10+ Chicken Activities for Kids that You Should Know!

Starting from nursery rhymes to books, chickens have been a lovely part of everyone’s childhood, and my kids adore chickens far more than I do. 

Last year, on the occasion of a fancy dress competition at school, I dressed up my daughter as a chicken nugget. 

My son is a huge fan of all the animated chicken characters. Moreover, he always asks me to bring some chicks home so that he can look after them.

Starting from their cute little beaks to their pretty feathers – every attribute of a chicken makes my kids love these amazing little bundles of 🐣 cuteness. 

Let me tell you that my son looks after tiny chicks 🐣 as if they are babies and keeps himself busy by feeding and playing with them all the time. 

Ideal Chicken Activities For Your Kids 

The fantastic idea 💡 of adding the theme of chickens 🐔 in engaging activities for little ones sounded like a brilliant idea to me.

Therefore, I created a list and figured out numerous chicken-themed activities for my son and daughter that will give them a much-needed boost in enhancing their motor 💪skills and cognitive 🧠 development.

Read on to learn about some of these engaging chicken-themed activities that are popular in our household.

Befriend The Chickens

Interacting, playing, and chasing chickens is one of the most beloved and cherished childhood experiences in our lives. 

As a mother, I am keen on making sure that my little chicken lovers get a chance to feed and chase energetic chickens and make a lot of childhood memories 😍 in the following ways:

Feed the Chickens: 

My tiny chicken lovers are always ready to feed 🌾the chickens roaming in our neighborhood or meeting them on the streets. My son even saves his cookies🍪 and rice grains to feed his chicken friends. 

It’s a yearly ritual at our house to create a safe place for little chickens 🐔 to take shelter in our neighborhood during winter by placing pieces of cushions, food, and water in a cardboard 📦 box. 

We locate these boxes in well-sheltered areas to make sure that the chickens have a safe place to hide during winter. 

Moreover, we cut out plastic bottles into half (along the vertical axis) to make two containers- one to carry the edible grains for the chickens and the other to carry clean water for them. We put up these pieces properly in suitable places where chickens can easily find them.

Awareness programs and visits to farmhouses: 

Visiting zoological gardens that have a children’s domestic farm or taking part in workshops organized to help children learn about common birds 🐥 in the locality and how to look after them is one of the staple activities for my little chicken lovers and me. 

It is a pleasure for me to observe my kids learning the method to feed, bathe, chase, and hold chickens 🐔 under the safe supervision of experts. 

We also enjoy a day out at a farm organized for children where my kids learn how our favorite chicks 🐣 hatch out of the eggs.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little chicken lovers do not hurt themselves while playing with a chicken that has not been tested for any disease or vaccinated properly.

Never let them touch a chicken in the neighborhood for safety reasons. Make sure the little chicken-lovers interact with them from a safe distance.

Snow chicken

During the winter season, this chicken-themed 🐔 activity is quite loved in our household. Instead of making a funky snowman ⛄️, we make an adorable snow chicken on the lawn inspired by the animated chicken characters.

We utilize cardboard cut-outs of a chicken’s beak and the comb and also use streamers to make the feathers. Moreover, we wrap colorful streamers around wires (preferably plastic) to create a funky tail, too. 

Let me tell you another secret recipe- you can make use of lollies, candies 🍬 and chocolate 🍫 sauce ( in a piping bag) to make the outline of a chicken on a scoop of your little chicken lover’s favorite 🍨 ice cream.

Cat Chases The Chicken 

This extremely popular chicken-themed 🐔 activity is loved by all the little ones at home and at school.

This chicken-themed activity is ideal for boosting the counting skills 🔢 along with the motor abilities 💪 of your little chicken lovers.

What you need- 

Cut-outs of chicks or chickens( preferably animated chicken characters), colorful marker pens, dice 🎲, loudspeakers or music 🎶 system, and the cut-out of a cat’s face ( preferably the animated characters Tom or Oggy).


