40+ Frog Activities to Explore the Amphibious World!

When it comes to educating students about life cycles and habitats, are you seeking alternatives to bees and butterflies? A frog-themed unit can offer your child the best learning opportunities while also being enjoyable.

In reality, there are a number of preschool 🐸 frog activities that help to improve motor skills and relate to science standards and ideas. Get some printable frog cycles and frog sensory activities from the internet; these will fascinate your preschoolers when you use them as part of their lesson with easy crafts.

Fantastic frog activities for your Little 

Building Background on the Frog Life Cycle

There are some fantastic clips on YouTube that can assist your children in developing background knowledge before you tell them about the frog life cycle.

They can draw parallels between how frog eggs 🥚 hatch into adult frogs, and you are able to start your learning with a few free frog-related novels.

This straightforward worksheet on the frog life cycle can aid in your children’s comprehension of the fundamentals.

Frog Life Cycle Notes

Cut-and-paste pictures are a fantastic next step when you have established some background knowledge.

Even if there are a tonne of alternatives, you should pick something that your child can grasp, handle, and enjoy.

Edible Frog Life Cycle Snack

For a learner who is in need of sensory stimulation, this exercise is ideal. Teach Beside Me outlines all the steps required to complete this assignment, and the items are inexpensive and adaptable—you may use several fruits to stand in for frog eggs.

Printable frog puppets 

Printable Frog Puppets

We adore this Cute and Simple Frog Puppet that seems ready to start eating some flies! It has been mentioned that the frog’s tongue is long and that it is attached in front. 

Do you know that a frog applies its eyes to help in swallowing? Yes, those large eyeballs do push the food from the roof of the tongue down towards the neck.

Toilet Paper Roll Frog

A paper towel roll is transformed into a happy frog, who is lounging in a pond. Frogs always live in water because they can drink via their skin! Yes, it has a patch on its stomach and thighs that absorbs water in a similar manner.

Frog Corner bookmark 

If you want to encourage your kids to read more, make them these charming bookmarks. Examine the additional ones that are offered.

Cute frog faces are on these edge bookmarks. Everything is available there, including pets, Christmas trees, and bookmarks.

Frog craft and duck craft

Preschoolers will love making things with downloadable templates since they make everything simpler!

Your children have the option of making either a frog, a duck, or both. A paper bag, art paper, plus a few other standard crafting materials are all you need.

Egg carton Frog Prince craft

Egg Carton Frog Prince CraftFrog Puppets

This is the craft you need to make this spring, whether you are interested in recycling those used egg cartons that you’ve got lying around or not. You only require an egg carton, colored paper, color, scissors, and glue to make it.

Popsicle stick frog

Popsicle sticks are the ideal building material for any piece of art because they can be used to make anything you choose! It’s the same with this frog-themed project! To make it, you’ll need popsicles, googly eyes, paper, glue, and scissors. 

The reading materials seem to be pretty simple. So, gather them up and get to work.

Handprint Frog craft

Children adore doing manual labor. They will use their hands in both the literal and figurative sense when creating this handprint frog project.

Because it involves the use of scissors, this activity needs to be under the supervision of an adult. Children can glue the various frog parts by themselves, making this frog craft a good group project.

Origami Jumping Frog Craft

Origami Jumping Frog Craft

Are you prepared for a competitive frog race? You better be prepared because your kids 👦 will ask for races after making this leaping origami frog activity.

This is a beautiful exercise to get your kids interested in origami. Folding paper will be a lot of fun for them.

Mask Frog Craft

This frog mask activity is the ideal addition to any child’s collection of masks 🎭 because kids enjoy donning them and playing pretend.

Your children can engage in pretend play with their pals with just one or two simple supplies. Have some pencils, elastics, and a piece of green cardboard or foam prepared.


Because it uses a cutter, a stapler, and scissors, it needs adult supervision. This implies having fun together as a family is a terrific pastime.⚠️ 

Paper Cup Frog Craft

Paper mugs are a common craft supply since they are a low-cost option. In addition, your kids will require a Sharpie marker, green construction paper 📃, scissors, glue, and big googly eyes.

Making this craft shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes due to how simple it is. Once more, utilizing any type of material that emits fumes, such as a permanent marker, is advised.

Paper Plate Frog Craft

Paper Plate Frog Craft

To make education more engaging and enjoyable, try making a paper plate frog 🐸. 

Basic art supplies, including paper plates, colored cardboard, glue, a pair of scissors, a marker, a Sharpie, and green tempera paint, are required for your children.

Paper Plate Frog Puppet

Your kids can create a frog puppet using paper plates in addition to paper bags.

They will require two paper dishes, red and green paint, green, a paintbrush 🖌, glue, as well as scissors.

Your children can do this quick and simple craft in just 20 minutes.

Pipe Cleaner Frog Craft

Pipe cleaners, felt, and various other basic supplies you might already have around the house can be used to make this adorable frog activity for kids.

You can leave them as-is or add a felt “pond” to make your frog appear to be “swimming.”

EcoFroggie Bank Craft

After consuming a cool beverage from a plastic container, collect the cup, clean it, and work with your kids to create an eco-friendly craft out of it. A wonderful method to teach children to save is by doing this!

A responsible adult will be needed to assist you greatly with this endeavor. You can, however, give your children some activities to complete on their own, such as coloring the cup green using non-toxic paint.

Painted Rock Frog Craft

Painted Rock Frog Craft

Kids will enjoy making this rock-painted frog craft and other fun rock-painting activities. For a hilarious surprise, kids can bury a few of these frogs in the backyard or behind a bush belonging to a neighbor.

The act of painting stones with frogs is equally enjoyable as determining where to put the end result. This encourages your children’s artistic talents while fostering the development of their fine-motor abilities.

