at the condensed water drops on the glass or mirror up close 🔍. Show how this is similar to the natural process that forms clouds above in the sky, where water vapor condenses around nuclei.
  • Encourage your kids to ask questions and share their thoughts as you lead a discussion. Help their understanding of the connection between the experiment and actual processes in the atmosphere😌.
  • Reward them with a tasty snack after they have completed the activity, like I do with my little ones.

Cloud Graph

Making Cloud Graph For Kids

Another activity that my son adores! Let me take you through this-

What you need-

  • Sketching pens 🖍️.
  • Notebooks 📒.
  • Pencils ✏️.


  • Now, after so many activities when clouds are friends, let your kids select their favorite cloud and write an in-depth description of it. 
  • They can showcase their selected cloud by making an entertaining infographic or a Cloud Graph 📉, which would make things awesome. A cloud graph is a visually appealing representation of data. 
  • They can sketch their cloud, give its name, and provide intriguing characteristics like its typical location in the sky or composition 😇. 
  • Perhaps it is a tiny cirrus cloud or a puffy cumulus cloud—the options are as limitless as the sky! 
  • This helps your kids practice writing, drawing, and organizing information, in addition to making learning about clouds enjoyable. 
  • So let the clouds stimulate their imagination and turn learning into a fun-filled activity 🥰. I love making a cloud graph with my kids as it brings out my inner child.

Predict The Weather

Use the “Predict the Weather” activity to introduce young people to the fascinating field of meteorology 📉. With this practical investigation, kids can use their observations of the sky and clouds to develop into tiny forecasters of the weather⛅. 

This activity offers a pleasant and stimulating approach to acquiring knowledge about basic weather trends.

What you need

  • Different types of sky with varied types of clouds.
  • Notebooks and pencils ✏️.
  • Colouring pens 🖍️.
  • Pictures of the various types of clouds 🌧️.


  • Kids acquire a love for the sky and understand the significance of cloud formations, especially the powerful cumulonimbus clouds, as a result of this adventure.
  • Like nature’s storytellers, these big, fluffy clouds often indicate approaching weather changes🤗. 
  • Children gain an intuitive understanding of cumulonimbus clouds as predictors of stormy weather, including thunder ⚡ and heavy rainfall🌧️, through this activity.
  • Urge the aspiring weather reporters to maintain a weather log. 
  • They can record in their journals the kinds of clouds they see, the trends they identify, and the ensuing weather conditions😌. This produced a tangible record of their meteorological trips and developed the ability to observe.
  • Children learn that the atmosphere communicates through its constantly changing cloud formations through this activity that seamlessly combines science and nature. 
  • It also fosters a connection to the environment and a sense of curiosity 🤯.
  • This activity turns the sky into an expanse of forecasting the weather 🌡️, converting everyday events into exciting learning opportunities. 
  • They can observe the fluffy cumulus clouds of sunny skies or the rising cumulonimbus clouds, indicating precipitation🌧️.

Cloud Mobile Activities

Cloud Mobile Activities For Kids

This is a delightful cloud activity, and I am sure your kids will enjoy this as much as my kids do😉. This is a simple activity that involves using simple household items and transforming them into something amazing for your kids to enjoy.

What you need- 

  • Cloud cut-outs ✂️.
  • Materials to decorate.
  • A stick to attach the clouds 🍡.
  • A hanger to hang the clouds☁️☁️.


  • Give out cut-outs of clouds made of paper or foam, along with decorating supplies like glitter, stickers, and markers 🖍️.
  • Encourage your kids to draw or cut out images of suns, raindrops 🌧️, and other weather-related objects to adorn clouds.
  • Encourage your little one’s creativity by having him create distinctive designs for each cloud.
  • Convert the embellished clouds into a mobile cloud😇.
  • Use yarn or string to secure the clouds to a stick or hanger.
  • Make a visually appealing mobile that reflects the amazing beauty of the sky.
  • Assess how weather phenomena are depicted in art to find out more about the relationship between the natural world as well as art 🎨.
  • Transform the mobile into a dynamic display that mimics the constantly shifting atmosphere by softly swaying.
  • Promote discovering clouds in an intriguing and eye-catching manner 🤩.
  • Combine creative expression with meteorological study to develop a captivating and informative activity.

Cloud Song or Poem

Cloud Song Or Poem Activities For Kids

Encourage your kids’s limitless imaginations by asking them to use a poem or cloud 🌨️ song to take them on a musical or poetic adventure. 

This exercise not only promotes artistic expression but also gives students a way to incorporate their observations, creativity 🤗, and even any science lessons they may have learned.

What you need-

  • A music system 💿.
  • A notebook 📒.
  • Pencils ✏️🖍️.


  • Encouraging kids to express their ideas and emotions about clouds through music or poetry fosters various aspects of their growth 📈. 
  • Every child can incorporate their observations and reflections into their creation, regardless of whether they are inspired by towering cumulonimbus clouds 🌩️ signaling a storm, or fluffy cumulus clouds drifting on a lazy afternoon.
  • This develops their capacity for communication and thought expression in addition to improving their artistic abilities 🤗.
  • The adaptability of a cloud poem or song is what makes them so beautiful. Kids can investigate a variety of topics 🧐, ranging from the whimsical forms of clouds to the intricate scientific details of the water cycle. 
  • The act of creating music 🎶 or words to express the essence of the sky becomes a learning experience in and of itself, fusing science and creativity.
  • In addition, the poem or cloud song becomes a concrete representation of the child’s bond with the natural world. 
  • It encourages awe and admiration for the atmospheric wonders above by starting a conversation about how they see the world 🌍. 
  • In its final stages, this distinct exercise goes beyond the confines of traditional education 😉, providing an extensive and appealing method for imaginative and scientific 🔬 research.

