30+ Best May Activities to Give Your Kids the Perfect Summer!

The month of May promises several opportunities for summer 🌞 activities like swimming, biking, and gardening.

I love the whole ambiance during May when summer and spring join hands to bring forth an amazing time for outdoor activities.

I take my kids for a short vacation on the beach ⛱️ during their summer break every year.

For the rest of the month, I am busy enjoying several outdoor and indoor activities. 

Amazing May Activities for Kids

I want to share πŸ₯° the list of all the summer activities I enjoy with my kids with all the families reading this article.

I hope everyone will be able to create as many happy memories as I did by means of these activities.

Activities for Wildflower Week

Activities For Wildflower Week

Did you know that wildflowers πŸ’ are very important for the environment because they help with pollination and controlling soil erosion?

I love ❀️ taking my kids for a walk in the parks and gardens of my area to explore all the wildflowers present there. 

I also love teaching my kids about all the insects πŸ› hovering above the bunch of wildflowers. 

Important Note: 

Please keep your kids under strict supervision ☠️ during this activity.

Activities for National Bike Week 

I love taking my kids on a biking πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ trip during their summer break. I love to teach my son biking.

Not only does he enjoy biking, but it also benefits his physical health πŸ’ͺand strengthens his muscles.

Important Note: 

Please keep your kids under strict supervision ☠️ during this activity.

Activities for Herb Day 

Activities For Herb Day

In my opinion, incorporating healthy herbs 🌱 in the regular diet is very important for all mothers. 

I celebrate this day with my kids by cooking a light meal for them full of nutritious herbs 🌿, thereby contributing towards strengthening their immunity.

Activities for Mother Goose Day 

Mother Goose has been a part of children’s literature for a long time.

I celebrate this day with my kids by reading a book πŸ“– of Mother Goose rhymes and tales. My kids absolutely love it.

I also sing along with my kids to Mother Goose songs and create art and crafts related to Mother Goose.

Activities for Brothers and Sisters Day 

Activities For Brothers And Sisters Day

After my beautiful daughter ❀️ joined our family, we always celebrate this day by playing games and making greeting cards. 

My son makes a greeting card πŸ’Œ for his sister every year. My daughter is always delighted to receive gifts from her brother. Watching their adorable bond makes my heart melt.

Activities for Save the Rhino Day 

I got my daughter a Rhino 🦏 soft toy, and she loves it. It is a sad reality that the population of rhinos is on a decline.

I always encourage my kids to take part in activities, events, and workshops organized by zoological gardens and schools to spread awareness about Rhinos.

Read Summer Books and Watch Movies

Read Summer Books And Watch Movies

I love reading numerous books πŸ“š with my kids during summer, such as Summer Vacation, Here I Come! by D.J. Steinberg. 

My kids love ❀️ watching Finding Nemo during this time while gorging on a big scoop of ice cream.

You can also enjoy reading books and watching amazing movies with your kids.

Activities for Bird Day 

I celebrate Bird Day by visiting a national park or a zoo and encouraging little ones to observe birds 🐦 in their habitats. 

I encourage my kids to take part in numerous educational programs organized by zoological gardens to learn about birds and the reasons behind the decline in their population.

I also take my kids to an aviary because my daughter loves to watch the peacocks there.

I find the idea of teaching my kids how to make a bird feeder 😍 pretty interesting.

  • I take a piece of a small cardboard box or a can and tie a string to one end of it.
  • I encourage my little ones to cover it with peanut butter and then sprinkle edible seeds for birds 🐦, nuts, and pieces of fruit all over it.
  • We hang it on a tree or on the threshold of our window. 

Activities for National Teachers’ Day 

Activities For National Teachers’ Day

I feel that a mother is the most important teacher in a child’s life. I monitor all the activities of my child to ensure that I am teaching them the right lessons βœ…οΈ in the right way. 

I love to join my kids in events and programs organized by libraries and schools that highlight the importance of teachers.

Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day ❀️ reminds all of us about the privilege and joy we have by choosing to be a mother. 

The schools organize several activities for Mother’s Day. I always encourage my kids to participate in all of these programs. 

I feel like the luckiest person πŸ₯° in this world when my kids gift me a handmade greeting card every Mother’s Day. I have kept all the cards safely in my closet.

