17 Untold Paris Facts that You Might Know

Welcome to Paris, 💡the dazzling capital city of France!

From its several world-famous beautiful landscapes to its rich history and culture, it offers fascinating facts for you to discover.

This article will offer some exciting facts about Paris that will leave you amazed😲. Let’s embark on this wonderful journey!

Interesting Facts about Paris

The beautiful French City Paris: Explore La Ville Lumiere or the City of Light

Beautiful French City Paris

I am really amazed to explore this illuminating fact about Paris! 

This beautiful French city is famous as La Ville Lumiere or the City of Light. This attractive name came from the 17th century and also the Age of Enlightenment. 

During that period, many intellectuals would come to the city to share their innovations and ideas, with these intellectuals being the “lights.” 

Another interesting secret is that Paris, also known as the world’s Fashion Capital, was the world’s first city to get streetlights 💡. However, today, the Eiffel Tower even brightens the area at night with its fascinating lights. 

Paris Syndrome: A unique health issue is related to the city

Little fact enthusiasts, did you know this exciting fact about Paris? 

Because of the many depictions of this fascinating in the media, which are a little inaccurate, several tourists suffer from an issue called Paris Syndrome. In this situation, they become disappointed when they land in Paris. Being faced with some not-so-attractive sides of Paris, like dirty streets, crime, etc., is not easy to handle 😵.

You must know that those suffering from this syndrome don’t only become disappointed; but also experience sweating, dizziness, hallucinations, and more. 

Paris: Meet one of the world’s most-visited cities

Paris is Most-Visited City

Like me, almost everyone dreams about visiting Paris. You, too, right?

Thus, this beautiful French city results in being one of the world’s top ten most-visited cities. 

Today, according to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, Paris City is ranked as the world’s second most-visited city. 

More than 19 million tourists come to visit Paris every year. 

Quite surprising, right??

Paris is a lot ahead of some other famous cities like London, New York, and Singapore, and falls behind only Bangkok.

The Eiffel Tower: Climbing 1665!!

Eiffel Tower in Paris

Oh! The Eiffel Tower!! How much I wish to see this!!

To get from the esplanade to the top of the Eiffel Tower, we must to climb 1665 steps😵.  However, a good thing is that, while visiting, we won’t have to face them all. 

We only have to reach to its second floor by climbing only 674 steps, which will take around thirty minutes.

On the observation, we will get to enjoy amazing views of the city, and to climb further, you can purchase a lift pass. 

However, this world-famous monument was not so popular in 1889, when it was built, and it gained popularity later.

Rungis International Market: The largest wholesale food market 

Little fact enthusiasts, let us enjoy this interesting fact about the city of Paris! Along with a large option of restaurants, this city of some famous foods even has the world’s largest food market. 

The famous Rungis International Market spans more than two square kilometers and its collection of fresh produce will completely amaze you.

Each day, around twenty thousand buyers visit this world-famous market to purchase vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, cheese, and more. Generally, the market is for businesses only; however, it serves the public on each month’s second Friday.

Paris City: Home to more than 40,000 restaurants 

40,000 Restaurants in Paris

If you are a fan of delicious foods and snacks, then you will surely love this yummy secret about Paris! 

The fact that this city has more than 40,000 restaurants is good news to people like us who want to enjoy the vast range of delicious 🤤cuisine. Isn’t it?

Among those Parisian restaurants, we will find cafes, bistros, and fine dining establishments.

We will get to enjoy around 12000 dining options in the central part of the city. Among these, 94 have one Michelin Star, along with 12 having two and ten having three starts. 

The best baguette in the city: The Real competition

I am a big fan of this fun secret about Paris!

 Baguettes are a vital part of this world-famous French city. 

Along with the baguette law stating what kind of recipe one must follow, Paris even hosts Le Grand Prix de la Baguette every year to find the finest French loaf 🍞produced in the city.

Although it sounds interesting and fun, it is not fun but a serious competition for the 200 bakers who participate. The winner receives prize money of 40,000 euros💰, fame across France, and obviously the best one, more customers at their bakery.

Paris: The place where the Bloody Mary was invented

Paris Where The Bloody Mary Was Invented

The origin of the classic cocktail of vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, and seasoning is this beautiful city during the 1920s. 

Frenand Petiot, a French bartender, invented the drink at The New York Bar.

