15+ Best Planet Activities for Kids to Discover the Universe!

My husband and I are extremely busy over the week, but we understand the importance of keeping our babies engaged even when we aren’t around. 

We always keep thinking of new 🆕 and engaging activities that are not only educational but also entertaining. 

As a mom, keeping my kids engaged is always an exhausting job, and I’m always looking👀 for ways to make learning exciting for my little ones.  

Interesting activities for your kids.

If you have an aspiring astronomer🧑‍🚀 or a curious and energetic space lover in your home, it’s always a treat.

If you are looking for fun activities to keep your little one’s mind and hand engaged and spark a sense of learning, you’ve landed on the right blog.

I would recommend including some engaging activities, which are fun and educational, that sprout a sense of learning and a lot of curiosity in them and also have a quality time while doing them.

In this blog post, I have a small list of hands-on activities you can engage with your kids.

Make your solar system.

There is no better way to learn about planets than to mold them out of clays. I recommend this fun activity for your kids to learn about planets individually and bring out the little artists in them.

You can use kids-friendly colorful clay and make planets resembling that of the solar system and help them understand the unique features of the planets🌍.

Pro tip: I always recommend using a small portion of clay and mixing it with some wheat dough, making it easier to mold the planets. Beware of your munchkins chewing on the clay.

Eat the planets

This activity is the one that my little one loves. Bringing together fruits and planets on the boards is a fun job that blends nutrients and knowledge.

You can cut bananas🍌, kiwis🥝, strawberries🍓, and various other fruits into quirky little planet-size bites and serve them during their snack breaks.

Match the planets

As kids grow, their ability to remember things grows hand in hand. To keep the learning fun floating, how about playing a small “match the planet’s name” game?

You can print the planet’s flashcard and let your kids guess and match the names of the respective planets and major elements in the solar system.

Pro tip: I always give my little ones small alphabetical 🔠🔤hints while guessing the planet’s name, making it easier for them to remember.

Solar system scavenger hunt.

Kids always have a great time running around in the house, and bringing learning together can be a fun job by introducing solar hunts🕵️🌎

You can hide elements of the solar system in each part of your house and ask your kids to find them. You can then give hints about them as this shall surely bring the detective in them to life.

Pro tip: I always place the planets in a reachable place, ensuring that my kids don’t end up hurting themselves during the hunt. Remember to incorporate small exercises during the hunt, which can make it physically active and fun.

Reach for the Planet

To keep my kids learning about space and planets floating around the house. I recommend crafting a planet mobile.

You can cut out pictures of planets🌎, stick them to colorful ribbons, and hang them in the order from the distance of the sun in your little ones’ playroom or bedroom🤔. This is not just a decoration- but a visual aid that helps your kids remember planet lineups.

Pro tip: Make sure you hang the planets in ways that they can’t reach with their hands. This can prevent tearing the planet’s pictures.

Cosmic cookies

Turning snacking into learning is always a fun thing. This is a cute collaboration between the baker👩‍🍳 and astronaut 🕵️‍♀️in your kid.

I’d recommend making cute little planet cookies🍪.

You can make cookies using circular cookie cutters and star cutters with your kids and top them up with colorful icing resembling the elements of space.

Planet hopscotch

Bringing together playing and learning is always a fun job. 

I’d suggest creating a hopscotch board with planets instead of numbers. Call out a planet and watch your little ones hop onto the correct one🌍🦘.

Pro tips: I would suggest you always add facts about each planet to sneak in some learning.

Constellation connect-the-dots

Connecting the dots helps our little ones improve their hand-eye 👁️✍️coordination. Collaborating this with learning could be interesting. You can create connect-the-dot worksheets for constellations 🌟and turn learning into games.

Pro tip: You can use glow-in-the-dark pens🌌 or highlighters to bring in extra spark and joy.

Planet memory game

Memory games are a brainy way to have fun. You can create a memory game 🤯🧠with pairs of planet 🌍cards. You can flash them different planet cards and make your little one recognize them by their pictures. You can join in to bring in some friendly and healthy competition and test their memory while having fun.

Celestial Collage Adventures

Crafting and learning always lead the kids to think outside the box. College-making is one such activity my kid loves to do.

Bring together old magazines🗞️, newspapers📰, and scales📏, and let your little one cut pictures of various stars and planets and create a beautiful and fascinating celestial collage.

Pro tip: Frame their artwork and stick it around in their play area or bedroom. It is a confidence booster👍. I have one in my son’s room, and it is no less than amazing.

DIY rocket launch

Launching rockets 🚀is an exciting activity to indulge in, and crafting the rocket together elevates the fun even more for your little kids.

Construct simple rockets using a film canister and baking soda, and watch their faces light up as they launch their DIY rockets into the air.

Pro tips: I recommend you not forget safety goggles 🥽 and gloves 🧤 for an added sense of adventure.

Space-themed bingo

Bingos are always fun to keep our kid’s motor skills and speed at pace. Create bingo cards with the planet names and space-related items. Make this an exciting, family-friendly game 📝night option every weekend.

Pro tip: Why not give your kids small rewards as bingo markers? That would be fun for them, I am sure! 

Space storytime

Quality time with our kids is the most essential of all. You can incorporate this by reading them various space-themed stories📖, poems, and jingles. Each family member👨‍👩‍👦 can pick their favorite to read aloud to your kids. This can make it into a cozy evening ritual.

Planet puzzle

Putting together a puzzle 🧩creates a beautiful sense of job and achievement and develops a good sense of memory 🤯power. 

Stick pictures of planets on cardboard paper and cut them into puzzle size. Ask your kids to bring the puzzle together. 

Planet Trivia Night

Kids always love to show off their newfound knowledge to us. Organize a fun planet trivia night 🤯and let them talk about all those little facts they know about space. 

Pro tip: Offer them small prizes to spike their motivation and see the oozing joy in them.


My daughter always enjoys doing these fun and adventurous activities. These activities have ignited a sense of curiosity, learning, and playfulness in my little ones. In fact, my husband and I found that our daughter enjoys it the most when we are doing activities together. I assure you that your kids will enjoy doing these engaging activities.

I hope you liked reading these above activities and found them enticing and shall use these activities in your kid’s learning😄.

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