17 Amazing Pisa Facts that Will Leave You Amazed

From its attractive structures to its rich history and culture, it offers fascinating facts 😲 for you to discover!! 

This article will offer some amazing facts about Pisa City that will surely amaze you!

Get ready to explore ✈️ this wonderful city in Italy!

Interesting Facts about Pisa

The leaning tower of Pisa City: Explore the tower that is actually leaning

Tower Of Pisa

I am quite surprised to explore this famous fact about the beautiful city of Pisa! What about you?

The famous Pisa city is home to several attractive monuments! Among those structures, the most famous is the leaning tower.

Constructed in the 12th century, it is the tower that is actually leaning! 

Actually being the Bell Tower or Campanile of Pisa Cathedral, the tower is popular for its tilt, and has unstable foundation!!

Pisa City: Location and population facts

Located in Tuscany, Italy, Pisa is the capital city of the Province of Pisa!

The exact location of Pisa City is on the alluvial plain of the Arno River! 

It is located around 10 km from the Ligurian Sea and almost 80 km west of Florence!!

The city’s average altitude is around 4 meters above sea level, and it covers an area of 185 square kilometers! 

Also, as of September 2020, the city’s population is around 95,000 people.

Beautiful River Arno in Pisa: It flows through the city

River Arno In Pisa

Little fact learners, did you know this impressive secret about the beautiful city of Pisa!?

Pisa is nurtured by the beautiful River Arno!

Pisa City expands both sides of the River Arno 🌊. 

However, river Arno doesn’t only nurture Pisa, but other important cities like Empoli and Florence!! 

After flowing through the land, the river empties into the Ligurian Sea! 

River Arno even played an important role in strengthening the economy and tourism of Pisa!

The Domed Roofed Baptistry: Come and explore this beautiful monument in Pisa

Just like me, you will be amazed to know about the half-completed dome of the Domed Roof Baptistry!!

Do you know that this beautiful structure stands 54 meters high 😵? It even has an amazing interior structure!!

The old structure has already been replaced by the new one.

This structure has different kinds of statues, decorations, and arches!!

The completed half of the dome is covered in beautiful orange tiles that will definitely amaze you!! 

Also, just like me, you will surely love the highly decorated pulpit and other fonts of the place!!

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta: Be mesmerized by its beauty

Cathedral Of Santa Maria Assunta In Pisa

Some of you may have already heard about Santa Maria Assunta, right? It is a beautiful cathedral that is located near the leaning tower. 

Though the leaning tower overshadowed this cathedral a lot, it is still worth exploring!!

The construction of the cathedral started in the 11th century! Its remarkable font façade is decorated with incredible marble arches and stones!!

It has three doors, and even its interior has a ceiling in the main aisles that are covered with gold decorations!

Be mesmerized by the fresco of the basilica’s dome that represents the assumption of Mary!

Botanical Gardens: Enjoy a perfect stroll in this beautiful part of Pisa

I am quite surprised to know that the city of Pisa has some serene and beautiful places to be in, including a botanical garden that is worth exploring!!

There are amazing botanical gardens maintained by the University of Pisa. 

It was established in the 16th century by the Medici family and has been relocated for a long time!

People like us come here to enjoy the beautiful array of trees, plants, and flowers, along with various fauna!

It even has beautiful greenhouses, ponds, and an arboretum!!

Guelph Tower in Pisa: An attractive and eye-catching structure

Guelph Tower In Pisa

I am quite amazed to explore this interesting secret that Pisa City is home to the Guelph Tower!

It is a part of the citadel complex and is located on the banks of the Arno River 🌊!

Once, the tower was located in the main area of ship-building during the 13th and 14th centuries!

However, during the 15th century, the tower was built as a part of Pisa’s fortifications!

After renovation, this mesmerizing Guelph Tower is opened to the public as an attraction site!!

People can climb the Guelph Tower and enjoy the beauty of the Cathedral and the leaning tower.

Ponte Di Mezzo Bridge: This magnificent bridge is in Pisa City

Ponte Di Mezzo Bridge In Pisa

The River Arno passes through Pisa City, and there are multiple bridges that we have to cross over to reach the other sides of the river!!

Among them, the most famous is the Ponte Di Mezzo bridge!! Have you heard about it?

This attractive bridge was constructed in the year 1947, and it is around 89 meters in length!!

It was designed by Sergio Aussant!! It even included beautiful white Verona stone to line the bridge’s sides!!

This impressive bridge offers a good view of the river, and you will definitely enjoy a stroll across here!!

