53+ Spring Activities for Crafting a Season of Joy and Exploration for Children

Welcome to our blog, where we celebrate the wonders of spring with a collection of exciting activities specially tailored for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners🧩. As we say goodbye to winter, we embrace the vibrancy of the season and encourage our young adventurers to explore, learn and play outside. 

From exciting hunting trips and spring arts and crafts to witnessing the planting and growth of seeds, these age-appropriate activities are designed to develop curiosity, teamwork, and essential skills✨

Spring is the perfect time of year🍃 to encourage our children to be outside, enjoying the beauty and discovering the wonders of nature. Come and join us in making this spring a time of fun and learning for our little ones🌈

Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring is the perfect time to bring energetic toddlers to play and explore the outdoors🤾 As the weather warms up and nature comes alive, and there are plenty of fun activities to keep your kids entertained. 

These spring activities for toddlers not only improve their physical development but also increase their curiosity about nature🌱. So, grab your sunscreen and dive into some awesome spring fun with kids!

Flower Hunt: 

Flower Hunt

Take little ones on a flower hunt in your backyard or local park. Get them to notice the different types of flowers and ask them to name the color they see.

This activity helps them develop their observational skills as they appreciate the beauty of nature. 🌸

Wildlife hunter: 

 Make a simple spring scavenger hunt list of common objects such as a cone, butterflies, ladybugs, feathers, and flowers of a certain color.

Give your toddlers a small basket and let them collect the items as they find them. It’s an exciting way to introduce them to the wonders of nature. 🦋

Bubble Party: 

Toddlers love bubbles! I had a bubble party in my backyard. I offered my 1-year-old daughter different shapes and sizes of bubble wands and watched her giggle happily as she chased and popped them.

Picnic in the park: 

Picnic In The Park

 Pack a simple and healthy picnic and head to some local park. Toddlers love picnics, and it’s a great way for them to enjoy nature, socialize with other kids, and enjoy delicious snacks.

Don’t forget the soft blanket that everyone can sit on🏕️

Sowing the seeds: 

 Teach your little ones the magic of growth by getting them involved in planting seeds. Use small pots or a designated garden area and let them get their hands dirty.

Watching these seeds germinate and grow into plants is a rewarding and educational experience for them.

Water play: 

 When the weather warms up, water play becomes a great way to cool off. Set up a small water level, and give your little one buckets, watering cans, and water toys so they can splash around and enjoy the water. I tried this activity with my daughter, and it went quite interesting. 🤽

 Bug Hunting: 

 Discover the fascinating world of insects in an insect-hunting adventure. Take them to a nearby park or garden where they can find different types of insects, which will help them learn about new creatures.

They will look for ladybugs, butterflies, ants, and other interesting insects. 🐞

Nature Collage: 

Nature Collage

Collect various natural materials such as leaves, flowers, small branches, and stones on the nature trail.

When you are home, give your little ones a large box in which they can arrange the materials by their categories and put them accordingly. This activity promotes creativity and fine motor skills.🌿

A story about spring: 

 Set up a cozy reading nook in your backyard or a sunny spot indoors. Choose spring picture books and read them to toddlers.

Encourage them to participate in the stories by asking questions or introducing characters. It’s a great way to foster a love of reading and storytelling. 📖

Rainbow Chase: 

 Teach your toddler colors while enjoying the beauty of a rainbow chase.

Take a walk on a sunny day and see if you can spot objects in nature that represent each color of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Take photos or draw pictures of what you find. 🌈

Source Sensor Tank: 

 Create a sensory container filled with springtime items such as dried grass, petals, small gardening tools, and stuffed animals.

Let your toddler explore and play with the contents of the bin. Sensory bins are great for stimulating their senses and encouraging imaginative play. 🐿️

Music and dance parties outside: 

Music And Dance Parties Outside

 Bring out some instruments like tambourines, shakers, or a small xylophone, and have a fun dance party outside with your little ones.

Let them move to the rhythm of their favorite songs while enjoying the fresh spring air. This will keep the child entertained and will enjoy the spring!🥁

 Sensory garden play: 

 Create a sensory garden using a variety of textured plants and flowers. Let your little one touch and feel different leaves, petals, and stems.

Sensory play is not only fun but also contributes to their cognitive and sensory development. 🍂

 Cloud Gazing: 

 Lie on the grass and look at the sky together. Encourage your toddlers to find shapes in the clouds and tell imaginative stories about what they see. It’s a relaxing activity that sparks their creativity.☁️🌤️

Making a seed bomb: 

 Get toddlers involved in making a seed bomb by mixing seeds, compost, and clay. Form the mixture into small balls and let it dry.

Then, find suitable places outside to drop the seed bombs and watch the plants grow from the scattered seeds.