Activities for Clean Up Your Room Day

This activity will get your little ones extremely busy, but it is important for them to learn the significance of keeping their room 🧹 clean.

I love cleaning the room with my kids and teaching them the various ways of cleaning and managing their things.

I start off by helping my kids collect the toys 🧸 and place them in a box, after which we move on to cleaning the floor.

My daughter helps my son and me by cheering for us πŸ˜… from the sofa.

Activities for National Chocolate Chip Day

I love gorging on chocolate chip cookies with my kids, and it’s a yearly ritual for me to make them for my little ones.

I let my little one turn into a chef and make chocolate chip slime 🍫 πŸͺ for everyone.

I take some marshmallows, cocoa powder, sugar, cream, chocolate chips, and any candy 🍬 my little ones like.

I encourage them to put all these ingredients in a bowl and mix them together or squish them together using their tiny hands. They always end up playing, smiling, eating, and offering me a bite ❀️ too.

Activities for Love A Tree Day 

Activities For Love A Tree Day

Go green with your little one and adopt a plant.

I always encourage my little ones to help me plant saplings in our backyard. In the future, when they grow up, this tree 🌳 will remind them of all the precious memories of May.

My mother taught me how to plant seeds 🌱 in eggshells since my childhood.

I teach my kids to do so, and it feels so wonderful when they see leaves peeking out of the eggshells every time. I want my kids to grow up beside their green buddies.

Activities for International Museum Day 

My son loves visiting museums specializing in Astronomy.

Children are always fascinated πŸ€“ with everything in a museum. Starting from fossils to paintings πŸ–Ό – everything grabs their curiosity.

The little ones always tire me with their unending queries about everything in the museum.

I always encourage my kids πŸ˜‡ to participate in educational programs held by many museums for children.

Activities for World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day 

Activities For World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

I always make sure that green vegetables πŸ«‘ are an integral part of the regular diet of my children.

They help in the overall development of the child.

My kid is a fussy eater. Therefore, I serve him the vegetables in an innovative way by placing the vegetables in the form of a ☺️ smiley. 

In my opinion, every family should plan a vegetable garden in their backyard or lawn.

My son loves tomatoes πŸ…, and every year, we add a tomato plant to our vegetable garden in the backyard.

Activities for Pick Strawberries Day 

My daughter loves strawberries πŸ“ and nothing makes her smile wider than a bowl full of these sweet delights. 

If you have a strawberry farm 🚜 close to your house, I highly recommend taking your kids there. The experience of picking ripe strawberries, learning how they are cultivated, and relishing them with my kids πŸ˜‹ is an unforgettable memory. 

I love making strawberry shakesπŸ₯› and strawberry pies for my kids.

Activities for World Bee Day 

Activities For World Bee Day

My kids love relishing honey 🍯, and therefore, I feel it is important to teach them about 🐝 bees. 

I spend the whole day teaching them, reading books πŸ“š and watching educational movies about bees.

We also paint a bee using our hands to celebrate this day every year. 

I ask my kids to make a fist ✊️ and dip it in yellow paint. I encourage them to dab their fist against the paper, forming an impression serving as the body of the bee. 

My son loves to draw stripes with black paint and decorate them to make a complete bee.

Pro Tip 

You can also take your little ones to a workshop to learn more about bees.

Activities for World Turtle Day 

I love turtles 🐒 and visit zoological gardens with my kids on this day to observe the turtles there.

There are quite a few educational events and conservation programs organized by zoos for children. I always encourage πŸ˜‡ my little ones to participate in these events. 

We also make turtles at home using paper plates. 

I ask my children to paint the circular paper plates green (or any other color).

I help them to attach the cutouts of a turtle’s head and other body parts to finish making the turtles. These turtles make a beautiful wall -hanging for my living room.

Activities for Learn About Composting Day

This activity is an educational one for all kids. 

I love gardening 🌱, and therefore, I always make it a point to get my kids acquainted with composting.

We add vegetable peels and organic waste πŸ—‘ from our kitchen to the soil in our backyard to improve its fertility.

You can also attend educational workshops about composting with your kids.

Activities for Water A Flower Day

I am a big fan of ornamental flowering πŸ’ plants; therefore, we have a lot of flowering plants at home.