Jar Lid Croaking Frog Craft

Old jar lids can be recycled and made into croaking frogs. Squeeze them to hear them croak!

All you need to get started include two button jar caps, tape for masking, green tissue paper, big googly eyes, hardwood craft knives, glue, and Sharpies.

Clay Pot Frog Craft

This is a pretty sweet craft that looks great both inside as well as outside of your home.

Make a frog out of an old, dull clay pot by painting it! Your children will quickly complete painting it because it is so simple to build.

Paper Bag Frog Puppet

It’s a fun DIY project that brings a well-known children’s book to life: The Paper Bag Frog Puppet.

Children can make their own interactive puppet using a paper bag as the base and colorful cardboard pieces for the features, and they may play imaginatively while singing along to their favorite frog songs.

Watermelon Frog

A watermelon can be turned into a humorous edible sculpture by making a watermelon frog.

The watermelon may be cut and shaped into a whimsical frog that can be a charming centerpiece for any summer celebration by adding embellishments like an open mouth, tongue, and eyeballs.

Foam Paper Cup Frog Craft

Foam Paper Cup Frog Craft

Children may make a cute and entertaining foam cup frog project. It not only gives a creative approach to making a charming frog but also a chance to discover useful tidbits about frogs and develop artistic abilities.

Coffee Stirrer Froggies

Espresso stirrer children can use coffee stirrers to make their own frogs as part of the fun summer craft known as “froggies.”

It’s a fun pastime that brings the excitement of frog capturing indoors, making it the ideal summer project for kids.

Oreo Frogs

Kids will love preparing and eating Oreo Frogs, a delicious delicacy. These chocolate-covered frog snacks are a tasty and entertaining cooking adventure for people of all ages, made using Oreo cookies, snacks that were a dash of ingenuity.

Mini Ice Cream Cone Frogs

Mini Ice Cream Cone Frogs

Children will love making and eating Mini ice-cream Cone Frogs since they are a wonderful and original delicacy.

These lovely frog-shaped cones feature green scoops of ice cream, Caramel Roll lips, and big candy eyes and are great for parties or a sweet activity with the kids.

Paper Plate Handprint Frog Craft

With this simple and enjoyable paper plate frog project, get creative right away! Allow your kid to color the paper dish green and give it cute details like handprint limbs, googly pupils, and a red tongue that is curled. 

It’s a fun method to encourage understanding of a frog’s life cycle while igniting its creative abilities.

Easy Frog Craft Can Jump

Make a jump-able, simple, and interactive frog project! You can create a paper frog that bounces upward and downward with a lively shake by following just a few straightforward cutting, pasting, and folding procedures.

Paper Frog Art and Craft

Paper Frog Art And Craft

Use this step-by-step guide to create a paper frog project to involve your kid in a fun and instructive exercise.

Your 👦 child can make their own charming frog while honing their motor abilities as well as creativity using colorful construction paper, straws, and common ingredients. The crafting journey has begun.

Paper Plate Frog Mask

Create creative frog masks out of paper plates by transforming them into this entertaining and simple project.

Make the frogs come to life for creative play by decorating the masks 🎭 with emerald paint, cut-out pupils, as well as a bright red tongue.

Paper Heart Frog

Use this Paper Heart Frog to involve toddlers in an entertaining and adorable craft activity. Children can make their own frogs by gluing construction paper hearts together and then adding limbs, eyes, a mouth, as well as a tongue. The kids 🤔 can take pleasure in this easy and affordable craft.

Frog Puppets In A Witch’s Brew

Frog Puppets In A Witch’s Brew can be used to make a fantastic Halloween craft. This activity is ideal for a frightening and imaginative play session because it only requires a few easy steps and resources like paint, glue, and tissue paper.

3D Frog Craft

3D Frog Craft

Kids may learn about many frog species and their distinctive features by using brilliant colors and creativity to bring this three-dimensional printable frog activity to life. 

This activity promotes learning about wildlife while producing a fun and engaging art piece featuring everything from the vivid green of the Red-eyed forest frog to the startling blue of the Blue poisonous shot frog.

Frog Plushie Craft

With the help of this charming Felt Frog plushie, involve your preschoolers and kindergarteners in a pleasant-making activity.

They may develop their fine motor abilities while making a cute frog toy that is ideal for play and giving as a 🎁 gift with the no-sew craft.

Pom Frog

Create your own lovely frog companion or a complete collection of aquatic critters by getting crafty with pom poms. 

You can make these pom pom frogs come to life by giving them wiggling eyes, flippers, and a lovely mouth by following a few easy steps and using supplies like fuzzy poms, foamy papers, and adhesive. 

Have fun creating and use your imagination to its fullest!

Clothespin Frogs Craft

Prepare yourself for some froggy excitement with this easy kids project, Clothespin Frogs! You can make these lovely springtime creatures with just a few supplies, including clothespins, color, pipe cleaners, as well as googly 👀 eyes. Allow your kids to create crafts and play with their fresh, froggy pals!

Pop-Up Frog Card

Pop-Up Frog Card

Create a charming pop-up frog card to brighten someone’s day! As the frog leaps out whenever the card opens up, giving a dash of fun and 😊 delight to any event, this active card is guaranteed to make someone grin. 

Use your imagination when choosing colors and accents to give your frog a completely individual look.

Frog Sensory Bin

A mesmerizing frog sensory bin will transport you to a realm of sensory fun! For young children, a fascinating and creative experience is produced by the mix of toy rubber frogs, water beads, flower pads, and cattails with replaceable 🌼 flowers. Explore the delights of this fun sensory play by diving in.


These activities are full of fun and excitement 😁. Enjoy these with your child, and this will help your child to develop their motor abilities and imaginative power🔋. It will also build their outer knowledge. Thank you 😊. 

Frog Activities
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