Rainy Day Puddle Jumps: 

Rainy Day Puddle Jumps

 Embrace the occasional spring shower with some puddle jumping! Put on your rain boots and raincoats, go outside, and let the little one splash in the puddles. It is a simple activity that brings endless joy. 🌧️

Sunflower House: 

 To create a sunflower house, plant sunflower seeds in a circle. As sunflowers grow tall, they create a natural playhouse for little ones to explore and play. It’s a magical way to combine gardening and imaginative play. 🌻

 Outdoor cooking: 

 Organize a spring outdoor event for your little ones. Prepare simple recipes together, such as fruit or vegetable wraps.

Cooking outdoors adds an exciting element to dining and encourages a connection with nature. 🍳🍳

Nature I-Spy: 

Make a list of natural objects that toddlers can find while walking, such as a yellow flower, a feather, a smooth rock, etc.

Make it a fun game of “I-Spy,” where they have to find the objects on the list. It’s a fun way to develop observational skills and learn about nature. 🌼

Pressing flowers: 

Pressing Flowers

Collect flowers on a nature walk and teach your toddler to press them between heavy books or with a flower press.

When the flowers are dry, help them create beautiful spring art or decorate cards for your loved ones.💐

Spring Activities for Preschoolers

Welcome to our wonderful spring world of preschoolers! In this blog post, we have collected 20 exciting and educational experiences that ignite curiosity, foster a love of nature, and inspire creativity💞. 

From flower hunting to butterfly making, rainbow art, and more, these carefully planned activities will create beautiful memories and add smiles and laughter😇. So, join us as we embark on a magical journey to celebrate the wonders of spring with our little learners. 

Spring fun begins!

Bubble fun: 

Spring is the perfect time to play outdoor bubble. Prepare bubbles and sticks for the children to blow and chase the bubbles. This activity is sure to bring lots of laughs.

 Picnic in the Park:

 Have a springtime picnic at a nearby park. Ask the children to pack simple snacks and sandwiches. They enjoy the fresh air and enjoy eating together. 🥪

Bird Feeder Craft:

 Create simple bird feeders using pine cones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Hang these feeders in your garden or on a tree and watch the birds come to visit. 🕊️

Egg Carton Flowers:

 Make beautiful flowers from recycled egg cartons. Cut out individual parts from the box and let the children color and decorate them. Place these pieces together to form a beautiful bouquet. 💐

 Outdoor Obstacle Course:

 Create a fun and safe outdoor obstacle course using hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, and other items. Children can run, jump and crawl on the track. 🏃🏻‍♂️

Rainy Day Puddle Jumping:

 Embrace the spring showers by donning ankle boots and heading out for some puddle fun. Make sure the kids are dressed in raincoats and let them splash in the puddles. 🌧️

Nature Weaving: 

Take the children into nature to collect small flexible twigs and colorful leaves. Go back indoors, give them cardboard canvases, and show them how to weave beautiful works of art from natural materials. 🌿

Spring sensory containers:

 Create sensory containers filled with spring items such as artificial flowers, toy insects, plastic eggs, and grass. Let children explore and play with these objects to stimulate their senses. 🥚

 Fruit Kebab:

Fruit Kebab

 Teach kids healthy eating habits by letting them make fruit kebabs. Offer a variety of chopped fruits and let them assemble the kebabs on wooden skewers. Delicious and nutritious! 🥘

 Outdoor Yoga: 

Introduce kids to some basic yoga poses outside. Include themes from nature, such as stretching like trees or jumping like bunnies.🧘

 Natural Prints:

 Use washable paint and paper. Encourage children to make pictures of nature by pressing leaves, flowers, and other outdoor objects onto the paper. 🎨


 Set up a birding station with binoculars, bird identification books, and a small notebook for each child. Spend time observing and identifying the different species of birds that visit your yard or park. 🦩

Seed Mosaics:

 Give children different seeds, such as lentils, beans, and peas, with glue and paper. Have them create colorful seed mosaics by arranging seeds in different shapes and patterns.

Kite flying: 

Kite Flying

On a windy day, take the kids outside and let them fly kites. They enjoy flying their kites high in the sky. 🪁

Spring Dress-Up Parade:

 Organize a spring dress-up parade where kids can come dressed as their favorite flowers, animals, or anything related to spring. Set up a small landing and let them rest with their stuff. 🐅

Bee Dance:

 Teach children about the famous bee dance that bees use to communicate the location of food sources.

Play music and have them imitate the bee’s dance moves, making it a fun and educational dance party. 🐝

Plant a Butterfly Garden: 

Help the kids plant a butterfly-friendly garden with plenty of water. Observe butterflies visiting flowers and discuss the importance of pollinators in the ecosystem. 🦋

Spring cooking: 

Spring Cooking

Make easy spring recipes with the kids, like flower-shaped cookies or fruit salads with vibrant spring fruits like strawberries and kiwis. 🥨

Outdoor Music Jam:

 Gather instruments like shakers, tambourines, and drums, and bring the kids outside for some high-energy music. Let them explore the rhythm together and create happy melodies.🎷

Spring Storytime: 

Gather the children outside in a comfortable place and organize a springtime storytime. Choose books that celebrate the season and pair them with stories and illustrations.📚

Be sure to adapt these activities to your children’s age and abilities. Also, don’t forget to take lots of pictures or even short videos to make spring more exciting🤳. Safety is paramount, so always supervise children during these activities and choose age-appropriate ones. 