My son loves watering the flowering plants and taking care of them. 

You can also visit a Botanical Garden with your kids to watch a Flower Show.

Glittery Bee Slime

Glittery Bee Slime

My son loves playing with slime; therefore, during May, I make the bee 🐝 themed slime for him.

I just add bee-themed toys, yellow glitters, and black-colored straws to make an amazing slime for my child.

My son and daughter love ❀️ playing with it.

Bee Counting Activity

I take the cutouts of flowers and ask my little ones to paint them. I help them to attach leaves and an ice cream stick to serve as the stem.

I take a number of bee 🐝 cutouts and stick them randomly on the ice cream sticks. 

My kids count the number of bees on each flower and label it accordingly. It is a very suitable counting πŸ”’ activity for them.

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Summer Scavenger Hunt

I take my kids to a beach during the summer break and assist them in collecting sea shells 🐚, rocks, and anything they like from the beach in a basket. 

I encourage them to count the number of things they have collected.

My son always collects beautiful 😍 sea shells for my daughter and me. 

Sun On the Wall

I love making a sun 🌞 with my kids using paper plates and using it as a wall hanging. 

Sometimes, I prepare small cutouts of a sun and label them with different alphabets. I ask my little ones to form a word using as many suns as they can. 

The one with the longest word will have the largest number of suns. You can also help your little one to make a Sun using clay. 

Bunch of Sunflowers

Bunch Of Sunflowers

Sunflowers have always been a favorite in my household. 

I help my kids to make a sunflower 🌻 using earbuds, threads, and ice cream sticks.

I ask my kids to dip the earbuds in yellow paint and allow them to dry. 

I assist them in sticking these earbuds in a circular fashion on a circular brown-colored paper cutout. We attach it to an ice cream stick and stick a green-colored thread on the stick to resemble the stem.

After preparing many such pieces together, we have a whole bunch of sunflowers 🌻 that won’t ever wither away.

Mother’s Day Hand Painting 

This is my favorite activity for Mother’s Day. 

I draw a circle on a piece of paper. I encourage my little ones to dip their palms in paint 🎨 of various colors and put the impression of their palms all around the circle. 

I cut out our family photo in a circular shape, and then I stuck it within the circle on the paper.

The adorable πŸ₯° masterpiece with our family photo surrounded by impressions of tiny hands all around makes my heart melt.

Kite Activity 

Summer is a time when the sky is lined with colorful kites.

Apart from flying a kite, here is an indoor activity for your little one.

I tie a random number of bows πŸͺ on the tail of a kite. I ask my little ones to count the number of bows and label them accordingly.

You can also do this activity at home. It improves the counting ability 🧠 of your child. 

Fun in the Water

I love boating, playing with my kids on the beach ⛱️ and making sandcastles there. 

We love playing with a ball in swimming pools during summer.

Sometimes, when it’s raining 🌧 we step out together and dance to our heart’s content in the rain. 

When it’s not raining, we use the water sprinklers in our lawn to initiate our dance πŸ’ƒ party.

Ice cream Party

Ice Cream Party

Summers and ice creams go hand in hand. 

I love gorging on the tastiest ice creams 🍨 during summer with my little ones. 

We also relish chocolate 🍫 truffles on National Truffle Day. 

Activity for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

This activity is for the parents, but it is also equally important for the children. 

I will encourage all the parents to utilize this day to educate themselves about the mental health of children as much as possible. 

Parenting has a deep influence on a child’s mental 🧠 development, and it’s our responsibility to provide our children with the suitable guidance required for proper growth. 

Summer Camping

Summer Camping

A car camping trip πŸš— or putting up a tent in your backyard with your little ones should be on the bucket list of all parents.

Whenever I go car camping with my family, we enjoy ourselves completely while stargazing 🌠, starting a fire πŸ”₯, and playing games throughout the activity.

Setting up the tent with my little ones is an unforgettable memory for me. 

We also go fishing 🎣, if the camping site is close to a good fishing spot.

Important Note:

If you have a toddler accompanying you on a trip, then keep them under your strict πŸ’― supervision.


I am always looking forward to summer breaks so that I can spend time ❀️ with my kids. Amidst all these activities, I also have to make sure they are completing their holiday homework on time. 

Let me know which activity you liked the most in the comment section below.

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