17 Untold Noam Chomsky Facts that No One Knows

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Mysterious Noam Chomsky Facts

Noam Chomsky: Explore his birth secrets

Birth Secrets Of Noam Chomsky

Avram Noam Chomsky came into this world on December 7, 1928, in the East Oak Lane neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

William Chomsky and Elsie Simonofsky, his parents, were Jewish immigrants. 

In 1913, Noam’s father, William, fled the Russian Empire to escape conscription and worked in Baltimore sweatshops. 

He even worked in Hebrew elementary schools before attending university 🏛️. 

Later, moving to Philadelphia, William worked as the principal of the Congregation Mikveh Israel religious school. 

Noam’s mother, Elsie, taught at Mikveh Israel and even shared her leftist politics with her sons! 😲! 

David Eli Chomsky: Meet Noam’s only sibling

Little friends, have you heard this fact about Noam Chomsky? 

David Eli Chomsky🧒, Noam’s only sibling, was born just five years later. 

Later, David was born five years later and worked in Philadelphia as a cardiologist.

Noam and David were quite close, though Noam was quite competitive while David was more easygoing. 

The brothers were raised Jewish, being taught Hebrew, and regularly involved with discussing Zionism’s political theories. 

Noam’s family was particularly influenced by the writings of Ahad Ha’am. 

Chomsky is often termed the controversial Jew

Chomsky Is The Controversial Jew

Chomsky was born into a middle-class Ashkenazi Jewish family. 

Today, there are few Jews who manage to raise the ire of other Jews, similar to Noam Chomsky. 

As a notable contributor to the theories and ideas of Cognitive Psychology and the son of Jewish parents, who was brought up Jewish, which Noam himself depicted as a ‘Hebraic-Jewish home,” Noam, despite his religious and political orientation, belongs in this volume. 

Noam’s political beliefs and works are of interest as explorations into some of the vital ways.

However, his words and opinions have been misunderstood by some of his fellow Jews.

Noam Chomsky and his schooling

Chomsky attended the Deweyite Oak Lane Country Day School and also Central High School in Philadelphia. 

There he excelled academically and even joined several societies and clubs.

 However, he was troubled by the hierarchical and domineering teaching methods of those schools. 

Noam even attended Hebrew High School at Gratz College, where even his father was a teacher🧑‍🏫.

Chomsky even said that the doctoral dissertation of his father on the medieval Hebrew grammarian David Kimhi influenced his later ideas and thoughts on linguistics.

Chomsky’s interest in politics started at a very young age

Chomsky’s Interest In Politics

I am really surprised to learn this interesting secret about Noam Chomsky! Want to know?

He wrote his first article at the age of only ten on the spread of fascism following Barcelona’s fall in Feb 1939! 😲!

This happened during the Spanish Civil War.

He became interested in anarchist politics after he frequented anarchist bookstores📚 and left-wing while visiting his relatives in New York. 

When he was only 12 or 13, he became completely identified with anarchist politics and also the “anti-Bolshevik Left.”

Later, Chomsky described his discovery of anarchism as “a lucky accident.”

University of Pennsylvania: Chomsky studied here 

In the year 1945, Chomsky started a general program of study at the University of Pennsylvania at the age of 16. 

There he explored logic, philosophy, and languages and even developed a primary interest in learning Arabic. 

Residing at home, Chomsky even funded his undergraduate degree by teaching Hebrew. 

Later, becoming frustrated with his experiences at the university, he thought about dropping out and even moving to a kibbutz in Mandatory Palestine. 

However, his intellectual curiosity reawakened through his conversations with Zellig Harris. 

Harris was the linguist whom Chomsky first met in 1947 in a political circle.

 An essay made Chomsky quite famous

Chomsky’s Essay

Chomsky was an outspoken opponent of the involvement of the U.S. in the Vietnam War!

He received national attention for his anti-war essay known as “The Responsibility of Intellectuals.”

He was critical of technocrats and social scientists. 

He argued that they were offering a pseudo-scientific justification for the crimes of the states. 

He said that all these are happening in regard to the Vietnam War. 

This topic was inspired by Dwight Macdonald’s articles and was published after the Second World War. 

The essay even asked to what extent the Japanese or German people were responsible for the atrocities their governments had committed!

Noam Chomsky is world-famous for contributing to the Cognitive revolution

Chomsky is quite famous for his influence on linguistics. 

He actually believes that formal grammar is responsible for a person’s ability to interpret and understand mere utterances.

He said that humans and animals were capable of similar kinds of comprehension when exposed to certain linguistic information. 

However, only humans could continue to strengthen those abilities through a procedure he called a LAD or ‘language acquisition device.’

According to him, if the LAD for all human languages could be discovered, it might result in features that would be universal to all tongues. 

This might be termed universal grammar. 

Noam Chomsky had written more than 100 books

Noam Chomsky Wrote 100+ Books

Professor Noam Chomsky is one of the greatest living political thinkers. 