Keith Haring’s Mural: Pisa is home to this famous mural

Little fact lovers, did you know this memorable secret about the city of Pisa!?

The beautiful city of Pisa is home to some famous artists, including Keith Haring!! He is the one who gained worldwide fame for his murals!!

To explore his amazing works, we must see the mural of Keith Haring located off the Piazza di Vittoria Emanuele II!!

It is home to thirty different figures that stand in different poses and speak of vitality and life!!

The fantastic Borgo Stretto in Pisa City: It will leave you spellbound

Borgo Stretto In Pisa

I really enjoyed this interesting secret about Pisa! What about you??

The beautiful Pisa City is home to some famous streets where people like us will obviously love to take strolls!! 

The Borgo Stretto is, no doubt, one of those magnificent streets!!

The street takes pride in its high-end retail shops and great architecture, which we can see near the Ponte de Mezzo!

Also, there are some exclusive designer stores, cafes, and top boutiques that are worth exploring!!

In Pisa City: Here you can enjoy the ice cream at a famous ice cream parlor

Oh! Ice cream🍦!!How much I wish to have some 🤤!! 

The beautiful Pisa City has a well-known ice cream parlor called the Gelateria De Coltelli!

Here we can get to enjoy various kinds of tasteful zesty flavors and gelato ice creams and give ourselves a tasty treat!! Sounds delicious, isn’t it?

This parlor sells some delicious homemade ice creams in various flavors! 

Those flavors include pine nuts, ginger, honey, kiwi fruit, and even candied lemon peel.


Ancient Pisa: Get ready to unravel the secrets of this unique Italian city

If you love history like me, then you will surely love this historical secret about Pisa City! 

The origin of the name, Pisa is not very clear! 

However, ancient Pisa was inhabited by the Ligurians prior to passing under the control of the Romans as a naval base!

It became a Roman colony after 180 BC, and, around 313 AD had become a Christian bishopric.

This beautiful city even survived the collapse of the Roman Empire 👑and remained as the principal urban center of Tuscany!

Pisa City: It suffered serious damage in World War II

Oh! The damages of WWII! Those are some really disappointing secrets!!

This impressive Italian city suffered severe damage in 1944, during World War II!

It happened when prolonged fighting 💣 occurred on the Gothic Line of Germans’ or Pesaro-Rimini of defenses. 

However, today this city is renowned for its architectural and art treasures. 

Palazzo Blu in Pisa: Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of this famous center

Palazzo Blu In Pisa

Palazzo Blu is a famous center for cultural activities and temporary exhibitions!

This famous building in the heart of the center of Pisa City!

It got its name from the alluring blue color, which was uncovered during an architectural restoration!!

Today, it is standing as prominent proof of the great taste of the Russians who acquired the building in the 18th century!!

Knights’ Square: Don’t miss this stunning landmark in Pisa

Knights’ Square In Pisa

The stunning Knights’ Square is a famous landmark as well as the second main square of Pisa!

It was famous as a vital political center in medieval Pisa! 

After the middle of the 16th century, it became the headquarters of the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen.

You will be amazed to know that it is the main house of the Scuola Normale di Pisa!

 It is even a center of education📚, which serves as a part of the university.

Pisa City and its deliciousness: It is famous for its Pici Pasta and Biscotti

Pisa's Pici Pasta

In Pisa, there is a place where we can enjoy the delicious Pici Pasta🤤!!

Though spaghetti is believed to have originated in southern Italy, Pici, is still more loved in Pisa, Tuscany!!

It is an extra thick hand-rolled, doughy, and delicious version of Spaghetti that are, no doubt, utterly delicious!! 

Also, there is another famous food in Pisa called Biscotti that can attract anyone!!

These are twice baked and amazingly crunchy biscuits!!

 Biscotti is filled with the goodness of almonds and many foodies, like us love to enjoy them with a glass of dessert wine 🍷and Vinsanto

 Galileo Galilei: Meet the famous son of the city of Pisa

Pisa University

I am quite surprised to explore this amazing secret about Pisa!

In 1406, when Pisa fell to Florence, the Medici court encouraged great literary, scientific, and artistic works!!

During that time, even Pisa University was restored!! Later Pisa became famous as a provincial university town!!

Even Galileo Galilei was a teacher there during the late 16th century!! 

Summing up

So, little knowledge hunters, now you know that Pisa is a beautiful Italian City that takes pride in its stunning monuments, modern advancements, and rich cultural heritage!

From its interesting museums and beautiful bridges 🌉to its captivating gardens and delicious cuisine, what in Pisa attracts you the most?

As we are already engaged in this, we would love to hear from you.

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