Finding this drink, called vodka, tasteless and less appealing, 

Petiot tried mixing it with American canned tomato juice and became the founder of the world-famous Bloody Mary.

While others say Ernest Hemingway requested a drink 🍷at the Ritz that didn’t have any alcohol smell, so after receiving the drink, he exclaimed, ‘Bloody Mary’, and there where the name came from. 

Notre Dame Cathedral: The city’s most visited landmark 

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral is the city’s most-visited monument!

 I am quite surprised to know that this cathedral⛪ is 800 years old and gets around 12 million visitors every year. 

People come here to experience its stunning architectural exterior design, and intricate interior, and, obviously, Hugo fans come here to keep a lookout for Quasimodo! 

Moreover, the main bell of this cathedral is called Emmanuel, which 13 tons in weight.

Unfortunately, this number of visitors declined after the devastating fire in April 2019 damaged the cathedral. However, once the cathedral reopens, it will definitely get a lot of visitors again.

Pont Neuf: It is the oldest bridge in Paris

Pont Neuf in Paris

It is quite amazing to know that though there are thirty-seven bridges🌉 that cross the Seine at different points.

However, Pont Neuf is still the oldest among them. Though it is famous as the “new bridge,” at the end of the 1500s, the construction of this famous landmark actually started.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site serves as the connection between 6th and 1st arrondissements, and connects Ile de la Cite to the rest of the city. Surprised, right?

Lutetia: Know the previous name of Paris

When the Romans conquered the region that today we recognize as Paris in 52 BC, it was known as Lutetia Parisiorum. 

Later it became Parisius. In 987 AD, the city became the capital of France and has kept that title as well as this beautiful name ever since.

Disneyland: The second most-visited attraction in Paris City

Disneyland in Paris

Like me, are you an animation fan? Then, you will be very happy to unravel this amazing and secret fact about Paris City! 

According to some tourists, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or the Arch de Triomphe is the second-most visited attraction in Paris after Notre Dame; however, it is not true, because the correct one is Disneyland.

This Parisian theme park gets around 11 million visitors each year. Opened in the year 1992, it even has the favorite Disney characters, shows, rides, and restaurants. 

Paris City: There are more dogs in this city than children

Little friends, want to enjoy a funny secret about this stunning French city? Then, let’s go!

There are more dogs living in the city than children, isn’t it a fun thing? 

In Paris, we will get to see more than 300,000 dogs. This means, there is one dog for every two children and every seven people. 

Thus, here you will get to see many dog-friendly cafes and restaurants🥣, and even cute dog boutiques.

Monalisa: Meet the Lady!!

The world-famous portrait of beautiful young woman, known as Monalisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci is located in the Louvre and is a famous tourist attraction in the city.

It is the most-visited piece of artwork on the planet, as well as the world’s most famous artwork.

Found in the renowned Louvre Museum, this artwork is visited by more than 10 million people per year. It even has a dedicated room in the museum.

Wearing pants for women was illegal!!! 

Little fashionistas, let us face this strange fact about Paris! 

A fashion law in Paris imposed in 1800 said that women 👩couldn’t wear trousers without getting permission from the police. 

Also, you will be shocked to know that this strange law didn’t get formally abolished until 2012. 

Despite this, women here have been wearing pants for decades without any problem. 

Dance in Paris: Know about the most famous cabaret in the world

Dance In Paris

Here is another fascinating fact about this fascinating French city! 

You may have already known that cabaret clubs and burlesque have been a part of Paris’ history for several centuries. 

This unique city even houses Moulin Rouge, the world’s most famous cabaret.💃 

Learn about this major landmark in Paris that has a bright red exterior, along with windmill structure harks back to Montmartre’s former red-light district. 

You will be happy to know that today, people come here to stop for dinner and enjoy world’s most famous burlesque show.

Paris City: It has five Statues of Liberty

Statues Of Liberty In Paris

This might hit as a shocking secret to people like us, but it is no doubt interesting that the city of Paris even has multiple replicas of statues of Liberty! Isn’t it surprising??

Actually, even the one we see in New York City was gifted to the U.S. by the French! 

Summing up

We hope! Knowing about the above amazing Paris facts will satisfy your curious soul!

As you already feel amazed to explore this wonderful country! Among the above facts! Which do you like the most 🤔?

As we are already engaged, we would really like 😃to know your answer!

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