18 Amazing Philadelphia Facts: Beyond the Liberty Bell

Philadelphia has been one of the most prominent and distinctive American cities since its establishment by William Penn in 1698.

The city is perhaps the birthplace of American democracy (no offense, Jamestown), having hosted the First and Second Continental Congresses and the Liberty Bell.

Philadelphia is also the birthplace of Gritty and Paddy’s Bar. As a result, it goes without saying that it has a rich and fascinating cultural heritage.

Philadelphia is known as the Mural Capitol of the World

Mural Arts Philadelphia began as an anti-graffiti campaign in 1984 and has since established Philadelphia as a global leader in publicly accessible street art. Presently, the city has approximately 4,000 works of community-based art, with new pieces commissioned every year.

Among our favorite murals are the following:

  • Wide Open in Fishtown – This Jim Houser mural on Spring Garden Street will warm your heart.
  • Willis “Nomo” Humphrey and Keir Johnston’s colorful legacy in West Philly never fails to inspire.
  • The Silent Watcher in University City – Faith XLVII’s 19-story painting is just magnificent. You’ll find it difficult not to look at the Silent Watcher the next time you walk through University Square.

Philadelphia has America’s Oldest Inhabited Route

Make a living in Philadelphia a reality! With Common, you can find private and coliving apartments.

Find your way home! Elfreth’s Alley, located in Philadelphia’s suitably titled Old City area, is the country’s oldest continually occupied street. 

Jeremiah Elfreth, a local blacksmith and property owner, inspired the street’s name. It’s now a living museum and a unique intact example of what a working-class neighborhood looked like in the 18th century.

America’s first birthday was celebrated in Philadelphia

It was also the home of the Philadelphia Packet and Daily Advertiser, the country’s first daily newspaper launched in 1784. That’s right, New York Times!

Philadelphia also had the nation’s first zoo, hospital, and medical school

Philadelphia is still essential in the modern medical world. Philadelphia educates one out of every six doctors in the United States.

It is also known as the City of Champions

Any Philadelphia fan will tell you that’s exactly where Joel Embiid and the Sixers will finish this season. Hope springs everlasting in Philadelphia. Philadelphia is one of thirteen American cities with a team in each of the four major leagues.

The Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball last won a title in 2008

They were formerly known as the Quakers before being renamed the Philadelphians, which was abbreviated to the Phillies.

The Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League won the Super Bowl in 2017. The Eagles seem like an appropriate nickname for a patriotic city like Philadelphia. Birds, go!

The Philadelphia 76ers of the National Basketball Association have not won an NBA championship since 1983. They’re named after the founding fathers of the United States. If you plan to live in Philly, you must learn to trust the process.

The Eagles annihilated the Wing Bowl

In terms of sporting achievements and failures, prior to the city’s Super Bowl victory in 2017, Philadelphians needed to find a method to celebrate Super Bowl weekends where the Eagles weren’t normally present.

As a result, the Wing Bowl was born. From 1993 through 2018, the competitive chicken wing eating contest drew 20,000 fans to the Wells Fargo Center each year.

The previous Wing Bowl champion, Molly Schuyler ate 501 wings in 30 minutes. That’s what we mean by a champion!

View Einstein’s Brain at the Mutter Museum

Speaking of medical oddities and human body horrors, Philadelphia’s renowned Mutter Museum houses a wide collection of medical relics and anomalies.

Almost 3,000 osteological objects are housed in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Are you curious about what those are?

There are 3,000 skeletons found in Philadelphia

That’s either extremely cool or extremely creepy. Visitors can also view slides of Albert Einstein’s brain at the Mutter Museum, which is the only site where they can do so. Consider viewing John Wilkes Booth’s thoracic tissue for a very gruesome experience.

Was Betsy Ross a fraud?

We were all taught in primary school that the first American flag was stitched together by legendary Philadelphia seamstress Betsy Ross. Yet, most historians agree that no concrete evidence supports this claim.

The construction of the first American flag, like the founding of America, was more of a collective endeavor shared by a number of men and women on the flag committee.

Betsy Ross embroidered some pretty old flags, even if the story is a bit of an urban legend. You may see these and many other items from the time period at Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution.

Liberty Bell Center is situated in Philadelphia

The Independence National Historical Park is one of the best parks in Philadelphia to learn more about Philadelphia or the history of the United States.

The Independence National Historical Site, associated with the American Revolution and United States Foundation history, depicts the country’s early stages. Don’t forget to stop by the Liberty Bell Center when you’re there.

Pretzels are popular in Philadelphia

If there is one cuisine that has become synonymous with Philadelphia, it is unquestionably the legendary Philadelphia cheesesteak.

Nonetheless, pretzels should be mentioned as well. According to statistics, Philadelphians consume 12 times more pretzels than the typical American.

In Philadelphia, pretzels are a big deal. Philadelphia was home to the country’s first large-scale pretzel maker, and the city once housed a pretzel museum.

Everything is close to Philly.

Within five hours of Philadelphia, a quarter of the United States’ population lives.

We’re not claiming that Philadelphia is the center of the universe, but with easy access to New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Atlantic City, it makes for an excellent weekend escape.

Yet Philly isn’t only about the urban experience. There is also plenty of natural beauty to enjoy in the surrounding area. If you need a break from the city, consider visiting:

  • The Fairmount Park
  • Park in the Wissahickon Valley
  • County Park of Ringing Rocks

Philadelphia’s first business was brewing beer

Several reports claim that a brewery was the first business established in newly minted Philadelphia. The establishment was founded in 1683 by William Frampton. At the same time, he opened a bakery and a tavern, but as true Philadelphians, we’re focusing on the beer.

How was Frampton’s first beer prepared?

Frampton’s first beer was prepared with molasses, pine, and sassafras. Brewers in Philadelphia would eventually switch to malt.

The FDA later prohibited the use of sassafras. With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that Philadelphia now has a thriving craft beer sector. 

Philadelphia city hall was the tallest building

When construction began in 1870, Philadelphia City Hall was supposed to be the tallest structure in the world, but the Eiffel Tower and the Washington Monument were completed before it and stood taller. The Hall was not finished until 1901. 

It was, nevertheless, the highest occupied structure for eight years, until the MetLife Building in New York City was finished in 1909.

Yet, it still holds the record for having the tallest statue on top of any structure in the world. The 27-ton statue of William Penn stands 37 feet tall.

The city of Philadelphia has a long history of hosting political conventions

In 1856, the city hosted the nation’s first Republican National Convention. The delegates chose California’s John Fremont, a famed Western explorer, as the presidential contender, with New Jersey’s William Dayton as his running mate. 

Fremont campaigned against the development of slavery, proclaiming, “Free soil, free labor, free speech, free men, Fremont and Victory!”

Although over 80% of eligible Citizens voting, Democratic candidate James Buchanan won the election with 174 electoral votes. There are four electoral votes.

It is still one of the best rising city

Despite having almost 300 years of history, Philadelphia is a city on the rise.

The New York Times rated it the third best place to visit in 2015 for its growing number of outdoor oases and cultural activities. And this year’s DNC will undoubtedly add to the city’s rich history.

We learned about numerous facts about Philadelphia in this essay. Follow this webpage to learn more.

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