Watch and Learn

I, along with my kids, often watch informative videos on YouTube and other television channels 💯. My kids enjoy it, and so do I. After the video session, I conduct a quiz round 🤯 where I ask them easy questions related to the content they have watched. 

Based on their answers, I grade them and tell them the areas that they need to work on 😇. You can also try this simple activity in your home, as this will be a new learning experience.

Make Gray Clouds

Drawing Gray Clouds Activity For Kids

Prepare for a pleasant Cloud Science 🔭 task to do with your kids! Paint in black and white is all you require. Let them blend these hues with their hands, and presto! 

They will learn that gray paint is created when black and white are mixed 🎨. It looks like magic 🪄! A fascinating method to introduce nimbus clouds is through this hands-on adventure. 

Let the children play with the paints before you start talking about science. Observe the joy on their faces as the colors shift 🤭. It is similar to creating your clouds! 

With the help of this easy exercise, they learn about colors and get excited about learning. It resembles a tiny science and art party that you can have at home 🏡. 

So, gather your paints, unleash your inner artist 😉, and get ready to discover the mysteries of nimbus clouds with me!

Create Cloud Dough

Making cloud 🌨️ dough is an interesting activity that I love to do with my kids. When they are at it, they thoroughly enjoy the process.

What you need-

  • 8 cups of flour.
  • One cup 🍵 of baby oil.


  • Organize all the items that are needed for this activity.
  • Take a large bowl and mix all the 8 cups of flour along with the cup of baby oil 😬.
  • Tell your kids to use their hands and blend the ingredients. The mixture needs to have a soft and crumbly texture🧐.
  • If the dough feels too dry, add more of the baby oil previously used. If it is too sticky, add a little more flour and continue blending until the desired texture is achieved.
  • Do not forget to add a few drops of blue food color to give the dough a sky-like look 🌌. Knead it well to spread the color evenly.
  • Keep the dough in an airtight container when not in use.
  • Let your kids mold the dough into the desired shape or size 🤗.
  • Ask them to make structures that resemble the different types of clouds in the sky.

Cloud Garland

Making Cloud Garland Activity For Kids

If you are looking for an activity that is easy and can be done with materials available at your home- this is the right one!

What you need-

  • Craft scissors ✂️.
  • Cardstock.
  • Cotton.
  • Glue.


  • Let your kids add a whimsical touch to a classroom or an event by uplifting its charm with a beautiful Cloud Garland 😍. 
  • With craft scissors, cut many cloud shapes out of cardstock to create this awesome design 💯. I love to see my kids carving out unique designs using their small hands.
  • These fluffy clouds create a garland that perfectly carries the spirit of a cloud party when placed along a string 🧵. 
  • To make them even more realistic, tell your little ones to add cotton to each cut-out to make them even fluffier. 
  • This easy yet unique project helps kids practice their fine motor skills as they cut and paste 😄 while also converting the area into a sky-like haven. 
  • The cloud garland becomes a charming symbol of whimsy when it is used to decorate a classroom for a special occasion. 
  • It creates an atmosphere that is bound to make people smile 🤭.

Meringue Clouds

This is an amazing activity- let me take you through it.

What you need-

  • Eggs
  • Whisks
  • Baking Sheets


  • Ask your young cooks to whip up egg whites until soft peaks form as a component of a fun culinary experiment 🧪 that they can do under supervision by an adult. 
  • Along with bringing kids to the amazing things of food preparation science 🍔, this hands-on physical activity fosters creativity. 
  • While the mixture attains the right consistency, assist the kids in moving it onto baking sheets so they can create tiny meringue clouds ☁️. 
  • As clouds begin to form in the oven, there is an air of excitement and anticipation that comes with baking.
  • These consumable clouds become an amusing treat that all ages 😉 can enjoy once they are cooked to perfection. 

Learning in the kitchen is a delightful experience as this culinary adventure not only fosters a love for cooking 🍳 but also offers a delectable and visually appealing way to connect the joy of baking with the beauty of the sky.

 My kids love to perform this activity as they get to eat something tasty 😋.

Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

The most frequent activity that I perform with my kids is this, as this is the easiest of the lot🧐.

Get some shaving cream at the dollar store, and get ready for an exciting experiment! 

Pour water into a pair of clear glasses and cover them with a thick layer of shaving cream 😍. It is time to create your rain right now. 

Watch as vibrant raindrops create a captivating effect by drizzling food coloring 🎨 through the fluffy shaving cream clouds. 

This low-cost project gives weather-inspired exploration a personalized and cost-effective twist by transforming a basic setup into a vibrant downpour 🌦️.

Paper Cloud Pillow

Sew a fun Springtime project by using pre-cut white butcher paper clouds 😉. Make holes around the edges and allow your child to “sew” yarn through the holes to improve their fine motor skills. 

In addition to encouraging creativity 💝, this practical exercise offers a useful means of honing their motor skills. Stitching the insides of the clouds to make them softer and fluffier elevates the craft. 

This easy-to-do project combines art and skill building 😌, providing a creative outlet and improving vital motor coordination. 

It is a great way to introduce sewing in a way that is enjoyable and approachable, resulting in a lovely craft as well as an insightful learning experience 💯. 

My kids have made eight such pillows, and I have kept them safe.


I have observed a positive change in my son’s interactive and understanding abilities through these cloud activities. 

My two-year-old is eagerly anticipating the beginning of her cloud activity 😍. I know you found love in exploring these awesome cloud activities I compiled to captivate and entertain your children 🧒👧. 

Feel free to share your thoughts or ask any questions by leaving a comment below—I would love to hear more from you 💖.

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