  • I teach my chicken lovers to cut out outlines of black, brown, white, or yellow chickens ( even colorful chickens in the colors of blue or pink will be preferred). Just make sure these cut-outs measure big enough in size for your little chicken lovers to stand on them.
  • I position these cut-outs of chickens in a random pattern on the ground. I put on the mask of a notorious cat 🐈 and stand (beside the participants or chickens) at the beginning of the line of these cut-outs.
  • I play my little chicken lover’s preferred chicken-themed rhyme on the loudspeaker 🎶, and the chicken race begins.
  • The participants of the race are chickens 🐔 and need to reach the finish line first by hopping away from one chicken cut-out to another.
  • The cat 🐈 controls the music or rhyme playing on the speakers and should pause it ⏸️ at regular intervals.
  • The tiny and energetic chickens will be disqualified if they do not freeze when the chicken rhyme is paused.
  • Ultimately, the chicken reaching the finish line last when the music ends will be caught by the cat and won’t be a part of the next round. 
  • The chickens reaching the finish line before the last one are safe and can take part in the next round. 
  • The chicken who is able to save himself/herself in all the rounds will win the game and play the cat’s role in controlling the music 🎶 or rhyme for the new round. 
  • Most of the time, we use dice 🎲 for this chicken-themed game, too, and mark numbers in ascending order on the cut-outs of the chickens. 
  • Each player in the role of a chicken rolls a die once during each round and moves forward by hopping on the same number of cut-outs as written on the top side of the rolled dice. 

The chicken 🐔 reaching the finish line last will be caught by the cat and won’t be a part of the next round.

Chicken Greeting Card

I cannot miss out on the opportunity of making a chicken-themed greeting card for my little chicken lovers.

I ask my little chicken lovers to cut out and collect pictures of chickens and adorable chicks 🐥 from several newspapers, spare books, and magazines.

We stick all the pictures of the chickens together to form an adorable collage of cute little chicks 🐣 and chickens on a greeting card.

You can also use crushed and painted eggshells to decorate the greeting card.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while handling a pair of ✂️ scissors. 

Chicken Impressions

The images of little chicks 🐥 are one of the cutest of their kind, and my daughter loves them a lot. 

Therefore, I decided to transform her into a cute chicken with an adorable beak.

What you need– 

Varying textures (such as sandpaper, brown paper, kite paper, glossy paper, colorful chart paper, handmade textured paper, and glitter paper), styrofoam, paint 🎨, cutter, glue, dice, colorful marker pens, scissors ✂️, threads or rubber bands.


  • For this activity, I usually prepare chicken-shaped cut-outs using styrofoam sheets and a cutter.
  • Now, I draw an oval outline (suitable approximate radius- 3 centimeters) along with the comb, beak, wings, tail, and other details of a chicken with dotted lines on the textured papers. 
  • I instruct my kids to cut ✂️ along these dotted lines using a pair of scissors to create cut-outs of all the details of the chicken. 


Learning how to utilize a pair of scissors is a suitable motor activity for little ones, and playing with versatile textured papers is an equally recommended sensory exercise for children.

  • I stick these cut-outs of the parts of the chicken 🐔 on the styrofoam and tie them around the palms of my little chicken lovers using a piece of thread.
  • I instruct them to dip this entire styrofoam chicken in paint 🎨 of various shades and press its impression on paper. They create a terrific chicken-themed painting displaying the impressions of different kinds of chickens formed using diverse textures. 
  • You can also add glitters, plastic feathers 🪶 or embellishments to make your painting even fancier.
  • Often, I hang this white paper on the wall for my little ones, ask them to roll a die 🎲 and spell out the number on the face of the die facing upwards. 
  • Following this step, I always instruct them to put the chicken’s impressions on the chart paper an equal number of times.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not end up hurting themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

Cotton Ball Chicken

Cotton balls and pom poms are some of my son’s favorite supplies to use during craft activities. He loves to make cute little chicks 🐥 using them.

What you need

cotton balls or pom poms, acrylic paint 🎨 , glitters, plastic feathers 🪶, embellishments, white art paper, glue, and colorful pens.


  • For this activity, my son usually dips pom poms or cotton balls in his favorite shades of colors.
  • Now, I give him two options- either he can glue these cotton balls or pom poms on the piece of white chart paper using glue, or he can dab it on the paper after dipping it in paint 🎨 to make the circular impression of pom poms or cotton balls.
  • Now, we use colorful pens to add the chick’s comb, eyes 👀, beak, claws, and feathers to the impression. You can also add glitters, plastic feathers 🪶 or embellishments to decorate the impression of the chick.

