20+ Picnic Food Ideas for Kids That Are Delicious!

It’s picnic 🧺 season, your kids are excited, and all you can think of is an amazing lunchbox to satisfy their taste buds. 

As a mother, I’ve discovered that picnics are a wonderful outdoor activity as well as a fantastic chance to expose children to a range of meals 🍽️. 

Some of your kids’ most cherished childhood memories are made during a picnic; thus, the food deserves to be top-notch!

Interesting Picnic Food Ideas for Kids

I’m thrilled to provide a bunch of picnic food suggestions that my own kids have tried, tested, and wholeheartedly endorsed. In addition to being tasty, these picnic-friendly meals are made to keep your kids energized and content 😁 as they explore the great outdoors. 

These family-friendly recipes can make your outdoor dining experience even better, whether you’re going to the park, the beach, or just having an unplanned backyard picnic.

Hummus and Salad Jars

I really enjoy packing salad πŸ₯— and hummus jars for our family picnics. These handy jars are not only tasty but also a healthy and filling option. 

My son enjoys creating his own jar by combining vibrant vegetables, hummus, and salty additions. 

It’s like a little picnic excursion in a jar🍴! It’s also a mom-approved choice because it’s healthy and hassle-free. Cleanup is simple, and I like knowing that my child gets to eat a nutritious lunch while enjoying the outdoors.Β 

Vanilla Cupcakes

I can’t resist the charm of traditional vanilla cupcakes 🧁 as a mom organizing a picnic. They seem like adorable little joys, just what we need for our outdoor excursion. 

I get delighted ✨ with excitement as he eats the soft, sweet cakes covered with creamy icing. Simple elements, like these cupcakes, give our picnics charm and help us make lifelong memories. 

As we enjoy each mouthful amidst the splendor of nature, I’ll pack a batch since I know it will be the perfect amount of sweetness for our day together.Β 

Rainbow Pie

Rainbow pie 🌈 makes my kids really excited. It’s not only a tasty treat; it’s a burst of colors and flavors that add even more specialness to our outdoor journey. 

The vivid layers of fruits and whipped cream make my toddler’s eyes sparkle with delight. I adore how it elevates their curiosity and entices them to explore the beauties of nature during our picnic since each mouthful is like a taste of bliss.Β 

Watermelon Doughnuts

I enjoy giving my child watermelon πŸ‰ doughnuts 🍩. They add a light touch to the traditional treat. My youngster loves the brightly colored, juicy, delicious watermelon slices that have been shaped like doughnuts. 

They are a nutritious option for our outdoor trip, in addition to being entertaining to look at. Additionally, I like that they leave no mess, guaranteeing a hassle-free picnic time!

Our family vacations get a delightfully inventive touch from these watermelon doughnuts πŸŽ‡

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes 🌾, in my opinion, are the ideal picnic food. 

They’re easy to travel and eat outside because they’re light and clean. Additionally, they are a guilt-free choice 😌, low in calories, and gluten-free, making them ideal for my child’s delicate stomach. 

The crunchiness makes our picnics more exciting, and they come in a wide range of tastes, from sweet to savory 🍚. They’re convenient and healthy, which I value for our outside activities with my child.Β 

Pizza Pocket

Pizza pockets πŸ• are the best kid-friendly treat for any mother organizing a picnic! The ease of finger food and the taste of pizza are combined in these delectable pockets of bliss. 

They’re so simple to make, and my little one loves to nibble on their warm, cheesy deliciousness as we soak up the sun. They have all the delicious pizza tastes that kids like and are mess-free. 

Additionally, they are the ideal size for little hands. Our picnics are a snap, thanks to pizza pockets, as they guarantee smiles and a fun-filled day outside!Β 

Sweet Potato Salad

For our picnics, I adore carrying sweet potato 🍠 salad! For my little one, it’s a tasty treat that’s also healthy. Vitamins are added by the vitamin-rich orange sweet potatoes, and zinc is added by the acidic sauce. 

It’s quite simple for you to make and keep for the duration of your outdoor outings. Additionally, it’s a clever method to include those vegetables for your kids to eat.

Every picnic becomes a fond memory when I see my kid gleefully eat this vibrant food while laughing in the sunshine 🧑. 

Spinach Rolls

For our family picnics, I love to make spinach rolls 🌯! They are not only delicious, but they also sneak in some nutritious greens for my child, giving me the impression of being a supermom 🍽️🌳. 

Making a delightful treat by rolling up that cheesy spinach bliss in flaky pastry feels wonderful. In addition, I can’t contain my delight when I see my child’s eyes light up when they bite into one. 

Our picnics are made even more wonderful by these transportable treats, which are full of affection, laughter, and delicious cuisine.

Salad Jar

Salad jars πŸ₯— are a true game changer. Not only are they practical, but they also preserve everything crisp and fresh. The ability to personalize each jar with my child’s preferred ingredients makes vegetables more enticing to me as a mother.

Your kids will find it aesthetically appealing due to the bright layers, and the understated styling gives the perfect amount of sparkle.