Activist and academic Chomsky is a true polymath and speaks truth to power. 

All of his works are marked out by his clarity of vision as well as his impassioned commitment to justice and truth.

If anyone wishes to know about the world around them, he must read Chomsky😲! 

If you wish to learn about the climate change crisis, drone technology and government surveillance, the threat of nuclear war 💣, or even the rise of China, you must read the works of this great thinker and insightful commentator. 

Chomsky was on the enemies list of Nixon

Chomsky had an association with the New Left, which is a political movement mainly in the 1960s and 1970s. 

This movement consisted of activists in the Western world who campaigned for a vast range of social issues. 

Chomsky was even arrested multiple times for his activism and was even placed on President Richard Nixon’s Enemies List! 

The master list of the political opponents of Nixon was a secret list compiled for President Richard Nixon.

This list’s purpose was to use the available Federal machinery to mess with the political enemies. 

It was the Internal Revenue Service’s scheme to harass people.

Noam Chomsky: He is an atheist

Noam Chomsky Was Atheist

Have you heard this interesting fact about Chomsky?

Chomsky is an atheist, and hence, he has no religion! 😲!

 He still appreciates religion and even has expressed his admiration for the different church ⛪groups’ community organizing efforts.

While giving a reply to a forum query regarding his belief in God, Chomsky said that he had never heard of any reason for believing that. 

Also, he has no faith in organized religion!!

His view on the Bible is that the material that is seen in the Old Testament was put together from different folk and oral traditions. 

Chomsky has starred in almost 160 films, T.V. series, and documentaries

Documentaries can be engaging as well as a great way to educate audiences on difficult topics. 

According to director Will Pascoe’s documentary 🎬, Chomsky’s political ideas don’t get the desired circulation. 

It even wanted viewers like us to know why Chomsky is still at it in his mid-70s. 

Why he still speaking and writing articles, touring the world, engaging in academic research, etc.

‘Rebel Without a Pause’ talks about the remarkable memory and intelligence of Chomsky. 

He argues that academics have time the resources and the training to critically analyze world events. 

He even synthesizes materials that other don’t have access to. 

Chomsky: A member of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University

Noam Chomsky At Harvard University

Little friends, did you know this amazing fact about Chomsky? No? Let me explain.

Between the years 1951 and 1955, Chomsky was a member of the Society of Fellows at Harvard University. 

There he undertook research on what later turned out to be his doctoral dissertation. 

Chomsky was inspired by Goodman to apply, and he was attracted to Harvard quite a lot because of the philosopher Willard Van Orman Quine, who was there. 

In the year 1952, Chomsky published his first academic article The Journal of Symbolic Logic.

Carol Doris Schatz: Meet Chomsky’s first wife

Want to know about Chomsky’s married life?? Let’s explore.

In the year 1947, Chomsky started a romantic relationship with Carol Doris Schatz. Carol was known to Chomsky since early childhood.

In the year 1949, they got married 👰‍♀️and the couple moved to the Allston area of Boston after Chomsky was made a Fellow at Harvard. 

They remained there until 1965 when they relocated to Lexington’s suburb. 

In the year 1953, the couple took a Harvard travel grant to Europe. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Chomsky at MIT: Meet his two friends

Chomsky At MIT

I am really surprised to learn this amazing fact about Noam Chomsky!

At MIT, or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 🏛️ Chomsky befriended two linguists, Morris Halle, and Roman Jakobson. 

In 1955, Jakobson secured Chomsky an assistant position at MIT.

According to Chomsky, MIT is open to experimentation where he can easily pursue his idiosyncratic interests.

In the year 1957, MIT promoted him to the position of associate professor. 

Later, in the year 2002, Chomsky retired from MIT but continued to conduct seminars and research on campus as an emeritus.

The CIA has a file on Chomsky

For decades, the CIA had monitored Chomsky’s activities in the 1960s and 1970s. 

Though it denied this, a revelation by The Cable disclosed that the CIA had collected records on the anti-war.

It also disclosed that the file was scrubbed from the archives of Langley, raising questions on when the files were destroyed and also under what authority.

As Chomsky’s works centered heavily on criticizing the actions of America; thus, the CIA scrutinized him. 

Chomsky thinks that by spreading awareness of the impact of America’s foreign policies on the populations affected by them, he can sway American citizens.

Noam Chomsky had very little interest in modern art and music

Noam Chomsky's Interest In Modern Art And Music

Love music?? Then this surprising secret about Chomsky is just for you!

Chomsky believes that the people in the late 19th century were exposed to better music and art. 

He says since then, science and art have lost their meanings. 

He thinks that modern artists try to sell themselves by saying that if you cannot understand music, then maybe you don’t listen enough. 

According to Chomsky, he has taken quite some time to listen to the music 🎼and thinks that it has a special bent.

 However, it is not accessible to the ordinary person who would listen and understand it.

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