In both ways, it is a fun chicken-themed 🐥 activity for little chicken lovers.

Chicken Mosaic Mask

Aren’t the adorable beaks and feathers of a chicken 🐔 perfect features to inspire a fancy mask?

We have figured out a way of making it fancier by using pieces of 🥚 eggshells. 

Every morning after breakfast, there were several pieces of eggshells lying in the kitchen; therefore, I decided to create a mosaic mask using them.

What you need- 

Paper, egg 🥚 shells, crayons, marker pen, glue, embellishments, paint 🎨, thread 🧵, and scissors.


  • Firstly, I draw the outline of a chicken’s 🐔 face on a piece of white chart paper ( using dotted lines). My son and daughter always create a cut-out by carefully utilizing a pair of scissors along the dotted lines ( an extremely suitable fine motor activity for little ones). 
  • Following this step, I ask them to color the eggshells using paint in any shade they prefer. After the paint 🎨 has dried up, we use the egg 🥚 shells along with plastic feathers 🪶 to decorate the chicken in any way my little chicken lovers like. 
  • We also make a beak by folding paper in the form of a cone, sticking eggshells on it to give it a mosaic look, and attaching it to the mask using glue.
  • I cut two slits in the cut-out of the chicken’s face ( where the eyes 👀 of the chicken are located) so that my kids are able to see through these slits when they put on the mask. 
  • I just have to tie up this chicken mask around the heads of my little chicken lovers using a piece of thread.
  • To make the comb of the chicken, I ask my little ones to paint and decorate the plastic feathers 🪶 , stick them on a paper strip using glue and make two slits on each segment located towards each end of this paper strip.
  • I pass a piece of thread through these slits and tie it on the head of my children to form a headband displaying a comb of feathers. 

They look like the most adorable chickens 🐔 running around the house wearing this adorable mosaic chicken-themed mask and headband.

Pro Tip 

You can attach this chicken 🐔 mask to one end of a cardboard roll, place the other end on the table in a vertical position, and use this setup as a pencil ✏️ holder.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not hurt themselves while playing with a pair of scissors.

Woolen Chicken 

Almost all of us had a woolen sweater during our childhood with the image of a chicken 🐔 on it.

I have also figured out a way to make an engaging woolen chicken 🐔 activity for my little chicken lovers.

My daughter loves chickens 🐣 so this chicken-themed activity is her all-time favorite.

What you need- 

White chart paper, buttons, colorful paper, colorful balls of wool 🧶, glue, and scissors.


  • I draw the outline of a chicken 🐔 on a piece of white chart paper and coat the area underlying the outline with art glue. 
  • I instruct my little chicken lovers to stick the woolen thread in the form of all possible patterns on the segments coated with glue. 
  • The entire thought process required in creating beautiful patterns enhances the imaginative 🤔 abilities of your little chicken lover. Now, we utilize pretty buttons to create the eyes of the chicken and a cone prepared by folding colorful paper to create the beak.
  • In the end, we have an extraordinary woolen chicken 🐔 and a lovely art piece to decorate the walls of my house.
  • If your little chicken-lover is not very fond of this idea, then you can stick two pretty buttons directly on a whole ball of wool for the eyes and a cone of paper to create the beka. You will have an adorable ball of wool, looking like a cute chicken.

Counting Chickens

I have discovered an engaging chicken-themed 🐔 counting 🔢 activity for my little chicken-lovers. Read on to learn everything about this amazing chicken-themed activity.

What you need- 

Black chicken cut-outs, yellow chicken cut-outs, brown chicken cut-outs, white chicken cut-outs, bowls, and colorful marker pens.


  • I prepare cut-outs of black chickens, brown chickens, yellow chickens, and white chickens and write the numbers from 1 to 50 on them.
  • I jumble up all these chickens 🐔 in a bowl and ask my little chicken lovers to segregate the white chickens in one bowl, the black ones in the next, the yellow ones in another, and the brown ones in the last bowl. 
  • I encourage my little chicken lovers to count 🔢 the number of chickens every bowl contains and then find the sum of all the numbers written on each cut-out of a chicken to find the total sum. 
  • Sometimes, I pen down ✍️ random alphabets on these chicken cut-outs 🔡 and ask my little chicken lovers to arrange the white, black, yellow, and brown chickens together to form a whole word.
  • If your little chicken-lover is a toddler, you can teach them about the names of these four colors by segregating the chicken cut-outs on the basis of colors. 
  • Sometimes, I do not feel like going through the hard work of preparing cut-outs of chickens, so the beautiful song Chicken Count comes in extremely handy in boosting the counting skills of my little chicken lovers.