My young one likes shaking and mixing his own jar, and there isn’t much mess. Salad jars πŸ«™ are a picnic winner because they’re filling, flavorful, and hassle-free.

Carrot Cake Cookies

Carrot cake cookies πŸ₯•πŸͺ are the perfect treat for my child as a mom organizing a picnic! In the form of a handy, mess-free cookie, these moist, chewy treats combine the healthy value of carrots with the sweetness of cake. 

They are fantastic for picnics, simple to pack, and well-liked by children. I love knowing that my child is enjoying a treat that contains vegetables while we are having outside fun. 

A wonderful, nutritious addition to our picnic basket 🧺, it’s a win-win situation ✨!

Picnic Sandwich

Making picnic sandwiches πŸ₯ͺ for our outdoor excursions as a mother is like creating little packages of love. It’s a delicious medley of flavors and textures between the thick layers of fresh bread, 

It’s more than simply food; it’s a time for togetherness and comfort ☺️ that helps us make lifelong memories. Each mouthful during our picnics is a voyage through flavor and time, from the fresh greens to the savory meats and cheeses.

Potato Pasta

Preparing potato pasta is always a healthy choice for a picnic πŸ₯”. It is the ideal fusion of convenience and comfort, and my child’s palate is pleased. 

The pasta 🍝 is perfectly coated by the creamy sauce and the substantial addition of pieces of delicate potatoes for your kids to enjoy. 

Additionally, you will find that it’s simple to pack and enjoy outside. My kid would eagerly eat it, and seeing his happy face πŸ₯° would make our picnic even more memorable.

Spring Rolls

Spring rolls πŸ₯ are our family’s favorite picnic snack! They combine deliciously crisp vegetables with flavorful fillings, making them not only delicious but also nutritious. 

They’re very clean and simple for young hands to handle, which I like. Additionally, they are simple to transport and pack, guaranteeing a stress-free picnic experience for you.

My child enjoys a nice lunch, and I’m happy knowing he is eating his vegetables while having fun outside. It’s a win-win situation 😌.Β 

Cheesecake Jars

I enjoy bringing cheesecake 🍰 in jars to our picnics. They are not only handy but also tasty! Your kids like these bite-sized snacks, and the individual quantities ensure minimal bother. 

The rich cheesecake nested in jars is the ideal sweet treat for outdoor outings. Additionally, there is no concern for you over soiled plates or spilled slices.

I would say that these cheesecake jars are easy for me to assemble and pure joy for my child, so it’s a win-win situation. Trust me when I say that never before have picnics been so convenient and delicious 😌.

Banana Cake

Banana cake is an ideal treat since it mixes healthful bananas 🍌🍰 with a sweet, soothing taste, giving me the impression that I’m giving my child a wholesome snack. 

Additionally, it doesn’t leave a mess and is simple to travel. The cake’s moist, tender texture is quite fulfilling, and since it already has a natural sweetness, I don’t need to add a lot of sugar. 

Every time we go on a picnic, the banana cake results in smiles and full bellies!Β 

Savory Muffins

I believe that savory muffins 🧁 are the ideal picnic snack! Outdoor eating is a breeze with these portable delicacies since they are not only delicious but also mess-free. 

They’re a clever method to feed my fussy eater some nutrition because they’re loaded with cheese and vegetables. They’re also simple to make, which gives me more time to enjoy the picnic and make priceless memories with my child. 

So when it comes to the necessities for our picnics, savory muffins are always a success β€” delicious, handy, and loved by both kids and adults!Β 

Fruit Skewers

Fruit skewers πŸ“πŸ‘ are my favorite thing to make for our picnics, and you can try making them, too. 

It provides excitement to our outside outings as well as the bright colors and enjoyment of threading fruits onto poles with my toddler. 

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these nutritious bite-sized snacks are a fantastic way to make sure my youngster receives a dosage of necessary nutrients while having joy. 

Additionally, these skewers’ ease of use makes picnics with my kids a snap, and the finest reward is seeing their grins.Β 

Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies πŸͺ are a necessity if you’re a parent organizing a wonderful picnic! My child strikes the ideal mix between a healthy treat and a delectable pleasure. 

They make an excellent picnic companion because of their chewy texture and sweet scent. Additionally, the oats offer a fiber boost for long-lasting energy while we explore the outdoors.

I adore how simple they are to pack, how clean they are, and how they never fail to make us smile. Our family picnics are certainly made more cozy and pleasant by the addition of oatmeal cookies.Β 

Nutella Muffins

I baked these delicious Nutella muffins 🧁 that my kid likes for our beautiful picnic day. Each mouthful contains a piece of my heart as well as a pleasant delight. 

These chewy, chocolate-covered treats are ideal for picnics. While eating these muffins, I can’t help but grin as I see my child’s eyes sparkle with happiness.Β 


Moments like these are what make our picnics so unique, happy 😁, and worth treasuring ✨. I hope these recipes will be your kid’s favorite, too! 

Do write to me and let me know. Would love to hear from you πŸ₯°

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