Adding lots of colorful photos to your blog post showing these activities can increase engagement and views. Enjoy, and have a nice spring!

Spring Activity for Kindergarten

Welcome to the world of blooming flowers, birdsong, and sunny days🌤️! In this spring activity guide, we’ve put together a collection of 20 fun activities for preschoolers to celebrate the wonders of this magical season. 

From outdoor adventures to creative indoor projects, each activity is designed to enhance their understanding of nature, increase their curiosity and promote social interaction🫂. 

In this season of flowers and joy, let’s embark on a journey filled with laughter, discovery, and precious memories😄. Spring fun begins!

Bird watching: 

Introduce children to the bird species common in your area. Bring binoculars and bird identification books to make it fun and educational. 🐦

Spring Story: 

Spring Story

I read some spring books and stories to my seven years old son, emphasizing the beauty and magic of the season. You can also encourage your child to draw pictures or act out scenes from stories. 📖

Spring Science Experiments:

 Do simple science experiments related to spring phenomena, such as studying the life cycle of a butterfly or learning about the water cycle through hands-on activities? 🐛

Bubble Game: 

Have a bubble session where kids can chase and catch bubbles. You can also try different bubble solutions to check the results. 🧪

Plant and Grow Food: 

Plant vegetables like cherry tomatoes, carrots, or peas that are easy to grow and eat. Teach children about healthy eating and the joy of growing food. 🥕

Peaceful Hunting: 

Create a forest fishing checklist that includes common objects found in nature in the spring, such as a feather, cone, smooth rock, etc. Take the kids to hunt and collect those treasures.

Weather Observers: 

Discuss spring weather changes and set up a weather station with a thermometer, rain gauge, and wind sock. Every day, children can observe and record weather conditions. 🍃

Garden Animal Study: 

Garden Animal Study

Study the small creatures that live in the garden, such as ladybugs, worms, and snails. Give the children magnifying glasses so they can observe these animals up close. 🐟

Spring Sensory Play: 

Spring Sensory Play

Create a sensory play area with colored kinetic sand or water beads, allowing children to explore the different textures and sensations that represent spring. 🏖️

Make and Fly Kites: 

Let the kids design and decorate their kites, then head out on a windy day to fly them. It’s a great way to welcome the breezy spring weather. 🪁

Tasting Fruits: 

Introduce children to different fruits that are in season in the spring. Organize a fruit tasting and encourage them to describe the taste, color, and texture of each fruit. 🍉

Raindrop Art:

 Bring out the paper and watercolor paints on a rainy day. Let the kids stretch out their paper to collect raindrops and create unique raindrop art as the rainwater mixes with the paint. 🌈

Spring Dance Party: 

Spring Dance Party

Play live spring music and have an outdoor dance party. Children can create their dance moves or follow a simple choreography. 🕺

Egg carton garden: 

Recycle egg cartons for the mini planting of seedlings. Provide the kids with soil and seeds, and they can grow their garden in these creative containers. 🍀 

Outdoor Yoga:

 Teach kids basic yoga poses that mimic spring animals like butterflies, frogs, or rabbits. Practicing yoga outdoors can be a fun and relaxing experience.🧘

Nature Collage: 

Collect a variety of natural materials such as leaves, flowers, and grasses and bring them to the classroom. Provide glue and paper and let the children create beautiful nature collages. 📑

Spring cleaning:

 Organize a spring cleaning in the classroom or playground. Teach children the importance of cleanliness and responsibility in cleaning and cleaning the room. 🧹

Fruit and Vegetable Prints: 

Cut fruits and vegetables in half, dip them in washable paint, and use them to create unique prints on paper. It’s a fun and artistic way to explore different shapes and colors. 🍠

Rain Gauge Experiment:

 Make a DIY rain gauge from a clear plastic bottle and measure the amount of rainwater collected after a rainy day. Discuss the importance of precipitation to plants and animals. 🍼🚮

Seed Bombs: 

Mix clay, soil, and wild heather seeds for seed bombs. Children can throw them in open spaces or gardens to decorate the environment with flowers.


Spring is a magical time of year that offers toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners many opportunities to explore, learn and grow. ☀️✨

Let’s embrace the season to create lasting memories and cherish the beauty of childhood innocence as we celebrate the wonders of spring and its joy in young minds. May this season be filled with joy, growth, and discovery for all!🐾

Spring Activities
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