Chicken Sensory Tub

Now, this chicken-themed sensory activity is a favorite and staple for all kids. Sensory activities have always held an important role in the development of a child’s mind. Therefore, I never miss out on this ideal👏 activity.

What you need- 

Flour, vegetable oil, chicken-themed accessories, a tub, and everything related to chickens. 


  • I ask my tiny chicken 🐔lovers to use their minds and name any 15 things that remind them of chickens, starting from eggs 🥚 to farms.
  • I put all those things, along with the other chicken-themed accessories, in a plastic tub containing a mixture of vegetable oil and flour(up to half of its capacity).
  • I instruct and guide my little chicken lovers through the activity of locating those cute items in the tub using their hands only, thereby boosting ✅️ their sensory skills.

Read Books About Chickens

I am sure all of us have grown up reading endless fascinating short stories stories and books 📖 about various chickens 🐔 and their interesting adventures. 

My little chicken lovers also have their favorites in this case. 

I have mentioned some of the fascinating chicken-themed books 📚 we completely love to read.

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any book 📖 before allowing their little ones to read it just to be sure that the contents of the books are suitable ✅️ according to the age group of your little chicken lover.

Watch Chicken-Themed Movies 

I can recall several wonderful and creative movies 🎬 , shows, and series with chicken 🐔 characters that are worth watching if your little ones love chickens. 

Here are a few chicken-themed movies 🎬 I love to watch with my adorable chicken-lovers-

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any movie 🎬 before allowing their little chicken lovers to read it just to be sure that the contents of the movies are suitable ✅️ according to the age group of your little chicken lover.

Chicken Puppets

My son loves ❤ ️ pretending to be a chicken and interacting with his little sister using puppets of the 🐔 same.

Therefore, I worked out this chicken-themed activity to help him create cute yet funny chicken puppets to play with.

What you need- 

Paper plates, marker pens, scissors ✂️, paint, crayons, embellishments, chicken-themed accessories, glue, and ice cream sticks.


  • As usual, I use a marker pen to draw the outline of a chicken ( or a famous animated character) on a circular paper plate with dotted lines. 
  • I instruct my little chicken lovers to carefully cut out the outline of the chicken using a pair of scissors✂️ ( learning how to use scissors is a recommended fine motor activity). 
  • We decorate this cut-out of the chicken 🐔 using crayons, plastic feathers 🪶, paint 🖌, embellishments, and accessories.
  • To accomplish the aim of creating an adorable chicken puppet, we attach an ice cream stick to this cut-out (in the segment located right opposite the segment carrying the chicken’s comb). 
  • This ice cream stick will be used as the puppet’s holder for my little chicken 🐥 lovers when they joyfully interact with each other using it. 
  • We have a wonderful time while interacting by means of using creative chicken 🐔 puppets because my kids go from being adorable chickens with a smile to notorious ones 🐥 with funny expressions.

Chicken Craft Activities

Painting 🎨, as well as creative craft activities, are quite a favorite in our household, and I love to use innovative methods of painting in the daily activities of my little ones 🐔 so that they are happy all the time. 

Here are a few methods for creating amazing chicken paintings that my little chicken lovers are always ready ❤️ to engage in:

Egg 🥚 Cartons: 

The egg 🥚 cartons that you throw away can be amazing supplies for craft activities. We paint 🎨 and decorate it using plastic feathers 🪶 and place the chicks and chickens 🐔 made up of paper on it, which makes it an amazing showpiece made by my little ones.

Origami and Hand ✋️ Painting Chicks: 

There are endless ways of making cute and adorable chicks 🐥 using the magic of origami. In fact, I cut out the impressions of my little one’s hands ✋️ on a piece of paper and added claws, beaks, and a comb to it using colorful pens or paper cut-outs to make an adorable chicken 🐔 for my little ones.

Fork Chick: 

I instruct my adorable chicken lovers through the method of dipping a fork’s backside in gray, black, white, brown, or bright yellow shades of paint 🎨 and pressing its pretty impression on paper in a circular pattern around a center twice (one above another) to create the chick’s 🐥 face and body. 

We create the eyes 👀, claws, and other parts using a paintbrush 🖌, marker pens, or by sticking embellishments.

Streamer Chicken: 

We prefer using streamers for decorations and also make a funky ‘chicken 🐔 on the wall’ using it at birthday parties. This is an entertaining, chicken-themed activity suitable for the birthday 🎂 parties of little ones. 

Firstly, I just draw the outline of a chicken on white chart paper and cover the area lying on the inner side of the outline with double-sided tape. 

I hang it on the wall using thread or tape and ask the little guests to put colorful streamers on the outline of the chicken’s figure. 

Along with these streamers, you can also use plastic feathers 🪶 for the same purpose. The little guests enjoy themselves to the fullest, and we also have a colorful chicken 🐔 on the wall.

Grain Chicken: 

Playing with rice grains, wheat grains, cereals, or pasta takes me back to my beloved childhood days. For this sensory activity, I put rice, grains, cereals, or pieces of pasta inside a ziplock bag and add black, white, brown, or yellow shades of paint to it ( you can utilize any shade of paint your little one prefers). 

I instruct my little chicken 🐔 lovers to shake the bag and keep it aside for the colors to dry up so that the pieces of cereal, grains, pasta, or rice are in our desired shades of color. 

I draw the outline of an adorable chicken 🐥 on a piece of white paper and instruct my kids to glue these colorful grains of rice, cereals, or pieces of pasta on it using glue (an ideal ✅️ activity that helps to boost the focus of a

Bubble Wrap Chicken: 

Bubble wraps are my daughter’s favorite supplies to utilize for painting and craft activities. 

I just guide my little chicken 🐥 lovers to immerse a piece of bubble wrap in shades of black, white, brown, or yellow (use any shade of color your little one likes) and press its bubbly impression on the outline of a chicken to make a bubbly 🫧 chicken painting.

Food and Chicken

Chicken-themed dishes, biscuits 🍪, pieces of bread, and ice creams are quite creative ideas to make kids love these food items even more. 

When little ones receive food decorated in the theme of their favorite bird 🐔 , it makes them the happiest 😄 person on this planet.

I have figured out a few amazing chicken-themed 🐔 delicacies for my little chicken lovers that can be easily made at home. I have mentioned a few of those treats below, and I hope 😇 you will like them.

Chicken Cupcakes: 

My daughter loves gorging on cupcakes 🧁, especially with the sweet icing on the top. Therefore, I put her favorite strawberry cream in a piping bag and often guide her to draw the face of a chicken 🐔 on the cupcake. 

Using a piping bag to create a pattern demands a lot of focus; therefore, this activity is good for boosting the focus 🧠 and concentration of my little chicken lovers. 

You can also teach your little ones how to create cute little chicks 🐥 on a cupcake, a slice of bread 🍞 , a biscuit or cookie, or a scoop of ice cream with the help of a piping bag.

Vegetable chicken: 

I love this chicken-themed activity because it is an ideal way of encouraging little fussy eaters to eat green vegetables and nutritious fruits. 

I utilize slices of vegetables to make a chicken on a plate. I use a strawberry 🍓 (because it resembles a cone-like shape) to create the beak. 

Two olives are used to create the eyes of the chicken, whereas slender stick-like slices of a carrot 🥕 or cucumber are excellent to create the feathers. 

Marshmallow chicken: 

We take a delicious piece of marshmallow and draw funny faces of chickens 🐔 on it using honey or cream mixed with food coloring. We also love to do the same with donuts 🍩 , pies 🥧, or on a birthday 🎂 cake.


Chickens 🐔 are loved by so many people all around the world. In fact, I feel so happy when all of these chicken-themed activities bring so much joy 😊 to my little ones.

These chicken-themed activities, movies, or books 📚 also form a wonderful way to teach my kids about any informative topic regarding chickens. 

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below 😇 which chicken-themed 🐔 activity your little ones like the most.

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